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Ruched Tankini – Cute and Affordable Options

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Ruched Tankini

When it comes to finding a swimsuit for jelly-belly :), a ruched tankini can be a life-saver.

Ruched tankini is proven to work for nearly any imperfection around the midsection by shaping and forming it gracefully. So it is just a matter of finding the style you like and… voila! Beach, here I come 🙂

Ruched Tankini – Great Solution for Midsection Problems

The gathered material in ruched tankini is the key of success in covering and shaping any problem around the midsection. It hugs the tummy by turning any perceived defect into effect.

We have browsed through a wide selection of ruched tankini swimsuits to find the ones loved by women who have bought them and proven to do all the magic around the midsection.

Flattering Choices of Ruched Tankini Swimsuits – Rock Your Tummy

Ruched Tankini


Price: currently on sale $ 31.20 (usual price $ 48)

Features: Shelf Bra, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Non-adjustable Wide Straps, Poly-Mesh Lining, Ruched Bodice, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Patterns

The extremely feminine and elegant ruched tankini top is loved by customers. The joyful and bright colors suit summer and will add up to the light summery outfit.

  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Comfortable
  • Flattering
  • Slimming
  • Bright Colors
  • Possibility to order different sized top and bottom


  • Non-Adjustable Straps
  • Lack of Support for Bigger Busted Women
  • Too Short Tankini Top
User Review
4.71 (7 votes)
Ruched tankini

Women who have bought this ruched tankini top love the great price, flattering fit and feminine design. It has received more than 500 voices by reaching 4 (out of 5) stars.

Ruched Tankini

The main advantages are stated the great quality, affordable price, opportunity to order different sized top and bottom, comfort and slimming properties of the tankini.

The tankini top is said not to ride up while in the water.

The material the swimsuit is made of is qualitative and thick. It holds up the salted water quite well. However, if you are looking for a swimsuit for your regular pool activities, this could last just up to six months. Instead, you should rather look for chlorine resistant swimwear.

Ruched Tankini

There are customers complaining about the length of the top that could be a little bit longer. Few have solved the problem with high-waisted bottoms while others admitted they probably had gone wrong with the size and just returned the tankini top.

Customers suggest carefully checking the measurement chart to order the right size to take full advantage of all the flaw-hiding and body-complementing properties.

Some women complain about the inability to adjust the straps. Few find the high back as a disadvantage while others find it as a great shelter for the back rolls.

Few women find the shelf bra not supportive enough and wish there was an underwire for increased support.

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Ruched Tankini


Price: currently on sale $ 48.10 (usual price $ 74)

Features: High Neck, Macrame Detailing, Wire-Free, Soft Foam Cup, Plastic Halter S-Hook Closure, Ruched Bodice, Full Coverage Briefs, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

The reserved yet hot sophisticate ruched tankini features eye-catching macrame detailing. High neck offers increased coverage at your chest area.

Ruched Tankini

This ruched tankini is among the best-sellers of the season due to its sophisticated yet functional design. The tankini has reached an average 4.4 stars (out of 5) basing on more than 80 reviews.

The main advantages of the tankini are outstanding design, high-quality material, eye-catching details at both front and back,

Ruched tankini

The tankini is offering increased coverage yet it is still sexy revealing the cleavage to a certain extent that few of the customers found being too much.

Few women found it quite tricky to put the suit on due to the back straps. But once done – it is totally worth it.

The length of tankini is long enough to cover the midsection and slim down the silhouette. The slimming properties of the tankini are highly evaluated.

Some women find the foam cups little bit weird and wish they were removable. Few others complain that the cups are too big and move around ensuring little to no support.

The swimsuit is said not to flatter broad shoulders. Check out here our suggestions for the best bathing suit for broad shoulders.

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Ruched Tankini

ProductDellytop One Shoulder Ruched Tankini

Features: One Shoulder Design, Soft Cup Inserts, Tummy Control, Ruched Bodice, Single Shoulder Strap, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Available in Many Colors

Ruched Tankini

The stylish and chic one shoulder ruched tankini is evaluated by more than 100 customers reaching an average of 3.6 stars (out of 5).

The tankini is said to be slimming and taking a great control over the tummy area. It is found to be comfortable and supportive.

Women advise paying attention to the sizing to make sure the right size is ordered as this could run smaller to size than usual brands. So in case any doubt it is a good idea to get in touch with the retailer to clarify the right size to order.

Ruched Tankini

Few customers find it tricky to get the suit on due to the strap detailing.

The ruched bodice hides and forms the midsection by smoothing out any bulges and love handles. The top is long enough and suitable also for women with long torso.

Ruched Tankini

The tankini is said to be a great bargain for such an affordable price. Despite the cheap price, the suit looks and feels expensive.

The material is stretchy and high quality. It feels like a compression material sucking the midsection in.

Ruched Tankini

However, few customers find the bottoms too cheeky. And quite many women complain the bottoms run small to size.

The strap is said to be a little bit loose and offering reduced to no support at all. The soft cups are small – like size A to B so bigger busted women state they replace them.

Overall, this ruched tankini is stated as a great deal due to affordable price, qualitative material and stylish design.

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Ruched Tankini

ProductMazu Swim Slimming Ruched Twist Front Tankini

Features: Ruched Bodice, Molded Soft Cups, Adjustable Straps, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Lining 100% Polyester, Available in Other Colors, Bottoms Sold Separately

Ruched tankini

The attractive Mazu Swim ruched tankini features slimming, supportive and flattering design.

Women love the adjustable straps allowing to customize the lift. however, few customers have found the straps being too long.

Ruched Tankini

Cups are quite big, therefore this bathing suit is particularly suitable for big busted women. It is said that this tankini top provides the needed support also for big bust despite the lack of underwire.

Ruching at the tummy area is a perfect shelter for the midsection by slimming and slenderizing it.

Women with short torso find this top too long.

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Ruched Tankini

ProductEVALESS Ruched Tankini Top With Skirted Bottom

Features: Ruched Bodice, Pull-On Closure, Built-In Padded Bra, Removable Sponge Padding, Adjustable Straps, Attached Triangle Briefs Beneath the Skirt, Polyester + Spandex, Available in Other Colors

Ruched Tankini

The feminine skirted tankini is said to fit well, support great and flatter all the right places. Customers advise the tankini is made well and the material is of good quality.

Women advise the cups are more on the big side, for instance, when ordering size small, the cups would be perfect for B-C sizes. The swimsuit tends to add volume to the chest area making your bust look bigger.

Ruched Tankini

Some women find the cups too stiff but once removed – the problem is gone.

The tankini offers comfort and looks adorable by adding curves and defining the waist.

The colors are vibrant and bright. One woman tried the skirtini in a hot tube and advised that it held up well and the color didn’t fade.

The general suggestion is to carefully check the size for ordering and in case of doubts – better to get in touch with the retailer.

==> Get the Feminine Evaless Ruched Tankini with Skirt Here <==

Have you found you perfect ruched tankini? Where do you shop for a swimsuit?

You are welcome to share your experience and knowledge as someone could benefit from it.

If you have any question or doubt, just let us know in the comment section below and we will come back to you.

Otherwise, see you on the beach 🙂

28 thoughts on “Ruched Tankini – Cute and Affordable Options

  1. Cathy

    I’ve never Cute tankini choices you have there. My jelly-belly is showing a little more each day and I think bikinis no longer suit my style. Tankini are much better choices and more comfortable to wear. I’ve not seen the one-shoulder design before. It’s kind of cute. I wonder if they have my size on Amazon.

    • Hey Cathy

      I am glad you liked my selection of ruched tankinis. A ruched tankini is a perfect choice for jelly-bellies 🙂 And one shoulder design is particularly appealing so make sure to check the sizing chart as there are certain doubts about sizing.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  2. Sherry

    I think 90% of women can relate to having the dreaded belly pooch! Even just a little pooch can cause a lot of insecurity when wearing anything that is form fitting and doesn’t provide support to hold the pooch in (i.e. high wasted options, spanks etc). I like the ruched tankini! I think my favorite is the one with the skirted bottom to help hide cellulite in the upper thighs and buttocks! Thank you for providing the pros and cons of each product to help make a more informed decision. The only thing I am not a fan of is how every picture is of a model that doesn’t have a pooch! It’s hard to trust a brand or product that is being promoted for covering the jelly belly yet doesn’t use a model that represents what it’s promoting! But overall I agree that the visual effect of the ruched tankini will help hide flaws :). Thanks for the article!

  3. Destiny

    My wife is going to like this, this is a SAY no to bikini. This Tankini looks more comfortable to wear especially the one shoulder design, the material looks stretchy and high quality and the bottom looks cheeky, I prefer this to the adjustable one, i wish I can see her size to buy. 

  4. Daniella

    Hi there,

    Awesome article, I really liked the reading!

    I was looking for a swimsuit that could hide my curves:) I think I found it now. I really like the Evaless Ruched Tankini with the skirt. It’s beautiful; in fact, it’s the first time I see this type of swimsuit. I know I should not care about people opinion, but this set looks more like a tennis outfit, wouldn’t it look a bit funny to go swimming with this swimsuit?

    Anyway, I think I’ll need to get used to it:)

    Thank you for this excellent post!

  5. Jose Reyes

    Hello Arta, how do you do?

    I have heard about tanks, and I also have heard about bikinis. But this however, the tankini, I never knew that this kind of ladies swimwear had a name for this kind garment for the phisically conscious woman.

    well not to mention that I also got to learn that there are different kinds of tankinis to suit women with different needs and tastes! 

    this summer is going to be looking good it seems because now I’m probably going to be able to to identify who are wearing them- and remember why I even know what kind of tankini a cute BBW is wearing- just kidding!

    you have left an exceptional review and may have someone to recommend your website too, she’s going to be thrilled but she doesn’t know that she already looks amazing!

    so on to help her boost her self-esteem I go, wish me luck!

    could you recommend a mankini to my buddy? He’s not gay or anything, I just want to hurt his chauvinism because he has a very beautiful sexy woman that deserves better. 

    Thank you!

  6. Peace

    The Mazu Swim Slimming Ruched Twist Front Takini looks like just my taste. It really does justice to accentuating the figure and flattening the belly effectively. 

    Going to the beach can be a chore or an unpleasant experience when one doesn’t think they look attractive enough in their own swim suits. U@d Ruched Takini Swimsuits solves that concern. 

  7. Alex

    Hi Arta. Thanks to you for this nice review. I love the ocean but my family won’t come along with me when I’m off there. Well it’s because my wife became she doesn’t like bikinis, I can’t figure that still this won’t. I guess she will like on of these and maybe I’ll get her one of them for her upcoming birthday. Thanks for sharing 

  8. Chrissie Spurgeon

    I love your selection of Tankinis, and your great descriptions of them. I always choose tankinis for the reasons that you state – they are much kinder to all body shapes!!

    Sadly, the one I like the best is not available to me in the UK at present, though the site stated that they hope to make them available shortly! But I also like one of the ones which are available on Amazon.

    Very many thanks for a really useful review of tankinis.

    Chrissie 🙂

  9. Rgpratap

    Wow! 😮
    So many attractive, beautiful and comfortable swimsuits for women. It really hard for me to choose among this. I will prefer the Honeydew twist- front top and Mazy swim slimming Ruched twist front Tankini. But I don’t know about the sizes and their comfortable degree. For that, I have to try it first. Well, thanks a lot for this beautiful collection on Ruched tankini.
    Best wishes,

  10. Rose

    I didn’t realize there were swimsuits that could look so nice and still hide tummy flaws. I also, had never heard of the Rucked Tankini, they are really nice. I appreciate your knowledge on the the different styles and the features that others like or dislike about each. I am favoring the Mazu or the Evaless I like the skirted bottom. You have given a lot of information that will defiantly help me make a decision. Do you have a personal favorite? 

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for your comment!

      The ruched tankini is a great camouflage and at the same time looking nice and stylish. My favorite is Dellytop One Shoulder design due to its outstanding and eye-catching design.

      Happy shopping, Arta

      • Rose

        Thank you for answering my question. I have been warming up to the Dellytop it is cute. I might have to get more than one. 🙂

  11. Buffy

    I love these! I also hate showing off my “jelly-belly” lol. I avoid the pool because I don’t like my body. But these could help. Now what to do about the fatty arms and legs? I don’t like showing those off either! I do like the shirt kind, but even that is too short for me. I guess I should just try to loose some weight so wearing bathing suits don’t bother me so much lol.

    • Arta

      Hey Buffy

      I am sure you would feel much more comfortable by driving attention away from the areas you don’t want to show.

      It is easy when it comes to your legs, just follow the tips mentioned here.

      However, regarding the arms, it is a little bit challenging but again – the main thing is to drive attention away from your arms and it can be achieved by choosing a bathing suit with effective print on it as it will gather all the attention, by emphasizing your assets on the upper part of your body or a nice cover up could also be very helpful here by taking it off when going to swim.

      Hope this helps!


  12. Aly

    Ruched fashions definitely can hide and camoflauge areas of concern. Adding a flattering print will also create a nice illusion and help to inspire confidence. Thanks for putting together this cute collection of tankini suits with a ruched mid-section / bodice style. Personally, my favorites are the ones with the bright colors and the geometric accents!

  13. Goldroad (jay)

    Thanks for the reviews of the Ruched Tankini swimsuits.  I was especially fond of the one shoulder style.  I wonder why it has a lower review? I enjoyed the bright colors.  I love that you donate part of your proceeds to save the oceans.  I love it!  Thanks again, I cannot wait to show my wife those beautiful suits.  She likes one shoulder style outfits so…..  


    • Arta

      Hey there

      The one shoulder design is gorgeous, I completely agree. So stylish and eye-catching. The lower review on this one is because of the bottoms that customers find being small to size. So before placing the order I would suggest getting in touch with the retailer to find out the more precise size. And if you already have bottoms that could be matched to this one shoulder top, then this is for sure the swimsuit to get due to fashionable design and affordable price even if the bottoms coming together with the top doesn’t fit you.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  14. Chloe

    Wow, these are really wonderful array of tankini tops. My daughter is a lover of the color black and she is a big sized baby. She loves going to the beach a lot but would rather stay back at home while the rest of the family go or her friends because she doesn’t have what to wear when she gets to the beach. I’ve decided to make it a surprise by getting her the sophisticate tankini top and must say I’m impressed with the price on it. Thanks for sharing. 

  15. Ella

    Wow! This is really beat to see here because I personally like this here. Ruched tankini can really make a lot of differences in things and the way the body is viewed when worn. They are better off among tankinis because they add special effects to the body and they are very good ay blending body defects especially at midsection’s. This is great to see here

  16. wilson kume

    Wow😍 this is amazing! First of all, I must commend Tankini Swimsuits for providing ladies with beautiful and quality swimsuits regardless of the shapes and sizes, great job!

    I think I’ll get my bae that “Dellytop one shoulder ruched tankini”, I love the design. Thanks for sharing, they are super lovely!

  17. roamy

    These are every woman’s dream when it comes to decent swimsuits.As a woman over 30, a bikini is no longer an option(you know, 3 kids and yoyo diets do things to the body).

    I love the fact that these tankinis are just as flattering and yet cover all the right places. The one strap seems just lovey and I will get different colors so I have more than one of them, who knows maybe they`ll not have the same next year.

    Curvier ladies like me don`t have to squeeze in an uncomfortable and unflattering bikini or settle for once piece swimsuit that we`re not yet ready for, these tankinis have something for everyone and I can’t wait to get several for my yearly vacation. Really appreciate you sharing these and the prices are another reason to get more than one.

    Cheers Roamy 

  18. Layefa2

    Wow these Tankini swimsuits are so cute. I was wondering if a size 6 might be available for the sophisticated Tankini I love it and I want to get one for myself and please which of the Takini swimsuit would you recommend for someone that is not so comfortable about their body shape. Thanks for this nice article.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Any tankini is a great choice for those looking for an increased coverage. More precise suggestion would depend on the areas you are not comfortable with. Anyway, you are welcome to have a look here for swimsuit suggestions for different body shapes.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  19. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed valuable. I was researching online on quality swimsuit to buy for my wife, I was directed to this article. Having gone through the various features of swimsuit that was highlighted in this article, I am convinced that the one shoulder ruched will be a perfect choice for my wife, as it has the necessary features to give her comfort

  20. Horatius

    My girlfriend’s birthday is coming next month and I am looking for some original present. We live close to the sea so fortunately our summer won’t be spoiled by Coronavirus. I was thinking about buying her a new swimming suit… I was looking for bikinis but then a friend of mine told me about tankini and I found this website. I have seen these swim suits before but I didn’t know they were called “tankini”. I have always liked this design. I like the dellytop one shoulder ruched tanking particularly. It would look great on her. The blue one especially. I am bookmarking this. 

  21. Bella

    Getting a. Good swim suit these days can be really hard and at the end when you finally got to see one they are really very costly and that makes you really sad about the whole idea. These swim suits are not just cheap to get but they are really nice and it fits in in so many ways and I wouldn’t mind getting one for myself and my daughter that have been on the search for a good one 

  22. Kingsking


    Hey there!

    That was really enlightening and helpful. I never knew Tankini swimsuits was such a great choice of swimsuit to the extent that it can be a great solution for midsection problems.The fact that its ability to hug the tummy enables it to turn any perceived defect to effect is really amazing. I’m glad to come accross this, will do well to purchase one for myself.


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