swimdress women over 50

Swimdress Women Over 50 Definitely Should Have

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Swimdress is bathing suit offering thorough coverage. You don’t need to worry about any change time has made to your body as all of this can be camouflaged by swimdress.

Swimdresses for Women Over 50 – Probably the Most Popular Choices

If you like this type of swimwear, there is at least one swimdress women over 50 should have. We have found a few options for you to help to narrow your search.

Our Top Choice of Swimdress for Women Over 50 – Beach Belle Wave Runner

swimdress women over 50

Product: Beach Belle Wave Runner Tie-Front Swimdress

Price: $ 72

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Built-in Soft Bra Cups, Wire-free, Non-Adjustable Straps, Wide Straps for Greater Support, Tummy Control Panel, Coverage till Mid Thighs, Swim One Piece in Matching Print Underneath, Flared Pattern

This elegant swimdress will flaunt the body of each woman regardless of the age. The nice color combination will emphasize your tan and make pale skin look darker.

Beach Belle Wave Runner Tie-Front Swimdress
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • High Quality
  • Perfect Fit
  • Great Coverage till mid-thighs
  • Tummy control
  • Supportive enough


  • Non-adjustable straps
User Review
4.55 (11 votes)

Its wearers state the dress fitting true to size and being extremely flattering. It is admitted to be a perfect bathing suit for covering trouble areas and controlling your tummy.

Majority of women who have bought the swimdress comments that it has just the right length. Nearly all of the customers emphasize the fit is perfect.

The only remark is the imprecise description. Even though it says that there is printed one piece swim underneath, customers advise that there are just a printed bottom and black mesh as rest of underneath suit. Some advise they would wish for adjustable straps.

Our overall verdict – with such many positive reviews, this swimdress is a great deal. This is extremely fabulous swimdress women over 50 could flaunt themselves in.

==> Get Your Fabulous Beach Belle Wave Runner Tie-Front Swimdress Here <==

Other Great Picks of Swimdresses for Women Over 50

We have found few more excellent swimdresses for women over 50. Check out our choices below and make your move 🙂

Swimdress women over 50

Product: Becca ETC Venise Swimdress

Price: $ 158

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Soft Removable Bra Cups, Wire-free, Adjustable Straps, Fully Lined, Ruched Bodice, Crochet Detail, Black Swim One Piece in Matching Black Underneath

This exceptionally stylish and elegant yet modest Becca swimdress is a perfect choice of women wishing to look outstanding on the beach. Women who have purchased this swimdress are completely fond of the attractive design and high quality of the bathing suit. The skirt is evaluated as not too short and not too long so great coverage.

Nevertheless, some customers would wish for more control in the hips area and more support in the bust area. Few women tell the bodice is not as wrinkled as in the picture. The loudest complaint is not to use this in chlorine water due to immediate color loss.

The bathing suit is quite expensive but majority of customers admit it is worth each and every dollar.

swimdress women over 50

Product: Shore Break V-Neck Swimdress

Price: $ 78

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Built-in Soft Bra Cups, Wire-free, Non-Adjustable Straps, Crossback Straps, Tummy Control, Black Swim One Piece Underneath, Flared Pattern

This popular bathing suit is very practical as on the one hand it is intended for swimming and enjoying your days on the beach, but on the other hand, it looks like a casual dress so you don’t need any cover-up when going to the café or shop. Tummy control feature and empire waist will make you look slimmer.

Women who have bought this swimwear evaluate its great tummy coverage and control feature. The majority admits the suit makes them feel pretty again. The fit and quality of the suit are appreciated. Customers state this suit is perfect for full bottom women.

The swimsuit underneath the dress could cause some problems as it is only the bottom made of black fabric, the rest is made of black mesh. So some women complain that when swimming – the dress rises up revealing your rump to the eyes of others. Also support in the bust area is stated as too little.

swimdress women over 50

Product: Blue Geo A-Line 26-34 Swimdress

Price: $ 99.99

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Shelf Bra with Power Mesh, Wire-free, Soft Padded Cups, Non-Adjustable Straps, Wide Straps for Greater Support, Tummy Control Panel, Side Opening at the Skirted Bottom, Built-in Bike Shorts Underneath for Full Coverage

This comfortable and practical swimdress will make you look modest on the beach. It is evaluated as great coverage swimdress and bike shorts underneath offering extra comfort. The swimming dress can be also used for water aerobics. The fit is admitted to be great and there is nothing that needs to be adjusted.

When considering this bathing suit, you should be aware of the seam at the waist. Few women state it accentuates the waist.

swimdress women over 50

Product: Shore Club Blue Violet Underwire Swimdress

Price: $ 78

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Tie Front, Hidden Bra, Underwire, Soft Removable Cups, Adjustable Straps, Tummy Control, Relaxed Fit, Matching Swim One Piece Underneath

This cute classy swimdress attracts by its great color. It provides great support without being bulky. The swimsuit is flattering and nice looking. The color is admitted to look really amazing. The swimdress is said to be lightweight and of high quality.

Even though the coverage is great, it could be little too revealing on the top so you should consider this when buying the suit.

Get your swimdress for more appealing and feminine look combined with increased coverage to spend a relaxing time on the beach!

14 thoughts on “Swimdress Women Over 50 Definitely Should Have

  1. ches

    Really lovely and stylish swimming costumes just right for the older woman. I particularly like the first item on your listing and I’m wondering if this costume would be available anywhere else other than the US.
    It is extremely difficult for us oldies to get a good quality and pretty outfit to wear for swimming and basking on the beach. I will have to look on the internet and see if there are any suppliers in the UK. Thanks for the info. I’m looking for something like this for our next holiday in September. Ches

    • Hey, Ches!
      Thank you for visiting my site. This retailer offers also international shipping starting from $21.99 for 10-14 days delivery. Taking into account affordable prices of the bathing suits, this shipping cost is OK. I have ordered clothes from Italy and Spain to Latvia and delivery cost is 15-20 EUR so pretty much the same.
      Wishing you nice holiday in September, Arta

  2. Michelle

    Hey I really liked your site! I am addicted to swimsuits. I have never had a swimdress. I never cared for how they look but your website gave me new information and new styles that made them look kind of cute. I could see myself actually wearing one of these to a beach party where you want to look a little more covered up. You provide many options for many realistic body types and review them for the purchaser. Very fun site.

    • Hey Michelle,
      Then we have something in common as I am also addicted to bathing suits 🙂 I am glad you found my site useful – will keep up my work. You can check my post about designer swimdresses – there are prety fancy styles appropriate for a hot beach party 🙂
      Cheers, Arta

  3. Brad

    I love all of your product reviews! They are very in depth and informative and guide people towards what exactly they are looking for. I am going to make a mental note of your website so that I can find my mom a nice birthday present in the upcoming months. I’m sure she will thrilled with it and will want to check you out for herself. Great site

    • Hey Brad
      I am glad you have found my reviews helpful and I do hope you will find a swimsuit for your mom to make her birthday very special. You are welcome to check out my post about best swimsuits for women over 50 for your inspiration on your way to mom’s perfect gift 🙂
      In case you are in doubt or have some questions, I will be here 🙂 Just drop a comment on any post and I will do my best to help you!

      Have a nice day!

  4. Bedya

    I love this swimdress, there are so elegant and beautiful!
    I think women would looks gorgeous, just need to find the one who fit with type of body. So I loved this post, and yeah I´m agree with you, women at that age definitely should have them! 🙂
    Thank you!

    • Hey Bedya

      Thank you for visiting my website.
      I couldn’t agree more to you – each body is beautiful if properly dressed and nowadays also swimsuit allows us to highlight our assets and hide our flaws. Actually, swimdresses suit any age yet they are more popular choice for women at golden age 🙂 it is mainly due to increased coverage this type of swimsuit offers.


  5. andrejs

    High Arta! Excellent swim dress for 50+ review. I am not a smart when it comes to purchasing wearable items even for myself. Beach outfit is another great idea for next gift for women just to order the right size could be a problem for me. Maybe you could be so kind and give me an advice how to better choose the right swimsuit size. Thanks.

    • Hey, Andrejs!

      To begin with, choosing the right size is always a challenge when ordering something online, therefore, it is of extreme importance to check the return policy of the retailer to avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards. This is just to be on the safe side if you go wrong with the sizing. In addition, the sizing is inconsistent between brands, countries and sometimes even between two different styles of the same brand. So it is important to choose a retailer with a convenient return policy.
      If you wish to make a swimsuit gift (as a surprise, so the lucky lady doesn’t know the swimsuit is coming), I would suggest you find out the size of her bra, dress and pants, and give this info to the retailer so they advise the size you need to order. This is the safest and easiest method.
      In case you need some additional help or advice, do not hesitate to come back 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta
      P.S. I hope you will find the perfect swimdress for your lady and choose the right size so the surprise is a success 🙂

  6. Denton

    This is just what i was looking for! My mother in law wont come out and swim at the lake due to not feeling comfortable in bathing suits. She feels she doesn’t look good in anything and the products for her age are not “pretty enough”. My wife really wants her out there with us, and i think your article just may have found a way to make this possible! These trendy and stylish bathing suits just might be out ticket to having family fun at the lake! Thank you so much! You truly just helped us immensely!

    we will be bookmarking this and giving her a share. Hopefully she finds just what she needs! If not do you have further articles regarding this?

    • Arta

      Hey Denton

      I would suggest your mother in law having a look here to find gorgeous swimsuit idea for older women. And here we have summarised the best swimsuit choices for women over 50. Moreover, we have also gathered choices of slimming swimsuits for women over 50.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  7. Jannette

    I like the swim dress for women who still would like to enjoy a day outside at the beach, public pool or cruise vacation without the worry of showing body changes. Especially like the Venus swim dress and will consider that one this year when going on my cruise in June. 

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