Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Tunic Cover Ups for Swimwear – Express Your Style on the Beach

Let's sOCEANize :)

Tunic cover ups for swimwear are among the most popular and favorite choice to cover up bathing suit. This is mainly due to its functionality – it can be used both as a cover up on the beach and stylish piece of clothing for an exciting night out or an amazing day full of adventures. Just let your imagination work and enjoy this fashionable type of swimsuit cover ups.

Tunic Cover-Ups for Swimwear – Stylish Yet Practical Choice of Beach Cover Up

We have looked through many tunic cover-ups and have found the ones favored by customers and being both flattering and functional.

Our Top Choice of Tunic Cover Ups for Swimwear – LUXE by Lisa Vogel Premiere Tunic

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: LUXE by Lisa Vogel Premiere Tunic

Features: Butterfly Sleeves, Tassle Front Detailing, Lightweight Fabric, Detailed Embroidery, Deep V-Cut

This outstanding LUXE by Lisa Vogel Premiere Tunic will make you look gorgeous while on the beach and not only… It is made of lightweight fabric composed of 55% Cotton and 45% Rayon.

LUXE by Lisa Vogel Premiere Tunic
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • High Quality
  • Non-Transparent
  • Eye-Catching Front Detailing
  • Lightweight Fabric
  • Stylish Design
  • Can Be Used not only on the Beach
  • Great deal for a great price


  • Fabric tends to lose its shape if you, for instance, sit on it
User Review
4.75 (12 votes)

Women who have bought this tunic cover up admit it being very comfortable and also stylish. The attractive design is highly evaluated and a lot of compliments received while wearing it. The material is said to be very pleasant to your skin.

Even though the fabric is very lightweight and pleasant to your skin, it tends to loose its shape if under pressure – for instance, unless you lift it up while sitting, it will change its shape. This is the price to be paid for the soft touch of natural material – your skin will surely appreciate this material. But as this flaw can be avoided this tunic is a great purchase for compelling outlook while on the beach.

=>> Get Your LUXE by Lisa Vogel Premiere Tunic Here <==

Other Great Choices of Tunic Cover Ups for Swimwear – Find Yours

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: PilyQ Atlantis Madagascar Tunic

Features: V-Neck, Open Crochet Detail, Sheer, Fringe Detail on the Bottom, Short Angle Sleeves

This colorful PilyQ Atlantis Madagascar Tunic is poncho-styled and will make you feel joyful and look mysterious. This tunic features fringe on the bottom and angel sleeves – this is an outstanding combination making its wearer look bold and unconstrained.

The bright colors and crochet knit will add up to sexy beach appeal.

Tunic Cover Ups for Swimwear

Product: PilyQ Black Lace Noah Tunic

Features: Sheer Lace, Long Sleeves, Upper Thigh Length

This graceful PilyQ Black Lace Noah Tunic is designed for self-confident and brave women as it will drive a lot of attention in your direction and make you stand out of the crowd.

Lace has always been related to sensuality so this lace tunic will boost your sexy beach appeal. Pair the tunic with your favorite jeans and enjoy a hot summer evening party.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: PilyQ African Rays Embroidered Tunic

Features: V-Neck, Embroidered Detail on the Front, Wide Arm Openings, Upper Thigh Length

This PilyQ African Rays Embroidered Tunic will make you look wild and extraordinary. It triggers the illusion of unpredictability and freedom just as savanna in Africa.

Women who have bought this tunic evaluate the great design and remarkable embroidery. The tunic is lightweight and very pleasant to wear. The loose pattern will cover up anything you wish to conceal. Currently available at a great price.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: Beach Glam Women’s Silver Beading Beach Coverup

Features: Beads on the Front, Silver Embroidery, Deep V-Neck, Upper Thigh Length, 70% silk/ 30% Georgette

This Beach Glam Tunic is made of silk blend and silk as we have already mentioned is the king of natural materials. It is very pleasant to wear and looks gorgeous.

Women who have bought this tunic evaluate its versatility, breathability and soft touch to the skin. This outstanding material pampers your skin. The tunic can be paired with leggings or shorts for a casual yet delicate outfit.

The only flaw as mentioned by its wearers is the care of the tunic as it should be hand-washed. However, as we described in our previous post about beach sarongs cover ups – there is nothing to be afraid of.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: La Blanca Sabi Sands Lace Up Front Tunic

Features: Long Sleeves, V-Neck, 100% Viscose, Mid Thigh Length

The vivid colors of La Blanca Sabi Sands Lace Up Front Tunic will make your day. The material is soft and your skin will enjoy the touch of it.

We do like the bright colors, attractive design, and soft material so we included it in our collection. Besides that, the tunic can complete your summer outfit not only when going to the beach.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: Coolibar UPF 50+ Cover-Up – Sun Protective

Features: Loose Fit, Hood, Long Sleeves, Adjustable String in the Hood, Sun Protection, Cotton/Viscose from Bamboo/Spandex Blend, Available in Many Nice Colors

The comfortable fit and cozy design of this Coolibar Hooded Tunic is appreciated by women who have bought it. It is said to be multi purpose and can be used as a dress, as well. Perfect for a day with your family on the beach. We do like the hood as it gives you an option of covering your head after a swim to keep it warm.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

The radiant colors look gorgeous and suits summer, however, it requires more careful care and proper washing to retain its radiance.

The material is extremely pleasant to the skin and the natural fibers make it suitable for summer days. Customers highly evaluate sun protection feature of the cover up.

The pockets are said to be roomy enough for the iPhone.

Majority of customers state the cover up is true to size so it is a good idea to double-check the sizing chart before ordering. But some women mention that the sizing is inconsistent between the colors. Women larger at hips are suggested to size up.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: Bestyou Rayon Cover Up

Features: Loose Fit, Rayon, Semi-Sheer, Crochet Inserts

Bestyou Tunic is made of Rayon. Rayon is a very soft material that was created as a substitute for silk. It is semi-synthetic fabric possessing the same comfort qualities as natural materials. Rayon is smooth and highly absorbent fabric but it doesn’t have insulation property. Consequently, it is perfect for humid and hot weather.

Women who have bought this cover up admit its soft-and-pleasant touch properties. The tunic looks cool and ensures a high level of comfort after water activities. The sexy design is evaluated – crochet inserts to reveal a little bit of the swimsuit top and short length to show off your legs in the classic yet chic manner.

However, the fabric tends to lose its shape if you sit on it. Rayon itself is one of the materials regaining its elasticity at the lowest level if comparing to other fibers so you should remember of lifting the tunic up while sitting.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: Wildflower High-Low Tunic

Price: $ 28

Features: Scoopneck, Unlined, Semi-Sheer, Loose Fit, Hemline Lower in the Back

Wildflower High-Low Tunic features fashionable design with back hemline being lower in the back than in the front. It is highly evaluated by all the women who have bought it. The attractive pattern is appreciated and favoured. It is said to go great with leggings. The lightweight fabric washes great and dries extremely fast. The tunic is said to suit every age starting from teens to women over 50 and more.

One of the customers says the tunic feels larger than size so it could be a good idea to re-check size chart before ordering to make sure the right size is chosen.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: Black Chevron Tunic

Price: $ 50

Features: V-Neck, Semi-Sheer, Loose Fit, Horizontal Strap Detail on the Back, 3/4 Length Sleeves

The stylish Black Chevron Tunic is both a sexy cover up for your swimsuit and stylish tunic to pair with your leggings. Women who have bought this tunic cover up say the fabric dries quickly and without wrinkles. See-Through Chevron print is said to ensure just the right level of revelation for those wishing to create mysterious appeal to a certain extent.

Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

Product: Bijou Batwing Tunic

Price: $ 54

Features: V-Neck, Loose Fit, Batwing Sleeves

The flattering Bijou Batwing Tunic is an absolute five-star cover up. The loose pattern allows to hide anything you wish to hide and at the same time, it doesn’t create bulky outlook.

The style is combined with comfort in this one so you will really enjoy your day on the beach. The quality of this bathing suit cover up is highly evaluated. The material is said to be light mesh but the tight weave of the material together with the construction of the cover up ensures good coverage and structured outlook avoiding any excess material. The majority says the cover up is prettier in life than in the picture and the material is an absolute hit. It is said to keep you cool on hot days.

Matching swimsuits for outstanding beach style are available:

designer swimdresses
Tunic Cover Ups Swimwear

We do hope you have managed to find your perfect tunic cover up for swimwear among our collection.

Or perhaps you are interested in some other type of swimsuit cover ups?

8 thoughts on “Tunic Cover Ups for Swimwear – Express Your Style on the Beach

  1. angelicamaney

    Why is it that the tunics that I think I really cute are the really expensive ones! I love the first one and the black lace one, but my wallet doesn’t like those ones. I’m going on vacation in January and I need to find something that isn’t going to break the bank.

    • Arta

      yeah I know that feeling but when it comes to me I prefer buying less but more qualitative pieces as these do tend to serve longer. When buying cheaper clothes first you need to be aware that you could be forced to buy new one next season already. And then it turns out to be not so cheap after all.

      And secondly more qualitative clothes mean you can be more certain about what you wear that materials pose no threat to your health.

      Last but not least more expensive and qualitative pieces do look and fit better. Besides they feature more amazing designs, patterns and details

  2. Marcia

    Lovely swimwear! I love the wide selection of products you have, and not too expensive either!y favorite has to be the black lace noah tunic. simply stunning!
    Also as it can be worn with jeans or as a party outfit, you can justify spending the money!
    Do you have a discount for multiple orders?

    • Arta

      Hey Marcia

      I am glad you liked our selection – i am also fond of these tunic cover ups and would love to wear them all 🙂

      Retailer is offering some discounts periodically and then I add the info to my website in the section Best Deals on Swimsuits on the right.

  3. Cindy

    Hi Arta. The Bijou Batwing collection looks good and decently priced to me. And it comes with matching swim wear! It’s been a long time since I’ve gone swimming. This make me think I need to start planning for one soon and get a new tunic! Thank you for sharing these samples.

    • Hey Cindy

      I am glad you liked our selection of tunic cover ups for swimwear. There just can’t be too many tunics so go girl and get yourself a new one 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  4. Lane Wesley

    I love these cover ups. I can never find stylish cover ups with long sleeves. I have to have long sleeves because I burn even with sunscreen if I sit directly in the sun. These look very stylish and colorful. I also like that some of them are a little longer. They do seem a bit expensive, but it is worth it to look good and be comfortable.

    • Hey Lane

      The good thing about tunics is that these can be worn as your casual summer outlook so basically you get two functions for one price. I personally prefer a qualitative piece of clothing and sometimes more qualitative means more expensive. Of course, it is not always the case but in most cases – it is like this. The more expensive the piece of clothing, the more expensive the material used in production and less likely it can pose threat to your health. There are many chemicals used in the production of fabrics and many of them are dangerous to human health. So in order to prove the absence of harmful ingredients in the material fabric manufacturers apply to different certificates but all of this costs money leading to an increased price of the material. And it in its turn increases the price of the garment but at the end, you can be more certain about no impact on your health. I think it is worth it. There are so many chemicals impacting us each and every day so I believe we need to do our best to avoid them as much as possible. Without doubt, this is just a general description and there is much more under this but I guess no need to go more into details 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

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