Underwire Tankini Swimsuits

Underwire Tankini Swimsuits – Our Selection of Affordable Supportive Tankinis

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Underwire Tankini Swimsuits

Underwire tankini swimsuits are designed for your comfort and increased support. The construction of underwire tankini tops allows you to fully enjoy your time on the beach not forgetting also about different activities beach and water can offer.

Underwire Tankini Swimsuits – It’s Time for Support

Brands and designers keep working on new solutions, improved constructions and innovations. As a result, underwire feature has become comfortable. Let’s have a look at few comfort-driven features underwire tankini swimsuits can offer nowadays.

  • To begin with many underwire bathing suits have hidden or buil-in bra so only you know about the extra support your swimsuit ensures to you.
  • Adjustable straps are another feature for your comfort as it allows to fit the swimming suit to your body perfectly.
  • Removable cups are for you to decide whether or not you need extra padding and can be easily detached if not needed.
  • Detachable straps add versatility for attractive design. They are a perfect solution for sunbathing when you remove them for better tan and allow you to spend active day on the beach when you attach them for increased support.

Our Top Choice of Underwire Tankini Swimsuits – Margarita Tie-Front Underwire Top

Underwire Tankini Swimsuits

Product: Margarita Tie-Front Underwire Top

Price: $ 34.30 (usual price $ 49)

Features: Hidden Underwire Bra, Removable Soft Cups, Adjustable Straps, Tie Front, Sweetheart Neckline, Relaxed Fit, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms sold separately

Majority of customers love this Margarita Tie-Front Underwire Tankini Top. They state the fit is great, the print and color is vibrant and stunning, the comfort is at high-level, the design is attractive and flattering. The top is said to have the perfect length.

Margarita Tie-Front Underwire Top
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Adjustable Straps
  • Removable Cups
  • Hidden Underwire
  • Bra Underwire
  • Working well (for cup sizes up to DD)
  • Vibrant colours
  • Relaxed Fit for hiding flaws around tummy



  • Too Thin Straps
  • Colors tend to fade a bit
  • Lack of support for cup sizes starting from DD
User Review
3.4 (5 votes)

Adjustable straps and removable cups are appreciated by many women who have bought this tankini top. They also say the underwire support works well and the top is of high quality.

The underwire tankini top can be matched with black or navy bottoms. It will look great also with shorts.

However, as people are different and so are our bodies, there are also women not satisfied with this underwire tankini swimsuit. There are women complaining about the lack of support and as understood from reviews – up to DD size the support is great. The problems start when DD size or up as the cups tend to run smaller, the underwire doesn’t ensure enough support and straps are too thin to keep girls in place.

The neckline is said to be cut a bit deeper than shown in the picture.

Some customers stated the colors fade a bit but still they state the quality is great given the affordable price paid for this bathing suit.

The tankini is said to float up when you are in water due to the relaxed fit. So, on the one hand, the loose fit is perfect for hiding your tummy and concealing any bulges you could have, but on the other hand, it tends to ride up while in water.

To sum up, this underwire tankini top could be a great option for cup sizes up to DD as the material is said to be great, support is working well, coverage is just right, print is vibrant, straps are adjustable and cups are removable. 65% of customers are happy about this tankini top so taking into account the price given and if you are up to size DD I would still recommend you this product.

==> Get Your Margarita Tie-Front Underwire Top Here <==

Other Great Choices of Underwire Tankini Swimsuits – for Your Comfort on the Beach

The main goal of underwire tankinis is to ensure support. There are different ways to achieve this and by combining different features different effects can be reached.

One of the things to pay your attention to is the thickness of straps – the wider the straps, the greater the support. If talking about straps, it is also important whether or not the straps are adjustable as adjustable straps ensure a customized fit to flatter peculiarities of your body.

Another important thing is the cups – are these removable or not. If you are big-breasted, you would most likely wish to remove the extra padding.

Side boning of swimsuit ensures all-around support.

The mesh-lined bra is proven to be breathable making you feel comfortable and keeping you cool on the beach.

If you wish to control your tummy, you should look for an additional feature as power-mesh lining or tummy control panel. If the bathing suit is underwire, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is also slimming or tummy control.

But let’s now have a glance at our selection of underwire swimsuits. Hold on 🙂

There is a wide range of options available on the market for underwire swimsuits so unless tankini is your choice, you can still find many styles featuring underwire, such as underwire bikinis and underwire swim one piece.

So what is your experience with underwire swimsuits? Do you find them supportive enough? Or does your body require a different type of bathing suit? What features are you looking for when buying a new swimming suit?

Share your thoughts and comments below – it could help somebody in their search.

8 thoughts on “Underwire Tankini Swimsuits – Our Selection of Affordable Supportive Tankinis

  1. Maureen

    I have never heard of Tankini swimsuits. To be honest I have always felt uncomfortable in a bathing suit and have never found one that I truly like. Most bathing suits lack support and definitely fail in the comfort area.
    Your Tankini swimsuits seem to offer both of these features and from the suits you are showing on your page they are very stylish and very well priced.
    We all can’t have a model’s figure so it is nice to see a swimsuit made for the ordinary woman.

    • Hi Maureen
      You are completely right – tankini offers both support and coverage for the convenience and comfort of its wearer. It is a great choice for those wishing to feel less exposed to public but with the ease of wearing of bikini. Besides that, they do look stylish and fashionable and each body can benefit from tankini.
      Check out our article on types of tankini swimsuits for women to see which one is suitable for you.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Laura

    Hi, just like to drop my 2cents as a comment.
    I do like your top choice of underwire tankini swimsuit. Also the price seems as a great bargain. But what about tummy control – does this tankini feature also tummy control?

    All in all a great looking site

    • Hi Laura

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am glad you liked out top choice of underwire tankinis but unfortunately this tankini doesn’t include tummy control. It features a relaxed fit so it is more for sheltering your midsection. You can have a look at our selection of tummy control tankinis to see the options of tankinis with tummy control.

      If you don’t find what you are looking for – just drop a comment and we will do our best to help you with your searches!

      Cheers, Arta

  3. jeffrey16201


    I see you are getting prepared for summer with bathing suits already, spring is coming soon March almost is over and it should be warming soon.

    I do not know much about women’s swim wear, but i do like the looks of the products you are promoting. They do sound like very good products, they look fantastic with bright colors and nice designs

    • Hey Jeffrey

      Summer is on its way to the Northern hemisphere – I already feel it in the air 🙂 So it’s time to start preparing for the beach and swimming. And the thing to start with is a perfect bathing suit. So I am exploring different options of swimsuits so each woman can find the perfect bathing suit(s) 🙂 for her body to get ready for the summer!

      Summer rocks 🙂

  4. Kay

    Thanks for this information. Your swimsuits are beautiful and this is such an informative post as well.With summer quickly approaching this is exactly I need. I love the idea of tankini with underwire. I also didn’t know that these are made with tummy control. I only have one question, how comfortable are these tankinis?

    • Hey Kay

      Tummy control is a great feature for those wishign to shape and control their midsection. Owing to the highly functional materials and new technologies tummy control bathing suits are comfortable and lightweight. I personaly enjoy wearing swimming suit with tummy control as I like the way it hugs my midsection and the feeling of everything kept in its places.


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