Slimming swimsuits women over 50

Slimming Swimsuits – Women Over 50 Choose

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When going to the beach, people tend to be more sensitive about how do they look and it is just normal. Luckily for us, swimwear industry has developed significantly and we don’t need to worry about our outlook anymore.

Slimming Swimsuits for Women Over 50 – Get Yours!

Designers have implemented many useful and helpful features in bathing suits to assist in hiding what we want to hide and highlighting what we want to highlight. By playing with different fabrics, different tools and ton of ideas they have managed to reach the desirable effect so you can just put on your slimming swimsuits for women over 50 and enjoy days in the water.

We have looked through many slimming swimsuits women over 50 choose and have found the one basking in the unanimous delight of its wearers.

Top choice of Slimming Swimsuits for Women Over 50

Slimming swimsuits women over 50

Product: Tropiculture Charcoal Control Underwire Swimsuit

Price: $ 98

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: High-End Swimsuit, Unique 4-way Stretch Fabric, Adjustable Straps, Instantly Smoothing With NO Squeeze, Built-in Foam Cup, Underwire, Shelf Bra With Metal S-hook, Gusset Lined

This classic one piece slimming swimsuit is the case where fashion is meeting function. Women who have bought this bathing suit are completely fond of it.

Tropiculture Charcoal Control Underwire Swimsuit
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Adjustable Straps
  • High Quality
  • Slimming with NO squeeze
  • Look and function don’t change either straps are up or down
  • Great bust support – Keeps big breasts in place
  • Outstanding tummy control


  • Fit stated to run smaller the actual size
User Review
4.17 (6 votes)

There are few cases where the suit is admitted to run smaller the size around chest area, but there are no problems with exchange.

This swim one piece is evaluated as one of the best slimming swimsuits women over 50 choose. It’s wearers state the swimsuit featuring great bust support function working with or without straps and even for the DD sizes. Also, the tummy control feature is evaluated as very slimming without squeezing.

Women admit this slimming suit being the most flattering bathing suit they have ever got.

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Other Choices of Slimming Swimsuits for Women Over 50

We have found more of top choices of slimming swimsuits women over 50 make. After reading tons of reviews of actual wearers below you will find the best options of tummy control bathing suits.

slimming swimsuits women over 50

Product: Longitude Blue Anchor X-Back Swimsuit

Price: $ 85

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Non-Adjustable Straps Crossing at the Back, Shelf Bra, Soft Padded Cups, Wire-free, Tummy Controlling Power Mesh Lining, Perfect for Women with Long Torsos

This colorful one piece swim accentuates your waist. Perfect bathing suit for women with square shape as it highlights the middle section of your body and makes your body looking symmetric.

Women who have bought the suit evaluates tummy control function and say the fit is great for long torsos and plus size figures. They emphasize it is very flattering for the fuller waist. Square shaped women stress that this bathing suit allowed them to see themselves with a figure.

However, it is stated that the actual colors of the swimwear are darker than on the picture. It is admitted to be darker turquoise blue with black instead of light turquoise blue. Some of the customers advise that the top part of the suit is quite loose so it is suitable for women with big breasts. It is also stated that the black ribbons appear to be see-through where the lining is absent. One woman informed about the pilling after hand-washing so you should be careful when washing and strictly obeying the care instructions.

Slimming swimsuits women over 50

Product: Tropiculture Black Control Lattice Swimsuit

Price: $ 92

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: High-End Swimsuit, Unique 4-way Stretch Fabric, Adjustable Straps, Instantly Smoothing With NO Squeeze, Shirring at Side, Built-in Bra, Soft Padded Cups, Wire-free

This flattering one piece swim will make you look elegant yet sexy. Women who have bought this suit admit they feel like a Bond girl while wearing it due to its attractive design and slimming features. Side shirring ensures hiding of any excess skin you would like to hide. The bathing suit is said to hold up everything. The fit is admitted to be true to size and especially favorite of pear-shaped women.

However, it is stated that the straps could be more comfortable – few women advised these tend to fall down.

Overall, this is very sexy and eye-catching slimming swimsuit for women who wish to look glamorous and at the same time don’t lose any of the support/control features.

slimming swimsuits women over 50

Product: Beach Belle City Lights Sarong Front Swimsuit

Price: $ 59

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Non-Adjustable Straps, Wide Straps, Shelf Bra with Elastic Underband, Soft Padded Cups, Wire-free, Tummy Controlling Power Mesh Lining, Draped Front, Shirring at Side

Women who have bought this bathing suit loves beautiful material, attractive design, and vivid colors. The style is admitted flattering also for full-figured women. Customers love the great coverage as the sarong front allows you to conceal part of your thighs. It is proven to dry quickly and be suitable for water aerobics by holding up well against chlorine water.

Nevertheless, the swimwear is said to run smaller in the bust area. Some women consider the shirring to be too much on the suit resulting in excessive material at the stomach area.

slimming swimsuits women over 50

Product: Beach Belle Poppies Flared Tankini

Price: $ 68

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Adjustable Straps, Wide Straps for Greater Support, Built-in Soft Cups, Wire-free, Flared Silhouette, Empire Shirring

Women who have bought this bathing suit find it cute and comfortable. The material and quality are highly evaluated. The fit, coverage, and support are stated to be excellent. It is said to have perfect support for the bust area regardless of the size.

However, few women said the length could be longer for 1-2” while many others stated the length is perfect. So most likely this has something to do with peculiarities of each body but if you do feel your torso tends to be longer, you should consider some other bathing suit.

Slimming Swimsuits for Women – Unlimited Options

Above you can see out top choices of slimming swimsuits for women over 50 but as tastes are very different and as there are millions of swimsuits out there, we would like to offer you to check the whole collection of slimming swimsuits.

==> Check the Whole Collection of Slimming Swimsuits here <==

We do hope you will manage to find your perfect slimming swimsuit and if you need some help – just leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you.

19 thoughts on “Slimming Swimsuits – Women Over 50 Choose

  1. 2happyfeet2

    Love it! You did a beautiful job with your site. I think shopping for a bathing suit is a chore. You did a great job explaining each suit. When you shop at the stores, most of the styles are for teens or grannies. The suits you are demonstrating are great for all ages. It is easy to read and shop on your site.
    Great job!

    • Hey Patty
      Thank you for the nice words! I am glad you liked my site – I am doing my best to give valuable information to the visitors of my site and to make their lives easier by researching and investigating for them.
      Take care, Arta

  2. Regina Rogers

    I love your website! I have always loved the tankini swimsuits every since I have had kids. I love they way they look and fit. You have done a really good job on your article.

    I also love that you have picked out some really awesome suits that people can order right away!

    • Hey, Regina!
      Thank you for the nice words and I am happy you liked my website. I am also fond of tankini swimsuits so it is a pleasure for me to investigate and publish information about swimsuits and tankini bathing suits.
      I hope you enjoyed my collection – you are welcome to check also other swimsuit reviews on my website.

  3. elina

    I like your idea of having website on swimsuit .Getting a right one for plus size women is not that easy. It is really informative and all the swim suits looks nice.
    I personally prefer the tankini one.Its easy to understand and compare between the suit to pick the one fits you most.
    Thanks again.

  4. June Danks

    At last a post aimed at the over 50 woman swimwear 🙂 I try to champion the over 50’s age group, it is so important to feel confident and a little sexy if I dare say! I love the selection and most definitely have catered for all shapes and tastes, I do like to cover up but feel feminine at the same time as well as looking stylish, my personal favourites are the “Tropical Charcoal control underwire swimsuit” and priced extremely well in my opinion, really do appreciate all the detail regarding the stretch of the fabric, straps etc.. all very important information for me when making a purchase. The ratings a must for me too, I am looking to buy the “Tropiculture Black Control Lattice Swimsuit” as I’ve said that I do like to look a little sexy and love the side shirring, a high end swimsuit to have that luxury feel also.

    Thank you for writing this post, really has helped to give me confidence.

    • Hey June
      I completely agree with you about importance to feel good and confident while wearing a swimsuit so all the great features included in a bathing suit can help to boost that.
      I am happy you liked my selection! You are welcome to check my collection of best swimsuits for women over 50 for even more choices – perhaps some tankini or swimdress attracts your attention 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Kelli

    I am just the right person for the tummy control tankini. I love the swim dress style best. I like that some of the proceeds go to charity. I found the illustrations appealing and the content flowed nicely. I plan to buy a new suit soon, so this was helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Kelli

      I am happy you have found my article about slimming swimsuits for women over 50 helpful. Finding the right bathing suit can be quite challenging so I wish you luck with your searches. You are welcome to check our information on tummy control bathing suits – this could also help you in your searches.
      In case you need some help, do not hesitate to contact us.
      Regarding our donations to Oceana for saving oceans, I think we all need to pay it forward and help our planet, as well as, each other. Therefore we will reallocate part of the profit to nobler purposes.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  6. swapk2011

    Hi Arta

    Your site is really good . But if the size and the materials description of the swimsuits also mentioned in the review , I think it will be more helpful to make a selection from those item . If I cam to know the available size of the swimsuit then I can decide whether it will be fit if I am a oversized woman . Beside this if I can know the making material of the suit it will also very helpful . because all the materials does not suit to everybody . Beside this it will help to understand how much you will be comfort while you are using it

    • Hi there

      Thank you for the good suggestions. Materials of the swimsuits are mentioned in each review (in the section features). It could be helpful to mention the size, as well, but it is rather hard to do it actually. This information changes frequently so keeping it up to date would require a lot of resources and continuous checking – therefore, I have added a link to the retailer’s website so the size information can be checked as it will always be up to date and correct.

      Wishing you a nice summer day, Arta

  7. Helen

    I LOVE a simple, elegant black one-piece and I’m twenty! I think it is much more tasteful. I feel more comfortable in a one-piece which makes more confident and that’s always good. You did a great job of explaining each suit. You should definitely do more of these! All of the swimsuits you picked are gorgeous and would definitely look good on anyone. Well done!



    • Hey Helen

      People are different and so are our tastes. Black one piece swimsuit is classic and elegant yet it can be also stylish and sexy depending on the design, pattern and cut. So it is all about making the right swimsuit choice to flatter both our body and mind.

      Cheers, Arta

  8. Dr. Misty Baker

    Ohhh….the dreaded swimsuit shopping! I do prefer to purchase swimsuits online versus in-store because when you do have to search for slimming swimsuits, I feel there is a larger variety for you to choose from online. I will definitely be back to this site closer to summer time!

    When I am shopping I do look for added benefits such as tummy control and you do offer a great review of these.

    Do you offer any advice on cover-ups? I know cover-ups are VERY important to me as I rarely take it off!

  9. David nelson

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article..i have been planing a swimming vacation for my family i have already got suits for the and ladies although it gave me some headaches but I go them eventually.

    The main issue i have now is getting suits for the two elderly women my mon and my mother inlaw thank for sharing this are the best options.

    • Arta

      Hey David

      Thank you for your comment. I would also suggest you to have a look at the gorgeous swimsuits for older women for helpful tips and tricks on choosing the most flattering swimsuits for your ladies.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  10. Perryline

    An article having this quality takes time and energy to develop. most especially when it has to help out people with useful information. i also commend the beautiful website that you have created with nice templates. my aunt is over 50 and i believe that these could be of great interest to her. thank you

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