Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups – Hide and Seek on the Beach

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Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

Wearing a bathing suit makes us reveal the most of our bodies publicly and it can be quite challenging for majority of us.

Well, frankly speaking, I don’t know a woman being 100% confident about her body. Even the most confident ones would rather hide certain areas of their bodies.

And this is where women swimsuit cover ups come in the game.

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups – Finish Your Beach Look a La Mode

Whether you would like to go to the nearest cafe or shop, whether you would like to have some beach-walk or just hang around, whether you need to go to hotel or your car, whether you just would like to cover your problem areas while out of the water, women swimsuit cover ups do their job perfectly.

And not just that…

Perhaps you need some sun protection? Women swimsuit cover ups are there to do this, as well. Or maybe you wish to accomplish your beach outlook? Many swimsuits are paired with women’s bathing suit coverups to complete the look and show off excellent grace. Or maybe you are simply tired of showing your flesh? Women swimsuit cover ups offer shelter to your body and give some privacy to yourself.

Besides all of the above, bathing suit cover ups for women are now one of the key elements of beach fashion for trendy and voguish glance.

Different Options of Women Swimsuit Cover Ups – Find Yours


Without doubt, the cheapest option of coverup is to use your existing T-shirt or towel. But without doubt, these two options are also the most boring and lazy ones.

Market is overwhelmed with beautiful, graceful and magnificent bathing suit cover ups for women capable of maximizing your assets and minimizing your flaws hence why would you wish to use a T-shirt or towel as cover up? So are you ready to dive in the ocean of women’s bathing suit coverups for more sophisticated, glamour and chic outfit? I guess your are so here we go…

There are many different ways to cover you and your swimsuit up. In general, all of those are cover ups but as humans like to categorize everything also women swimsuit cover ups are categorized. Nevertheless, I have added few more my categories to general categories just because I think these are worth to be separated 🙂

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups – for Those Loving Versatility

Beach sarongs cover ups also called pareo cover ups offer great versatility due to different ways of tying them. This is probably the most popular way of covering up on the beach due to its versatility and ease of use. Besides that, this type of bathing suit cover ups for women gives you many options of what and how to cover up so each body shape can accentuate and hide the needed areas of body.

If you are round or apple shaped, tie sarong around your torso to balance out the figure. Below video shows ways to tie your sarong – you can try tying it as a dress to lengthen your body.

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

Tall women or women with broad shoulders (inverted triangle) should tie sarong cover up in halter style – wrap it around the neck as it will cut the broad lines of the shoulders. Besides that, it will add up some curves to the body shape. You can also tie sarong around your waist – it gives great slimming effect and evens out the difference between your shoulders and hips.

Pear or triangle shaped women should try tying pareo cover ups in bandeau style as it visually widens shoulders balancing out your figure. In below video you can see instructions on how to that.

Sarong flatters rectangle or boyish figured women. Just make sure to tie sarong in a way accentuating your waist – you are welcome to check the below video on ideas for tying your sarong. There are several great ways to tie a sarong as a dress or at waist to flatter your figure.

Nearly any sarong will work for hourglass shaped women. If there is any area you want to hide, just make sure to tie your sarong in a proper way – I am sure there is the proper way among those 20 options of how to tie a sarong represented in below video.

Beach sarongs cover ups can be tied up to 20 different ways – check the below video for instructions on how to tie your sarong:

Sarongs are available at many different designs, patterns and colours – choose the one matching your personality, taste and/or swimsuit to feel and look fabulous while on the beach.

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Women Swimsuit Cover Ups
Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear – Fashioning on the Beach

Tunic cover ups swimwear is making their move and rapidly conquering the title of an element of high-fashion. Tunic refers to a loose top ending somewhere in between the top of the thighs and knees. It can be made of many different materials but the most popular ones are lightweight fabrics, such as mesh, lace, cotton or chiffon. Sheer tunics are actually quite favourite due to their ability to create sensuous look for any type of bathing suit.

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

The design of tunic is very different from style to style so it is a perfect tool for hiding any flaws of upper part of your body you would like to hide. Choose a tunic with mid-length or long sleeves to conceal flabby arms, go for a longer tunic to shelter problem areas at your hips or wear empire style tunic to visually elongate your body. There are millions of options…

Pair your tunic with sunglasses, big straw hat and sexy sandals for hot look. This will definitely add up to your sensual appeal and drive a lot of eyes into your direction.

However, the best part when talking about tunic cover ups swimwear is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be just beach where to wear the tunic. You can simply complement your outlook with a pair of shorts or trendy leggings and… voilà! You are ready for shopping, eating, summer party or whatever else is on your mind.

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Women Swimsuit Cover Ups
Beach Kaftans Cover Ups – In Between Chic and Retro

Beach kaftans cover ups are somewhat similar to tunic just that kaftans tend to be oversized and most often feature wide sleeves dropping down the sides.

Kaftans come in different lengths and is a perfect cover up choice of plus-sized women. It is due to freely falling pattern this type of cover up features.

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

Kaftan usually doesn’t define the waist line unless the belt is used. If you wish to highlight your waist, you should look for kaftan with belt.

Beach kaftans cover ups look like a touch of retro yet chic enough to flare on the beach. It is also convenient piece of clothing as it is easy to take it on and off. Kaftans come in great variety of designs, lengths and patterns – so make sure to match it either to your bathing suit, personality or taste, or all three together 🙂

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Women Swimsuit Cover Ups
Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses – for Those Wishing to Dress Up a Bit

Swimsuit cover ups beach dresses is a modest way of dressing up a bit while on the beach. Starting from wrap to maxi dresses there is a choice of swimsuit cover ups beach dresses for anyone.

Owing to the great variety of beach dresses you can easily choose the one flattering your figure and accentuating your assets.

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

Choose wrap dress to highlight your curves and accentuate big breasts. Or go for a maxi dress to hide your legs and drive attention to the upper part of your body. Empire style dresses will make you look slimmer and longer while bandeau style visually widens your shoulders so it is more suitable for women wider at hips.

By deciding to buy beach dress as a cover up, it would be wise to decide also if you wish the dress to use it not only as a cover up but also as a usual piece of clothing. If you do wish to combine, you should pay attention to the material the cover up dress is made of, whether or not it is lined (to avoid see-through effect), as well as the design of the cover up dress so it is suitable also for casual wear.

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Women Swimsuit Cover Ups
Maternity Swim Cover Ups – to Enjoy the Most Beautiful Time in Woman’s Life

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

Maternity is the most beautiful time in woman’s life so without doubt pregnant women wish to look their best during this period. Luckily for us, along with the development of swimsuit industry also the choices for pregnant women developed and now it is no problem to flaunt stylish and sexy outlook also during your pregnancy.

I would suggest choosing the design and pattern of maternity swim cover up that can be used also after your pregnancy, for instance, poncho, kaftan or elastic cover up beach dress. But for sure it is up to you to decide and many of us prefer updating our wardrobe each season 🙂

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Women Swimsuit Cover Ups
Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups – Hit the Beach in Style

Even though this topic is partly covered in previous categories, I would like to split this separate to focus on plus size women swimwear cover ups.

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

As previously mentioned, great cover up choice for plus sized women is kaftan due to its loose fit and freely falling pattern. However, I do believe any type of cover up can look good on any figure if properly fitted and if the right accents are put. So it all depends on your body shape and areas your want to hide and highlight.

Whether you choose plus size tunic, kaftan, beach dress or sarong – the most important thing is to feel good in it. So if there is just any tiniest detail you don’t like about cover up when looking for one, don’t buy. There are so many options on the market that it is not worth to buy something you are not completely satisfied with.

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women swimsuit cover ups
Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups – to Flaunt Catchy Outlook

Women Swimsuit Cover Ups

Crochet pattern can be included in some of the above categories. However, I do find crochet swimsuit cover ups so cute that I wanted to split these into a separate category.

Crochet swimsuit cover ups are sexy! They are fun! They are chic! So why not to try it out? Even better – if you are familiar with crocheting, why not to try to make crochet cover up by yourself?

There are different patterns of crochet swimsuit cover ups and each of them is adding up to your style. Without doubt, crocheted cover ups stand out of the crowd and gear you up for a complete beach lady look.

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Women Swimsuit Cover Ups – Whatever You Do, Do It In Style

Regardless the style, pattern or type of women swimsuit cover ups you go for, make sure you do it in style. To show off harmonic outfit, your swimsuit cover up should not only match your bathing suit, but also conform to your personality.

Enhance your outlook with appropriate accessories – hat, sunglasses, sandals or flip flops and even some jewelry whenever applicable. Do whatever you need to do to boost your confidence and feel excellent on the beach! This is definitely a win-win situation!

There is a great variety of women’s bathing suit coverups so any taste and demands can be satisfied! You are welcome to check also our collections of bathing suit cover ups for women as per links above – perhaps your cover up is among our top picks so you can finish your searches!

But what about you? I would appreciate your comment below on how do you cover your bathing suit? Which style is your favourite?