Stunning Swimsuits That Make You Look Thinner

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swimsuits that make you look thinner

Sunny days spent by the pool may seem so far away, but in just a few months it’ll be time to break out the swimsuits! Many of us hesitate to wear tiny string bikinis, especially those who carry a bit of extra weight.

Fortunately, there are many types of swimsuits made with the intention of enhancing your silhouette. Swimsuits that make you look thinner can give you a huge boost of confidence. They can also leave you feeling comfortable and secure, which is important if you want to feel good in a swimsuit.

While there are plenty of flattering swimsuit styles that can help you look thinner, you may want to consider switching up your daily routines and eating habits to get your dream summer body. Even the smallest changes can make a difference and provide long-term results. Plenty of exercise and eating healthy can go a long way!

Of course, it’s still helpful to keep in mind what swimsuit styles will flatter your figure.

You may be wondering what swimsuits make you look thinner, and what you should look for. If you don’t know where to start, or what swimsuit styles flatter your frame, it can be a confusing and frustrating process.

That’s why these types of swimsuits are important to look for and consider while you’re shopping – they’re likely your best option if you want to look several pounds lighter. 

What swimsuits make you look thinner?

There are so many ways that swimsuits can create a thinner figure. You might be wondering how a piece of fabric can help hide your extra pounds, but the answer is simple: it’s all about highlighting the best parts of your body, and concealing what you don’t want everyone to see.

Types to look for:
• Tummy Control / Slimming Suits
• Dark Colors
• Cutouts (mesh or regular)
• V-Necklines (regular or plunging)
• Shaping Swimsuits
• Full-Coverage

There are plenty of swimsuit types designed to make you appear thinner.

The most common complaint from women who want to look slimmer is a large belly. Making your stomach appear smaller can really help you obtain the look of your ideal summer body. Fortunately, there are many suits that offer tummy control, and many will hide your stomach completely.

Dark colors, cutouts, and v necklines are all popular swimsuit features that may make you look ten pounds lighter. Although they may seem like minor details, they can actually make a huge difference.

There’s even shaping swimsuits that are specifically designed for curvy bodies. And if you’re concerned about your butt or upper thighs, a cute full-coverage suit may be the way to go.

Tummy control suits

swimsuits that make you look thinner

This style of suit typically consists of a one-piece, often with a flattering neckline. The point of tummy control suits is to diminish the appearance of your belly, through firm fabric that stretches to hug your hips. They’re also known to be comfortable, which is another benefit to this certain type of swimsuit.

 If you’re in need of a great tummy control swimsuit, the brand Swimsuits For All carries a huge variety to choose from.

Designed to help tuck in your stomach and hide it
• Can be very comfortable, especially for those who are most insecure about their tummy

==> Check Out the Highly Functional Yet Flattering Tummy Control Bathing Suits <==

Dark colors

swimsuits that make you look thinner

It’s no secret that black is known to be a slimming color: but there’s plenty of dark colors that can help you appear thinner.

Dark shades of red, blue, green, and purple can help to instantly make you look skinny.

Dark shades of many colors create a smooth look
• Black is always a slimming go-to shade

But there are many other tricks and tips on how to make you look thinner while wearing a swimsuit so…

==> Check Out Useful Tips on How to Hide Your Tummy in a Bathing Suit <==

Cutout suits

swimsuits that make you look thinner

It’s a myth that the only way to look skinnier in a swimsuit is to choose one that’ll hide everything. While it usually helps to cover your stomach, many flattering one-piece swimsuits include mesh cutouts in different areas. This can include mesh panels over the stomach, cleavage, or even the back of the suit. Mesh areas add a bit of sultry flair to a one-piece, while still offering the coverage you need.

Some cutout suits skip the mesh, however, and focus instead on highlighting the best points of your body. Cutouts around your ribcage – usually the narrowest point of your figure – can create the illusion of an hourglass figure. And cleavage cutouts draw attention to your top half, creating a balanced silhouette.

Cutout suits typically aren’t difficult to find, as most swimsuit retailers usually carry at least a few options with cutouts.

Mesh cutouts accentuate your figure, but also give you coverage
• Regular cutouts in strategic places – like the waist – can flatter your frame


swimsuits that make you look thinner

Many one-piece swimsuits feature v necklines, which flatter most figures. A v-shaped neckline points downward, subtly creating the appearance of a smaller waist. They’ll hide the width of your frame, accentuate your bust instead.

There’s a variety of v-necklines to choose from, too, depending on how daring you want to go. Some deep necklines on one-piece suits can hide your stomach while giving you the look of a narrower waist.
Brands such as Everything But Water, Miraclesuit, Summersalt, and Swimsuits For All include many v-neck swimsuits in their products.

Regular v-necks are popular and flattering
• Plunging necklines for a daring look
• Adds sultry appeal to any one-piece swimsuit

==> Check Out Stylish V-Neck Swimsuits That Will Make You Look Thinner <==

Shaping swimsuits

swimsuits that make you look thinner

Similarly to tummy control swimsuits, shaping swimsuits hide your stomach with tight fabric that’ll keep you looking slim throughout the day. The difference is that shaping swimsuits are similar to Spanx or other shape-wear brands, but intended to be worn while swimming. Snug fabric can compress and conceal your stomach, giving you the slim look you desire.

While the Spanx brand does not carry shaping swimsuits, brands such as Miraclesuit offer many suits to help sculpt your figure.

Spanx-style swimsuits
• Snug fabric helps to conceal your belly

==> The Best Body Shaping Swimsuits We Have Reviewed Here <==

Full-coverage suits

swimsuits that make you look thinner

Many of us who carry a bit of extra weight are quick to dismiss the idea of a two-piece swimsuit. But a two-piece doesn’t always mean a bikini!

There are so many styles of full coverage swimsuits, usually in the form of a two-piece set.

Full-coverage tankini tops can accentuate your slimmest points and hide your stomach area.

This type of suit could be ideal if you have concerns about your butt or thighs, as many full-coverage bottoms hide anything you might not want to show. You can even opt for a skirt or shorts style bottoms if that makes you feel most confident.

Amazon and Swimsuits For All offer many different full-coverage swimsuit options, but many swimwear shops carry them. 

Two-piece sets can offer a ton of coverage to make you feel comfortable
• Skirt or shorts bottoms are good options
• Combining a flattering top and a full-coverage bottom can accentuate your figure and keep you covered

==> Have a Look at Swimsuits That Hide Belly Fat <==

These types of swimsuits are ideal for those who want to look skinny, whether you’re relaxing on the beach or sitting by the pool.

Swimsuits that make you look thinner can seem difficult to find, but the key is to look for suits that focus on the best parts of your body. Don’t shy away from drawing a little attention to different areas: the right suit will flatter your unique silhouette. Your ideal suit may also hide the spots you’re most insecure about, whether it’s your stomach or your thighs.

The best thing to remember, however, is to pick the suit that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.

But… if you are after long term solution, check out this useful guide on

==> How to Get Your Body Ready for Summer <==

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    Shaping swimsuits are similar to tummy control swimsuits. It can hide our stomach with tight fabric and keep you looking slim through out the day. You only have to buy a suit that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.

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    I just hate my body type. I feel like I have no shape. It is just straight and I tend to put weight on my upper arms and tummy as well. Not attractive! 

    I think that the cutout lines will help me look curvier. However now I am debating between the shaping one and the full coverage. I think the full coverage will be practical for me to walk around the boardwalk or town as well. 

    Thank you for the tips, I just have to see the style that I like and I will follow your tips 🙂 

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    Quite an array of swimwear! And all to make us feel less self-conscious at the beach.

    We are headed to Florida in a few weeks. I usually opt for black, or I do have a Tankini that I seldom wear. It is nice to know of the other options available to hide our less flattering parts. I like the Draped swim suit as well as the one that has Ruching and Shirring. It looks like there are many options for all of us to chose from. Keep the great posts coming!

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      Thank you for leaving your comment on the swimsuits that make you look thinner. I am happy to read that this has helped you to find the swimsuit for your wife. If you are particularly interested in swimsuits that shape the silhouette I would suggest having a look here to find good brands in this segment.

      We have also looked at different options of tummy control bathing suits and gathered the best choices proven to work – you can find these here.

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    Summer at home can get hot and we’ll be having our swimming pool ready, but I need to get a new swimsuit too.

    Your article gave me some good tips that will help me to look better in a swimsuit, I really love the black swimsuit that looks like a small dress!

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    An excellent post, and it just goes to show that anyone can look good in a swimsuit, it is just a matter of finding the right fit for your body.

    Over the years swimsuits have also gotten a lot more attractive, as I remember when I was growing up the older ladies all wore black unattractive suits while the younger girls had all the choices.

    Which swimsuit would you suggest for hiding big thighs? I thought maybe the one with the dress would be most flattering.

    • Arta

      Hey Michel

      Please have a look here for the best swimsuit options for wide hips. If you wish to hide big thighs, PLS have a look here for the helpful tips and flattering choices.

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    I’m quite pleased to know that there’s something like a tummy control bathing suits as I am always very sensitive about exposing that area. Even the silhouette of it makes me uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean I don’t like my body, I just want to feel more confident wearing one in public. Having said that, I hope these designs are comfortable in the lower abdomen and are not trying to tuck the tummy by force. 

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    With gyms being closed and daily activity currently being limited for so many of us, it’s been much harder to stay in shape. I will bet that slimming swimsuits will be a popular choice this year. Thanks for sharing which styles to look for — I already liked V-necks so that will stay at the top of my list. I love the examples you share — they are cute, stylish, and slimming!

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    The selection of colors, styles and types of women’s swimwear is very confusing.  Showing a picture of a swimsuit and giving a description at the same time is such a practical way to shop for swimwear.  Reading this article is a great place to start with learning how to shop for this important part of my wardrobe. The different resources you suggest will be a good place to start this search as we are learning to shop online instead of the actual store as we have in the past.  I think I can do this! 

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    Hi thank you for sharing your website i think it is great so many different styles of swimsuits and many different sorts and designs of costumes, bikinis and tankinis a good variety and explained very clearly about the support, tummy control.

    I always have problems finding the right swim suit or bikini i am bigger on the top than the bottom so it is really awkward to buy so i usually just wear a tshirt and shorts but it also does not help that i am also short.

    Thank you for sharing your website 

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    Helo there,  tankini swimsuits for women are indeed really nice and reliable. Anyways I want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative post on stunning swimsuits that makes you look thinner. I really Fancy the tummy control swimsuit, I think it will be useful to my girlfriend it will help reduce her tommu size, I will recommend this to her.

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    I absolutely love this article. This helps people like me who are on the heavier side find a swimsuit in a body positive way. I know that swimsuit shopping is one of the hardest things to do if you don’t have a positive body image of yourself. I did not know there were so many cute styles that could work for the plus size woman and I never knew that there were shaping spanx style swimsuits. Thanks for this information. 

  36. Diane

    Thanks for some very good hints for those of us who are not that “thin and trim” figure of years ago. It seemed like I grew a bit more of “me” with each childbirth. I’ve lost some, still losing. But in the meantime, a swimsuit that doesn’t make me want to swim only after dark is quite welcome!

    I didn’t see any on your site that had the little skirt attached. My daughters and I all appreciate that feature but don’t see it available often. Do you know of a source for a slimming suit that also has the attached skirt?

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