Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits – Fabulous Collection

Let's sOCEANize :)

Tummy control one piece swimsuits are the most classical way of controlling your tummy in a swimwear. However, the most classical doesn’t necessarily mean the most boring as many of us could perceive.

We have created a fabulous collection of tummy control one piece swimsuits for full control and smooth silhouette while on the beach.

Our Top Choice of Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits – Linnea V-Neck Swimsuit

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Product: Linnea V-Neck Swimsuit

Price: currently on sale $ 64.60 (usual price $ 76)

Features: Tummy Control Panel, V-Neck, Built-In Bra, Wire-Free, Soft Cups, Adjustable Thick Straps, Fully Lined, Side Shirring, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

The cheery Linnea V-Neck Swimsuit possesses great tummy control and slimming properties due to both tummy control panel and shirring at the sides. The bright colours and attractive design suits joyful summer and will definitely colour your day.

Linnea V-Neck Swimsuit
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Flattering
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Thick Straps
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Double Slimming Properties – Tummy Control Panel and Shirring at the Sides
  • Great Coverage
  • High Back Hides Any Bra Fat
  • Creates Hourglass Shape


  • Fits Smaller to Size
User Review
4.43 (7 votes)

Women who have bought this slimming one piece swimsuit evaluate the functionality and vivid colors. The quality of the bathing suit is said to be great. Customers love the way the swimsuit controls tummy. The bathing suit is said to hugh the right places by giving the hourglass figure.

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

The swimsuit is said to be quite snug at the bust (for size DDD) but women don’t complain about it saying they prefer it being snug rather than worrying about boobs flopping out. The back of the bathing suit comes up quite high eliminating any bra fat.

Adjustable straps are highly evaluated by the customers allowing them to customize the fit and the lift according to each body. Besides that, the straps are thick adding up the support and control of the bust area. Consequently, everything sits in their places even during beach and water activities.

The bathing suit is said not to look old-ladyish. Women rather assess it as robust, sexy and flirty.

Some women wish for the v-neck to go deeper for more sassy outlook. But majority of customers love the cleveage look in this swimsuit by stating it reveals neither too much nor too less so just the right amount of cleveage exposure.

Swimsuit is said to be a bit cheeky on the bottom. Though, it is not seen as inappropriate or unflattering.

However, the bathing suit tends to run smaller to size at the chest area so you should considering going a size up. Few women state the lining restricts the stretch of the bathing suit therefore it is very important to get the right size. The seam below the bust is said not to stretch at all so it could be challenging to put on the swimsuit unless the right size is received.

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

To sum up, Linnea V-Neck Swimsuit features tummy control panel and shirring at the sides making it a great slenderizer. It hugs the right places and creates the hourglass body. The cleveage is revealed to the right extent – neither too much nor too less for an elegant and flirty outfit. The bathing suit is said to be suitable for any body shape on provision the right size is ordered.

Customers complain the bathing suit tends to run smaller to size and this is the reason for assigning 1 and 2 stars. The average customer rating for this swimsuit is 4.2 and the negative reviews are mostly due to the sizing problem.

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Accessories to Complete Your Beach Outlook

We have found the following accessories to complete your beach outlook in a sassy and graceful manner.

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Other Great Choices of Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits – Pick Yours

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Product: Chlorine Resistant Poppies Sarong Front Swimsuit

Price: currently on sale $ 44.80 (usual price $ 64)

Features: Chlorine Resistant, Colorfast, Sweetheart Neckline, Shelf Bra, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, H-Back, S-Hook Closure, Power Mesh Tummy Control Lining, Draped Front, Shirring at the Sides, 82% Polyester / 18% Spandex

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Chlorine Resistant Poppies Sarong Front Swimsuit features a lot of benefits. Tummy control is ensured by Power Mesh lining and shirring at the sides. Besides that, sarong at the front offers increased coverage. Swimsuit is resistant to chlorine so the colors will not fade and the swimsuit is supposed to last long. Polyester blend is going to retain its fit and avoid bagging in a long-term.

This one piece swimsuit is among the best-sellers of the season. Women love the extraordinary design and comfort of it. It is said to cover and support all the right places. Customers appreciate the great flattering and slimming properties of this bathing suit. This one piece swimsuit keeps everything in their places also during water activities. Customers advise it has kept its shape and look even after months of swimming and water classes (also in the pool).

The swimsuit tends to run smaller to size so you should considering going a size up.

As always, there are also customers not fully satisfied or dissatisfied. Few of them complain about sarong part being little bit weirdly cut, sewed and draping unevenly. Some state the straps are too long and don’t ensure the needed suport. Some don’t like the back is unlined.

The swimsuit is said to suit big-busted women. Those smaller at the bust than hips could face the problem of not filling out the top.

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Product: Black Twist-Front Swimsuit

Price: currently on sale $ 61.20 (usual price $ 72)

Features: Twisted Front, Sweetheart Neckline, Shelf Bra, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Adjustable Straps, Power Mesh Lining for Tummy Control, Ruched Bodice, Other Colors Available, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Black Twist-Front Swimsuit looks graceful and elegant. Women who have bought this bathing suit adore its design and twisted front detailing. The swimsuit is said to do a great job in slimming down the torso. The support is highly evaluated and working even up to cup size H.

Shoulder straps are said to be wider than in picture but no one complains about this – it is rather seen as an advantage due to increased support thicker straps offer.

Many women complain about wrong sizing. The swimsuit fits smaller to size so you should carefully check the measurement chart and measure yourself according to instructions from the retailer.

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Product: Longitude Sundial X-Back Swimsuit

Price: $ 78.20 (usual price $ 92)

Features: Squareneck, Shelf Bra with Elastic Underband, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Power Mesh Lining for Tummy Control, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps Crossed at the Back, Suitable for Long Torsos, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits

Longitude Sundial X-Back Swimsuit is both flattering and comfortable. Majority of women who have bought this swimsuit state it being well made and long lasting. The bathing suit is said to control the midsection perfectly.

Even though this swimsuit is not resistant to chlorine customers advise the colors are not fading by frequent usage at the pool.

However, you should pay attention to the sizing chart as women complain suit running smaller to size. Some customers wish the bust support was greater. One woman advises the leg holes are too tight and digging into hips.

We Are Not Finished Yet 🙂 More Choices Coming…

We do hope you liked our selection of tummy control one piece swimsuits and recently we found a great selection of highly functional and flattering tummy control one piece bathing suits on Leonisa offering free shipping on orders above USD 25 and also free returns. Let’s have a look at few samples below.

==> Check Out These Cute and Functional Tummy Control Swimsuits Here <==

However, people are different and so are swimsuits. Different designs, patterns, colors, styles, prints and etc. With such a vast range of tummy control bathing suits available we can only assure that there is a perfect swimsuit for you. So unless you have found it above, have a look below 🙂

So now back to you. Have you already found your perfect swimsuit? What features are you looking for when shopping for a swimwear? Which of the styles above did you like the most? You are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and knowledge to the benefit of all of us.

13 thoughts on “Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits – Fabulous Collection

  1. William

    This is exactly what my wife has been looking for. She has been talking non stop about these things. Being that I promised her a beach trip not to long ago. I wanted to do a little digging and see what all the hype was about this swimsuit in particular. I see that it is just more than a swimsuit. Great post I will share.

    • Hey William

      There is a bunch of tips and tricks when it comes to swimsuits and you are absolutely right – tummy control one piece swimsuit is definitely more than just a swimsuit. It is confidence, self-esteem and encouragement for many women.
      I hope your wife will like our selection of swimwear with tummy control.
      Wishing you a great beach trip!

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Dawn Busichio

    Hi! Your suits are beautiful. It’s so helpful how you rate them and discuss other feedback you received. I love the Becca Prairie Rose Tankini Top a lot!!! Thanks for making online swim suit shopping a lot less risky with how you explain all of the fits. I know my body and understand how it may fit with your descriptions

    • Hi Dawn

      I am glad you have found my reviews on tummy control one piece swimsuits helpful. I tried to summarize the pros and cons of each bathing suit to help women understand the issues to pay attention to when shopping for a swimsuit online. Without doubt, it is more risky than buying offline in terms of fit. However, you will never manage to look at so many options offline than you can online. And personally I am not able to find so cute options offline than I can online – not sure who is ordering all those styles to our malls but I rarely see what I like. And if I find anything pretty – the price is…. ouch 🙂
      On the contrary, online retailers offer many outstanding designs, high quality products and attractive patterns at affordable prices so it is hard to choose the one and I usually get several of them 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Heather

    Those are some really cute swimsuits, I really love the black one with the little poppies on it. I am always looking for a cute suit, that is flattering. I am in my 40s and have had too babies and need a little extra support. Thank you so much for your site and your article. I really liked it.
    Take Care,

    • Hey Heather

      I agree with you that Chlorine Resistant Poppies Sarong Front Tummy control Swimsuit is a nice one. I do love its attractive design and outstanding print. The price is reasonable taking into account that the bathing suit is chlorine proof. It will ensure the needed support and control so you can enjoy your time on the beach.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  4. Corrine

    This site is just what I’ve been looking for! I love online options for swimsuits but I’m so nervous to spend money without really knowing how they fit. These are great reviews with lots of details, this will help me choose a suit that might actually fit me! Thank you so much!

    • Hey Corrine

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am glad you have found helpful our article on tummy control one piece swimsuits. There are really nice options online and the good thing is that when shopping online – you can check a lot more options than if going to physical stores. But we know that shopping online can be quite confusing due to concerns about size and fit. Therefore, we check the reviews the actual wearers have left so you can save your time for more pleasant activities 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Marina

    These are really great swimsuits! I really liked the black one because it’s so casual and elegant. It’s great to know you can look sassy in a one piece swimsuit. 
    It’s a great idea because going to the ocean on a two piece it’s always challenging and stressful so I’m glad I don’t have to choose between the comfort of a one piece and the look of a one piece.  

    Thanks for the article. I’ll be looking more into it!

  6. Rhain

    Really lovely swimsuit I must say. This is definitely ideal for a typical summer outing with the girls. It is bright and colorful. I also like the depth of the V-neck of the Linnea swimsuit as I believe it doesn’t reveal too much cleavage. The other suits look great as well but I particularly fancy the longitude sundial X-back swimsuit. Glad you shared

  7. MrBiizy

    Hello Arta, thank you for sharing this fabulous collection of tummmy control one piece swimsuits. The list of tummmy control one piece swimsuits in this collection are gorgeous and meet good standard and requirements for comfortability and beauty. However, I really love your top pick which is the Linnea V-neck swimsuit. It has great qualities in design and material and that is why it is more expensive than the other ones.

  8. Nuttanee

    Oh my gosh, I have been neglecting with my diet and Summer is approaching! Thank you so much for sharing all these tummy control one piece swimsuits 🙂 I love the black twist front one, they are just so chic and definitely my style 🙂 Not bad for the price as well. The Holipick one is also adorable. Thanks for saving my life! 

  9. Evagreene

    Wow 😍. This is amazing! I must commend Tankini Swimsuits for their consistency in producing swimsuits suitable and useful for ladies, the products are not just fashionable but helpful to give them perfect and desired shapes . I highly recommend Tankini Swimsuits for ladies who’s got taste for good things.


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