Sundresses for Women over 50

Sundresses For Women Over 50 – Tips on Choosing the Right One

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Sundresses for Women over 50

Looking for options of sundresses for women over 50? So many choices and not clear vision in what direction to go… We know that feeling and that’s the reason for this article. We will walk you through the process of defining which are the most suitable sundresses for women over 50.

So let’s begin with understanding the sundress. It is a casual dress for warm weather usually made of lightweight fabric. The sundress features relaxed fit and is supposed to be worn without anything on top of it.

Sounds pretty cool and summery 🙂

What to Consider When Looking for Sundresses for Women Over 50 – Making an Informed Decision

Sundresses for Women over 50

It is no secret that our bodies change with years so it is a matter of accepting and loving yourself as you are. And if you don’t feel confident about certain part of your body – no worries – nowadays there are tons of ways of concealing it.

When shopping for sundresses for women over 50 the main things to consider are:

  • length of the hem
  • length of the sleeves
  • design
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All of this actually leads to one main consideration about how much skin to reveal. And basing on this you should make your choice.

The relaxed fit of the dress is one of the reasons it is favored by many women as it allows to hide midriff love handles and any bulges one could have. But the variables allow us to choose what we show and what – don’t.

If you don’t feel comfortable showing off your legs – choose knee or maxi length sundress.

If you don’t like your arms – go for sundress with sleeves. You can even vary the length of the sleeves and for full comfort – choose 3/4 length.

If you don’t want to show your neckline, high-neck sundress will do its job.

You see – it is not complicated at all 🙂 There is a solution for each challenge!

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Long vs Short Sundresses

So one of the variables you need to consider when choosing sundress is the length of the hem. This mainly depends on whether or not you wish to show off your legs.

Maxi length allows you to hide everything, therefore, it is particularly suitable for going to the beach after long winter when your skin is pale and probably not looking good.

Knee length or even shorter is a popular choice of women wishing to show off their legs. Yes – it is no problem to go also for above-knee length. It’s summer, after all 🙂

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Sleeves or No Sleeves – That’s the Question

Without doubt sleeveless sundress is a godsend in sunny and hot summer day. However, our arms tend to loose their shape and become flabby. As a result, many of us just wish to cover them up to avoid jiggling and shaking.

If this is not the case for you, great – you are more than happy to enjoy the benefits of the sleeveless sundress, halter top or even strapless sundress.

But if you do wish to hide your arms, you should choose sundress with sleeves. Also here the length can vary depending on how much coverage you wish.

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Sexy and Stylish Sundresses for Women Over 50? – Why not? 🙂

You deserve to wear what you feel good in and what you like. We all know fashion icons that have managed to keep their title during their lives regardless age. And so can you! You have earned it!

So instead of focusing on your age I would suggest you focusing on your style and femininity. We only get better with years so why not to show it? 🙂

Your fashion is what suits you and your style is what you like.

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Summer Shirtdress – Another Option for You

Summer shirtdress is quite traditional choice of women over 50. This is mainly due to comfort and ease of wearing this style offers.

You can decide on length of the sleeves and hem that is most appropriate for you.

Light fabrics suit summer the most. You will enjoy the pleasant touch of silk, cotton, rayon, viscose, tencel or any cotton blend. Besides that, these materials drape nicely flattering your silhouette and curves.

Sundresses for Women over 50
Halter Top Sundresses – One of the Most Popular Designs of Sundresses

Halter top sundresses are popular due to indreased support they offer. Support is yet another feature you would wish to have for your sundress to keep everything in its places and to avoid exposing bra straps.

You would wish to pay attention to the v-neck – sometimes it tend to be plunging so you need to decide if that’t the look you are after or if you rather wish your bust area to be more covered and controlled.

Another thing to pay attention to is the level of back exposure and condition of your back. If you are sensitive to sun resulting in rashes or sunburn, I guess you would wish to go for some other design of sundress.

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Strapless Beach Dresses – Support Sacrificed for Comfort and Grace

Strapless beach dresses usually rely solely on some elastic banding. This makes it look elegant and easy for you to put it on and take it off while sacrificing support.

There are two major rules to pay your attention to when shopping for strapless beach dresses. Firtsly, you should make sure there are no bulges popping above the top-line of your dress. And secondly, you should pay attention whether the bodice is tight enough and doesn’t slip down.

Nowadays fabrics are functional by themselves due to diverse manufacturing processes and fibers used. So even if there are no built-in features in the dress it can be functional and supportive enough just because of the material.

If you wish to hide midriff love handles or any bulges around your tummy area, look for empire strapless beach dress as these usually feature loose fit and are perfect for hiding any flaws around your midsection.

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Shrug – a Rescuer in Any Case

If you have bought skimpy dress, no worries. You can still wear it when going to resort cafe or restaurant by covering-up with some summer shrugh. Shrug can be really nice accessory and finish your resort outlook in a very elegant and graceful manner.

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So Sundress is Found – But Where to Wear It?

Sundresses are intended for wearing on the beach, resort, resort restaurants and cafes, lounging near a pool or entertaining at home, etc. They are particularly suitable for travelling to resorts and on cruises yet there are limitations on the usage of these dresses.

You should avoid wearing it outside resort town, when visiting business places, malls, shops, local markets. Otherwise, regardless how good you look you will be judged as dressed inadequately and showing not a good sample to the young generations. Your age indicates not only your beauty but also your wisdom and you wouldn’t wish it to be the other way round, would you?

The main rule for choosing any piece of clothing is “HH strategy” – meaning you should highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Always and always 🙂

Whether or not the sundress is suitable for you is your own decision based on the way you feel in it and the way you want to present yourself rather than on your age. Do not limit yourself to numbers – enjoy the summer and the great weather, feel free and beyond unnecessary borders.

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