Mix and Match Tankini

Mix And Match Tankini – Affordable Yet Flattering Choices

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It is that time of year again, summer is here and that means getting the best swimsuits to look and feel great at the beach, and at the pools. The best swimwear has got to be the mix match tankini swimsuits, they are not only flattering for all body shapes and sizes, but they are popular and the go-to look this summer.

Mix Match Tankini Swimsuits – a Must-Have of the Season

Mix match tankini swimsuits, can truly make you feel great as well as being comfortable while lounging on the beach and by the pool. You can mix it up with different colors and styles to feel your absolute best.

Let’s face it, all bodies are different in sizes and shapes, by wearing your Mix and match tankini, you can opt for bigger sizes on tops or bottoms to get that perfect and comfortable fit. Many women can have bigger bust areas and need a larger size, while having a smaller size on the bottom, by purchasing the Mix Match Tankini, you can get whatever size you need to suit your body.

Moreover, mix and match swimsuits are a godsend to women with broad shoulders as it is possible to choose a dark top with bright bottoms to visually narrow shoulders.

Mix Match Tankini Tops – 8 Best Sellers

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: Dearlove Blouson Floral Tankini Top

This tankini is truly a favorite, many women who have purchased this item rave about the comfortableness and the true to size fit that it offers.

Dearlove Blouson Floral Tankini Top
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance




  • Flattering
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Good quality
  • Modest
  • Supportive
  • Hides Tummy



  • Poor Sizing
  • Not Suitable for Petite


User Review
4.1 (10 votes)
Mix and Match Tankini

With flattering seams and top quality material, people are in love with this tankini, not only is it appealing, but it also runs in sizes for curvier women.

By wearing this tankini, you can honestly enjoy the summer without being self-conscious about how you look.

This tankini top is proven to cover the tummy and hide any imperfections around it. It is due to the loose design making the bathing suit top a great shelter.

The material is thick and qualitative, the construction of the tankini is great and it is well-made.

Many people are upset that this tankini only comes in a top and they have to search for bottoms to match it.

Some people also had a hard time returning, and some people complained about the size running to small.

==> Get The Stylish and Flattering Dearlove Blouson Floral Tankini Top Here <==

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: ENLACHIC Striped Printed Tankini Top

This tankini not only looks appealing, but it also has tummy control built in, that is a win-win in my book. The tankini top is super affordable, and the size runs from medium to three x-large.

Mix and Match Tankini

Customers reported that not only is this tankini an eye catcher, but it also is true to fit, and you won’t have to worry about your girls falling out of place, and by that I mean your bust will stay in place.

The only negative review found was that there was a lot of padding and if you do not need the extra padding on top, then this tankini is not for you.

==> Get The Eye-Catching Enlachic Tankini Top Here <==

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: Hilor Retro Ruched Tankini Top with Ruffle Hem

Hilor tankini not only has a built in bra, and tummy control, but it also comes in many different printed styles as well as solid colors.

Mix and Match Tankini

This tankini is very stylish and from the looks of the reviews, women of all ages can be flattered with this style. The retro ruched tankini top is said to hug and flatter all the right places without sacrificing the comfort of its wearer. Ruching is a perfect solution for women wishing to hide their tummies.

Women who have bought this tankini appreciate the adjustable straps as it allows to adjust the top to ones needs. The tankini is said to be long enough to cover all the needed areas.

Mix and Match Tankini

The tankini top is true to its size and also gathers at the hemline with a little bit of flair, that accentuates into a flattering tummy line. This tankini also stretches to fit and form your body perfectly and comfortably.

Some customers complained of the arm line being too tight and squeezing them by the armpit areas.

The tankini top has no underwire and few customers see this as a flaw.

==> Get the Slimming and Sensual Hilor Tankini Top Here <==

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: Mycoco One Shoulder Tankini Top

This is one of my absolute favorite tankinis, it is so sexy and flattering, and the price is unbeatable. The one-shoulder tankini is very flattering and also offers tummy control, customers praised the quality and the feeling of looking good in this tankini.

The only review found that was negative, was that the item shipped and was found dirty upon arrival, this could have been a case of someone trying it on and returning without washing it.

==> Get the Sexy and Chic Mycoco One Shoulder Tankini Top Here <==

Product: Gabrielle-Aug Sailor Stripe Tankini Top

Mix and Match Tankini

This tankini comes in multiple styles, and is also adjustable. With a fun and modern look to it, you can mix and match this tankini with just about any bottom and it will look great.

Customers reported that this tankini is true to size, and is also very comfortable making women feel great while wearing it.

Some customers reported that the cut was to low for their liking and that they felt no support in the bust area.

==> Get the Cute and Comfortable Gabrielle-Aug Sailor Tankini Top Here <==

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: Dokotoo Striped Tankini Top

Mix and Match Tankini

This tankini boasts fresh and hip style, while covering all of the right places. Running from sizes small all the way up to three x-large, and being super affordable, you just can’t go wrong with it.

Customers reported that this tankini is true to fit, as well as getting exactly what they ordered.

Some reviewers complained about some of the colors running when they washed them in the laundry, as well as others complaining that sizes run too small for them.

==> Get the Affordable and Stylish Dokotoo Tankini Top Here <==

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: Gabrielle-Aug Floral Stripe Blouson Tankini Top

Mix and Match Tankini

Very flattering and form-fitting tankini, that runs from sizes eight to eighteen. This tankini is very fashionable and comes in multiple styles and designs.

Customers appreciated the style of this tankini, as it can be used for swimming as well as with a pair of shorts after swimming.

Size has been expressed as true to fit, and comfort has been rated as top of the line.

Some customers complained that the middle was unflattering and that the material was too clingy on their bodies.

==> Get the Form-Fitting Gabrielle-Aug Blouson Tankini Top Here <==

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: Anne Cole Twist Front Shirred Bandeau Tankini Top

Mix and Match Tankini

This tankini flatters all body types, as well as women of all ages. With its sleek yet simple look, this modern tankini will look great paired with any bottom.

Customers reported that sizes are true to fit, as well as being comfortable and for fitting.

Some complained that the material of this tankini was cheap and flimsy.

==> Get the Simple and Feminine Anne Cole Twisted Tankini Top Here <==

The super funfeature of Mix and Match tankini is that you can get just the top and pair it with your existing swimsuit briefs. However, to add some versatility, check the below bottoms to hit the beach in style.

Mix Match Tankini BottomsTop Selling Pieces

Mix and Match Tankini

Product: GRAPENT Women’s High Waisted Swim Bottom

High waist covers troubled areas, customers agreed that this bottom flattered all women from smaller sizes to plus sizes. These bottoms are available in many colors.

People complained that the material was cheap and see-through, as well as sizes ran too big for some customers.

==> Get the Forgiving Grapent High Waisted Swim Briefs Here <==

Product: Aleumdr Womens Side Split Waistband Swim Shorts

Mix and Match Tankini

Customers reported sizes were true to fit and these swim shorts are extremely comfortable and flattering. For all of the self-conscious women out there, these are perfect for you.

Customers reported that these swim shorts were too long for them, as well as being loose fitting.

Nevertheless, this swim bottom is among the best sellers of the season loved by many customers so definitely worth considering. Available in many colors.

==> Get the Comfortable Aleumdr Swim Shorts Here <==

Product: GRAPENT Women’s High Waist Swim Skirt

Mix and Match Tankini

Customers reported they felt comfortable, as well as having coverage in all of the right places. It comes in a great variety of colors.

This bottom is perfect for women of all ages and for women with all different body shapes. It offers increased coverage and therefore worth considering for women wishing to conceal their hips and thighs.

Some reviewers did not like the flared bottom of this swimsuit briefs.

==> Get the Grapent Swim Skirt Here <==

Product: Luvamia Women’s Ruched High Waist Swim Brief

Mix and Match Tankini

Great quality, and true to fit sizes, these bottoms will match virtually any tankini top.

These swimsuit bottoms are available also in other colors.

There were no cons reported so these briefs seem to be a great deal for reasonable price

==> Get the Ruched Luvamia High Waist Swim Briefs Here <==

Product: Tournesol Women’s Swimsuit Bottoms Tummy Control

Mix and Match Tankini

True to fit, as well as flattering for women of all sizes. People expressed how comfortable and concealing this bottom was. Tummy control feature of the bathing suit briefs is highly appreciated by many customers.

Some people complained that this bottom did not flatter their body due to the waist line not covering the belly-button area.

==> Get the Concealing Tournesol Swimsuit Bottoms Here <==

Product: Septangle Women’s Vintage High Waisted Tankini Brief

Customers loved this high waist flattering bottom. Many reported that the styles and material are strong and fun, being able to match any tankini top to them.

Many people complained that the sizes ran way too small for them, therefore, it is extremely important to carefully check the size chart and I would suggest also getting in touch with the retailer for specifying the size to order.

==> Get the Vintage High Waist Swimsuit Briefs Here <==

Product: Ocean Blues Women’s Swim Ruched Bikini Bottom

Mix and Match Tankini

These bottoms were reported as being extremely comfortable, and very flattering.

A bonus is that they can be matched with almost any tankini top for a completely different look each time. These bottoms come in many colors.

Some reported that the material is see-through when put on.

==> Get the Cute Ocean Blues Swim Bottoms Here <==

Product: MiYang Women’s Swim Shorts

Mix and Match Tankini

The quality of these bottoms was reported as being made with top quality material.

Many people reported that these bottoms are very easy to pair with any tankini top. These swim shorts come in a vast range of colors and patterns.

Some people reported that these swim bottoms ran too small for them.

==> Get the Qualitative Yet Affordable MiYang Swim Shorts Here <==

Have you managed to find your perfect Mix and Match Tankini? Let us know below.

If not, here are some places to check as these offer a wide range of Mix and Match bathing suits:

Amazon – check here for tankini tops and here for bottoms.

Swimsuits for All offer wide variety of tankini tops and matched bottoms.

38 thoughts on “Mix And Match Tankini – Affordable Yet Flattering Choices

  1. Riaz Shah

    So that’s what they’re called! Tankinis! I thought it’s just some street style people made up, I never knew it’s a thing. You don’t know how happy I am to come across your site, I’m looking to buy this for my girl, at least it’s better than bikinis and it’s more decent-looking too. I used to love them but man, I think it happens when you’re aged.

  2. Ashley

    I was actually looking for a tankini top recently – so your article comes at the perfect time. I’m quite a small girl at 92 lbs and 5 feet 4, so which of these tops would you recommend most for my size? I really loved the colors from the first one (the one from Dearlove) but you said it’s not really suitable for a petite person. Also, do you think I could replace the bottom with some bikini? I prefer those because they suit my body type better. Do you think a tankini top would look well enough with a a pair of bikini – or I should go for a tankini bottom as well? Any suggestions would really help.

    • Arta

      Hey Ashley

      Unfortunately, Dearlove tankini top is reported as unsuitable for petite so you would need to choose any other tankini top – I think all of them are so cute. 

      The good thing about mix and match tankinis is that you get the tankini top separately and can match it with any swimsuit bottom, even with the one you already own. So these tops can be easily mixed and matched with any bikini bottom.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  3. Heather

    Hi, me and my family are actually planning on going in a holiday so my daughter was looking for a pair of tankini top and bottom. I’m glad I found your article, because you offer some excellent choices. Regarding these tops – do they also come in other colors? Let’s say I pick one because I like its fabric and style – could I also find it in different colors but with the same style and fabric? That would really help.

    • Arta

      Hi Heather

      The tankini tops come in a variety of colors and patterns – so you can easily get several of these mix and match tankini tops to flaunt a chic beach outlook.

      Wishing you a nice holiday with your daughter hopefully in a flattering tankini 🙂


  4. Daniel

    I am glad I stumbled upon this article as this is exactly what my wife enjoys and she actually has a lot of tankinis. Our anniversary is next week and this could actually be a great gift for her. I think that Anne Cole Twist Fron tankini would suit her best, thank you for sharing!

  5. Charles

    Thank you for these recommendations. I will keep it in mind because maybe I will need to get a gift for someone one day. Thank you for making me such a thorough review of all the different kinds and teaching me some things about bathing suits that I didn’t know. So basically a tankini helps you get a better tan or what is the difference between a tankini and a regular bathing suit?

    • Arta

      Hey Charles

      Tankini swimsuits are two piece swimsuit but having the coverage of a one piece bathing suit. So you get the ease of use and comfort of a bikini with coverage of one piece swimsuit. It is a great choice for women looking for increased coverage but wishing to avoid the complexity of one piece swimsuits.

      Cheers, Arta

  6. AirplaneJane

    Love the different tankinis. I have to say that the ad at the bottom threw me for a loop as it was for a tankini and I was looking for the review of it. It can be so hard to find the right size bottom and top to fit all body times the mix and match ability is great. 

    some people might like to make their choice based on review alone, but for me I like to see cost as well. Just a thought.

  7. RoDarrick

    Tankinis are definitely better than bikinis especially for married women and that’s the more reason I always checkout the latest up here for my wife. I like the blends you have reviewed here and surely, they are great choices to select from. I might definitely buy a couple more from these listed above for her. She likes all these tankinis better

  8. Anne-Sophie

    Ok, so, the Enlachic Top is definitely my favorite! I live by the sea, and it is quite a nightmare to find nice summer clothes, especially bathing suits. I want something simple, that I can wash everyday, practical, but pretty. I must confess, I also love the Gabrielle-Aug Sailor Strap Tankini Top. I would have the feeling to have a bit of Jean-Paul Gaultier over my shoulders! 

    Thanks! Anso

  9. Robert

    I realize that it may seem odd that a man is commenting on women’s bathing suits, but I do have some opinions! I believe the Tankini idea is an excellent one as it allows a woman to wear beach clothing without feeling self-conscious about her body. The styles and colors look great and are presented in a clear, concise and informative way with easy-to-follow text. I only wish that something similar existed for men! Thank you for writing this great review.

  10. Willy

    Amazing. This is a really amazing review here… In my quest to get the nicest swim suits for my partner, I. Have made a lot of search and couldn’t get any reliable product online with this mind blowing and nice features. The fact that this mix match tankini swim suite Hides tummy makes it really lovable for me…I must say a big thank you for such a great review,  I hope to see more of this.

  11. Murray

    Hi, I was wondering what are the major materials that these swimsuits are made of? It might be a good idea for you to state them more specifically in presenting the different types of swimsuits you promote.

    Also, in presenting your first swimsuit – Dearlove Blousen Floral Tankini Top, it would be better to complete your initial description of this item including the last word “look” before presenting the box detailing the characteristics and pros and cons of the product.

    Furthermore, I think it might be a good idea to use more contrasting colors than the green and blue for the star ratings which are a little difficult to differentiate with those two colors.

    • Arta

      Hey Murray

      Thank you for your comment, and I agree with you that it is a good idea to show the material composition of the swimsuits, and I will keep this in mind with the next posts.

      I have also noted your further points and will implement those, as well.

      Thank you!


  12. Chloe

    These are really nice tankini tops. My daughter have had a long range of problem shopping for her desired tankini top and this keeps her really frustrated. I love the dokotoo striped for her because she has always have this thing for colorful things. I’ll get her one and the prices are really cool. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Baraka

    Hello Ashley.Congratulation.This article is very nice.I had no Idea about Tankins.I only knew the bikins.Good enough Tankins are very nice and look attractive than bikins.Hopeful to buy some Tankins for my beloved wife.The information in this article is very important as many people are looking for something better than bikins.Tankin is the perfect solution.Thank you.


  14. Wendy Fisher

    Ooh! Sign me up for that Striped Printed Tankini top. I love the colors – they remind me of the sunset colors of New Mexico. And that geometric print is really elegant. I’m also a fan of tankinis because they’re cute but still modest. And you’re right – being able to mix and match sizes is really useful for getting the best fit. 

    This makes me sad that I’m closing down my pool for the season! But summer will roll around again, and maybe then I can pick one of these up. I’m always on the lookout for flattering swimsuits. Thanks for this post. It’s so nice to find organized information about swimsuits. 

  15. Mugalu Mansoor

    I have fell in love with the Mix Match Tankini swimsuit at the time I started reading your content my dear because swimming is my hobby and without it at least twice a week I feel sick and what’s amazing about this swimsuit it is favourable to all sizes of women which is interesting 

    • Arta

      Hey Mugalu

      I would suggest you to have a look at chlorine resistant swimsuit options here as swimming is your hobby so I think you could be interested in longer lasting bathing suits.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  16. cordelia nixon

    I had to smile at the opening paragraph about “summer is just starting” here in the UK we are about to move into daylight saving and the weather is hideous. Looking at Tankinis was a boost on a windy wet day. Earlier today I was looking at a cruise for Feb, I am truly delighted to have found this site. 

    I find Bikinis are a little too exposing and I no longer have the confidence to wear them. The “Flattering Tankini” in a gorgeous turquoise is perfect. 

    Further down the blog I found a wonderful pair of shorts which go perfectly with the top so the “Mix and Match” approach worked a treat. I also thought the costs are competative. 

    Your web site is clear and clean, I like it when its easy to navigate and loose interest quickly in busy sites. Yours kept my interest for some considerable time. 

    A thoroughly good site to visit…


  17. Jon

    I think that Mycoco Tankini swimsuit looks awesome and I would buy it if I were a lady. There are so many swimsuits to choose from that I wish that men got more choices overall. Most of the swimshorts we buy are uncomfortable. What would you recommend if you were a guy?

    • Arta

      Hey Jon

      Thank you for your comment. It seems to me that this topic is worth investigating so I will come back with my suggestions.

      Cheers, Arta

  18. MrBiizy

    Hello Arta. It’s really nice to see you share this post on these affordable yet flattering choices of mix and match tankini. I really love these as they’reattractive, beautiful, comfortable, well designed and I am very sure that my lady would make some great choices from these. I personally love the first two tankini tops.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Parameter

    Thanks a lot, honestly its been quite some while I made my wife happy, your honest review makes me know that I am in the right place where I can get some things to make her happy.
    I am going with the Enlachic Striped printed Tankini Top, considering its ability to keep the burst in its position, for the padding I don’t think it will be an issue at all.
    Once again, Thanks

  20. Rashaad

    Hi there! These are some great mix and match choices for affordable and flattering tankini tops. I love the variety of suits on your website and how they are all different categories. I can’t wait for it to start warming up for me to purchase new choices. Thanks again for sharing and I look forward to reading more!

  21. Cathy Allen

    Thank you so much for this article! I love the mix-and-match idea. I especially like the look of the bikini shorts and skirts. I prefer a more modest bottom than many other women. The Hilor Retro Ruched Tankini Top with the ruffled hem really is eye-catching. It would look great combined with the MiYang Women’s Swim Shorts in solid black. Thank you for the links so I can check these out!

  22. Samikingss

    Wow I love these tankini’s, they are so beautiful and very sexy. It gives me ideas. My spouse is going to be thrilled when I get some as gifts for her. The prices should be withered down a bit though. Definitely these are going to go out of sales pretty fast this summer. I and my spouse we talked about getting some fancy swim suits this summer just over a week random now here I am seeing these gorgeous beauties on this article, great job guys, I do not need to look any further anymore. 

  23. Shimba

    Thank you for this helpful post. I did not know what tankini swimsuit was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, Dokotoo striped tankini and Anne Cole twist front shirred bandeau tankini is what to purchase and I like will really help my wife to feel great as well as being comfortable while lounging on the beach and by the pool. How do i know if a swimsuit is too small?

    • Arta

      Hey there

      I would suggest you looking here to find a detailed instruction on how to detect the right size of the bathing suit to order.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  24. Michel

    Gorgeous separates and it is great that these costumes are so versatile in that you can mix and match to your heart’s content and by just purchasing a few pieces you could have a different costume for every day of the week.

    I love the Anne Cole twist front bright pink costume as well as the stripey Gabrielle top. These two alone will match various bottoms that you have displayed on this page.

  25. Eric

    These tankinis are great.  I love this style because they are more modest of swimsuits and are still fully functional for swimsuit activities.  All of the color options are great.  The style variety really adds value to this post.  My fiance wheres 1 piece bathing suits but I will have to ask her what she thinks of tankinis.

  26. David

                                                                                                                                                  May 31 2020

    As a male, your products are not suitable to this viewer, but that does not preclude this person to look at your website.

    It is very easy to navigate. The reviews were clear and understandable with appropriate pros and cons.

    The Affiliate Disclaimer on every page showed you to be an upfront person.

    Not only did you preview swimsuits in all shapes and sizes, keeping healthy and fit was also prominent on your site.

    An excellent site for ladies of all ages looking for swimwear.


    David Cartwright

  27. Philebur

    Tankinis have remained on offer in the intervening decades, they’ve faded as a “style,” relegated to retailers like Athleta, which makes them as athletic wear, and Lands’ End, where trend-agnostic offerings change little from year to year. Technically, tankinis can be flattering—but only if you find the right one that suits your body shape. It’s just like choosing a bikini.

  28. Lesley

    Hello There, thank you for taking your time to compile and share this informative and resourceful article. This article is centered on mix and match tankini swimsuits. I like the sight of this swim suits and I’m definitely getting one for myself and my family. I like the enlachic stripped  printed tankini top the most 

  29. Payton

    Well, like you have said here, it’s that time of the moment again when one will be able to go to beach and have a good time but not only if one has a good looking tankini suit. I think the mix and match ones you have here is really good and I don’t even know which to choose from. Well, I think I’ll choose with my friends though.

  30. Joy

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. These mixing is super cool especially Enlachic stripped printed tankini which is super cool for me and unique. I will try it out when next my husband takes me out to the beach. Thank you for sharing this with me, Its very helpful.

  31. Castle

    I am glad I came across this site, I am sure that there will be something here my partner will love. I even learned something I have not heard of a Tankini. Not to be confused with a mankini, That could be embarrassing. There is a lot of variety on the site, it is well worth a good look around, give it a look.

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