Plus Size Tankini Bathing Suits

Plus Size Tankini Bathing Suits

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Plus Size Tankini Bathing Suits
Plus Size Tankini Bathing Suits – Versatile Figure Flattering Swim Wear

Years ago finding plus size swimwear could be like a nightmare due to lack of nice options to choose from. The good news are that it has changed and nowadays there is a wide range of plus size bathing suits. The main advantage of plus size tankini bathing suits is the additional support and coverage you can get from this kind of swimwear.

Accentuate Your Assets with Plus Size Tankini Bathing Suits

When Lycra was introduced in middle of 20th century, the world of bathing suits changed forever. The fantastic features of this fibre facilitated the development of swimwear industry. New patterns, new designs and new built-in features was as flattering as visit to plastic surgeon just without pain and fuss.

Since then many designers have plaid with designs and patterns to create bathing suits suitable for all women. Thanks to Lycra the suit and the body under it keeps its place and never slips off. Consequently, plus size tankini bathing suits allow you to accentuate your curves at the same time hiding the places you would like to drive the attention away.

If you are wondering about how to look smaller in a swimsuit, the following hints could help you:

  • There are things you shouldn’t save on and swimsuit is definitely among those things. Looking good in a swimsuit is directly connected to the quality of the swimsuit, therefore we would encourage you to buy more expensive but qualitative bathing suit. Be sure to look for the sales of designer plus size tankini bathing suits or some well-known brand. Qualitative bathing suit means the fabrics used in production are good enough not to pale and not to loose their form after usage.
  • Pay attention to additional support the tankini swimsuit offers. Many plus size swimsuits offer built-in shape wear that is intended to additionally highlight your curves where you want it. Some other tankini swimsuit could offer tummy control or additional support for your bust area, for instance underwire tankini.
  • The colour does matter. As you most likely know dark colours make you look slimmer. But is doesn’t have to be only black colour. Be sure to experiment with dark blue or dark red colours.
  • Follow the way you stand and walk – when standing up straight, the body looks slimmer.
  • Try on some accessories – either some hat or jewellery as these attract the attention and evince your own style.

Concealing Replaced by Revealing

They used to say that plus size women should hide their bodies by avoiding bikinis, using pareos, tunics or other types of cover ups but this strategy has now changed. Increased number of brands are focusing on creating amazing plus size bathing suits. Plus size women are encouraged to reveal themselves to an extent acceptable for them and not to be afraid of their bodies.

Each body is beautiful but for sure only if its owner loves it. So the main provision is to actually love yourself, love your body. Only then you will look and feel confident on the beach no matter what you are wearing. Everything starts in our heads so this is the starting point. Once you have learnt to love your body, you will see the ease of replacing concealing by revealing. There are oceans of beautiful plus size bathing suits out there – don’t limit yourself to classic and conservative swim wear.

Let’s Enter the World of the Splendid Plus Size Tankini Bathing Suits!

==> Our Collection of Plus Size Tankinis <==

We do hope you will manage to find your perfect swimsuit on our website. In case you need some help – do not hesitate to drop a comment below and we will get back to you!

6 thoughts on “Plus Size Tankini Bathing Suits

  1. Diana Worley

    I love to shop… except for swimsuits. I loath shopping for swimsuits. I think the reason is obvious nothing ever fits right, ugh!! This sounds like it might work though, a modest 2 piece.
    Can you recommend a brand that you feel offers good quality for the price? Or one that is known for good fit. That would help me narrow down what I am looking for!
    Thank in advance.

    • Hi Diana,
      What a familiar feeling about shopping the swimsuit. This is a headache also for me as it takes a lot of time to find the right suit. And that is one of the reasons we created this site – to help myself and all the other women out there having the same problem.
      Currently, we are in the start phase of our journey as there are so many brands offering swimsuits. It is hard not to loose head in this wide range of bathing suits. So we are moving forward very slowly to be sure we do recommend the right brands. If talking about Plus size Bathing Suits, I have found a great site offering full figure swimwear.
      I will also cover this topic in some of my following posts.
      See you, Arta

  2. Sonya

    Hi there, I just wanted to say that I love that you are catering to plus sized women. Women with curves are beautiful and I am happy that designers are showing more interest in making fashionable swim suits for the plus sized ladies. I have friends that struggle with swim suit shopping because what they find is either just plain ugly or isn’t cut flatteringly.

    • Hey Sonya

      I agree with you – it is great that designers are thinking out of the box by paying attention to all body shapes. Without doubt, swimsuit has to be flattering and it should put the right accents to highlight the assets. Swimsuit can be used also to hide any flaws you wish to hide therefore it is important to know what you wish to accentuate and what to hide to choose the right bathing suit. With such a vast range of different features and functions embodied in contemporary swimwear it is just a matter of looking in the right places to find the perfect swimsuit.

      Good luck, Arta

  3. Mercedes

    I really like what you have to say about loving yourself and walking with confidence. That is really the key especially when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. Bathing suit shopping isn’t fun for most women but this site is really encouraging and it’s nice to be able to see how they fit on different types of bodies and they look great. I may have to check out the Tiered Tankini Top for this summer!

    • Hi Mercedes

      The way we feel in a bathing suit is directly connected to the way we look when wearing a swimming suit. The better we feel the better we look. And once we settle this in our heads, it turns out that wearing a swimsuit is not so bad after all.
      Tiered tankini top is a great choice. It looks fabulous and helps in hiding some flaws around the midsection.

      Happy summer, Arta

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