What is a BistroMD meal plan

What is a BistroMD Meal Plan and Does it Actually Work?

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What is a BistroMD meal plan

Obesity is a serious, growing and deadly problem in the United States.

Men, women and children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds find themselves having to endure a diminished quality of life because the food they eat is filled with sugar, salt and fat.

It does not have the balanced nutrition they need and it leaves them overweight, tired, unhealthy and unhappy.

What Is A BistroMD Meal Plan?

Bariatric specialist Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist and her foodie husband Ed Cederquist decided they wanted to give people an option that offered great tasting, nutritionally balanced, meals at affordable prices. So they co-founded bistroMD.

Easy Access To Healthy, Nutritious, Tasty, Food

In her weight loss clinic Dr. Cederquist noticed that although many of her clients wanted to eat healthy, their hectic schedules made it impossible to find time to prepare, healthy, nutritious, good tasting food at home. Overwhelmed, many of them ended filling up on nutritionally bankrupt fast food because it is easy, affordable and convenient.

In 2005, the Cederquists co-founded bistroMD to offer easy to prepare, healthy, nutritious, tasty, affordable meals. All the meal plans are prepared by well-trained, highly skilled, chefs and designed by medical professionals.

The BistroMD Team – Who Are They?

At bistroMD, they have a tight knit 11 person team. Together they have a love for great-tasting, wholesome, nutritious, fresh food, an encyclopedic knowledge of food as medicine and diverse, innovative, cutting-edge, food preparation skills.

They collaborate to create a healthy, scrumptious, bistroMD meal plan that can be adjusted to meet the needs of their diverse customer base and prevent a variety of the most prevalent health problems.

At bistroMD, healthy, well-balanced, nutritious, tasty, food is seen as the best kind of treatment. It’s very effective because people love the look, smell and taste of it.

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The Founders – People Behind BistroMD

The people responsible for starting bistroMD and creating the terrific meals and services the company delivers are co-founders Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. and her husband and company CEO, Ed Cederquist.

Dr. Cederquist has made helping patients attain their healthy weight-loss goals and creating the nutritional foundation on which the company is built the core of her life’s work.

CEO Ed Cederquist is a foodie and an avid healthy cooking fan. He travels the world over looking for delicious, nutritious, dishes to add to the company’s amazing, nutrient-rich, meal plans.

The Core Stuff Of BistroMD – The Registered Dietitians

BistroMD has three registered dietitians that are part of its core staff.

The company’s lead registered dietitian is Christy Shatlock, MS/RD. She has years of nutritional expertise and specializes in dietetics, food and nutrition.

Nicole Hartwick is another of bistroMD’s registered dietitians. Hartwick has a background in nutrition, food science and dietetics.

Registered dietitian Sarah Hallenberger is another important member of the staff. She specializes in dietetics, nutrition, fitness and health and is passionate about food.

The Health And Fitness Team

A fitness specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Sean Wells is also a strength and conditioning specialist, a licensed athletic trainer and a board certified orthpaedic specialist. Wells provides invaluable expertise on diet and fitness.

Adriana Kinn, ARNP has a Master’s degree Nursing and advanced clinical training in preventative medicine, science-based medical treatment and weight management.

The Chefs – 3 Strong Names Behind the Tasty Healthy Meals

Three chefs are responsible for creating the fabulous culinary experience bistroMD provides its clients.

One of them is Chef Scott. He uses his over two decades honing his unique cooking skills and culinary expertise, incredible background in custom product development and passion for helping people improve their health and well-being to create healthy, delicious, nutritious, innovative entrees.

Antigua born and raised Chef Krishna is famed for creating fantastic culinary masterpieces. The distinctive ingredients and flavors in the dishes he creates are inspired and influenced by Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine.

Award winning culinary expert Chef Jack is known for his unique skills, cutting-edge ideas and great tasting, nutrient rich dishes. Together these chefs make following the bistroMD meal plan a wonderful experience.

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The Member Services Specialist – Personalised Approach to Each Member

Making sure each person who joins bistroMD is able to get the proper food, health, fitness and nutritional guidance is key to the success of the clients and bistroMD.

The person who has been in charge of ensuring each client gets exactly what they need from the day the company was founded is member services manager Darlene Adkins. She uses her caring personality, attention to detail and commitment to excellent customer service to make sure each and every member of bistroMD has the best, most effective, dietary experience possible.

So What Is A BistroMD Meal Plan?

The eating plan created by bistroMD combines the latest culinary trends, great tasting, wholesome, real, food, nutrient rich ingredients and a deep understanding of how good meals can have a positive impact on maintaining proper weight, health and fitness.

The meal plans are designed to provide people with the nourishing, delicious meals they need strengthen their minds and bodies, provide them with the energy they need while helping them to enjoy good health while attaining and maintaining their weight loss goals.

The meal plans work because they are nutritionally balance, delicious and people enjoy eating the foods they contain.

Healthy And Delicious Recipes

The entire staff works closely with the registered dietitians to ensure the combination of ingredients each entree contains not only is of the right nutritional quality, but its must also help it be taste delicious, look attractive and smell divine.

Each healthy, delicious recipe is designed to satisfy all the senses and leave the eater satiated, happy and properly nourished. The recipes draw on flavorful, exotic ingredients from cultures all around the world that are expertly blended by the bistroMD team of talented, experienced, innovative, chefs to create culinary masterpieces.

Over 150 Meal Choices

People who follow the eating plan offered by bistroMD have more than 150 delicious, nutritious meal from which to choose. It includes excellent options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The meals are designed and produced based on an effective scientific approach to dieting. The bistroMD meal delivery system eliminates the guesswork when it comes to eating to lose weight. But each of the meal look, taste and smell so good, people on the bistroMD eating plan are always excited to eat the meals.

The food is rich in the bioavailable vitamins and minerals people need for optimal health.

No Cooking Necessary

One reason a growing number of people are embracing the bistroMD eating system is the convenience it offers. To enjoy amazing taste and nutritional benefits of these meals all they have to do is simply heat, plate and eat. For many people struggling to get their weight under control, being able to so easily get the tasty, healthy, nutritionally balanced meals they need makes attaining and maintain their weight loss goals a breeze.

The success members have enjoyed easily managing their weight has turned bistroMD into a nationally known, highly regarded company revered for their expertise in promoting fast, easy, healthy, weight loss.

Meals Designed For Special Dietary Needs

The health and nutrition experts at bistroMD understand many people have difficulty getting their weight under control because of metabolic dysfunction.

Understanding that a person’s hormones affect the way their bodies metabolize food, bistroMD designs food plans that offer the appropriate balance of macronutrients for people based on their specific health needs.

With the help of bistroMD, people can customize their meal plans so they work in harmony with their metabolism and their lifestyles. The eating plan offered by bistroMD includes meals that are gluten-free and diabetes and menopause-friendly.

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Five Customized BistroMD Meal Plans

The staff at bistroMD has created five basic customized meal plans designed to meet the special dietary and lifestyle needs of their members. Those 5 different meal plans are:

1. Standard
2. Gluten-Free
3. Heart-Healthy
4. Diabetic
5. Menopause Or Silver Cuisine 

People who would like the ability to create an even more specialized meal plan can call bistroMD and work directly with the health and fitness professionals, dieticians and chefs to create a meal plan that addresses their unique dietary needs. The bistroMD staff ensure those meals have the right nutritional foundation as well as the finest quality ingredients and superior flavor and taste. 

A Five Or Seven-Day Program

Customers can choose between bistroMD’s five-day or seven-day meal plans. Each provides nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners and a weekly menu to track your nutritional and caloric intake. The food plan can be further customized so users receive only lunches and dinners.

Enrolled customers must order their meals by midnight Sunday and include any changes they would like to make.

A package containing all the meals is conveniently delivered directly to their door. The full 3-meal, 7-day program costs $134.96 while the 2-meal a day program costs $112.46. The cost of the 3-meal, 5-day program is $112.46 and the two-meal plan is $89.96.

There’s also the bistroMD Essential and Tasty Snacks or EATS program which provides up to 14 healthy treats to snack on each week that help speed up your weight loss.

What Do Customers Say?

People love bistroMD meal plans because the food tastes incredible and is made with fresh, natural ingredients sourced from local and international farmers’ markets.

They rave about the bistroMD team of medical professionals, fitness experts, registered dietitians and creative, innovative chefs have created fresh, tasty, nutritious dishes with a wonderful international flair and flavors.

Members love their perfectly cooked, wonderfully flavored lasagna, meat sauces, savory frittatas, fresh ricotta, garden marinara, scallop chowder, roasted turkey, grilled salmon and more.

One of the few complaints is the lack of vegan or vegetarian meal plans.

An Amazing, Well Balanced Meal Plan

What is a bistroMD meal plan?

It’s a well thought out combination of dishes perfectly prepared by innovative, experienced chefs. The meals have the ideal balance of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients and taste great, promote optimal health and lead to healthy weight loss.

These delicious meals make bistroMD members feel like they have private chefs and an army of health, nutrition and fitness experts who blend their prodigious talents to create meals that make the taste buds rejoice while providing the body with all the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the bistroMD meal plan to anyone who wants to enjoy incredibly delicious, nutrient-rich dishes that look, smell and taste great and help them attain their weight loss goals.

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34 thoughts on “What is a BistroMD Meal Plan and Does it Actually Work?

  1. Russ Green

    I am so pleased that I stumbled across your website and this post here today, because I am overweight and could do with losing a few pounds and this meal plan looks great, I have tried various diets and some different ways to lose weight, latest one I tried was intermittent fasting, which I had trouble sticking with, so I will now try the Bistromd meal plan, it really does look great and I can’t wait to give it a go, thank you for sharing this meal plan.   

  2. Rodarrick

    How innovative and creative these people behind this bistro MD meal plan because they have combined everything together in a well thought out manner to ensure that proper meal is attained. By putting health and tastiness into consideration, I think this is very cool. I like the fact that each area of this meal plan is handled by professionals and as such, safety and credibility are certain to be achieved. Thanks for sharing this and I will look them out

  3. Henderson

    A bistromd meal plan? Wow, I have not heard about this befire. From your post here I see it is the best to help with weight management. The MistroMD has some really great meals to choose from and the dietians have really enjoyed this. I like the diversity in this unlike some other diets that are highly restrictive. I am going to give this a try and share with my friends too. Thanks.

  4. Benson

    Should there be a wider range of such meal programs, there would be a very low rate of obesity epidemic around in our world. The problem with keeping up with a particular diet just to gain the perfect size is a really nice idea but most people finds it hard to do it. This problem actually have a better edge compared to some others that I have read about in aspect of having various sections which can give reasonable suggestions when it comes to providing these meal, with it coming in form of a team rather than a solo idea, it is really cool. Best regards.

  5. John

    For a meal that helps to take away all the pain of  losing weight, I think this team has really done well on this. Seeing how everything is organised from the fitness specialists to the chef, I am more than impressed. I have a couple of friends who might be interested in this. I will share your post with them and also convince them to give the bistroMD a try. Very good insight here.

  6. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Thanks for introducing BristoMD Meal Plan to overcome obesity.
    I think if the food plan is nutritionally balanced as well as delicious to eat, then it is worth trying a new concept. And I was astonished to check that they have 150 verities in their plan, that’s awesome. The only flaw I saw was the lack of vegan diets, as I am a pure vegetarian. Anyways, I will definitely try their 05-day plan to check the results myself.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  7. Mugalu Mansoor

    What I have liked about the Bistro MD meal plan is that the meal is prepared by well trained, highly skilled chefs and designed by medical professionals which is good to hear and thanks for also helping me understand how good meal plans are good in maintaining proper weight, health and fitness because  I have been  also a victim of obesity thanks for this information 

  8. cpascal

    BistroMD sounds like an excellent option, even for people who don’t have special dietary needs. It’s a much healthier option than most restaurant food. Along with saving the time that it would normally take to cook a good meal, this service also saves busy people the time and stress of grocery shopping. 

  9. Adyns68

    I would have loved to be able to make my own food. Because I want to know what is in my plate. And, are the plates pre-cooked for days before delivery? Because that will mean that they use preservatives which is not always healthy. I really think that be teaching us what we need to have in our plates will help us more.


    • Arta

      Hey there

      Without doubt, the best is to cook by yourself but the truth is that majority of us just doesn’t have time for that, doesn’t like cooking at all or aren’t good at it. And why not to use the option where the experts have cooked nutritious and tasty food good for your health and weight loss?

      Regarding the other comment – the meals are sent to you frozen in cold boxes. Here I wanted to mention a sample of the French kitchen. France is well-known for its sophisticated gourmet cuisine but French women are very busy women and their kitchen secret is that they prepare food for the whole week on Sunday by freezing it per portions for each day of the week. So BistroMD follows the same principle and I don’t really see what’s bad in that.

      But as mentioned above, self-made meal is the best option and if you are able to do this (by not buying semi-ready food) – it is just perfect. Moreover, if you also know what you should have on your plate – it is even much more perfect and definitely the right way to go.

      For those who are too busy to make our own meals, who are not good at cooking or doesn’t like to cook but who wants to lose weight eating healthy and balanced food – BistroMD is a great place to start.

      Cheers, Arta

  10. Stephanie

    I see that you meantioned that these company mentions that their food is as if it was medicine. Why exactly is that? Will I need to be concern with the possible not-mentioned ingredients that can contain certain chemicals? Though, I do like that you mentioned fitness, because that can be an essential part of your journey. And also, the fact that they have an option meal for diabetics, that’s amazing! 

    • Arta

      Hey Stephanie

      Thank you for your comment.

      “You are what you eat” – we all know this saying. So eating healthy and balanced food combined with physical activities gives everything your body and mind needs to lead a high-quality and exciting life. 

      Proper food treats you, helps to avoid different health problems. Nowadays, people tend to use a lot of medicine but healthy food and fitness could definitely help you get rid of part of them unless even all. 

      Basically, healthy and balanced meal is as medicine for your body and this is what we wanted to emphasise. By no means it was meant that there are not-mentioned ingredients in the food prepared by BistroMD experts. The food they offer is healthy and balanced so ensuring your body with all the needed nutrients to stay fit and retain your health.

      Cheers, Arta

  11. Twack Romero

    Plans such as these are so important into modern society. Mans’ diet has evolved at a much faster rate than mans body. We are ill equipped to deal with todays food, certainly the ‘fast’ and ‘processed’ variety. In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons for disease being as prevalent as it is. Health complications in many areas can be attributed to diet and the worse thing about that, is that we as a majority are oblivious to the effects of what we eat is having on us. 

    From a personal standpoint I was overjoyed at the five customised meal plans. Believe it or not my wife fits four of the five. How’s that for ticking nearly all the boxes. She has tried on numerous occasions to go ‘Gluten-free’ but has struggled with availability of variety. She is also a Type One Diabetic, has had heart issues and is currently in the pre-menopausal stage.

    The BistroMD Meal plan is definitely something we will be looking into more closely.   

  12. DreaJay

    Wow, BistroMD is a very helpful and interesting one, planning proper meal and diet for the safety and benefit of human health is very nice. I like what they do about the fitness thing, the diet team, and the consultancy, the meal plan will help control the effect of having bad Foo ingested into our body system by making plans of good nutritious food that can be consumed safely. Ill definitely try this out, it’s a good idea that I’ll share with my friends too. Thanks

  13. rjkennedy

    Many men and women are obese in our society. We are dealing with a ‘fat culture’ so to speak. Doctors recommend a steady and healthy nutritious diet so we, in general can live longer. Tune into any health show on the tube, the panel of medical experts cannot stress enough that if you want to live longer, then exercise and eat healthier to lose weight. Some may ask, “Should I exercise everyday?” Of course! Remember, a combination of a nutritious diet an exercise is ‘key’ to a long life.

  14. Alex

    Obesity can cause a lot of distress in people’s lives both mentally and physically. It’s true that a lot of people suffer from it and it can affect people of all ages.  BistroMD sounds like the perfect solution. It seems like it’s easy to prepare and it comes in a wide variety of choices.

  15. Carol5162

    It is not that easy to enjoy a healthy meal that has no taste. A company that has even invested in dietitians, fitness specialists and chefs to bring a healthy and tasty real shows that they really care about their customers. Seems like this group whips out meals to die for. This is a great relief to those that want the health without compromising on the taste. There is no way anyone will miss what to eat from the 150 meal choices. Very considerate of BistroMD to include packages for special needs. 

  16. Wildecoll

    Maintaining proper body weight, fat balance, proper health and fitness is very important to have access to healthy living and this can be made sure by watching what kind of food we consume. BistroMD is a very nice company with a very lucrative and helpful idea that will help safe lives because health issues like obesity as you’ve said is known to have the possibilities of taking lives. I’ll share this to my friends, I know they’ll like it. I love BistroMD ans I think it’s a very useful establishment. Thanks to you for sharing such an amazing information.

  17. Louise

    The BistroMD plan looks like a great idea, if you’re unable to cook or don’t want to cook it is a simple solution to still having nutritious and healthy foods. Although it seems to be a bit expensive, I guess the upside is that you don’t have to go shopping, don’t have to think about meals and what to buy and everything is delivered to your door. A very good option for people who are unable to get out to the shops.

  18. Stanley

    This is my first encounter with BistroMD. This is an excellent review of their product. Most of us have to balance our meal habits with our lifestyle and budgets. We end up with very unhealthy eating habits and some of use suffer that consequence with obesity, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. BistroMD is definite a solution for those with busy lifestyles to have regular healthy meals. I have change my eating habits due to type 2 diabetes and will definitely look up BistroMD to find out more of their 150 different meal types.

  19. Mahasin1

    This article was amazing. Thanks for putting it out there. Bistromd had so many benefits to it I immediately clicked on the link to learn more and sign up. I was looking for a way to eat healthier and not have to prep my meals every day. Bistromd does both of them. I couldn’t asked for a better way to start my New Year’s.

  20. JealousLi

    Wow, I think this is a very interesting blog, and I want to experience the BistroMD Meal Plan for myself.
    Because my husband often sits at work, facing the computer every day, he rarely exercises, and now he is a bit fat; it happens to be New Year’s Day tomorrow, and I will let him try it for a while from tomorrow.
    Finally, thank you for taking the time to review the BistroMD Meal Plan.

  21. Carmen

    I’m glad I found your post. I have no problems with weight and I reached the age of 64 with good health. But I always cooked at home, keeping in mind the nutritional needs. I tried to cook balanced. But I’m glad that those who have problems with weight have an alternative to get rid of extra pounds with this meal plan.

  22. Kylie

    Wow! I didn’t expect there to be a one stop service like this, and this is cool! Your words are true that obesity is a scourge for many people. I myself feel that my weight is still excessive, because fat is everywhere. Moreover, because of the holiday season like this, made my weight increase to more than 10 lbs. So, I have been thinking about starting a weight loss program. 

    Speaking of weight loss programs, the thing I hate the most is plain food, or food portions that are not making me feeling full. However, because of your writing, I am interested to try it. Plus, you said that the food provided from BistroMD is nutritious and healthy. By the way, if I have never tried BistroMD, what do you suggest I should start?

    • Arta

      Hey Kylie

      Thank you for your comment regarding BistroMD meal plans. 

      If you are new to BistroMD program, I would suggest you simply signing up on their website and choosing the plan that is suitable for you by taking into account your preferences. Their website is easy to understand and navigate so it will be a no problem to choose the most suitable plan for you. 

      And it really depends on your preferences so it is hard to suggest anything – whether you prefer gluten free plan or meals that are healthy for your heart or diabetic, and etc – this depends on your health and if there is anything you would need to work on.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  23. Jake

    Hi, with it being December it is a little difficult to see myself gearing up with my swimsuit to be sitting on the beach. Especially after all of that holiday snaking. 

    I was impressed that there is over 150 different meal plans. There is a saying “if you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it”. With any diet plan, you need these two things.  I also love that there is no cooking necessary. 

    For me the cost is the only factor, but that is just me. Great article and nice work. 

  24. Nimrodngy

    Hello. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about bistromd meal plan and explanation given.

    When it comes to food I can say that I am most passionate. I go to the gym for about 6 years and I want to say that in all these years I learned how to live a healthy life. I always knew that delicious food is not healthy. It seems that BistroMD meal plan manages to combine good taste and turn it into something healthy. This is great idea and thanks to you I found out about it.

    I use to have a special motto “Healthy mind in a healthy body”. Thanks again for this article. If you don not mind, i will share this on my social media accounts. Good luck.

  25. Parveen

    Hey, Thank you for writing on BistroMD Meal Plan. I enjoy your article and learn a lot. The meal provide people with the nourishing, delicious meals to strengthen their minds and bodies and also provide energy. It also help in weight loss. The meal also have the ideal balance of vitamins, minerals and micoronutrients and its taste is awesome for me. Thank you for sharing your grate knowledge. It help me to go with BistroMD meal plan.
    Thank you


  26. Jake

    Hi, I really like the I idea of this. I have to say that time is very important to me. And cleaning is very time-consuming. So he’s cooking. You can’t put a price on good health. If you ever become unhealthy, you will realize how much it is important. Until then you do not appreciate it.

  27. Rhain

    Obesity is definitely a cause for genuine concern even more so for the fact that it limits is so limiting. The Cedarquists clearly understands this hence the advent of bistromd. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t had the chance to get this meal plan but I strongly believe many folks would benefit from this. It appears that the team behind the idea and operations are committed to quality which is something I do not take lightly. The 25% off and free shipping is something I must certainly consider. Thanks 

  28. Sam

    It sounds like a great way to eat healthy when you have a hectic schedule. They seem to have a lot of knowledgable people working in the company to provide the best food. I noticed though that they don’t ship to Canada. Do you happen to know of any Canadian companies that are similar? or U.S companies that ship to Canada? 

    Thank you!

    • Arta

      Hey Sam

      Thank you for your comment. I am not aware of the companies offering this service in Canada but well – this is definitely worth looking into. I will investigate this question and come back.

      Cheers, Arta

  29. Evagreene

    Hey there! Amazing review on BistroMD meal plan you’ve got here! I like the fact that you clearly stated and explain it’s features which will give the readers in depth knowledge of what it’s all about. 

    I also admire the fact that BistroMD meal plan provides the energy needed for the body while maintaining good health and loosing weight.

  30. Justin

    This was a great review.  Untill now I have never heard of BistroMD.  I’m really impressed with the diversity of their meal plans.  It can be very difficult to figure out what you should and shouldn’t it especially when you’re health is at stake.  I have metabolic syndrome which is very common, it’s that evil trio of diabetes, high blood pressure, and bad cholesterol.  

    With this BistroMD it seems like I will be able too design the perfect diet for myself, this is very exciting for me and anyone in my situation.  Thank you for your review, I’m going to bookmark this site for future reference.

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