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Push Up Tankini – Stunning Collection to Boost Your Femininity

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When wearing a swimsuit we feel the most vulnerable as we are exposed to the public the most. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to feel good in what you are wearing. Many of us wish for just some little extra lift or additional volume at our bust area. Well, there are few options to solve that and we here can offer the least painful one 🙂

Push up tankini is a great solution to accentuate your feminine qualities and boost your confidence. We have chosen very cute and stunning push up tankinis for your triumph on the beach 🙂

Our Top Choice of Push Up Tankinis – The Season’s Best Seller

Product: Holipick Flounce Tankini Set

Push Up Tankini

Features: Vibrant Polka Dot Print, Removable Padded Soft Bra, Adjustable Straps, Ruffle Detailing, Smooth Material

Ooh la la! The hot and flattering Holipick Tankini Set is a perfect choice for women looking for sexy and graceful appeal yet more coverage and support. This cute tankini set is among the best-sellers and without doubt – there is a reason for it.

The full coverage is re-defined by this gorgeous tankini with ruffle detailing on the front.

Holipick Tankini Set
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Flattering Comfortable
  • Removable Pads
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Soft and Durable Material
  • Good Coverage Bottoms 



  • Poor Sizing
  • Too Little Push-Up Effect
User Review
4.75 (4 votes)

Women who have bought this tankini are fond of its design and appealing look. The push up tankini swimsuit looks really elegant and makes you stand out of the crowd. It accentuates your curves and allows to conceal any flaws around your tummy. Women feel confident in this tankini as they are as the design and style is said to be flattering and forgiving.

push up tankini

Material is soft and durable providing good stretch.

The boy short bottoms are said to ensure great coverage also for bigger booties.

The adjustable straps are appreciated by the majority of customers as they do allow to customize the tankini swimsuit to your body and level of support and lift you are looking for.

However, few customers state the push up effect could be enhanced as the soft removable cups are more for support and function and not ensuring the needed lift. But there was also a suggestion to use push-up inserts for swimwear to reach the needed effect.

To sum up, Hilipick Tankini Set will ensure a good level of coverage while still being sexy and eye-catching.  It is flattering and forgiving so women feel confident as they are when wearing this tankini. The adjustable straps and durable material are evaluated by customers. The push-up effect is not very bold so in case you are after thorough enhancer – you need either to use inserts or look for some other style.

==> Get The Stylish and Flattering Holipick Tankini Here <==

Other Great Choices of Push Up Tankinis – It’s Getting Hot on the Beach 🙂

We have found few more nice choices of push up tankini. Check out the below picks and flare on the beach 🙂

Product: AnnJo Lace Tankini

push up tankini

This sexy push up tankini is said to be really cute and fashionable. It is not suitable for big chested women but works perfectly for small to medium sizes.

There is no underwire but support and control is said to be enough.

push up tankini

Women who have bought this tankini love its coverage as it covers all the needed areas and hides imperfections around the tummy.

Some women complain that this tankini is quite close to lingerie but it is due to lace and crochet detailing. So unless you feel comfortable with that, you should rather look for some other pattern of swimsuit.

Personally, I do love lace and crochet as they look outstanding and add up to inimitable style but suppose there are people who relate lace and crochet to lingerie. After all, we are different and it just makes our lives more exciting 🙂

==> Get the Sexy AnnJo Lace Push Up Tankini Here <==

So do you like our picks of push up tankinis? Which one do you like the most? Or perhaps you prefer some other type of swimsuit? Let’s discuss it as someone could benefit from our experiences!

14 thoughts on “Push Up Tankini – Stunning Collection to Boost Your Femininity

  1. Josephine

    These swimsuits are absolutely gorgeous! I am always looking for that perfect swimsuit that will make me look sexy without exposing too much. I am always insecure about my belly showing because I don’t have that model shape, but these seem like they would be a perfect fit! I especially like the push-up feature that helps to give you that little bit of extra lift.

    • Hey Josephine

      I am glad you liked our collection and I hope you will manage to find THE perfect bathing suit within our collections!
      Tankini swimsuits for women are a perfect choice for those wishing to avoid exposing too much or looking for an option to conceal anything. There are a lot of features available in this type of bathing suit therefore make sure always to carefully read the description to be aware of all the options certain swimsuit offers.

      Happy shopping 🙂

  2. Stephania

    I love that you are talking about tankini’s.. I saw a few online that got me excited about the idea, but haven’t been able to find any comparable’s in store that I really liked.

    The suggestions you show are great, so colourful and classy.

    Do you have a favourite company or brand for the tankini that you find has the best options and fit? Im very busty so buying online is a concern to me but I like the options you have way better then what I have found in stores.

    • Hello Stephania

      I am totally fond of options of SwimsuitsForAll.com – they do offer great variety of bathing suits for curved and busty women. The fit is sometimes challenging so I suggest taking proper measures and having a look at reviews of the swimsuit to see whether the fit corresponds to the size. But the prices are reasonable and collections are fabulous. I suggest your having a look 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Katia

    Love the look of this tankini – tankinis often get a bag rap for being ‘ugly’ in comparison to bikinis, but this one is very pretty. I love the crochet/lace detailing and wouldn’t be afraid to wear this as it simply adds to the design perfectly. One of the cons you put is hand wash, but I would always hand wash my swimwear (as with lingerie) due to it’s fragile material and habit of stretching out of shape in a washing machine.

    • Hey Katia

      This stunning push up tankini is chic and sexy. Hand washing is suggested for all swimwear to maintain its properties and features yet a lot of women prefer finding a bathing suit that can be washed in washing machine. So I am glad you are washing your swimsuits with hands – it means they are in good hands 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Kerry C

    Normally i am not a tankini type person but after having a baby a find my eye naturally wanders to the less revealing suits. I also am really picky when it comes to patterns and colors which lead me to think i was not going to like what i saw here but the blue one is absolutely gorgeous. I am glad i came across this page because now i know what kind of suits i am now looking for! Thanks for posting this!

    • Hey Kerry

      I am also in love with the blue push up tankini – the lace detailing and attractive design is absolutely gorgeous. It is a great choice and will make you look stunning while wearing it!

      Cheers, Arta

  5. Becky

    Hi! I love the idea of a tankini but I seem to have a problem finding the right cut/size. I am not blessed in the curve department haha so I usually end up with a saggy bottom look. Do you have any help or suggestions for me? I’d love to be able to rock a flirty tankini. Thanks!

    • Hey Becky

      You should look for retailers offering an option to choose different sized and patterned tankini bottoms. Then you can choose the pattern flattering you the most. Check out this retailer offering swimwear for each body shape.

      Cheers, Arta

  6. Becca W.

    I love takinis! After I had children it was my top choice , there are so many options you offer.
    I really like how you put pros and cons on the product.
    Even though I’m not in need to the push- up top tankini because I have the opposite problem, you offer a variety of different choices throughout your website.
    Lots of great information!

    • Hey Becca

      Thank you for visiting my website and taking your time to share your view.
      Our bodies tend to change, especially after having children so tankini swimsuits can be of great help to feel confident while on the beach. Push up tankini offers modest yet sexy outlook and is favored for its ability of extra lift for those in a need 🙂
      As you mention you have the opposite problem I suppose you are well endowed in your chest area. We have listed the best swimsuit choices for big busted women – perhaps your perfect swimsuit is there 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  7. Kristin

    That is a beautiful swimsuit and the 2 cons you listed for it aren’t really that big a deal in my life – I hand wash all my suits and I don’t care for the push up anyways. I would like it a lot in a lighter color too like jade

    • Hey Kristin

      Hand-washing of your swimsuit is the best you can do for your bathing suit to make it last long and look good. Unfortunately, this style doesn’t come in lighter color – the only colors available are this one and black. However, I have had a look and found these beautiful tankinis:

      Hope you will find your perfect tankini swimsuit!

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