Tummy Control Tankini

Tummy Control Tankini – Stylish Selection for Ultimate Control

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As previously discussed there are several options on how to look slimmer in a swimsuit and tummy control tankini is one of those. Tummy control tankini offers you option to control your midsection in a stylish manner. At the same time this type of tummy control bathing suits ensures increased coverage and functionality.

Our Top Choice of Tummy Control Tankini – Review of Tropic Fusion Third Eye 2 Shirr Tankini

Tummy Control Tankini

Product: Tropic Fusion Third Eye 2 Shirr Tankini

Price: below $ 30 + additional $ for Good Karma Powerhouse Banded Retro Bikini Bottom

Features: Tankini Top: Slimming and Supportive Top, Moisture Wicking, Shirred Neckline, Racerback, Built-In Shelf Bra, Removable Soft Cups, Fabric with UPF 50 protection, 92% Polyester/ 8% Spandex

Tankini Bottom: Full coverage Briefs, Folded Over Waistband, Moisture Wicking, Slimming, Flat Seems, Fabric with UPF 50 protection, 90% Micro Nylon/ 10% Spandex

The colorful Tropic Fusion Third Eye 2 Shirr Tankini is a swimsuit where fashion meets function. It is made of highly functional material yet features fashionable and attractive design.

Tropic Fusion Third Eye 2 Shirr Tankini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Slimming Both – Top and Bottom
  • Flattering
  • Great Material
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • High Quality
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Moisture Wicking UPF 50 protection
  • Removable Cups
  • Flat Seems
  • Resistant to chlorine
  • Comfortable
  • Possibility to order different sized top and bottom



  • Doesn’t ensure shape for the bust
User Review
4.55 (29 votes)

This tankini slims and supports your body. The material is moisture wicking and dries fast. Besides that, it features UPF 50 protection blocking 98% of the UV rays of the sun.

Tummy Control Tankini

Women who have bought this tankini top admire its shape and style. It is said to be workable for women heavier at the bottom. The comfort of the top is highly evaluated. Racerback helps to avoid slipping of the straps so adding up to the comfort of the top.

Tankini is said to be flattering and slimming, especially in the midsection. The top hugs the needed places.

Even though the top comes in size B and C, customers state it would easily fit also D and DD sizes. Besides that, soft cups are removable so this is also giving an extra space up there.

Some women use this tank top for their gym activities mostly because of the extreme comfort of it. One customer even states she could wear the tankini everywhere not only in the water 🙂

Tummy Control Tankini

This tankini features slimming bottoms with flat seams. The slimming feature is ensured by a fold over waistband. Flat seams avoid chafing. The folded pattern flatters any shape and especially those wider at the hips. It is said to hide a lot.

Women who have bought these bottoms equal them to yoga pants mainly due to their design and comfort. Owing to the functional design the briefs don’t squeeze anything at the sides making its wearer feeling and looking flattered. But at the same time, they are tight enough and don’t fall off when jumping in the water.

However, few customers state the top doesn’t ensure the needed shape for the bust.

To sum up, Tropic Fusion Third Eye 2 Shirr Tankini slims and supports. Folded bottoms are highly appreciated by customers due to the functional and comfortable design. Tankini is made of high quality material that resists chlorine, features UPF 50 protection, wicks moisture and dries fast so it is durable and will last long. Even though the top comes in sizes B and C, customers admit it will fit also D and DD. Few women complain about the lack of bust shaping.

==> Get Your Tropic Fusion Third Eye 2 Shirr Tankini Here <==

Other Great Choices of Tummy Control Tankinis – Control Your Summer

Tummy Control Tankini

Product: Miraclesuit Tiki Love Knot Tummy Control Tankini Top

Features: Slimming and Supportive Top, Thick Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Deep V-Neck

Miraclesuit Tankini features attractive print in high-quality fabric. The compression fabric slims and supports. Customers evaluate the tankini as comfortable and ensuring enough support also for big chested women.

Women who have bought the tankini top state it being slimming, comfortable and ensuring great coverage. The top is said to fit great and keeps everything in well-covered. Customers state the top truly takes away about 10 pounds so it is totally worth the money.

Tummy Control Tankini

Product: Cabana Solids Layna Tankini

Features: Slimming Fit, Thick Straps, Plunging V-Neck, Crisscross Wrap at Front, Ties at the Back, Removable Soft Cups, 86% Micro Nylon/ 14% Spandex

Tankini Bottom sold separately: Full coverage Briefs, Mid-Waist, Power Mesh Lining for Slimming, 86% Micro Nylon/ 14% Spandex

Tummy Control Tankini

The outstanding design of Cabana Solids Layna Tankini is a head turner and makes this black tummy control tankini a must-have in any swimsuit collection. The material contains high percent of Spandex adding up to the slimming feature of the bathing suit.

Women who have bought this tankini emphasizes it giving them a figure and shape. The amazing wrap straps are highly evaluated as soft, supportive and comfortable, yet they do accentuate your waist softly. The swimsuit is said to fit great and slim down the figure nicely.

The top is ensuring the right coverage and revealing cleavage to a reasonable extent.

Customers evaluate the bottoms as very slimming and ensuring the needed coverage. Mid rise is said to be very comfortable when it comes to shaping your body. Bottoms are tight yet the side-pinching is avoided.

Tummy Control Tankini

Product: Greenwich Graphic Zip Front Tankini Top

Price: currently on sale $ 58.50 (usual price $ 78)

Features: Zip Front, Thick Straps, Racerback, Removable Soft Cups, Square Neck, Splatter Graphic Print, 78% Polyester/ 22% Spandex, Bottoms sold separately ($ 48)

Thick straps together with racerback and zip front ensure the outstanding bust support for women wearing this Greenwich Graphic Zip Front Tankini Top. Adjustable zip allows you to choose the level of support and cleavage revelation.

Material itself is slimming due to the high content of Spandex and together with intricate color play it is an excellent slenderizer.

Tankini top is said to be comfortable and fits good. The unique design stands out of the crowd and is particularly favored among women.

Still Can’t Decide? No Worries – More Choices Are Coming 🙂

We do hope you liked our selection of tummy control tankinis.

However, you are welcome to have a look at our collection of tummy control bathing suits. Each style and design is special so you just need to find the one flattering your body and mind

So have you found your perfect bathing suit? Tell us what is it like and what features does it possess? Do you consider your style as modest-classic or trendy-modern when it comes to choosing a swimwear?

20 thoughts on “Tummy Control Tankini – Stylish Selection for Ultimate Control

  1. Lauren


    I like to wear tankinis sometimes myself. I love how thorough your site is! I did not even realize how many different styles of tankinis there are available to choose from.

    I especially like the black and white tankinis on this page. They are super cute!

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Lauren

      Thank you for visiting my website! Black and white tankinis are gorgeous – each one with its particular charm. They definitely add up to graceful and feminine beach outlook. Great addition is the slimming property so you can feel confident and comfortable while wearing it.

      Enjoy vivid summer days!

  2. Jas

    My First impressions were, this is a great website, it kept me busy for a while exploring around, this keeps people on the website longer and they are more likely to buy.

    At one stage I got a bit overwhelmed with the shear volume on the page. but I got used to it after awhile and understand why you did this. Anyone that loves to shop will stay and get used to it as well.

    Love the way you have other sponsored adds for shoes etc. as well, but I am wondering, are you getting paid per click for these or are they also affiliate sites, if not it is taking customers. If you are great!

    You have obviously worked on this for a while accumulating lots of blogs about different swimsuit types which was very interesting and helpful, everything seams to work well transferring over to Amazon and loads up quickly.

    I think it was great that you have evidence of reviews and snapshots to prove it.

    In the about us section when you are talking about the sizes you put “th” on the end eg size 14th, is this for a reason or was it the spellcheck kicking in thinking it was a date.

    I found the site very interesting and especially liked you being honest about the sizing that people have told you about, being small or large fitting, this is unusual to find in a website and is very helpful to us when we are shopping. Lots of good information about the swimsuits as well. Loved that!

    Perhaps in one of your blogs you could include the history of the bathing suit for a bit of interest, also show bathing suits for different body shapes. eg pear shape, oval, hourglass, straight, etc. I also had a thought about the colours for different skin and hair colours. This might be helpful to your customers as well.

    Good luck with it all, hope my website is as good some day.

    Great job!

    • Hi Jas

      Thank you for the very thorough analysis of my website and thank you for the great ideas for future articles – I will keep your suggestions in mind and investigate these topics as you suggest.
      I am glad you have found my information on swimsuits helpful and useful. I do hope to help women to fidn their perfect bathing suits!

      And wishing you all the luck!

  3. stephanie

    I love how tankinis are super on trend right now. They used to just be a way for people to hide their trouble spots but now there are so many more varieties and styles and this page is a really helpful collection of them!

    I really like the blue one with the flowers, and the SPF 50 is a plus.

    • Hi Stephanie

      Blue tummy control tankini with flowers is also our top choice. It has a lot of great features to offer so, without doubt, it is a good deal.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  4. Noluthando

    These are very different from what I’d usually wear but they look so good and comfortable I’d actually buy one for myself and a few family members that usually feel insecure when it comes to wearing a bikini. They are good for any body type and you can wear them as tight fitting or loose which makes it even better

    I like the detailing of the website and it nice and clean and in great detail

    • Hey there

      Thank you for the nice words about my website. Tummy control tankinis we have chosen are comfortable and functional so they are definitely worth considering as bikini substitutes when feeling insecure. Increased coverage makes many women feel much better.

      Cheers, Arta

  5. Debbie

    I love how thorough this page is!. It’s like Tankinis 101 with very detailed descriptions. I found this at the perfect time as I am getting ready for a cruise and I can now make a knowledgeable decision about the type of suit that’s flattering both before and after meals. 🙂 The Lush Palm Superwoman is my favorite!

    • Hey Debbie

      An informed decision is the best decision so it is a pleasure to read that my article will help you in making the right decision about tankini swimsuit purchase. The Lush Palm Tummy control tankini is fantastic and will definitely make you look gorgeous. Good choice 🙂

      Happy shopping!

  6. Cathy

    Ah, summer and swimsuits – what a great combination. I thought tankini was going out of style, probably because they aren’t as sexy, but I think women who are seeking for comfortable cuttings are falling in love with them.

    The flat seems is a great option for hiding tummy. We use them so often for working pants so why not for our swimwear as well.

    This is the first time I am coming across the SwimSport retail online. It’s good to know that there are other places to buy besides Amazon.

    • Hey there Cathy

      As to me, tankini will never go out the style 🙂 But if serious, I can’t think of any reason why they should. With so many functional features and possibilities to shape our bodies, tankini swimsuits are like a gold dust to many women feeling not confident about their bodies while on the beach.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  7. Wayne Rokmann

    Hi Arta i just took a look on your post on Tummy control tankini from your site Tankini Swim Suits for Women and I found your article very good and interesting on explaining the different types of tankini swimsuits and how they are an excellent swimsuit choice for women. The images you are using go extremely well with the content you provide in the article..I have a question, however, i didn’t notice but are tankini swimsuits available and able to ship to canada…i just might get one for the wife.
    Really good job on your site so keep up the splendid work !

    • Hi Wayne

      Thanks a lot for your comment! And I am glad you liked my website. The swimsuits can be shipped to Canada, no problem, and actually, quite many Canadians order from these online shops. I am sure your wife will love the tankini, just make sure to order the right size – our guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great can be found here.

      Cheers, Arta

  8. AlyseS

    Great article and suggestions for swimsuits.  The design and color patterns are perfect for my liking.  I especially like the style of the back.

    I really like the style of the Tropic Fusion Third Eye 2 Tankini.  I’d like to order it for July so I was wondering what your experience has been with shipping timeframes?  

    • Arta

      Hey there

      The shipping time is extended now – this is for sure so I would suggest to get in touch with the retailer to know more precise arriving time of the order before the order is placed to make sure it arrives when needed. But I think either way if placed now – it should arrive before July.

      Cheers, Arta

  9. Blessed

    Your site is well structured, and your well detail description and the tankini  is great I love gorgeous look it has on the body and how fired they are, I will want to show this site to my female friend I think she will fall in love with your work here, although I personally like the black and white tankini swimming dress its so cool, its covers the body properly  and allow the complete body shapes to show too.

  10. evans

    Hello Arta! I must sat you did a very nice job here coming up with such an amazing article about tankini tummy control swim suits…As a lady, ageing comes with alot of discomfort and one of which that annoys ladies alot is the development of big tummy and this really deprives them alot of privilegs.. swimming at such a point becames no fun to them, so if you fall into such thought then today is your lucky day cos all you need is here in this review… 

  11. Skuchmane

    Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe these is exactly what my mom needs, she’s skinny like a model and I believe these will be of great quality to her, tummy control tankini are amazing, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  12. Awinikistevie

    This is a great review that you have got here. The tankini swimsuits are always abreast with new developments. They tend to create outstanding designs that always matches the needs of the customers. The tummy control tankini offers good control options doe mid-section in a stylish way which makes it superb for ladies.

    Thanks for sharing.

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