Best Bathing Suit Your Body Type

What Is The Best Bathing Suit Your Body Type Needs?

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Best Bathing Suit Your Body Type

All of us are aware of different body shapes and I bet majority of women has questioned themselves about what is the best bathing suit your body type needs.

Part of women would say body shape doesn’t matter – the main thing is that you like the bathing suit and feel good in it. But I would say each woman would like to accentuate certain parts of her body, as well as conceal certain parts of her body. And even though you could think there is not a lot that bathing suit could highlight or hide, I would say that there is.

Best Bathing Suit for Your Body? – Don’t Worry – We’ll Get There

If picked wisely, also swimsuit can either make you look dazzling or on the contrary highlight the parts of your body you would like to conceal leading to you feeling bad and also looking bad. Therefore, before buying a new swimwear, check our hints below on the best bathing suit your body type needs to dazzle on the beach and not vice versa.

tiered tankini top
Bathing Suits for Small Busted Women – Padding or Ruffles or…?

The best bathing suit choice of small busted women would be different coloured top and bottom of the suit (preferably top in light colours and bottom in dark colours). This is due to ability of light colours to add up to volume so light top will make the upper part of your body look bigger.

You most likely would wish to consider padded or molded cups, maybe even push-up swimsuit to add some enhancement. Another great idea would be to choose ruffled or tiered top or top with shirring. Also horizontally striped top could be good choice of bathing suits for small busted women.

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Slimming swimsuits women over 50
Swimsuits for Large Busted Women – Focus on Support and Function

If you do wish to enjoy your day on the beach, it is very important your big girls are kept in place 🙂 Therefore the best swimsuits for large busted women would be those featuring support and holding everything in place.

You would wish to look for a supportive bathing suit with wide straps offering additional support. Also underwire bathing suit is a great option even though in some cases it could cause certain discomfort. Many swimsuits feature built-in bras with different linings adding up to support function.

Regarding the design, you could try vertically stripped or patterned tops. High neckline, band under the bust and fully covered area around armholes are additional features you would wish to have for your new bathing suit.

When choosing swimsuits for large busted women you would rather wish to go for more coverage and structure than less. This is the rare case when more is more – more support, more function, more coverage is definitely more comfort, more freedom and more appeal.

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Long Torso Swimsuits Women
Long Torso Swimsuits – Flatter Your Shape with Bathing Suits Specially Designed for Long Torsos

If you have long torso, you should buy swimsuits made for long torsos. There are collections available on the market that are particularly designed for long torsos and therefore will flatter you body.

In order to make your torso look shorter, you should choose bathing suits with larger patterns. Also high-cut legs will visually shorten your torso. Tankini swimsuit is a great choice for women with long torsos, and so are other two piece bathing suits featuring high waist bottom.

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swimdress women over 50
Bathing Suit for Large Hips and Thighs – Balance Out Your Figure

If you are well-endowed at your hips and thighs, you should focus on balancing out your silhouette. Dark coloured (but not necessarily just black or navy) bathing suit, swimdress, skirtini or shortini, could be the right suit for you. If you don’t like solid swimsuit and prefer patterned bathing suit, you should go for smaller print rather than for big print.

In order to make your thighs appear more slender, a swimwear with high-cut legs will perform the task. Additionally, cross-back wide shoulder straps attract the attention driving it away from the lower part of your body. Another option to drive attention away from the lower part of your body to the upper part is by choosing bathing suits bright coloured at the top or with deep neckline. Also different details above your waist line draws the attention driving it away from the bottom thus.

You should avoid wearing one piece swim with cuts at the sides and bottoms with decorations. Also boy shorts hitting right across the thighs will make your bottom look wider.

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swimdress women over 50
Tummy Control Bathing Suits – Shelter of Thick Waist and Bulged Tummy

Tummy control bathing suits are a great choice to shelter thick waist and tummy bulges. Nowadays there are different tummy control features built-in different swimsuits. Either you choose swimwear with tummy control panels or special lining for a slimming function, the job is done perfectly. Also diverse cosmetic embellishments, such as shirring, pleats or gathers, can assist in visually hiding the area around your tummy.

Even the material tummy control bathing suits are made of is especially designed for the function. Different four way stretch fabrics slim without squeezing. So every tiniest detail is considered when designing tummy control bathing suits for maximum result.

If you wish to play with colours and patterns, you should try swimsuit in darker colour at the middle section. A vision of hourglass shape can be achieved thus.

No worries if you wish for swimsuit two piece, the vast range of bathing suits offers also suchlike option for those wishing to control or hide bellies. You should simply choose two piece swimming suit with high waist that is either folded or shirred.

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tiered tankini top
Swimsuit for Straight Figure – Create Curves

Women with straight or rectangle body shape should create the illusion of curves. This can easily be done by swimsuits with ruffles, bold prints, shirring and similar embellishments. If the bottom of the bathing suit is decorated, all the attention is driven to your hips. Consequently, the illusion of waist is created thus and you appear to be much more shaped.

You should stay away of bathing suits that are vertically striped, one coloured, missing any accent. Also square neckline is not for you.

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Be aware of the pros and cons of your body to put the right accents and glow! Choose the best bathing suit for your body type!

8 thoughts on “What Is The Best Bathing Suit Your Body Type Needs?

  1. Daniella

    Hi there,

    Wow, these swimsuits are just beautiful, I like all of them, but because I am old fashion, I would have chosen the third bathing suit in black. It looks gorgeous!
    Just a few questions, please. Do we wash it by hand or by machine?
    Also, I would like to know if this bathing suit resists to chlorine?
    Thank you very much!

  2. Chanan

    hi and thanks for your article.
    the article regarding the bathingsuit type for your figure was great, you included everysingle type of figure that can be and i deffinitly found my type of figure in the article.
    I hope this article helped lots of woman that couldnt decide what type of bathingsuit to buy.
    wish you lots of luck

    • Hi Chanan
      Thanks for stopping by and I am glad my article have helped you in finding bathing suit for your body type. I do hope it will help not only you but also many other visitiors of my site.
      Enjoy your day!


  3. Mugabi Jafari

    My neighbor would really love that busted swimsuit because she is a little fat much as she hates being called so, the only difference i see between her and that girl in the picture( the one wearing black and grey) is that she is bigger at her bottom and smaller on the top, I would want to refer her to this site, I just want to ensure that she will get exactly what suits her, thanks.

    • Hey Mugabi
      Thanks for visiting my site. I am glad you are thinking about how to help your neighbour. Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect bathing suit due to peculiarities of each body but you do refer her to my site – I am sure she will find the perfect bathing suit among my collections. Perhaps she is interested in slimming swimsuits – then she should check all of my posts regarding slimming swimwear.
      Cheers, Arta

  4. Kiki Sh

    hello there,

    I love the beach, especially in the summer time. Thank you for all the useful information you have included in your article regarding on how to choose the right summing suit depending on your body type. My favorite one is the tummy control bathing suit. I loved your idea to simply choose two piece swimming suit with a high waist that is either folded or shirred.

    • Hi Kiki
      I am glad you have found my website helpful. Tummy control bathing suits are quite popular and I do believe the best and most convenient option of slimming swimsuits is tankini. However, you are welcome to check my post about slimming swimsuits.

      Wishing you a sunny day!

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