Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach – Honey, It’s Time to Rock Your Tummy

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Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach

Looking for swimsuits that hide your stomach?

We have prepared a guide for you on how to choose the best shape enhancing swimwear so you can rock your tummy πŸ™‚

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach – Everything You Need to Know to Flaunt Smooth Silhouette

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach

Summer is around the corner but you don’t feel very comfortable when looking in a mirror. Some bulge here and there, some lump here and bump there resulting in your silhouette not looking the way you would wish it to look. A very familiar situation for many of us but what to do?

It is easy to hide all of this in a dress or tunic but what about a swimsuit? Should we avoid beach trips, pool parties and summer picnic near a lake? Definitely not!

Luckily for us, a market offers swimsuits that hide your stomach. And we have prepared a guide for you on how to choose the best shape enhancing swimwear to flaunt smooth silhouette.

Defining Your Way on Finding the Best Tummy Flattering Swimsuits

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach

There are two ways for you to go. One is to choose tummy control bathing suits that we have already discussed in our other article. The other is to go for tummy sheltering swimsuits that we will discuss in this article.

The first choice is more serious one as this involves technologically advanced solutions built-in a bathing suit to shape and slim your midsection. The other choice discussed in this article refers rather to cosmetic and visual tips and tricks on how to hide your stomach in a swimwear.

The below hints will help you in making an informed decision when shopping for a swimsuit capable of hiding your tummy.

Hints on Choosing Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach

So it is all about finding a bathing suit that plays up your assets and downplays what you assumably consider flaws. You need to show what you got and believe me – all of us have got something!

Swimsuits that hide your stomach
Ruching and Shirring – a Secret Weapon for Slimming

Swimsuits featuring ruched or shirred bodice are a great choice for ladies wishing not only to hide the stomach but also to control and shape it.

The material gathered around your midsection instantly slims and offers full coverage without sacrificing your comfort and style.

==> Check Out Flattering and Slimming Ruched Tankini Options <==

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach
High Waist Swimsuits – Hide Your Tummy in Style

You most likely excluded two piece swimsuits from the list of best swimsuits that hide your stomach. Well – think twice!

The high waist bikinis are a stylish yet retro chic and they feature at least one great advantage. The design of these swimsuits gives you a great option of sheltering your stomach in a feminine and fashionable manner.

You can completely forget about your tummy as it is completely covered. Instead of that, you can flaunt a sexy and smooth silhouette and enjoy a careless day on the beach.

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach
Prints and Patterns – Tummy… Abracadabra… No Tummy πŸ™‚

Optical illusions and prints are like magic – they make your tummy disappear… visually, of course. In addition, they even out bulges, lumps, and bumps smoothing out your silhouette.

The pattern attracts the attention moving the eyes around the print lines and sending your flaws to nothingness. So instead of focusing on the certain part of the body, patterns drive the attention to all over it.

Vertical stripes will make you look slimmer but you should pay attention to color and thickness of stripes. The thinner and darker the stripes, the better the slimming effect. Suchlike stripes tend to extend your torso so you will appear taller.

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach
Fringes and Ruffles – Be Voluptuous Beach Babe

Oh-la-la! Fringes and ruffles make your body rock! Fringed or ruffled bathing suit camouflages your tummy yet it definitely adds up to sexy and chic beach outfit.

Whatever option you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of it. Fringes and ruffles have proven themselves so it is time to give them a try.

Go for a longer style to make your thighs appear slimmer, as well.

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach
Tankini – Comfort of a Bikini Combined with the Coverage of a One Piece

Tankini swimsuits are a perfect option for women wishing to reduce the amount of skin exposed to the public yet keeping the same level of comfort as with bikini. You can opt for flared or relaxed fit tankini to shelter your stomach.

Ruched or shirred tankini will also help you in hiding your belly and making it appear slimmer. The common color rule is working also here – darker colors are the slimming ones. However, you can also go for a patterned or printed tankini to make your tummy disappear.

Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach
Draped Swimsuits – Glamorous Tummy Saver

A bathing suit featuring fluttered front detailing can be your best friend – tummy saver.

A sophisticated and elegant draping is a great tool for hiding any tummy flaw and complimenting your beach outfit. It will be only you knowing this as no one will even suspect you of concealing anything.

So Have You Decided How Will You Hide Your Stomach in a Swimsuit?

Choosing the best shape enhancing swimwear will benefit you both as a stylish bathing suit and an increased dose of self-confidence. The main aim is to feel good as when you feel good you also look good.

We have offered you a bunch of options for hiding your stomach in a bathing suit so it is up to you to choose the one flattering your body and mind. Let’s look at the short summary:

Swimsuits that hide your stomach

To finish your beach outlook in a proper manner, don’t forget to get a cute women swimsuit cover upΒ to enjoy your summer day to a full extent.

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12 thoughts on “Swimsuits That Hide Your Stomach – Honey, It’s Time to Rock Your Tummy

  1. Darmendra

    amazing! I had no idea how many bathing suits there are to be able to hide that belly that after having a baby is more difficult. I have not been in the beach for two years for many reasons but I have to say not being excited to buy a bathing suit is one of them.
    Do you have any suggestions where to buy online?

    • Hi Darmendra

      I have added links throughout the article and images so you can check my favorite online stores for swimsuits. By following the links you will get to our collections of swimsuits and there you will find also links to our favorite online stores of bathing suits.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  2. Debbie

    There is a duplicate sentence under your “fringes and Ruffles” post…it’s at the end ” Go for a longer style to make your thighs appear slimmer, as well.” you have a space and then the sentence is there again. Other than that all the pages I looked at were very informative. I love that you address so many different types of swim suit styles, and give the reviews from others that have bought. That is very helpful. Your pages were all very quick to load and you have done a very thorough job with your site.

    • Hey Debbie

      Thanks for letting me know – I have made the correction. I am glad you have found my article on swimsuits that hide your stomach helpful. And thank you for the nice words about my website.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. cortney

    oh my goodness you are like my summer bathing suit life saver. I have a sag from my two kids and I absolutely hate it and was so scared of it just hanging there and not knowing what to do with it during the summer. after reading your tips here I am actually excited to go shopping for my bathing suit this year and I am defiantly going to be using some of your tips when I am looking for the perfect one

    • Hey Cortney

      When it comes to a bathing suit, there is a solution for nearly each concern we could have. So it is all about finding the right features built-in a swimsuit to control or hide what you consider as the flaw.
      We are here to identify each flaw and offer a solution to it so in case there is something more you are concerned of and cannot find it on our website you are welcome to leave a comment and we will investigate the topic for you.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Crystal Doc

    Wow! These are amazing.

    I love the two piece black hot number with the frills. These are so beautiful.

    I live in Jamaica so i am always searching for new Swim wear. I just bookmarked this Website. Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions.

    Now I have to share with my friends!

    • Hi Crystal

      The black fringe tankini is a great choice! I also love its feminine and glamorous chic. It is a must-have piece of bathing suit for each beach-lover except for those with broad shoulders. If you are broad-shouldered bandeau style is a no-go solution for you but you can check our suggestions here.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. SJ

    This is a great article especially leading up to summer here in the southern hemisphere.

    I must say I never used to consider a Tankini until I’ve had a baby and now I’m a bit more self conscious. Its great to know that there are still stylish options. And that conservative doesn’t mean frumpy.

    Will be bookmarking your page and sharing it with a few mummy friends!

    • Hey SJ

      Thank you for your comment. Tankini swimsuits are a great option for women wishing to cover up a bit more than with bikini. I do love a variety of additional features tankini bathing suit is capable to offer – it can be used not only to hide the stomach but also to shape and control it. It is important for me to feel confident while on the beach. I must admit that after having two babies my midsection is not as it used to be so taking advantage of such a helpful features is like a godsend to me πŸ™‚


  6. Sylvia

    I am glad I have stumbled over your website. Many years ago I haven’t gone to the beach because of not feeling comfortable showing myself in a swimsuit. This was especially tough since I really do love the water, sand, and sun.

    Three years ago I bought a Tankini and I must say I like it and it made me a bit more self-conscious again.

    Seeing all the other possibilities and, especially, seeing real-life models showing the different swimsuits made me even more confident for this upcoming swimsuit season.

    I even have set my eyes on the Draped swimsuit, it really looks awesome.

    Thank you for sharing this information, your site is saved too.

  7. Pentrental

    Tummy control and tummy sheltering bathing suits look like great options for those who might feel a little self-conscious around the swimming pool or at the beach. I’m glad to see that these products are out there and commend your efforts in bringing them to us. I think my favorites out of these choices are the high waist swimsuits and the fringes and ruffles swimsuits, and polka dots for sure, super cute. You provided some really solid advice in this post, well done!

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