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Tummy Control Bikini – Functional Collection for Your Comfort

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Tummy control bikini could sound as mission impossible but well… it is possible to slim down your tummy even in a bikini and we will show you how.

The develpment of both swimwear and fabric industries has led to impossible becoming possible. So here we are discussing tummy control bikini that was only a dream years ago. Without doubt, when it comes to bikinis with tummy control the main emphasis is on the bottoms of the swimsuit as these are the key to controlling and shaping your body.

Our Top Choice of Tummy Control Bikini – Cabana Solids Kalena Halter Bikini

Product: Cabana Solids Kalena Halter Bikini Top and tummy control bottom

tummy control bikini

Features: Bikini Top: Molded Cups, Self-Tie Halter Straps, Back Clasp, 86% Micro Nylon, 14% Spandex

Bikini Bottom: Banded Waist for Slimming Function, Slip On, Available in Other Colors, 86% Micro Nylon, 14% Spandex

The fabulous Cabana Solids Kalena Halter Bikini features eye-catching design that will flatter and support your body. Bottoms are designed to slim your silhouette. Tummy control bikini comes in a nice navy color that suits any skin regardless the level of your tan.

Cabana Solids Kalena Halter Bikini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Flattering Bottoms
  • Superior Slimming and Coverage Properties
  • Halter Straps
  • Great Material
  • High Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Non Slipping Pants
  • Color accentuates tan
  • Color Options Available
  • Possibility to order different sized top and bottom



  • Not Suitable for frequent activities in the Pool
  • Biggest cup size is D
  • Quite Expensive
User Review
4.84 (19 votes)
tummy control bikini

To begin with, let’s look at the briefs of this bikini as these are the key to slimming down your body. The bottom is highly appreciated by women who have bought this swimsuit due to their great slimming and shaping properties.

Customers emphasize the briefs hit all the right places. Besides that, they fit perfectly. The coverage of the pant is assessed as excellent meaning it is neither too tight nor too revealing. Women do love the ruched detailing at the back as it adds up the shape of the body without sacrificing the coverage.

The bottoms are said to be very comfortable and hugging your body in the most flattering way. They do not slip regardless of the level of activities.

Halter self-tie straps offer the option to adjust bust support and lift. It is said to ensure a push-up effect by showing a lovely line of cleavage.

The bikini top comes in sizes up to D. The support and comfort of the bikini top are highly evaluated. it is said not being too tight but still keeping everything in place.

Women who have bought this bikini advise it being sexy yet elegant and conservative enough to be suitable also for family holidays.

This bikini is an absolute five-star product and customers’ favorite – there are no reviews below 5 stars.

However, the only flaw as we can foresee is the fact that this bikini could be not suitable for frequent usage in the pool. It is due to the composition of the fabric that is not resistant to chlorine. But for this reason, there are produced chlorine resistant swimsuits.

To sum up, Cabana Solids Kalena Halter Bikini features superior slimming and coverage properties. The fit of the bikini is highly evaluated by customers. The pants are said not to slip even during beach activities. Bikini top allows you to regulate bust support and lift. Overall, this bikini is highly functional in terms of slimming and covering but the price is quite high.

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Accessories to Complete Your Beach Outfit

We have found the following accessories to finish your beach outfit so you do look gorgeous and feel comfortable while on the beach:

Other Great Choices of Tummy Control Bikini – Shape Your Summer

tummy control bikini

Product: Next by Athena Sports Bra + tummy control bottoms

Features: Bikini Top: Shirr Neckline, Adjustable Double Straps, Straps Crossed at the Back in the T shape, Pull-On Style, Soft Removable Cups, Moisture Wicking, UPF 50 protection, 90% Micro Nylon, 10% Spandex

tummy control bikini

Bikini Bottom: Full Coverage, Retro Style, Fold Over Waistband, Flat Seams, Available in Other Colors, Moisture Wicking, UPF 50 protection, 90% Micro Nylon, 10% Spandex

The slimming Good Karma Powerhouse Banded Retro Bikini Bottom is customers’ favourite. Women do evaluate the coverage, support and slimming function these bottoms offer. They are said to sit perfectly on the hips by covering and slimming any bulges and love handles. The foldover helps to avoid any pinching or squeezing by smoothing your silhouette.

tummy control bikini

Customers advise they are able to enjoy any activities to full extent without any fear of briefs slipping off. They are tight enough to remain in their place yet gently hugging your body by eliminating any unflattering lines and without compromising comfort. Women admit these bottoms are a must-have piece of swimwear in any woman’s waredrobe.

They are said to be particularly flattering for those wider at hips.

Tummy Control Bikini

Product: Tiki Party Halter Bikini Top

Price: $ 55.50 (currently on sale) + $ 68 for Bikini Bottoms

Features: Bikini Top: Halter Straps, Multi-Strap Detailing on the Back, Back Clasp, Soft Removable Cups, 86% Micro Nylon, 14% Spandex

Bikini Bottom: Full Coverage, Retro Style, High-Waisted, Shirring at the Sides, Available in Other Colors, 86% Micro Nylon, 14% Spandex

Tummy Control Bikini

Cabana Solids High Waist Bikini Bottom is the best seller of the season. The high waist ensures modesty without compromising the style. Tummy is controlled and shaped to the highest level possible with bikini swimsuit.

The high-waisted bottoms do add up to the retro style and is a popular choice for women looking for increased coverage but still wishing to wear bikini bathing suit.

The only flaw as stated by customers is the crotch that could be little bit wider. But I guess this depends from customer to customer and is dependent on the peculiarities of each body.

Tummy Control Bikini

Product: The Lover Ruffled Bandeau Bikini Top

Price: $ 68 + $ 68 for Bikini Bottom

Features: Bikini Top: Bandeau Style, Soft Removable Cups, Ruffle Crochet Detailing, Pull-On, Detachable Straps, 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Bikini Bottom: High Waisted, Shirring at the Sides, Crochet Detailing at the Sides, Full Coverage, 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Tummy Control Bikini

This feminine and graceful tummy control bikini complement your sensual appeal. Draped white fabric at the top of the bikini gets all of the attention driving it away from the rest of the body.

Women who have bought this bikini adore the versatility the style offers. Off-the-shoulder look is perfect for tanning, chilling and lounging around. But converting it into on-the-shoulders outfit will allow you to enjoy certain beach and water activities to avoid worries of it falling down. Extra support is ensured by detachable straps that can be put around the neck.

The Lover High Waist Bikini Bottom features high waist and shirring that slims and flatters your body. The crochet and shirring details at the sides look outstanding and unique. This is the case when function meets high fashion allowing you to control your tummy in the bikini.

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We do hope you liked our selection of tummy control bikinis.

However, if you still feel you would like to have a look at other options we have created a collection of tummy control bathing suits. Perhaps all you actually need is some other type of swimsuit to control and shape your body. No hurry – we have all the time in the world 🙂

So have you managed to find your perfect tummy control bathing suit? Do you shape your body with the help of a swimsuit? What style does work the best for your body? Share your experience and knowledge so we all can benefit from you!