Tummy Control Bathing Suits

Tummy Control Bathing Suits – Shape Your Body

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Tummy Control Bathing Suits

Tummy control bathing suits are a tool for controlling and shaping your body without sacrificing your style, comfort, fit and fashion. The slimming effect of a swimsuit is reached by playing with functional materials and different patterns, designs of a bathing suit.

Many of us don’t want to hear a word “swimsuit” not to even mention wearing it. This is mainly due to us not feeling confident in our bodies. There are always few pounds too much, few inches too wide, etc. Or this could happen after long winter season – I will not go into details about what is happening after winter season as we all know this 🙂

Anyway, f this sounds familiar to you, no worries anymore. We have a solution and it is a bathing suit with tummy control.

Tummy Control Bathing Suits – Bid Adieu to Unflattering Lines

Tummy Control Bathing Suits

Tummy control bathing suits are a great solution for women being self-conscious about their bellies and any unflattering lines around them. This type of swimwear allows you to control and shape the stomach by slimming down your silhouette and avoiding lines not flattering to your body.

There are different ways the function of slimming down your tummy can be achieved. Some of those are just visual effects while others are more sophisticated and functional but at the end, it is all about making you look slimmer and evening out your silhouette.

Visual effects involve but are not limited to ruching, shirring, draping, twisting and other design elements embedded in the swimsuit. These visual effects add textured outlook by concealing bulges and other flaws around your tummy. Fabric containing a lot of Lycra and/or Spandex is a slenderizer by nature so a swimsuit including suchlike fabric will offer greater support and control.

More sophisticated and functional ways of slendering your tummy, in their turn, relate to controlling and shaping your body.

So How Does a Bathing Suit with Tummy Control Work?

Tummy Control Bathing Suits

Without doubt, it is not an easy task to make tummy control swimwear work. Usually, this involves a composite mix of innovative technologies and features designers are implementing to create a slimming bathing suit.

Tummy Control Bathing Suits

Tummy control feature is ensured either by a special control panel, boning, contouring or highly functional fabrics embedded in the swimsuit in a specific way.

This leads to the following benefits for you:

  • slenderized midsection resulting in an illusion of flatterer tummy
  • Tummy Control Bathing Suits
    gentle and at the same time firm support to your midsection evening out any bulges or midriff love handles you have
  • accentuated curves or if you don’t have any curves tummy control bathing suits are able to create curves

I would like to suggest you paying attention also to the design of the swimsuit as certain design elements are capable of driving attention away from your problem areas and shifting focus to the parts of your body you wish to highlight.

Tummy Control Bathing Suits – Which Type of Swimsuit to Choose?

There is a vast range of tummy control swimsuits out there so it could get quite challenging to choosing the right one. To begin with, I would like to suggest you understanding which type of swimsuit you would wish to go for. Once it is done, your only headache will be selecting level of tummy control (either visual or functional) and design on the bathing suit.

Let’s look at your options.

Tummy Control Bathing Suits
Tummy Control Tankini – Stylish yet Comfortable and Covering

Tummy control tankini is a perfect choice for women wishing to hide tummy in a fashionable and modest manner. It can either feature tummy control panel or be designed in a way slimming you.

You can choose either tankini with regular briefs, skirted (it is called skirtini) or shorted (shortini). The difference as you can see is the type of bottoms the tankini top comes with. Many retailers offer an option to buy tankini top and all types of bottoms separately allowing you to choose the right one for you depending on the level of coverage you are after.

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Tummy Control Bathing Suits
Tummy Control Swimdress – the Highest Level of Coverage

Tummy control swimdress is a type of swimsuit offering the greatest coverage and flattering your tummy. It is a perfect choice for women wishing to conceal not only their stomach but also rear, hips, and thighs.

Swimdress can be designed not only to control your tummy but also to make your bottom look slimmer. It can be achieved by embedding a support panel in the bottoms underneath the swimdress. The swimdress can come with regular briefs or shorts underneath so depending on the type of bottom you can slenderize your rear, hips and even upper part of your thighs.

So tummy control swimdress is the case when more is more – more coverage offers more options on how to slim down your body.

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Tummy Control Bathing Suits
Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits – Control in a Classic Way

If you are looking for a way to control your tummy but are not ready to try the newer versions of swimsuits then tummy control one piece swimsuits are your best choice. The slimming effect can be reached by the built-in control panel or diverse visual features, such as ruching, shirring and others as we already discussed before.

With a little touch of retro and classic, this type of bathing suit still can do a great job in slimming your midsection. Although we are used to one piece swimsuit being the most classical and retro one, nowadays it comes in a great variety of designs and patterns keeping up with the more contemporary types of swimwear.

Surplice design is also very common for tummy control one piece swimsuits. The wrap-style bodice will do both hide your tummy and control your midsection. A majority of styles come with control panels built in the bathing suit.

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Tummy Control Bathing Suits
Tummy Control Bikini – Mission Impossible? Nope 🙂

It could seem to you that bikini is the type of swimwear not capable of any control but… well, you are wrong. Tummy control feature can come also in bikini. While bikini with the built-in control panel is not so common, designers have found other ways of incorporating slimming features in the swimsuit to make you look slimmer.

This is the case when the biggest emphasis is on the visual effects, such as shirring, ruching and twisting. It could also be that briefs are lined with Power Mesh to control and shape. Mid- and high-waist briefs usually feature tummy control as more fabric ensures more support and comfort.

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Afterword – How Much Does Such a Swimsuit Cost?

As you most likely imagine the price for a swimsuit with tummy control can vary a lot. While there are really high-priced tummy control bathing suits out there, it is possible also to find sites offering tummy control swimwear for as low as few tens of bucks. And cheaper price doesn’t necessarily mean that these are not good.

Let’s look at the short summary:

Tummy Control Bathing Suits

So it is all about finding the right swimsuit with tummy control at the right price affordable for you. As said by Lailah Gifty Akita (Think Great: Be Great!):

Those who dare seek, shall find what they are seeking for.

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