Wrap around swimsuit top

Wrap Around Swimsuit Top – This Season’s Best Sellers

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Wrap Around Swimsuit Top

Wrap around swimsuit top is a chic and sexy trend that will accentuate your midsection and add up to extraordinary beach outfit. Wrap around swimsuit does attract the attention so be willing to receive an ocean of compliments 🙂

We have looked at many wrap bikini tops and have chosen the ones we liked the best, as well as those loved by customers who had worn them. See if our tastes match 🙂

Wrap Around Swimsuit Top – Feminine and Sexy Choice

Wrap around swimsuit top will add up to the sensual appeal while on the beach. This trendy and feminine beach outlook will define your waist by highlighting the curves.

When it comes to wrap around swimsuit tops, a perfect fit is of extreme importance to make the swimsuit work for you and not against you. So we suggest carefully checking the size chart and take proper measures to make sure the right size is ordered.

Besides that, it is a good idea to pay attention to the straps – either adjustable or tie to ensure the swimsuit can be adapted to the specific needs of your body.

The major complaint about wrap around swimsuits is the confusion about how to tie it. So we have explained here how to tie your wrap around swimsuit.

Our Collection of Wrap Around Swimsuit Tops – Hit the Beach in Style

Wrap around swimsuit top

Product: Shekini Wrap Around Bikini

Features: Lined, Tie Closure at the back and neck, Padded, Many Designs available, 82%polyamide/18%elastane, Lining: 93% Polyester/7% Spandex

This simple yet chic Shekini Solids Wrap Bikini is the top-selling article loved by customers who have bought it. The clean design is said to be extremely flattering.

Shekini Solids Wrap Bikini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Bright Color
  • Tie Straps to Adjust to Each Need
  • Qualitative Material
  • Clean Design
  • Great Fit
  • Comfortable Possibility to order matching bottoms in different size



  • Narrow Neck Straps leading to reduced support
  • Poor Sizing for Bottoms
  • Confusing To Put the Top On
User Review
4.52 (23 votes)
Wrap around swimsuit top

Customers state it is quite tricky to get the wrap bikini top on, but once done – it is worth all the trouble.

The bathing suit fits great and is comfortable. Besides that, the wrap top lifts and pushes everything in the right direction. The wrap bikini top is said to ensure the needed support.

The material is found qualitative and like a second skin. The dark color tops (navy, black, burgundy) accentuates tan. Nothing pinches and the top can be completely adjusted to each liking.

wrap around swimsuit top

Few customers state they would wish for thicker neck strap to increase the level of support, however, it is not stated as a major disadvantage.

The bottoms of the wrap bikini top are quite cheeky. Women suggest buying this wrap bikini as it is a perfect bikini – trendy and cute. Few women state the bottoms run small and suggest going a size up.

You should thoroughly read the reviews and decide on the right size to order as there is no return policy for this swimsuit possible – but the majority of customers have managed to order the right size and are extremely happy with this trendy wrap bikini for the reasonable price.

==> Get the Chic Shekini Wrap Bikini Here <==

Wrap Around Swimsuit Top

ProductBlooming Jelly Women’s Crochet Bikini Swimsuit Beach Swimsuit

Features: Crochet Detailing at the Back, Racerback, Tie Strap at the Back, No Padding, Polyester Spandex Fabric, Available in Other Colors

Wrap Around Swimsuit Top

This attractive Blooming Jelly Wrap Around Swimsuit features feminine crochet detailing on the back – it is made good and seen as a natural boost combined with the wrap style. The design is stated as super cute.

Customers advise ordering size up to get the perfect fit but it could be a good idea to get in the touch with the retailer before ordering as there is some doubt about the sizing.

The swimsuit is suitable for small to medium busted women to cover and hold everything in its places.

The wrap top is not sewn together in front – the ties keep the top closed so if you are considering water or beach activities – you would wish to reconsider if this bathing suit was the right choice.

However, quite many customers find the bottoms cheeky. So you should be aware of receiving briefs in Brazilian cut having no full coverage. But customers advise the material is stretchy so it is possible to stretch them to increase the coverage but if you are looking for a full coverage – this bathing suit is not for you.

==> Get the Blooming Jelly Crochet Wrap Bikini Here <==

Wrap Around Swimsuit Top

Productzeraca Women’s Wrap Halter Criss Cross Bikini Bathing Suits

Features: Fully Lined, Criss-Cross Front, Underwire, Molded Cup, Removable Padding, Low Rise Bottom, Moderate Coverage, 86% Polyester / 14% Elastane, Available in Other Colors

Wrap Around Swimsuit Top

Even though Zeraca Women’s Wrap Halter Criss Cross Bikini Bathing Suit offers medium coverage, the majority of customers state it covers everything that is needed to cover. Wrap bikini top doesn’t reveal too much of a cleavage. Women love the way the bathing suit looks.

The lining helps to avoid the see-through effect.

Few women advise the underwire started poking through so they had to remove it. But as to my experience, this is an issue for the majority of pieces of clothing with underwire. Straps are easy to adjust to ensure the needed support and control.

The main concern is about the bottoms – these don’t fit everybody due to poor sizing so better to re-check with the retailer if the bathing suit is suitable for your measurements.

Majority of customers admit this bathing suit is a great bargain due to the reasonable price.

==> Get Attractive Zeraca Wrap Bikini Here <==

Wrap around swimsuit top

Product: Ashley Graham * Swimsuits for All Ambassador Bikini

Price: currently on sale $ 67.20 (usual price $ 96)

Features: Built-in Soft Bra Cups, Wire-Free, Self-Tie Halter Straps, Fully Lined, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Wrap around swimsuit top

Well, if you think wrap around swimsuit top is for slim figures only, think twice 🙂 This Ashley Graham and Swimsuits for All Ambassador wrap around bikini proves also curvy bodies benefit from wrap around swimsuit tops.

Women who have bought this bikini state it is flattering and stylish. The self-tie halter strap is evaluated as a great tool for adjusting the lift and support.

Customers love the option to choose different sized top and bottom.

It’s a little bit tricky to get it on but as stated also before – it is a challenge for all wrap around styles. Some women state there is not wrap around tie but others object that it is all about getting the suit on correctly. So this is something to figure out.

However, it is said to fit a little bit large so better to re-check with the retailer about the correct size to order.

==> Get the Sensational Wrap Bikini for Curvy Women Here <==

So have you found your perfect wrap around swimsuit top? What do you like the best about wrap around style bathing suits? What is your favorite brand of wrap around bathing suits?

Let us know in the comment section so others could benefit from your experience!

57 thoughts on “Wrap Around Swimsuit Top – This Season’s Best Sellers

  1. Kristen

    Great visuals on your website and really informative! I love how you have everything broken down and put into perspective like it’s “hard to put on”, but worth once you do! Honesty is everything. The layout is really easy to read so awesome job on that and you don’t have to go through a bunch of scrolling to get through the review. I really enjoyed it and could really see your passion through it. Personally, I don’t care for those types of tops but some women do. The prices are very competitive. Great work.

    • Hey Kristen

      I am glad you have enjoyed reading my article about the wrap around swimsuit top – I do prefer ensuring my readers with all the important information so they can make the informed decision and decide by themselves whether the pros prevail cons.
      In general, the higher the price the better the quality – without doubt, this is not always the case but in the majority of cases – it is. However, there are swimsuits at a reasonable price but still possessing the high quality as the high-end goods do. So we try to find these great bargains and publish on our website.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Allison Sharpe

    Hi, Arta. I really enjoyed browsing your site. I’ve never really thought about swimsuits in particular until I viewed your collection. I also really love how detailed each item is as well. The women’s jelly crotchet bikini stood out to me the most. I’m just curious but do you make these yourself or do you work for a company that does?

    • Hey Allison

      Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to share your thoughts. Unfortunately, I am not so skilled to make these stunning swimsuits on my own 🙁 Instead, I am searching for the swimsuit choices loved and appreciated by women who have bought them to share these findings on my website. I hope this will help other women to find what they are looking for to dazzle and puzzle on the beach 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  3. P. Sheldan

    Great information about bikini wraps. I’m wondering if you could add some information or instructional videos on how to properly tie your wrap bikini tops or bottom pieces. In the past I had a bikini wrap but really struggled with tying the strings properly so that the bows or knots would stay in place while in the water. Sometimes the knots would come undone or simply loosen once immersed in water. After awhile, I became a bit tired of checking my loosened bows and knots, constantly. When I felt the ties were beginning to loosen, I would end up tying them all over again, but tighter while in the water (in order to prevent it from coming completely undone). Any tips on how to secure tight knots or bows would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Love your site!

    • Hey there

      Thank you for the good input. When going through an ocean of reviews on wrap around swimsuit tops I didn’t stumble upon any mentioning the same issues as you. Unfortunately.
      So now that I know about this additional issue that might arise, I will investigate the topic for you and update with the results.

      Cheers, Arta

      • Hey again

        So I have investigated the topic and create a post on how to tie a swimsuit – I have included there an instruction on how to tie a wrap around swimsuit – this does seem not so complicated and I am sure it will clear all of the doubts and confusions.

        In case, there are more questions – do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you with any issue regarding swimsuits.
        Cheers, Arta

  4. Matron Okoye B.N

    The swimsuits are cool, but cant the wrap around swimsuit be padded to enable firmness. the high neck swimsuit are nice. the prices are great. love the detailing of the products, it helps me know more about the swimsuit. cant wait to tell my friends about the swimsuits especially the HDC women’s fringe bikini. never knew about varieties of swimsuits until now, thanks. but i would love to know if shipping fee would be included if i order and if i can be one of your retailers. and i love the blooming jelly women”s high neck swimsuits thanks.

    • Hey there

      Thank you for taking your time to comment on the wrap around swimsuits choices. Zeraca Wrap around swimsuit features removable padding. In the vast range of swimsuits nowadays – there is a swimsuit for every need and wish 🙂 It is just a matter of finding it and that’s why we are here 🙂
      Shipping fee depends on the retailer you order from – there are shops out there offering free shipping on orders at a certain amount spent on their website. However, I do not focus too much on the shipping cost but rather on the Return/Exchange Policy – here I have explained why.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Sunny

    What a great design for a swimsuit top. I hadn’t realized this had become popular, although I think I’ve seen them once or twice before. I love that it’s so versatile for body shapes. It looks like it would work well on any figure. I particularly like the last one, the black one, that appears to be specifically nice for plus sizes. It’s a bit cold right now, but I will definitely bookmark this for summer.

    • Hey Sunny

      Nice to see you back 🙂 And I am glad you do not hesitate to share your point of view. Wrap around swimsuit tops are great – I love them too. They are my second favorite type of swimsuits, right after tankini swimsuits 🙂
      I like them so much that I even plan to get one for myself for the coming beach season. So we could probably end up with the same beach outlooks 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  6. Jude

    You have presented a wonderful collection of wrap around swimsuit tops.

    I can see why these would be so popular.

    I’m a plus size myself, so I like the wrap bikini for curvy women. I love that it is wire-free. Do you know if it is available in any color other than black?

    I enjoyed browsing through the different swimsuit styles and features.

    • Hey Jude

      Unfortunately, the stunning wrap around swimsuit top for curvy women listed in our article comes just in color black. But I had a look around and found the following colourful wrap around swimsuits for curvy ladies:

      Hope this helps!

  7. rmjia

    Hi, Arta. I have never known there is a wraparound swimsuit top until I come across your site. I’m used to conventional swimsuits. The wraparound swimsuit top looks sexy and trendy that I would love to try it especially the Cove Solids Wrap Bikini Top. Simple and sexy! Will check them out for my upcoming holidays. Love your site!

    • Hey there

      Wrap around swimsuits are gorgeous – not only fashionable but also cute and sexy, just as you mention. So let’s rock the summer in flattering wrap around swimsuits!

      Happy shopping, Arta

  8. Seyi

    Swimsuit for ladies is definitely something to critically take out time to pick out. Swimsuit definitely draws a lot of attention from both sex but most especially the male gender. I was at the pool few days ago with the guys when this fine body girl came, nobody really noticed her at first not until she went to change into her swimsuit and every male there dropped their jaw because she has an amazing body. Please take your time to pick out the best for your body.

  9. Theresa

    What a fabulous website you have! Swimsuit shopping is the worst for me and I usually put it off until the week before vacation. Your site helped me to narrow down my choices so that I know exactly what I do and don’t want. This year, I will be prepared before summer arrives!

  10. ajibola40

    Wow…. I really like this wrap around swimsuit top colour and style 

    all the wrap around bikini I have always see with lady in the past are always in plain color, either white, black, pink, yellow and the rest but it is always in plain colour not with style like shekini wrap around bikini 

  11. Kenechi

    I can feel from here the qualities of these wrap around swim suits and how sexy it will look on my wife when we get to the beach side. I had bought some swim suit for her in a local store but I never knew those swim suits are of low quality and they didn’t last long as my wife always goes to the beach to swim. She loves swimming and likewise me. 

    These swim suits in your article are of good quality and am sure my wife will love it too. I love to see her always look sexy. 

  12. Salim

    I’ve heard about the wrap around swimsuit for a while and I’ve been having problems identifying the best of it, but I think as at now that I’ve gone through your post I’m quite satisfied with the best one to pick. Thanks for the great reviews and blog post on it. Have a nice day

  13. Tracy

    The women’s jelly crotchet bikini is single handpicked by me from this list. Though I’m not a big fan of the bikinis, how ever, I love the details made available concerning this swimsuits tops. I so much like the sleekness and the giftedness. I really like this and I’m glad I visit this website.

  14. Brendah Kest

    I love the wrap swim suits and i have actually ever purchased one in a physical shop and it didn’t look authentic but judging by the ones you are displaying, I think they are great. Actually for those who are worried about the straps, they don’t open up after wearing them unless they have been poorly made.

    Thanks Arta, I’ll purchase a piece and go show off my curves soon haha

  15. Kylie

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Summer is comming! I must have at least a new pair of bikinis. So that I can have beautiful photos with a nice curves.
    To be honest, I am very interested in Shekini. Because it gives the impression of elegance, youth, and cute especially for the choice of Burgundy (as shown in the link).
    I think this is the right choice for me. By wearing that one, I am very sure that it is going to be a good chance to tempt my husband while on the beach. LOL
    By the way, is the bikini all size?

    • Arta

      Hey Kylie

      Yes, yes, yes – the summer IS coming, actually this year there was no winter in Latvia – it was nearly as Spring all the Autumn and Winter months. But now we do feel that the sun is becoming warmer so the summer is coming.

      There are different sizes for Shekini Wrap around swimsuit – starting XS to XXL.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  16. Michel

    I have never owned a wrap-around swimsuit, but I must admit they are very flattering. I especially like the first costume you feature, the Shekini. However, you are right the straps could be thicker for more support. It does look confusing, but I am sure it can’t be too bad with some practice? This is a good choice for smaller busted women I think. I would go for the black one for sure.

    Maybe the Ashley Graham one would suit women with a bigger bust better as it looks like it has better support and is still very attractive.

    • Arta

      Hey Michel

      In the beginning it is a little bit challenging but once you master the wrap it is all worth it. Wrap around swimsuits are stylish and do make its wearer stand out of the crowd.

      Cheers, Arta

  17. arzu hosan

    Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article. I totally agree with you because if a pretty girl wants to swim in the sea or swimming pool, she must wear a special dress. The swimsuit top you mention for girls is exactly what every girl needs if she wants to swim in the ocean or swimming pool. 

  18. Daniella

    Hi there,

    Wow, great list of bikinis, this is exactly what I was looking for! I personally prefer one-piece swimwear, I don’t like to show my belly:) But today, I am here for my daughter, she loves bikinis, and the one that I think will suit her is the Ashley Graham, swimwear for all ambassador. I am glad to see the price is lower than it used to be. Will the price remains the same for a while? If so, how long approx? 

    Thank you for this useful post!

    • Arta

      Hi Daniella

      Wrap around swimsuit you have chosen is without doubt a great choice but these are sold out quickly so I wouldn’t suggest to wait long.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  19. Afonso Zhu

    My eldest daughter will be over the moon with the Zeraca wrap around swimsuit top I just ordered for her through the link in your article. Thank you for such a detailed review of these swimsuits which made it so much easier to choose the best one and the one that will suit her better.

  20. Karen Fourie

    Wow, I love these swimsuits.  I noticed that there is a cut for a lady that is a bit “bigger.”  I am not really overweight or big, but I do have a question.  If one breast is a bit bigger than the other, will this still look good on a person?

    I am not sure if this will work.  I have had a bit of a mission with this lately and with swimsuits, I saw it shows a bit more than with normal underwear.

    I would really appreciate your advice on this matter.  I have tried so many other makes and some of them really don’t fit well.  Maybe this is different?

    • Arta

      Hey Karen

      As the wrap around swimsuit features built-in soft bra cups, I am sure the little difference between the sizes of the breasts will not be visible.

      However, perhaps a better choice would be zeraca wrap around swimsuit as it features both moulded cups (with removable padding) and underwire resulting in increased support and control.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  21. Gomer

    Summer is approaching here in the Philippines and as usual, girls love to go to wear swimsuits and go to the beach. My chubby girlfriend used to swim wearing shirts because she’s not comfortable wearing swimsuits because she’s ashamed of her belly fats. But while looking through this Ashley Graham Swimsuits for all Ambassadors, I think I can now convince her to try wearing one. Since this is a wrap-around type of swimsuit, does it mean it can fit to all body sizes?

    • Arta

      Hey Gomer

      The wrap around swimsuit comes in sizes. However, the wrap around design allows to customise the swimsuit to the peculiarities of each body to make it look flattering and feel comfortable.

      The wrap around swimsuits do look sophisticated and stylish – I am sure your girlfriend will look and feel amazing when wearing this bathing suit. It accentuates the curves and emphasises the unique lines of each body.

      Cheers, Arta

  22. Shanta Rahman

    Hello ,Arta ! Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article and we are coming to summer here at the end of spring .The swimsuit top is always at the top of my choice. Because it’s great for hiding my belly fat .Your article about Bikini Wrap is really informative and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through reading your article .After watching the video in your article about how to read a Sparkly Wrap bikini, I have been able to learn a lot which is very helpful to me. I couldn’t wear a wrap bikini at first but slowly learned it. But after watching the video in your article, I will be able to tie it up more nicely .Shekini Wrap Around Swimsuit Top I like it more .

    I think your article will be very helpful for beginners. So I will deliver your article to my girlfriend and she will be able to tie the Wrap bikini nicely by watching the videos in your article and will definitely share with you her new experience benefiting.

  23. Lawrence

    Wow! So glad I found your article before splashing the cash on my partner.

    I was looking to buy her the Zeraca for her Birthday, but now I’m unsure because of your comments regarding the underwire poking through. It’s something my partner constantly comments on regarding one or two of her current swimsuits, so I better reconsider.

    Ashley Graham is looking the right choice at the moment, although it does stretch the budget even when it’s on sale

  24. Norman

    Gone are the days when there was basically one kind of swimwear but today there are so many that rocks as you step out in style and fashion as you are headed to the beach. These swimwears are pretty amazing and I am sure that females that view your post will be so happy to see what you have to offer.

  25. Theresa

    Do you know if wrap around swimsuit tops offer any support for the bust? I see that you featured one for curvier women and really love that, but is there a lot of support for those that have curves and volume up top? I see some have cups, but I’m wondering if the wraps at the bottom help in this area at all.

    • Arta

      Hey Theresa

      Wrap up swimsuits do offer some support but definitely not the level of the underwire bathing suits. So in case you are looking for increased support, wrap up swimsuits will not be the right choice. 

      However, owing to the design peculiarities, the support level of wrap up bathing suit can be adjusted. 

      So if some support is OK with you, then I would definitely suggest trying out this type of bathing suit.

      Cheers, Arta

  26. Fernanda

    Hi Arta,

    Thanks a lot for reviewing all these beautiful bikinis. Coming from Brazil, we love different styles of bikinis, so it was nice to see the different choices. Something that I appreciate from some of the brands that you mentioned above is that we can choose different top & bottom (this is super important, as we all have different body types. Just because we might have a bigger bottom, does not mean that we have a bigger top haha). By the way, do you have any advice regarding how to take care of bikinis (washing, etc)? thanks and looking forward to reading more of your articles

    • Arta

      Hey Fernanda

      Sure we have a guide on how to care for a swimsuit – you can find it here.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  27. Cynthia

    Wow!  What a stylish top!  I have never seen these before but now I’m in love!  I especially like the one with the crochet backing.  It’s also nice to see that they’re flattering for full figured gals as well (which I am ;-))  I looked at some of your other posts as well and it’s nice to see so many suits gear to fuller figures!  Thank you for posting!

  28. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. I must say your collections are awesome. This is the exact swimsuit I would love my spouse to wear during swimming exercise or even at the bed room. It will definitely looks good on her and eventually makes her look forever Young and sexy. I will definitely show her some of your collections to choose from.

  29. Rolex4real

    Wow these tops are amazing. I admire their features as they are equally beautiful especially the blooming jelly women’s crochet bikini which has a spandex fabric. Thank you for sharing this with me, I will add it to my list immediately online shops are ready to deliver to my location.

  30. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    This is super beautiful. I couldn’t get my eyes of the shikini wrap around bikini; if not for the lock down in my location I would have immediately place an order for my cute wife whose birthday is in two weeks as I wanted to plan a surprise party for her in the small beach close to our residence.

  31. Philebur

    Hello there these are really beautiful swimming suites and are very affordable. My issue with buys these stuffs online is that you don’t exactly what you ordered for. It’s either there’s a problem with the quality or most times with the spec as it may be smaller or bigger in size. For me I prefer getting them in a boutique myself 

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for your comment. I would suggest trying steps mentioned here to buy a swimsuit online that looks and fits great.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  32. wilson kume

    I know that finding a good article does not come by so easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and writing an article to help others with useful information like this.what a nice swimsuit we have here,.most especially for someone like me who enjoys swimming with friends in public places like beaches,pools etc wrap around swimsuit top is a sexy swimsuit for ladies,i remember having a cousin who had a wrap around swimsuit top but just couldn’t tie it so she just stuck with her bikini wears for that day.But lo and behold you’ve given us the solution right here fee of charge,wow! you are amazing.

  33. evans

    Hello Arta

    Awesome collection of wrap around swim suit’s you have here, I guess this is just what all the sexy ladies out there needs for the fast approaching Summer to be fully prepared for the beach..Every woman loves to look sexy and beautiful and trust me these swim suit will give them the best

    Nice article and I really love to share this in my blog..

  34. Melissa

    Hi Arta,

    I’m really happy I found your site! One of my pet hates is trying on swimwear in a store and I’ve only recently started to buy more of my clothing, and now swimwear, online. 

    I love a tankini, and I particularly like the Shekini Wrap Around Bikini. It does look very flattering and I like that it’s fuller than a regular bikini top. That makes me feel more like I’m in swimwear than underwear if that makes sense! The Zeraca Women’s Wrap Halter though I think may be my favourite as the straps are a little thicker and isn’t as revealing as others, which for me is a good thing. Thanks for your post and I’ll let you know how I go with my very first online swimwear purchase.

  35. Mojisola Kupolati (Debbie)

    Thank you for your review of the wrap-around swimming suit top. As you rightly described, it is best suited for women with curly beautiful shape. The designs look attractive and appealing though not suitable for all shapes. The challenge about tying the suit which has been graciously addressed in your y-tube video has added value to the product.

  36. Samikingss

    I have seen this designs on the internet and on some mannequins before, they are very beautiful, stylish and sexy. You must have very good taste in swimsuits. I like the wraparound mostly because it is short and not some over flowing swim suit.

     I got a  pair already for my lady and she loves it. They are truly made for this season. The only thing is that we are really careful about going to the beach these days due to the corona virus pandemic that is ravaging the whole world at the moment. 

  37. Thousand

    Heloo there, it’s nice visiting your site again. Anyways a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative piece on the wrap around swimsuit top. I so much agree with you that the wrap around swimsuit are indeed really attractive and sexy, they could really attract much complement. The last time I saw those l never could stop staring, i will definitely recommend this to any lady..

  38. Aboribo

    Helo thanks for this informative article……  I was really confused on the type of swimsuit to purchase but I’m glad I stumbled on your site now I think I would prefer the Zeraca wrap bikini  as it covers everything that needs to be covered and also the lining helps to avoid the see through effect. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your post. 

  39. petergeorge5666

    Nice collection they have, nice article. A lot great stuff from great companies, I always love the red red swimming suit on my girlfriend. Looking forward to visiting the beach any time soon. Have seen various articles on the this wimmiing suit I must commend your writing skills are good.keep sharing great stuff thank you 

  40. Brendaliz

    I am so sad.. as I look for a bathing suit, I figured out that these really pretty ones are NOT for me… a thick girl with a bust that WILL not be supported… BUT really cute for my mom! So I will show her these bathing suits because if can’t wear it, my mom can and SHOULD lol 

    Love the article,  thank you!


  41. Phil

    Well not for me personally but this site rocks for comparisons on swimwear. The pros and cons are useful and there is plenty of choice. I wonder having worked with  tv presenters whether there are enough colour options? Having worked with a color specialist it really can change how an individual looks. It can bring out skin and eye colour more than we all can imagine.

    Some great comments on price and style and the comments below really add value.

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