Tankini Swimsuits For Women

Tankini Swimsuits For Women – What Is Your Favourite Type of Tankini?

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Tankini Swimsuits For Women

Without doubt, tankini swimsuits for women are getting more and more popular. And it is no surprise due to the comfort, style and many features this type of bathing suit embodies.

We here do love tankini bathing suits – all of them regardless its type, built-in features and level of comfort 🙂

And if you are here – you most likely feel the same way 🙂

Tankini Swimsuits For Women – Let’s Get to Know Them Better

There are many types of tankini swimsuits for women as people love to clasify everything around them 🙂 However, we will make our classification basing on our feelings, emotions and experience. Why?

Firstly, because I love to follow my heart, my feelings and my emotions whenever doing something and especially doing things I love. And I do love tankini bathing suits.

Secondly, majority of women looking for types of tankinis are mainly looking for tankinis suitable for their body types. After all, what’s the difference what type of tankini is it – the main thing is that swimsuit is flattering your body and you feel good in it.

So let’s look at types of tankini swimsuits for women and let’s discuss which one is suitable for certain body types.

Tankini Swimsuits for Women
Slimming Tankinis – Control Your Tummy in the Most Fashionable Manner

With years majority of us tend to have some buldges around our tummy area so possibility to control it in a swimming suit is like a gold dust 🙂 And it is the place where slimming tankinis come into a game.

Tankini Swimsuits for Women

I guess one of the most popular and favorite features tankinis offer is tummy control. Owing to covered tummy this type of swimming suit features, there are options for designers either to play with materials or build-in tummy control pannels for smoothing out the torso.

This type of tankini is suitable for women wishing to shape and control their tummies. Slimming tankinis are designed to trim your body little bit for increased self-confidence and comfort on the beach.

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Tankini Swimsuits for Women
Bandeau Tankinis – a Light Mix of Vintage and Glamour

Bandeau tankinis are probably the most graceful and glamorous type of tankini swimsuits for women. Allure and chic literally emanates from this type of tankinis.

However, in order to make it work for you and not against you there are several things you should be aware of before wearing it.

Tankini Swimsuits for Women

To begin with, bandeau tankini will make your shoulders look wider. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for women wider at the bottom (or pear-shaped) as it will balance out the difference between upper and lower part of your body.

So if you are wider on the top than on the bottom part of your body you should avoid wearing bandeau style and choose some other type of tankini swimming suits.

Besides that, bandeau tankini swimwear will drive attention to your arms so in case you are not satisfied with your arms – perhaps you should consider some other type of tankini.

Bandeau tankini could be good choice also for rectangle-shaped women as it will define your waist and it is exactly what this body type needs.

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Tankini Swimsuits for Women
Push Up Tankinis – Boost Your Femininity

I guess it is a nature of a human not to be satisfied with something all the time and especially when it comes to our bodies. I know no one being completely satisfied with her/his body.

Tankini Swimsuits for Women

Luckily for all of us, nowadays there is a vast range of opportunities to accentuate our assets and to conceal our flaws even in a swimsuit. Whether you wish to highlight your femininity or just get that extra lift push up tankini is a great way of enhancing your body.

There are different ways to reach push up effect, such as, molded cups, removable push-up pads, built-in push up padding, underwire together with molded cups, halter style. Padding can add up to your sexy appeal and increase your curves while underwire ensures increased support and lift. If tankini features removable padding, it will suit also larger women without additional padding. Go for the one suitable for you.

Just don’t forget all the wonders tankini is capable of and consider if you need any additional support or control feature.

This type of tankini bathing suits speaks for itself so I will not go deeper into it 🙂

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Tankini Swimsuits for Women
Underwire Tankinis – Salute to Support

Underwire tankinis are a popular choice for big breasted women as this type of tankini offers the right level of support and ensures increased comfort. It definitely adds up to your sexy appeal yet is comfortable and supportive. Sounds too good to be true – well, you just need to try it out 🙂

Tankini Swimsuits for Women

The great benefit of tankini swimsuit is the coverage it offers. It is not as revealing as bikini yet ensures the same comfort level as bikini while wearing it. Perfect choice for those wishing to avoid exposing problem areas.

And here are some good news – nowadays you can easily increase the level of coverage by choosing different types of tankini bottoms as many tankini tops are sold separately and you can mix and match your tankini swimsuit. You can choose either regular bottoms (low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise), shorts or skirts depending on the level of coverage you are looking for.

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Tankini Swimsuits for Women
Halter Tankinis – Emphasize the Center of Your Body

Halter tankinis drive all the attention to the central part of your body. Consequently, this is a perfect solution for women with wide shoulders and/or women who are bigger on the top than on the bottom. Halter tankini swimsuit will cut your wide shoulder lines. Besides that, this type of tankini will also add you some curves.

Tankini Swimsuits for Women

Halter tankini tends to be very flattering bathing suit. The wide straps it usually features ensure extra support so women with big breasts do benefit from this style. However, you should be aware of this type of tankini highlighting your arms and adding up some volume to the upper part of your body.

To sum up, halter tankinis suit nearly anybody wishing to accentuate central part of her body but it would be the best option for women with wide shoulders willing to drive attention to their arms.

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Tankini Swimsuits for Women
Blouson Tankini Swimsuits – Perfect Solution for Tummy Coverage

Tankini swimsuits offer many different ways to cover your tummy and bulges around it if you have them. If you don’t like swimsuit being tight around you or lifting up while in the water, then blouson tankini swimsuit is the perfect choice for you.

Tankini Swimsuits for Women

Blouson tankini swimsuits feature relaxed fit. Usually there is a tie at the bottom hem to keep the tankini at place whatever you do.

When choosing this type of tankini, you should pay attention what kind of straps it features – whether these are thin, thick, adjustable or removable as each kind offers different level of comfort and support. Another feature to check on is the bust support – whether tankini comes with built-in bra, soft cups or underwire.

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Did we make any suggestion for the best tankini swimsuit for your body type?

Just drop a comment below and we will describe the best choices of tankini bathing suits for you!