Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses – Finest Selection for Delicate Grace

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Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Swimsuit cover ups beach dresses is the most graceful type of cover up as you do look dressed up while on the beach. Beach dresses come in many different designs and patterns allowing each body type to dazzle by putting the right accents and hiding the right flaws.

Either you choose wrap dress, maxi dress or bandeau beach dress, just make sure to be aware of accents the dress puts and whether or not it corresponds to your body type. As the most beautiful beach dress will be of no benefit to you unless it is suitable for your body type. And vice versa – the dress shouldn’t necessarily look outstanding or luxury to flatter your body – even the simplest one can make you look stunning if the right accents are put and the right places are concealed. So it is all about making the right choice 🙂 as with everything in our lives…

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses – Let’s Rock

We have created our collection of both absolutely stunning and modest beach dresses to show off outstanding grace and elegance on the beach.

Our Top Choice of Beach Cover Up Dresses – Melissa Odabash Beach Dress

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Melissa Odabash Beach Dress

Features: Rounded Neckline, Buttons on the Front, Crochet/lace pattern, Cinched Waist, Adjustable Drawstring, Upper Thigh Lenght when Cinched, Gold Drawstring Ends

The summery Melissa Odabash Beach Dress is lightweight fabric. The material is very soft and pleasant to your skin. The beach dress is a great choice for women wishing to conceal their tummies due to dropped waist pattern.

Melissa Odabash Beach Dress
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • High Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive Summer Design with Gorgeous Crochet/Lace Detailing
  • Cinched Waist for Tummy Shelter
  • Pleasant Soft Material
  • The color will accentuate the tan of your skin


  • Recommended Care – Hand Wash
  • The color of the dress will make pale skin looking even paler
User Review
3.75 (4 votes)

The beach dress features outstanding crochet/lace trim detailing, as well as gold drawstring ends for luxurious design. The nice color will underline tanned skin by making it look golden tanned, but it is not suitable for pale skin as it will make it look even more pale and dull.

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Pair Melissa Odabash Beach Dress with these exclusive bathing suits for a stunning and stylish beach outfit:

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses
Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Other Delightful Choices of Beach Dresses – Show Off Your Style

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Despi Dawn Hype Dress

Features: V-Neck, Half Sleeve, Sheer Mesh Panel on the Back, Asymmetric Bottom, Upper Thigh Length

The sexy Despi Dawn Hype Dress is absolute jazz on the beach. It is so joyful and spirited that no one will remain half-hearted. We are fond of sheer mesh panel on the back that adds up to your sexy yet modest appeal.

But be careful when choosing this beach dress as cover up as it will look the best with a bikini. You can wear it also with one piece swimwear just make sure the back of the one piece doesn’t end up in between the sheer panel.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Vitamin A Eco Linen Fire Coral London Tee

Features: Versatile Pattern, Semi Sheer, Strappy Detailing on the Back, Deep V-Cut on the Back, Upper Thigh Length, Oversized, Lightweight Linen Material

The versatile pattern of this Vitamin A Eco Linen Fire Coral London Tee will allow you to show off several different outlooks – you can wear it as a tunic over your favorite leggings or jeans or as a mini dress, you can wear it on or off shoulders. So with one beach dress, you get four gorgeous outlooks.

The open back with strap detailing is very suitable for a careless day on the beach and the soft touch of the material is going to make you enjoy it for all 100%. There are different colors of this dress available so you can choose what suits you the best.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Despi Polynesia Ibiza Dress

Features: Off-The-Shoulder Design, Long Bell Sleeves, Floral Lace Seethrough Detailing, V-Neck, Upper-Thigh Length

You will flaunt flirty and feminine outlook in this beautiful Despi Polynesia Ibiza Dress. The lace seethrough looks glamorous yet modest to stand out of the crowd. While the sexy off-shoulder design is an excellent choice for an unforgettable beach party, it could be not so good choice for a casual day on the beach.

However, you should be aware that off-the-shoulder design highlights the upper part of your body, therefore, it is suitable for pear-shaped women whose main goal is to balance out the bottom part of the body by accentuating upper part.

swimsuit cover ups beach dresses

Product: Becca Cosmic Dress Cover Up

Features: Cut-Out Back, Rayon Jersey, Twist and Turn Cut Out Detailing on the Back, Hand Dyed Marble Effect, Mid-Thigh Length, Sleeveless

The extraordinary coloring effect of this Becca Cosmic Cut Out Back Cover up together with a captivating twist and turn detailing on the back creates a jovial and festive aura. This beach dress is a good choice for both active day on the beach and hot beach party. The cut out back solution is a good option for active women as the problem with falling straps can be avoided thus.

The material is very pleasant though it tends to lose its shape if you sit on it. Therefore, you should remember to lift it up while sitting.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: PilyQ Clara Malia Dress

Features: High Neckline, Low Cut Under Arms, Straps Over Shoulders, Loose Fit, Lightweight Fabric, Mid Thigh Length

The colorful PilyQ Clara Malia Dress is a fine choice for a lazy day on the beach. The loose fit and mid-thigh length is a perfect shelter for hiding any mid or bottom body flaws. The material is lightweight and attractive.

However, when choosing this beach dress you should be aware of the deep cuts under your arms as they are revealing a lot of your sides and whole arms.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Silver Foil Kimono Dress

Price: $ 50

Features: V-Neck, Metallic Shiny Print Detailing, Empire Waist, 30% Rayon 70% Polyester

The temperate Silver Foil Kimono Dress is highly evaluated by actual wearers. Majority of women who have bought this cover up beach dress assess the attractive design and flattering qualities of the dress. The material is said to be very lightweight but it does protect your skin. It can be used as both swimsuit cover up and dress for an evening out.

Some women who have bought this cover up say it is of poor quality due to the foil print. They had a feeling it could be peeled off easily. Some also state the print was applied unevenly and looked cheap. You should also check the measurements of the dress before buying as some say it comes too big and some say it comes too small.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

 Product: Blue Violet Vivian Dress

Price: $ 52

Features: Scoopneck, Pull Strings on Shoulders for Variety of Sleeves, Shiny Metallic Print, Empire Waist, 30% Rayon 70% Polyester

The attractive and flattering Blue Violet Vivian beach dress cover up is said to be perfect for pear-shaped women. The empire waist allows covering any bulbs you could have around the middle section of your body. Versatile adjustable sleeves is a great addition to vary with the style.

Even though the material is lightweight and pleasant to the skin, few customers feel disappointed in quality – they believe it is too thin and flimsy while others say it is just right for a cover up. Some would wish for better coverage while others believe it is super comfy and suitable for daily wear.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Raven Danica Racerback Dress

Price: $ 50

Features: Scoopneck, Unlined, Sheer Lace Allover, 100% Spun Poly Jersey

This sexy Raven Danica Racerback Dress is said to be comfortable yet stylish. Women who have bought it love the contrast with different front and back. This racerback dress is a perfect choice for active and vivacious women to enjoy saturated days on the beach.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Chili Pepper Smocked High-Low Dress

Price: $ 52

Features: Bandeau, A-line Style, Smocked Bodice, Empire Waist, High-Low Design, 100% Polyester

This Chili Pepper Smocked High-Low Dress features attractive design with its back being longer than the front. This definitely adds up to fashionable outlook on the beach and not only.

Women who have bought this dress admit it being comfortable and worth buying. Even though it is made of Polyester customers say the blend of polyester is nicer than usually and feels pleasant to the skin.

There is no certainty about the fit of the dress as some state it runs smaller and some state it runs bigger so you should double-check the measurements before ordering or get into contact with merchandiser.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses

Product: Jamboree Swing Dress

Price: $ 56

Features: Scoopneck, Adjustable Straps, Relaxed Fit, Handkerchief Hemline, 100% Polyester

This vivid Jamboree Swing Dress is evaluated as flattering, dressy and stylish. You can flaunt your elegance while wearing this beach dress. The colors of the dress are said to be beautiful.

Some say the material is too much but perhaps it is because of the following point. It is said to run larger so you should consider if you should order a size smaller than you usually do. In general, it is said to be a great value for the price.

We do hope you have managed to find your perfect Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses!

Which is your favorite way of covering your bathing suit? Let us know in the comment section.

Perhaps you would rather cover up your bathing suit in some other type of cover ups? We have created collections of many types of swimsuit cover ups.

10 thoughts on “Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses – Finest Selection for Delicate Grace

  1. Kevin McNamara

    Hey Arta,

    great post! I have shared this with my partner as she is looking for some new swim wear for 2017. This looks like it is really good quality.

    Have you used any of these brands before?

    My partner loves all the styles you have here. I may even puchase a Christmas present here for her. thanks so much for the post 🙂 Kev

    • Hi Kev
      I am happy you liked my selection. Personally I am huge fan of Spanish brands – I choose PilyQ when it comes to swim wear and Desigual when it comes to apparel. But there is a reason for my choice – I have been working in textile industry for five years and have learnt about the chemicals used in fabric production, as well as their impact on our health. So I have understood it is extremely important to have some warranty about the material being safe to your health and brands (not all though) do choose safe materials for their garments. Besides that, the more qualitative the material, the longer lasting the garment so even though you pay higher price, it is worth it.
      We have to pay for everything in our lives so I do choose to pay for quality as this has direct impact on my health.

      Enjoy, Arta

  2. Sarah

    Very nice website!I like the dress in turquoise green colour, it´s so pleasant and coherent for the product.

    I also like the way you placed the product and model images with each description. One question though, is it my browser or is there a strikethrough in each hyperlinked description? All the best and keep up the excellent work!

    • Hey Sarah
      Thanks for stopping by and I am happy you liked my website.
      The green beach dress is very nice – I also like it – both – the colour and design. You can easily wear this swimsuit cover up as a beach dress or your casual outlook for some summer party.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Lisa

    What a great selection of cover up beach dresses. So many pretty styles to choose from, I really  like the Becca Cosmic cover up such pretty colours and  the twist detailing at the back is an effective touch. Could also double as a casual dress. So two great ways to wear it.

  4. Hollie Rose

    I have always been a fan of tankinis, they are the perfect in-between swimwear of bikinis and swimming costume. I’m not overweight, but I always feel better with that added coverage. The coverups you recommend are all beautiful, but my fave has to be the Chilli Pepper Smocked High Low Dress. Asymmetrical dresses are all the rage now, as well as patterns!

  5. Jomata

    Hello there, thank you so much for this very informative post on swimsuit cover up beach dresses, I must say I like all the collections here and I’m sharing this with my wife, we already have plans on how to go holiday for the summer and she’ll be needing swim suit and I really hope she gets to see her choice here. 

    thanks for sharing.

  6. godspowerbrown992

    Hello there! Awesome review you got here.I think this swimsuit we b very nice on my partner with what am seeing,the way you place the products and model image with each description.especially the Cosmic cover up such a pretty colors and the twist datiling at the back side really amazing touch .

    thanks for sharing!

  7. Rolex4real

    These dresses are beautiful. the Despi dawn hype dress caught my attention immediately I saw it; my husband will so much love it on me and also it will be super cool to put it on my birthday beach party. I just hope this lockdown ends soon so I can place my order as soon as possible.


  8. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. I have seen different products and designs of swimsuit but I have not seen one as beautiful as the Tankini swimsuits, their designs and fabrics is inspiring. I am convinced that my lady will definitely  loved to have  the vitamin A Eco Linen fire coral due to its multiple function, I will surely do well to have her one on my next visit.

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