Sunsets Bathing Suits

Sunsets Bathing Suits – 5 Top Choices

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Sunsets bathing suits are another brand being long in the swimsuit market. They started as a separates swimwear brand by developing their styles and designs to flatter different tastes and meet different demands.

We have analyzed an ocean of Sunsets bathing suits to find the ones fitting the best, flattering the right places and satisfying the highest requirements.

Sunsets Bathing Suits – Practical and Cute

Sunsets started out back in 1984 when as they say:

buying swimwear in two different pieces was virtually unheard of in the industry

As you probably can imagine – that was what they offered and that time a great innovation – separates swimwear. With time company developed and currently there are five brands under Sunsets logo offering a wide range of different swimsuits suitable for any shape, size, age, and taste.

Women love Sunsets bathing suits due to their practical construction, forgiving pattern and simple design.

Sunsets Bra Sized Bathing Suits – Affordable Yet Functional

Sunsets Bathing Suits

ProductSunsets Twist Tankini

Features: Bra-Sized, Underwire, Supportive Underband, V-Neck, Twisted Detailing on the Front, Adjustable Straps, Matching Lining, Metalic Logo on Back, Possibility to Convert to Racer-Back, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Many Colors

The comfortable and functional Sunsets Twist Tankini is proven to fit well and flatter big busted women. Customers find this tankini supportive and comfortable. The great advantage is a possibility to order according to bra-size.

Sunsets Twist Tankini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Comfortable
  • Great Fit
  • Good Coverage
  • Suitable for Breastfeeding
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Pleasant Material
  • Bra-Sized
  • Slimming Design
  • Metal Strap Clips
  • Design hides midsection imperfections


  • Possible Problems with Color Fastness
  • Clingy When Wet
  • No padding leading to no privacy coverage
User Review
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Sunsets Bathing Suits

Women love the slimming properties of the tankini top – the design of the bathing suit together with the twist detailing slims down the silhouette and makes its wearer look good.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

Women advise the tankini looks good while on and makes the bust look as good as possible and even better than some padded swimsuits do.

The underwire doesn’t dig in so you get the increased support without compromising comfort.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

The Sunsets tankini is said to keep the bust separate by avoiding the uni-boob look. The tankini top offers great coverage by covering all the needed areas without making you worry about something falling out. Besides that, the tankini is long enough not to show the tummy and to cover upper hips, as well.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

The fabric of tankini top is smooth and soft. Women find it being high-quality material pleasant to skin. The colors are said to be as bright and nice as on the pictures.

If an additional lift is needed, there is an option to connect the straps by the small hook that can be found on one of the straps.

The construction on the backside of the swimming suit is not form fitting, as a result, it covers any back rolls and love handles nicely.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

The tankini is said to be suitable for breastfeeding.

Some customers state they would wish for a light padding for more privacy, especially after water activities. But they also mention that the great fit and comfort make it up for this flaw and that it is always an option to add it by yourself.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

Some women state the color tends to run and fade, while others don’t mention this drawback – so this could also be a result of improper caring. Or one reviewer suggested rinsing the swimsuit before using it for the first time as some fabric dyers tend to over-color the material and that could be the reason for the color run.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

Few customers admit the tankini top reveals the cleavage little bit more than they would want to.

Some have complained about the lack of support but as mentioned in one review – it can easily be solved with a racer-back solution.

Overall, the majority of women who have bought this bright and colorful tankini emphasize their satisfaction with the product and suggest buying it on condition that the right size is ordered.

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Sunsets Bathing Suits

ProductSunsets Underwire Twist Bandeau Bikini Top with Foam

Features: Bra-Sized, Underwire, Built-In Foam Bra, Twisted Detailing on the Front, Removable Adjustable Straps, Back Hook Closure with 3 Adjustments, Matching Lining, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Colors

The supportive and versatile bandeau bikini top is loved by women who have bought it.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

Customers appreciate the detachable straps and the great fit of the swimsuit. The bikini is said to be comfortable yet stylish and good-looking.

Even though this is bandeau style, women advise that it is secure and supportive with and without straps.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

The quality of this bathing suit is high. The material dries quickly.

The thickness of the padding is said to be perfect – it is not too thick (so not a push-up style) and it is also not too thin (so ensures the needed privacy).

Women state that bikini top tends to keep the shape, provide support and boost confidence all day long.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

Women who have bought this bikini top advise to pay a lot of attention to the sizing and measures to make sure the right size is ordered. Some even suggest checking with the retailer.

To conclude, the pros of the swimsuit outweight the cons and this is a great bargain.

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Sunsets Bathing Suits

ProductSunsets Halter Underwire Bikini Top Printed

Features: Bra-Sized, Underwire, Halter Style, Wide Self Tie Halter Straps, Moderate Coverage, Removable Power Mesh Cups, Matching Lining, Back Hook Closure with 3 Adjustments, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Colors

The flattering halter bikini top suit any body shape and size. The self-tie halter straps ensure the customized lift and support.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

Women who have bought this bikini top evaluate the support and attractive design.

As a great advantage is stated the lack of side-boob view or overflow that is completely eliminated by the design of this bikini top.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

Quite a common issue with halters is that they tend to put the main pressure on neck resulting in neck pain in many cases.

One woman stated she would love a little more padding around the end of underwires as it tends to reduce the level of comfort at certain positions.

So if you like halter style and are looking for a supportive, comfortable yet good-looking bra-sized bathing suit, this could be the right choice.

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Sunsets Bathing Suits

ProductSunsets Muse Bikini Top

Features: Bra-Sized, Underwire, Halter Style, Wide Self Tie Halter Straps, Removable Cups, Moderate Coverage, Double Back Adjustable Closure, Matching Lining, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Colors

The attractive Sunsets Muse bikini top is favored for its support and coverage. It is said to hold up everything well regardless of the beach activities you are engaged in (including running after children and teaching them to swim).

Sunsets Bathing Suits

The cups of the bikini top is evaluated as very thin (it is rather double-lined instead of padded) but thick enough to do their job and protect your privacy.

The material of the bikini top is evaluated as of high quality and pleasant.

Women suggest carefully checking the sizing and even double-checking with the retailer to make sure the right size is ordered.

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Sunsets Bathing Suits

ProductSunsets Iconic Twist Printed Bikini

Features: Bra-Sized, Underwire, Twisted Detailing on the Front, Adjustable Straps, Built-In Foam Bra, Back Hook Closure with 3 Adjustments, Matching Lining, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Many Colors

Sunsets Bathing Suits

The sexy Twist bikini is said to offer excellent coverage and great support.

The underwire and padding add up to the support and security. The padding is light but ensures the needed privacy.

Women who have bought this bra-sized bikini top advise that it shows little to no cleavage. If you wish for more cleavage, it can be reached by varying the adjustment of straps.

The bikini is said to offer full coverage so if you are looking for something more revealing – then perhaps this would not be the right style.

The bikini top is said to be rather inflexible and stiff but this is assessed as an advantage for the bigger bust as it holds up everything very well.

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So have you found your perfect Sunsets Bathing Suits? Which are your favorites?

Share your experience, knowledge, and opinions in the comment section as it could help somebody in making the right decision!

8 thoughts on “Sunsets Bathing Suits – 5 Top Choices

  1. Louise

    I like the look of these swimsuits, they look comfortable and easy to wear.

    I do a lot of leisure swimming and often can’t find swimsuits that fit correctly. I also find it difficult to find the correct sizes for two piece suits,  They are now sold separately which in some ways is good but if I’m looking for them in a sale sometimes I can’t find a top and bottom that match in the correct size!

    Lots of info on your page and I will consider these swimsuits next time I am purchasing one.

    Thank you.

  2. Kim Wolfe

    Hi. First time hearing of Sunsets Bathing Suits. I am apparently out of the loop! I really do love the Sunsets Halter printed bikini tops. I have noticed more choices of tankinis and more women wearing them. I like how you defined the preferred body shape and size for each suit. When it comes to finding that perfect bathing suit for the summer, I have the same questions as every other woman out there: how do I choose the right swimsuit for my body type? And how do I buy the right size without trying it on? Many times, we just wing it and hope it fits! 

    • Arta

      Hey Kim

      Thank you for visiting my website!

      Sunsets halter printed bikini is really nice! Good choice 🙂

      I do understand your concerns about getting a swimsuit online and that’s the reason I created a post about how to hut a swimsuit online that fits and looks great. You are welcome to read it here.

      Hope this helps!

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Lee

    Thank you for sharing this information. I will show this to my wife. She is always in the market for a new bathing suit, we are in the pool all summer. She likes the suits that are stylish and still cover the mid section. She likes to look good at the pool however she is shy and doesn’t like swimsuits that are too revealing. I am sure she will like the selections that are offered based on the pictures.

  4. Anita

    These look some great swimsuits. I love that you can order them separately, I would need that option and it is hard to find separates in the stores. The tankini separates are nice because when you do find separates it is usually bikini and I like a little more coverage than a bikini. They have some nice designs and patterns. I will have to check out Sunset Bathing Suits this summer when I need a new bathing suit.

  5. lornafraserja

    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing this  selection of beautiful swimsuits.  How were you able to find such a perfect niche? There is such a wide array of patterns and styles that there is surely something for every woman, whatever her body type. As for me: I’ve seen some styles that fit my choices for style, design and size, so I’m ready to make my choice! 

  6. DorcasW

    Hi; the Sunset Swimsuits for women are inviting to the look. One of the useful features of the product is that it is available in all sizes.

     That is my most significant concern when buying Swimsuit or anything that involves the Breast as I have right size breast, I would not want to have them falling out when swimming. On the other hand, one can use any colour of choice with the tops or Bra. 

    Do these Swimsuits come in one piece from top to bottom?


    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am glad you have found my article on Sunsets bathing suits helpful.

      Sunsets offer also one piece swimsuits, and these are lovely, as well. However, not bra sized.

      Cheers, Arta

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