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Without doubt, push up swimsuits emphasize your sensuality. If you want to boost your feminine qualities, push up swimsuits are the right choice. There are different types of suchlike swimsuits, you just need to decide which one is the most suitable for you.

Push Up Swimsuits
Push Up Swimsuits – to Flaunt Your Sensuality

Whether push up bikinis or push up tankinis, your sensuality will be emphasized in all cases. The secret of perfect push up swimwear is to drive attention to the parts of your body you would like to underline. Thus you will feel much more comfortable and confident of your self.

Push up Bikinis vs Push up Tankinis

Let’s look at the two most popular types of push up swimsuits – push up bikinis and push up tankinis. It is clear that both of these are perfect for fulfilling their main function – accentuating your feminine qualities, but along with this there are also other features each type of swimsuit carries.

If you want to get even sun tan and if you feel comfortable of revealing your body to certain extent, push up bikinis would be your perfect choice. There is a great variety of push up bikinis out there, you just need to define your wishes and find the matching one.

Push up tankinis, in their turn, are perfect in case there is some part of your body you would like to conceal or correct. For instance, if you believe you should correct your belly, there are available tummy control tankinis with push up effect. With suchlike swimsuit, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Hints on How to Choose the Most Suitable Swimsuit

There are few general hints on how to reach the desirable effect with colours and patterns. The colour and pattern effect is unbelievable – just by choosing the right colour or pattern of your push up swimsuit you can make a huge difference. Therefore, we have gathered some general hints on how to make the colour and pattern to work for you and not against you.

You should choose the colour and material underlining your pros. If you want to pay attention to certain part of your body – you should use bright colours or patterns. But if you want to hide something, you should choose one colour swimsuit.

In case your skin is pale, it could be a good idea to choose swimsuit in colour black or jewel tones, such as dark purple, blue or puce. If you have a dark tone skin, bright and vivid colours can help you in hiding the places you would like to hide and you will look stunning in suchlike swimwear.

If you want to make certain parts of your body to look bigger (for instance, your breasts or hips), you should choose a swimsuit crinkle in these places. But if you would like to make certain parts of your body to look smaller (for instance, your waist), you should look for a frilled swimsuit.

Last year tendencies have shown increased popularity of swimsuits with different top and bottom – mix and match swimsuits. And we would like to encourage also you to try it out. It is a great tool to implement our HH (Hide and Highlight) strategy. As an example, you would like to highlight your breast part but drive attention away from your hips. In suchlike case, you should wear swimsuit top in bright, vivid colour or pattern and the bottom in some dark colour either black, dark blue or brown depending on the top you have chosen. Make sure to experiment with different tops and bottoms to make your outfit working for you and not against you.

Make Your Swimsuits to Work in Favour of Yourself