Sundresses Women Over 50

Sundresses Women Over 50 Choose – Top Picks

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Are you wondering which sundresses women over 50 choose? Or perhaps you already know the answer and are looking for options to choose from? Either way you have come to the right place as we will answer all your questions and list our top picks of sundresses for women over 50.

Recently I had a discussion with my friend and she brought up her challenge. She wanted to please her mother and was trying to find options of sundresses for women over 50 but got confused. So she asked me this rhetorical question: Which sundresses do women over 50 choose? Which one could I get for my mom to please her?

Well, I don’t wait for one question being asked twice and started to dig into this to help my friend and many others facing the same challenge.

Our Top Choice of Sundresses for Women Over 50 – White Cotton Big Shirt With Crochet

Sundresses Women Over 50

Product: White Cotton Big Shirt With Crochet

Price: $ 35 (usual price $ 50)

Features: V-Neck, Elegant Crochet Detailing, Button Closure Down the Front, Adjustable Tie Sleeves, 100% Cotton

Cotton suits summer. White suits summer. White Cotton Big Shirt With Crochet suits summer.

This shirt dress is favoured among customers. Majority of women who have bought the sundress do appreciate its great qualities and attractive design.

White Cotton Big Shirt With Crochet
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Flattering
  • Comfortable
  • Great Coverage
  • Outstanding Crochet Detailing



  • Quite Long for Short Women (can even reach knees)
User Review
4.71 (7 votes)

Women who have bought the White Cotton Big Shirt With Crochet state it being flattering, lightweight, comfortable and attractive. It is said to ensure good coverage. The shirt dress is roomy so covering any bulges and flaws around your tummy area.

The material is said to be outstanding and keeps you fresh regardless the heat. It’s cotton, after all. Skin loves the pleasant touch of this natural and soft material. It is said to dry fast.

Sundresses Women Over 50

The outstanding crochet detailing on the back is said to add up to the summer glamour.

This shirt is said to be great as a part of casual outfit paired with jeans and summer sandals.

Some customers advise the shirt fits true to size width-wise, but if you are short you should be aware it could even reach your knees. Though, it doesn’t look bad in that length as well – it is just so that you are aware of this before ordering.

One customer advised the bottom button felt off after one time wearing so she is not happy with the quality of the shirt.

Another woman stated the shirt worn out quickly – just after wearing it twice.

Sundresses Women Over 50

To sum up, White Cotton Big Shirt With Crochet is a great choice of sundress for woman over 50 as it will make you look and feel cool (in all meanings of this word:)).

The elegant and fabulous crochet detailing on the back adds up to graceful and feminine outlook. It is favored by customers reaching the average rating 4.5 stars.

The shirt dress is lightweight, flattering and comfortable. Two customers warn about quality problems but these appear to me rather production failures than constant quality problem of this shirt.

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Other Great Choices of Sundresses – Be Fun and Flirty

We gathered some more options of sundresses for you to have a look at.

But before we proceed – I would like to remind you not to focus on the number 🙂 Instead of that, you should rather think about how would you wish to look and to present yourself to others. Anything that we put on delivers a message to other people so it is up to you to decide what message will it be.

Be fun. Be Flirty. Be Woman 🙂

So have you managed to find your perfect sundress among our chosen ones? Or will you keep looking? In case you do, keep in mind our tips on choosing the right sundresses for women over 50.