Swimdress With Tummy Control

Swimdress With Tummy Control – Cute Selection

Let's sOCEANize :)

We have created our collection of tummy control swimdresses by paying attention not only to the slimming and shaping qualities, but also other features each style embodies for careless time on the beach.

Our Top Choice – Review of Cerise Lingerie Swimdress with Tummy Control

Swimdress With Tummy Control

Product: Cerise Lingerie Swimdress

Price: currently on sale $ 50.40 (usual price $ 72)

Features: Scoopneck, Built-in Bra, Soft Cups, Wire-Free, Non-adjustable Double Straps, Lingerie Straps, Power Mesh Tummy Control Panel, Flare Pattern, Full Black One Piece Bathing Suit underneath, Available in other colors and prints, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

The flattering Cerise Lingerie Swimdress super cute and proven to suit any age. There are more designs and colors available so different tastes could be pleased. This swimdress is among the best sellers of the season so let’s look at the reasons behind it.

Cerise Lingerie Swimdress
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Trendy
  • Flattering for Many Body Shapes
  • Forgiving design
  • Slimming
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Attractive Design



  • Lack of Bust Support (sizes DDD and up)
  • Non-Adjustable Straps
  • Dries Slowly
  • Color Fading Alert
  • Incorrect Description – Swimdress features matched briefs attached to mesh instead of full one piece as mentioned in the description
  • Uncomfortable Straps
User Review
3.88 (16 votes)
Swimdress with Tummy Control

Fabric is said to be not flimsy and the quality of the swimdress is evaluated as much better as one could expect for such a price. The bathing suit is trendy yet comfortable and covering.

Women who have bought the dress state the support and coverage is at high level. The swimdress keeps everything in its places and has a firm control over your body. It is said to ensure the needed support and coverage for large chest. It is also proven to flatter small bustline. Women with heavy thighs are happy to wear this swimdress as the skirt hides the problem area.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

The slimming and shaping properties of this swimdress are highly appreciated. It is said to slim down the midsection and even out any bulges around it.

The empire waist and flare silhouette makes this swimsuit particularly flattering for women with big hips.

However, few women mention the long time the swimsuit needs to dry but all the pros outweigh this disadvantage.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Some customers would wish for greater support at the bust area. The lingerie straps are found not supportive enough, as well as, the lack of adjustability is stated as cons when it comes to support issue. The support problem mainly starts with sizes DDD and up.

When the swimdress gets wet the straps are said to become loose. As a result, the straps are slipping off the shoulders. Some other customer complains that the straps tend to flip over and it is hard to keep them right. So on the one hand these lingerie straps look really good and attractive but on the other hand the decorative effect doesn’t outbalance all the comfort and support issues.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Few women complain about quality problems – swimdress fading out very fast and elastics popping out. I would like to add that according to the composition of the material it is not suitable for frequent usage in the pool so it could be the reason for fast fading and knowing the reason this problem can be avoided. Chlorine resistant swimsuits are intended for frequent pool usage.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

The description of the swimsuit is said not to correspond to reality. Description mentions the swimdress comes with full one piece swimsuit underneath. However, women advise the swimdress comes with matching briefs attached to black or nude mesh wrapping the tummy area. So when the bathing suit floats up in the water you should be aware of your midsection revealed. Well, but who is going to see this? 🙂

Swimdress with Tummy Control

To sum up, Cerise Lingerie Swimdress features attractive and flattering design capable of hiding majority of flaws around the problem areas. Women appreciate the slimming and shaping properties of the bathing suit. Lack of bust support is mentioned for sizes DDD and up. Non-adjustable straps intensify support problem. Color fading alert is risen however the material is not suitable for chlorine so it shouldn’t be used in the pool frequently. The swimdress features briefs attached to mesh instead of full one piece swimsuit underneath as mentioned in the description.

The average customer rating for this swimsuit is 4.5 stars and as you can see the absolute majority (68%) has assessed this swimdress with 5 stars. So we do believe this swimdress with tummy control is a good deal despite the flaws we identified.

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Other Great Choices of Swimdresses with Tummy Control – Cheer Up Your Summer

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Product: Longitude Sparkler Tie-Front Swimdress

Price: currently on sale $ 67.20 (usual price $ 96)

Features: Sweetheart neck, Tie-Front, Shelf Bra, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Non-Adjustable Thick Straps, Power Mesh Tummy Control Panel, Empire Waist, Perfect for Long Torso, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Swimdress with Tummy Control

The colorful Longitude Sparkler Tie-Front Swimdress is very flattering and slimming. Empire waist allows to conceal any flaws around your midsection.

Despite the absence of underwire, the swimsuit is evaluated as pretty supportive yet there are customers wishing for more support.

The fit is said to be great and corresponds to size as long as you have measured yourself according to the instructions from the retailer.

The material of the swimsuit is evaluated as great and proven to dry quickly. The swimdress is of high quality.

Few customers advise the bathing suit is little more revealing than it looks on the picture.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Product: Dahlia V-Neck 26-34 Swimdress

Price: currently on sale $ 50.40 (usual price $ 72)

Features: V-Neck, Shelf Bra with Power Mesh, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps, Power Mesh Lining for Tummy Control, Empire Waist Defined by Sewn Panel, Shirring Detailing, Matching One Piece Swimsuit Underneath, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Dahlia V-Neck 26-34 Swimdress features Power Mesh lining to control your tummy. The empire waist hides any bulges or midriff love handles one could have around the midsection. Women who have bought this swimdress evaluate its comfort and fit. Colours are said to be vivid and bright.

The material is pleasant to skin also when wet. The bathing suit dries quickly.

However, few customers state the cups of this swimdress are small and their shape is strange. The swimdress floats up when in water.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Product: Amethyst Serenade Swimdress

Price: currently on sale $ 57.40 (usual price $ 82)

Features: V-Neck, Shelf Bra, Elastic Underband, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Adjustable Straps, Tummy Control Panel, Matching One Piece Swimsuit Underneath, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Amethyst Serenade Swimdress features beautiful color that is highly appreciated by its wearers. The swimdress is said to do a great job in slimming down the torso and emphasizing the waist by camouflaging all imperfections around the midsection.

Women who have bought this suit love the high bust line ensuring increased coverage at the bust area. The swimdress is proven to flatter sizes up to DDD by holding everything up nicely. The adjustable straps add up to support function.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Product: Wine Crossover Swimdress

Price: currently on sale $ 69.70 (usual price $ 82)

Features: Sweetheart neckline, Twist Front, Built-In Soft Bra Cups, Wire-Free, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps, Tummy Control Lining, Fully Lined, Ruched Bodice, Built-In Panty, Available in other colors, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Wine Crossover Swimdress comes in one of the hottest colors of this season. This swimdress is said to be flattering and comfortable. It controls and shapes your tummy by making you look slimmer and evening out your silhouette.

The fit of the bathing suit is quite tight so few customers suggest going a size up from your usual size. Few women find the skirt being skimpy.

The swimsuit is said to be snug at the bust and sizes starting from DDD would end up showing some cleveage. Some women state the bust support is not enough.

Swimdress with Tummy Control

Product: Black Slip Swimdress

Price: currently on sale $ 61.60 (usual price $ 88)

Features: Sweetheart neckline, Twist Front, Built-In Soft Bra Cups, Wire-Free, Adjustable Straps, Tummy Control Lining, Matching One Piece Swimsuit Underneath, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

The sassy and classy Black Slip Swimdress with tummy control is stylish and modest. It is lightweight and dries quickly. Women love its design and flattering qualities. The swimdress is said to accentuate the femininity of its wearer.

The swimdress is proven to be suitable for breast-feeding. A nursing woman has tried it and confirms it is nursing friendly.

Some customers state the straps could be sturdier and attached by hooks leading to problem with them staying in their hooks, especially when the swimsuit is wet.

The bathing suit tends to run smaller to size so you should measure yourself properly according to retailer’s instructions.

The suit is said not to flatter pear-shaped women. Big-busted women complain about lack of coverage at the bust area. Also the support is mentioned as an area for improvement for this bathing suit.

The description is not correct – instead of one piece swimsuit there is bottom attached to mesh.

And Few More Choices 🙂

We have created our collection of tummy control bathing suits. You are welcome to have a look below – perhaps your perfect bathing suit is there 🙂

So have you managed to find your perfect swimdress with tummy control? What features are you looking for when shopping a bathing suit?

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  1. mark

    Lovely site, well chosen colours, well written, cant find a single thing to offer constructive criticism about. The site looks well established and has no signs of being at a grass route stage. Do you draw in a lot of volume in traffic having such a limited product? Would love to know how well you do. The products you offer are very unique and look great, I can imagine you will do well good luck. Mark

    • Hey Mark

      Thank you for the positive words about my website. What do you mean by “having such a limited product”?
      I am not doing well – and not sure why. Do you have any idea what should I change? Or maybe the big luck is still to come? 🙂

  2. jeffrey16201


    Very attractive swim wear for ladies you have shared in this article today, nice these products has tummy control which seems to be a problems for most people today.

    Is breast support a problem for women with larger breasts when it comes to swim wear, many of the ladies swim wear seems to fit ladies with medium or less breasts are there special swim wear for larger breasted ladies on the market?

    • Hey Jeffrey

      Bigger breasts require bigger support and control to let a woman enjoy beach and water to full extent. I have discussed this topic in my article about best swimsuits for big busted women.

      In case you have further questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment!


  3. th3Invisibl3man

    This article is so good that I’ll have to share it with my wife. She has been hunting for swimsuits that would look stylish plus won’t look too ‘bulky’ when wearing it. I like the detail outline of each of the swimwear here as well. My wife would love the recommendation and may shop for a couple too.

    • Hey there

      Thank you for visiting my website and I am happy you have enjoyed reading about swimdresses with tummy control. I hope you wife will find the article helpful and we are here to help her in case needed.

      Cheers, Arta

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    As a man, I seldom pay much attention to women’s fashion, obviously sticking with clothing items in my own territory. But this article has shed light on a number of things! I was unaware so much time and attention went into styling clothing to such a degree, breaking down the exact materials and multiple purposes of each swimdress to give an ideal clothing experience. Whenever I consider buying clothing for my girlfriend, I will refer to your list, as I’ll be able to buy her something which really is ideal for her and doesn’t simply look nice. Comfort and function are of great importance as well!  

  5. Christine

    I like your website with so much about swimsuits. information.

    I was looking for a nice swimsuit for my mom. She has a swimdress which we bought for her a few years ago. This time I am going to get her the Dahlia V-neck. She will love the power mesh lining for tummy control and also the bright colors. The price is good too 🙂

    Thank you.

  6. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. Your products are awesome, the colors and texrile used are captivating. Having a swim dress that will gives you the comfort you desire is something to reckon , the Amethysts serenade swim dress has been having me looking over this article over and over again, I would love to gift it to a friend of mine during her up coming birthday.

  7. Philebur

    Thanks a lot for this review! My girlfriend loves to swim but as a result of her big tummy, she has been feeling less confident to go to the pool. Her birthday is fast approaching and I think this is the best gift to get her, something that would help her tummy reduce while she continue doing what she loves and they are also pretty affordable. Thanks a whole lot for this review… 

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    Anyone would love to keep things the way they love them at all time ànd an example is how they look….Every woman would love to remain sexy all her life regardless of her age and this has made them venture into several ways to try keep their shapes… Here are swim dress that would at a point help every woman look sexy at that pool…am sure the article above has all you need to know…thanks for sharing..

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