Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups – Top Picks to Glance on the Beach

Let's sOCEANize :)

We have created our collection of plus size bathing suit cover ups by choosing cover ups rewarded the highest by actual wearers. Just imagine – someone has tried on the cover up, someone has evaluated it and someone has gone through all the reviews to create this stunning collection of plus size bathing suit cover ups for you.

Our Collection of Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups – Are You Ready to Dazzle?

All you need to do is just choose the one. Though we know it can be the hardest part of the process 🙂 So we hope our collection of women’s plus size cover ups will inspire you and finish your searches.

Our Top Choice of Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups – Black Margarita High-Low Dress

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Product: Black Margarita High-Low Dress

Price: $ 37.80 (usual price $ 54)

Features: Scoopneck, High-Low Design, Sophisticated Detailing Around Neck

This black Margarita High-Low Plus size bathing suit cover up dress is an absolute hit among customers. 89% of all reviewers evaluate this beach cover up with 5 stars convincing us that it is a great deal for such a price!

Black Margarita High-Low Dress
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Flattering Fit
  • Great Price
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Dries Quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Slimming Design
  • Easy to Care for



  • Thin Material (OK for a cover up but not OK for a dress)
  • Not recommended for pear-shaped women
  • Not flattering for large-busted women
User Review
4.29 (7 votes)

So there are a lot of reviews for this one and the majority just stating the good features of this plus size beach dress. The cover up is said to be lightweight, comfortable, stylish and slimming.

Many customers have worn it as a day dress in summer. Even though the material is little sheer if, against the light, it suits summer. The material is said to be perfect for hot to very hot weather as it will cool you down.

The beach cover up dress is said to be easy to care for – just rinse in cold water. The dress dries quickly and neither shrinks nor fades.

The attractive design is slimming and loose fit is said to skim past bulges one could have.

Majority assess fit true to size yet it still depends on the particularities of each figure so better to re-check size chart or get in touch with the retailer to precise the size to order.

Nevertheless, as always there are also few flaws and negative reviews as people are different and so are our bodies. The cover up dress is said not to complement pear-shaped women and large-busted women.

Few say the material is too thin so you would wish to use this beach dress only as a cover up and not as a casual dress for dinner. But it differs from person to person as many others say quite the reverse.

To sum up, whether you use this cover up dress as a cover up or dress for going out, this plus size beach dress is a great deal for a great price and highly recommended by many women who have bought it. So in case all of the above seems acceptable to you and you like it, don’t hesitate to go for it.

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Other Great Choices of Plus Size Beach Dresses – Hit the Beach in Style

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Product: White Swiss Dot Cover Up

Price: $ 35 (usual price $ 50)

Features: V-Neck, Roll Up Sleeves Secured with Button, Unlined, Semi-Sheer, Loose Fit, Pockets, Button Closure on Front, 100% Cotton

The versatile White Swiss Dot Cover Up will make you look cool and dressy. This feminine yet practical plus size beach cover up will make you feel comfortable and stylish regardless of your age. You can pair it with your shorts or leggings for a casual outfit. Besides this, your skin will love the touch of 100% cotton material.

Women who have bought this beach cover up admit it being lightweight, pleasant to the skin, versatile and comfortable. The adjustable sleeves add up to the diversity of your wardrobe. The cover up dries quickly.

According to short women, the cover up will reach your knees. Few state it tends to run larger so be careful when choosing your size.

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Product: Black Cut-Out Sleeve Dress

Price: $ 32.20 (usual price $ 46)

Features: Deep V-Neck, Soft Jersey Knit, Attractive Cutout Sleeve Design, Tie on the Back, Mid-Thigh Length, 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex

The attractive Black Cut-Out Sleeve Plus Size Beach Dress is a head-turner. The material is said to be very soft and extremely pleasant for wearing. Polyester blend ensures durability so it makes it up for the synthetic material.

Women who have bought this cover up have used it not only as a cover up and received many compliments while wearing it. It is said to be slimming and long enough to ensure great coverage. Versatile design allows wearing the beach dress either on or off shoulders thanks to tie on the back.

The sleeves are said to run a little bit longer than on the photo but still looking cool and stylish.

Owing to the sleeve length, the cover up is said to be perfect for an evening on the beach rather than a day as it could get quite hot during the day. But some other women state that it doesn’t get too hot due to cut outs and thin material.

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Product: Fuschia Crossback Tunic

Price: $ 35 (usual price $ 50)

Features: V-Neck, Unlined, Dolman Sleeves, Wide Armholes, Crossback, 30% Rayon / 70% Polyester

The flattering Fuschia Crossback Tunic is said to be lightweight. The color is said to be vivid and very attractive. Excellent cover up for those tired of black color. Loose fit ensures great coverage for problem areas around your tummy.

Few customers advise the fit of the cover up is poor – it tends to run smaller. It is said not to be a good option for tall women due to insufficient coverage.

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Product: White Terry Pullover Hoodie

Price: $ 33.60 (usual price $ 48)

Features: Lightweight, Semi-Sheer, Hood, 100% Polyester

White Terry Pullover Hoodie is said to suit any bathing suit, but as it tends to be semi-sheer, we do believe it looks the best on a light bathing suit. We do love the hood. It is a great solution – you can protect your head during a very hot or windy day.

The cover up dries quickly and is very comfortable. Women who have bought this beach cover up have enjoyed wearing it. It is particularly suitable for an active day on the beach.

Few customers say the cover up runs large os be careful when choosing the size. One was disappointed about the material – it was not light enough for her.

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Product: Seamint Terry Zip Hoodie

Price: $ 32.20 (usual price $ 46)

Features: Zip Front, Hood, Pockets, 100% Polyester

Seamint Terry Zip Hoodie features absolutely marvelous color. This cover up is highly evaluated by its wearers and is an absolute 5-star product. The beach cover up fits true to size and armholes are said to be well-cut.

The length is said to be perfect for ensuring the right coverage. Material is vibrant and very pleasant.

The color is said to be more aquaish than on the picture but none of the customers is disappointed about this.

Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Product: Adventure High-Low Tunic

Price: $ 21 (usual price $ 30)

Features: Scoop neck, High-Low Hemline, Sheer, 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex

The cover up is said to be very see-through though none of the customers complain about this. Women love the design and comfort this cover up offers. It dries fast and is lightweight. Great value for the price.

Few customers state the beach cover up running bigger to size.

We do hope you liked our selection. Unless you have found your perfect plus size beach cover up, check out the related products beneath.

You are welcome to have a look at other types of swimsuit cover ups – perhaps some fabulous sarong or chic beach dress is the cover up you are looking for 🙂

9 thoughts on “Plus Size Bathing Suit Cover Ups – Top Picks to Glance on the Beach

  1. Ash

    Great roundup! All the dresses look extremely comfortable which is a must for a beach cover-up. I mean, we want to laze on the beach comfortably and have something easy to put on and take off, and these dresses look like they fit the bill!

    For the Margarita dress, I don’t think its thin material is a major con if we consider it solely for its function as a cover-up beach dress. But I wonder why it doesn’t come in other colors though?

    • Hey Ashley
      Exactly my wonder, as well. This cover up is highly evaluated by its wearers so availability of other colors for this beach cover up would be win-win situation for everybody 🙂 Perhaps next season the manufacturer will produce this cover up dress also in other colors to satisfy demand of the market.
      Having said that, owing to my researches, black and white are the most popular colors of beach cover ups as these match bathing suit in nearly any color.
      Enjoy your day, Arta

  2. Soby

    Beautiful designs…. so such a small prices!!! I really like Black Cut-Out Sleeve Dress and the very last one Adventure High-Low Tunic – WOW so feminine! I just wish all women can feel confident and sexy on the beach or by the pool, no matter what size and age you are! We all deserve it!
    Thank you for such a beautiful selection 🙂

    • Hi Soby

      These designs of plus size bathing suit cover ups are great and the prices are really reasonable. So I hope this will lead to many women feeling much better when going to a pool or beach. You are right – we all deserve to have a good time on beach and usually these two things are connected – as I tend to say – feel good to look good 🙂
      Let’s rock 🙂


  3. Patsy

    I have a few sun/lounge dresses and bathing suit cover ups. I love how comfortable they are. The styles you have here are really nice, and there are many to choose from. The prices are great also.

    I like how they are easy to take care of, the first one and the white shirt style with the buttons are nice styles.

    I had an accident almost 4 years ago and gained a lot of weight so this is what I have been wearing a lot of. I always get larger sizes. The weather for these is finally here it’s great.

    • Hey Patsy

      I know what you mean and couldn’t agree more – sundresses are really comfortable and I see them as a must have piece of clothing for easy summer 🙂 If properly chosen sundress can keep you cool or quite the reverse – warm depending on the weather conditions. Plus size bathing suit cover ups will flatter full figured and curvy women. I usually prefer choosing several beach cover ups to match each of my bathing suit – I love to finish my beach outfit in a fashionable and elegant manner. So I always look for reasonable prices but keeping in mind the quality of the materials the garment is made of.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Priya Darsini

    HI, there, I learned a great information today.Although I go to the beach occasionally, I like the idea of wearing Beach Sarong cover up.I like Gottex Beach Sarongs.I like silk material.Cool and suitable to wear on hot days.Simple, nice looking, trendy and easy to care.I never try it before.Thanks, fo the information.

    • Hi Priya

      Beach sarongs cover ups are the most versatile type of bathing suit cover up as these can be tied in 20 different ways. Silk is a great material and particularly suitable for a cover up due to its properties.
      A sarong is a great option of plus size bathing suit cover ups as it comes in one size and can be easily adjusted to the peculiarities of each body.

      Cheers, Arta

  5. Juliet

    Thanks for the article on the plus size bathing suit cover ups.  It’s really not easy for plus sized women to get fitting and comfortable bathing suits, but you’ve made it easier by not just talking about them, but putting up links of purchase for them. I also like your choice of suits. Thumbs up 

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