Sundresses for Women over 50

Sundresses For Women Over 50 – Tips on Choosing the Right One

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Sundresses for Women over 50

Looking for options of sundresses for women over 50? So many choices and not clear vision in what direction to go… We know that feeling and that’s the reason for this article. We will walk you through the process of defining which are the most suitable sundresses for women over 50.

So let’s begin with understanding the sundress. It is a casual dress for warm weather usually made of lightweight fabric. The sundress features relaxed fit and is supposed to be worn without anything on top of it.

Sounds pretty cool and summery 🙂

What to Consider When Looking for Sundresses for Women Over 50 – Making an Informed Decision

Sundresses for Women over 50

It is no secret that our bodies change with years so it is a matter of accepting and loving yourself as you are. And if you don’t feel confident about certain part of your body – no worries – nowadays there are tons of ways of concealing it.

When shopping for sundresses for women over 50 the main things to consider are:

  • length of the hem
  • length of the sleeves
  • design
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All of this actually leads to one main consideration about how much skin to reveal. And basing on this you should make your choice.

The relaxed fit of the dress is one of the reasons it is favored by many women as it allows to hide midriff love handles and any bulges one could have. But the variables allow us to choose what we show and what – don’t.

If you don’t feel comfortable showing off your legs – choose knee or maxi length sundress.

If you don’t like your arms – go for sundress with sleeves. You can even vary the length of the sleeves and for full comfort – choose 3/4 length.

If you don’t want to show your neckline, high-neck sundress will do its job.

You see – it is not complicated at all 🙂 There is a solution for each challenge!

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Long vs Short Sundresses

So one of the variables you need to consider when choosing sundress is the length of the hem. This mainly depends on whether or not you wish to show off your legs.

Maxi length allows you to hide everything, therefore, it is particularly suitable for going to the beach after long winter when your skin is pale and probably not looking good.

Knee length or even shorter is a popular choice of women wishing to show off their legs. Yes – it is no problem to go also for above-knee length. It’s summer, after all 🙂

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Sleeves or No Sleeves – That’s the Question

Without doubt sleeveless sundress is a godsend in sunny and hot summer day. However, our arms tend to loose their shape and become flabby. As a result, many of us just wish to cover them up to avoid jiggling and shaking.

If this is not the case for you, great – you are more than happy to enjoy the benefits of the sleeveless sundress, halter top or even strapless sundress.

But if you do wish to hide your arms, you should choose sundress with sleeves. Also here the length can vary depending on how much coverage you wish.

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Sexy and Stylish Sundresses for Women Over 50? – Why not? 🙂

You deserve to wear what you feel good in and what you like. We all know fashion icons that have managed to keep their title during their lives regardless age. And so can you! You have earned it!

So instead of focusing on your age I would suggest you focusing on your style and femininity. We only get better with years so why not to show it? 🙂

Your fashion is what suits you and your style is what you like.

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Summer Shirtdress – Another Option for You

Summer shirtdress is quite traditional choice of women over 50. This is mainly due to comfort and ease of wearing this style offers.

You can decide on length of the sleeves and hem that is most appropriate for you.

Light fabrics suit summer the most. You will enjoy the pleasant touch of silk, cotton, rayon, viscose, tencel or any cotton blend. Besides that, these materials drape nicely flattering your silhouette and curves.

Sundresses for Women over 50
Halter Top Sundresses – One of the Most Popular Designs of Sundresses

Halter top sundresses are popular due to indreased support they offer. Support is yet another feature you would wish to have for your sundress to keep everything in its places and to avoid exposing bra straps.

You would wish to pay attention to the v-neck – sometimes it tend to be plunging so you need to decide if that’t the look you are after or if you rather wish your bust area to be more covered and controlled.

Another thing to pay attention to is the level of back exposure and condition of your back. If you are sensitive to sun resulting in rashes or sunburn, I guess you would wish to go for some other design of sundress.

Sundresses for Women Over 50
Strapless Beach Dresses – Support Sacrificed for Comfort and Grace

Strapless beach dresses usually rely solely on some elastic banding. This makes it look elegant and easy for you to put it on and take it off while sacrificing support.

There are two major rules to pay your attention to when shopping for strapless beach dresses. Firtsly, you should make sure there are no bulges popping above the top-line of your dress. And secondly, you should pay attention whether the bodice is tight enough and doesn’t slip down.

Nowadays fabrics are functional by themselves due to diverse manufacturing processes and fibers used. So even if there are no built-in features in the dress it can be functional and supportive enough just because of the material.

If you wish to hide midriff love handles or any bulges around your tummy area, look for empire strapless beach dress as these usually feature loose fit and are perfect for hiding any flaws around your midsection.

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Shrug – a Rescuer in Any Case

If you have bought skimpy dress, no worries. You can still wear it when going to resort cafe or restaurant by covering-up with some summer shrugh. Shrug can be really nice accessory and finish your resort outlook in a very elegant and graceful manner.

Swimsuit Cover Ups Beach Dresses
So Sundress is Found – But Where to Wear It?

Sundresses are intended for wearing on the beach, resort, resort restaurants and cafes, lounging near a pool or entertaining at home, etc. They are particularly suitable for travelling to resorts and on cruises yet there are limitations on the usage of these dresses.

You should avoid wearing it outside resort town, when visiting business places, malls, shops, local markets. Otherwise, regardless how good you look you will be judged as dressed inadequately and showing not a good sample to the young generations. Your age indicates not only your beauty but also your wisdom and you wouldn’t wish it to be the other way round, would you?

The main rule for choosing any piece of clothing is “HH strategy” – meaning you should highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Always and always 🙂

Whether or not the sundress is suitable for you is your own decision based on the way you feel in it and the way you want to present yourself rather than on your age. Do not limit yourself to numbers – enjoy the summer and the great weather, feel free and beyond unnecessary borders.

Have a look at the top choices of the swimsuits for older women to rock the summer.

36 thoughts on “Sundresses For Women Over 50 – Tips on Choosing the Right One

  1. Katya

    Great review about summer dresses. Thank you! Who doesn’t love summer, right? Yet, summer brings so much stress about what to wear and where to wear it. I love how you outlined where to start in search of that perfect dress or two. I wish you touched a bit more on what’s trending – silhouettes and colors. Great links to stores as well!

    • Hey Katya

      Thank you for visiting my website and taking your time to let me know your thoughts. That’s actually a very good idea, I plan to look at trending in one of my next posts about sundresses in general.

      Wishing you a nice day!

  2. Keith

    Hey Arta
    Well unfortunately the summer is coming to a close here in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Although i suppose that this makes it the perfect time to purchase summer clothes as the prices should be cheaper.
    If you are wearing something that doesn’t make you feel confident then wear something else I say.

    • Hey Keith

      Yep – this is all what it is about. It is also what I am always telling – whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and the same refers to beach outfit. I know it is sometimes (or many times :)) hard to feel confident in a bathing suit but well… that’s the reason for many features designers are implementing in the swimwear nowadays. It is all about boosting your self-confidence. So unless swimsuit makes you feel confident, you can still play with cover ups and sundresses and many other beach accessories. There is a vast range of different options to make you both feel and look good while on the beach. You just need to find the right ones for you!

      Good luck with your searches!

  3. IllusiozTan

    Hi Arta, thanks for your great sharing on sundresses. I think I have found some useful tips to be used when shopping together with my mom and girlfriend for their upcoming vacation at beach.

    My mom stresses less on her personal dressing as she doesn’t think it is important. So during shopping, the price will be her major consideration factor. Whereas this is very different for my girlfriend, where she has her own fashion taste and she knows which dress suit her best.

    I like the summer shirtdress design and probably should recommend my girlfriend to have a look on it. Whereas for my mom, probably she will like the sundress with 3/4 long sleeve and long hem as she don’t really like her skin exposed to sunlight

    • Hey there

      Thank you for visiting my website! I am pleased you have found information on sundresses for women over 50 useful and I hope this will help you in assisting your mom and girlfriend in their searches for a sundress. You are welcome to show our collection to them – perhaps this will help you to avoid long hours in mall accompanying both of your ladies 🙂

      Good luck, Arta

  4. rob

    Hi there, I loved your website and I love your dresses. There right up my alley. Mind you I haven’t quite hit the over 50 mark yet but I no these dresses would look great for my body type. I do have a couple of friends who would also love these types of dresses so I will defiantly be saving this site to show them. Thanks again Cheers Joanne

    • Hey Joanne

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am happy you liked our selection of sundresses for women over 50 even if you haven’t yet hit the over 50 mark 🙂 As I have stated many times – age is just a number and we shouldn’t focus on it. Instead we should wear what we like and feel good in. But on the other hand it is good to know some hints and tips to make the apparel work for you and not against you. Clothing can do miracles – and even sundress is capable of boiling or spoiling your beach outlook 🙂 It’s up to you which version you go for 🙂
      Happy shopping!

  5. Hungry

    First of all I gotta say I love your niche. I like how you’re focused on women over 50 and being able to help them choose a swimsuit that suits them. I know it’s hard to go out and buy a swimsuit because like you mentioned as we get older our bodies change. This a great website and I love the collection.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for visiting my website and taking your time to leave a comment.

      Everything starts and ends in our heads therefore the right mindset is cruical for feeling and looking great. It is hard to accept the changes especially if these refer to our bodies but as long as you love yourself also others will. And nowadays there is really a wide range of options of concealing any imperfections you would wish to hide, also in a bathing suit.

      I hope women over 50 will enjoy our collection of sundresses and find our tips on how to choose the right one helpful.

      Cheers, Arta

  6. Evita

    I was planning to buy a dress as a birthday present for my mother. This article was very helpful. I guess a woman needs to know her body at every age but when years come by it becomes more difficult to make the right decisions. I have decided to buy a shirt dress for her. They are chic and stylish and you can change the length of the sleeves if needed.

    • Hi Evita

      A shirt dress is a nice choice of sundresses for women over 50. It is classy and elegant yet functional enough to enjoy careless summer days. The best part, however, is that it can be used also as a casual summer outlook.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  7. Annette

    Hi THere,
    Being over you know that ##, I thought your concept was fabulous…I was looking at your site with different eyes, I was looking at it from a affiliate’s perspective. I wanted to double click every image I saw and maybe perhaps it would take me to a store…then I saw your ad link. I am wondering if Mia would allow you to use affiliate links on your cool clothes? Just a thought.
    Great site!!!

    • Hey Annette

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am more than happy to read you liked the content of my posts. There is a link pointing to the top picks of sundresses for women over 50 in the article – so you are welcome to follow it to find the perfect sundress 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  8. Jon

    You give a very thorough explanation of all the types of tankini sundresses for women and what the benefits each one has. Thanks for telling us about how to determine which one we need based on length of the hem and other factors. Which sundress if your favorite and why is that?

    • Arta

      Hey Jon

      My favorite is the last one due to its extraordinary design, joyful colors and colorful pattern. I think it looks particularly special on the beach.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  9. aoluwatobi

    Are sundress also lingerie and also can’t it just be worn within the household or at the beach?

    However,I am pleased to have found information for my mother and my lady as what’s best to put on in summer.Actually, the atmospheric condition here nw is quite harsh with intense heat. The information here is quite heart pacifying seeing what’s best for my mum and lady to put on at a time like this.

    To my best interest, a sundress is best fit for summer and we should know what’s best fit for us,what we like and what’s good for us. This is sexy without exposing the body part

  10. Nuttanee

    Thank you for sharing these amazing tips on how to pick the right sundresses. I am nowhere near 50 but I am very conscious about my body. My go to sundresses are always the shirtdress styles. However, you brought up the good point, as long as I am content about my body I should wear what I feel good at the appropriate place of course 😉 I will give halter top dresses a chance this summer. Let me try to convince my aunt to wear with me as well 🙂


  11. Salim

    Sundresses for women over 50 should posses some qualities that’ll give comfort and ease to laundry. When considering a sundress, the best one I’ll love to pick is the sumer shirtdress because of its ease to wear and it looks so good and properly fit to wear. No doubt it’s my best option

  12. afolabi anumicheal

    Nice article there on sundresses for woman over 50 and tips on on choosing them. You really did well by doing your findings and research on all this nice sundresses,most times I discover that no matter the age of a woman, she will always want to look sexy and beautiful in and dress she put on especially sundresses and some other wear. All the sundresses in this article are really nice, I will like to buy one for my mom as a gift and I know she will appreciate it

  13. Alex

    Hi Arta. My Nana and I have common interest in Ocean that makes us unique I think and I’ve been searching for the best gifts this year. Summer is coming and I’ve got to be ready for the adventures lol. But can you kindly suggest the best dress for a 70 years old??. I’ll be look forward to your suggestions 

    • Arta

      Hi Alex

      I suggest having a look here to find the best dress for your Nana. If you need further help, just let me know.

      Cheers, Arta

  14. Olanike

    Thanks for this great review on summer dresses , I always think about the right dress to wear and how to get them. The stores mentioned here are a good place to get one. The various dresses and styles are also a variety to chose from.

    I will like to prepare for the upcoming summer, now I know where to start. Thanks 

  15. Rgpratap


    So many sundresses to choose which are very attractive. I think there are many dresses not only meant for women over 50.😉   It’s a rich collection indeed. I will go through this post again to make a choice. This is also the right time to bring these dresses as the summer started. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing collection you have made. 

    Warm regards,

  16. Coach

    Another awesome article by Tankini. I did not realize there were so many choices and so many rules as well. 

    A sundress is always a good choice of casual wear for staying close to home or resort. Stylish, simple, comfortable, sexy, revealing – you can get it all with a sundress.

    You did a fantastic job with this post. I particularly like the HH strategy – Highlight the assets and Hide the flaws. This is great. 

    Looking forward to more.


  17. Barbra

    Thank you for this great article on sundresses! This is such valuable information because usually I only see summer clothes for the young, thin women in their 20’s. But we ALL want to look and feel good in summer! I’m between these two age groups myself but this article is just as helpful to me. I’m leaning towards the long sundresses with short sleeves myself. I love that you said focus on your style and feminity rather than your age. Great advice! Which one of these is your favorite? 

    • Arta

      Hey Barbra

      Thank you for visiting my article on the sundresses for women over 50. I agree with you that every woman regardless the age deserves to kook and feel good, and not only on the beach.

      My favorites are the black one and the last one due to their outstanding design and feminine pattern.

      Cheers, Arta

  18. Selenity Jade

    Excellent article! I have to admit to loving sundresses! I’m also not over 50, but I’ve got some heft so I had to look! Especially as I love lounging around home in the yard with sundresses. I definitely don’t like sleeves, and don’t mind some length, but the one that captured my attention was the sleeveless empire waist one! It was freaking amazing. Thanks for the read! 

  19. marlasmith

    You have some great suggestions.  I guess when I think of a sundress, I have never thought of getting one with sleeves, but I like the idea.  The dress would still be cooler than shorts and a top, since it is loose fitting and allows plenty of air flow.  A bigger problem that I usually have with a sundress is that they seem to give your body no shape.  Of course I am no longer a big fan of my shape, but to me they sometimes make you look even heavier than you are.  

    Can you give some recommendations for sundresses that would at least give the impression of having a waistline?  To you recommend a certain pattern or design on the fabric?  Are there sundresses that are slightly tapered in the waist area still allowing it to be loose fitting but not looking like you just put a bag over your body.  Any recommendations would be great.  

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience with sundresses for women. I like your suggestion about defining the waistline and will come back with suggestions.

      Cheers, Arta

  20. Denise

    Hi thanks for this very in-depth review on Sundresses.  I personally have always loved them, but yes I have just turned 55 and am now more aware of looking elegant rather than too sexy.  I love your ideas about covering your arms and I did not actually realize you could get sundresses that do that.  I was just feeling a bit sad that my favorite style, the halter neck, is probably not my best option, when I read your idea to throw a shrug on, I realized that was a great way to cover up.  I am and always have been a fan of long sundresses even when I was younger, so that is not an issue for me. 

    I would love to read a review of the right accessories and shoes to match with the sundresses, as I often feel my accessories may be too young, but I love junk jewellery, so this is a hard one.  I wonder if this is something you would ever consider doing?

    Thanks again, great review, Denise.

    • Arta

      Hey Denise

      Thank you for your valuable comment – I was considering investigating the use of accessories when wearing a swimsuit so your comment has triggered the wish to do it – I will come back in nearest time with an article on this topic.

      Cheers, Arta

  21. Steve

    I don’t think that sundresses should be limited to women over 50! My wife (who is in her 30’s) loves to wear sundresses in the summertime. I think they are a great casual piece of clothing to wear, especially in the beach environment. The different styles that you highlighted are great and can be dressed up or down depending on the type of situation you find yourself in. Great article!

  22. Shanna Terese

    My mother is in her 60s and wants to dress nice but doesn’t know how to go about doing it. She has a lot of trouble figuring out what to focus on and what to hide. I might just have to send her this article, and help her figure out how to put more style into her clothing. For my own part, I particularly liked your comments  about where to wear these things. Whether or not clothing is appropriate often depends as much on where you and are what you’re doing as on the clothing itself. That’s advice that people of any age could stand to learn!

  23. Daniella

    Hi there, 

    I live near the beach, so I often go for a swim, even in the Corona time:) Even though there aren’t a lot of people on the beach, I am shy to show my body, I am over 50, so I think it’s normal. I always have hated my arms since I was a youth, and with age, it became worse. So I am looking for a sundress with sleeves, and the one that you show in the article is beautiful. The blue and white one. Do you have other sundresses with sleeves so I can have a look? 

    Thank you in advance!

    • Arta

      Hi Daniella

      Thank you for your comment. I suggest you have a look here for more options on sundresses for women over 50. You will see also options with sleeves there.

      Happy shopping, Arta

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