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Maternity Swimsuit Tankini – Cute Maternity Swimwear

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Are you pregnant and looking for a cute maternity swimwear? Well, not only cute but also functional? We have an answer for you – maternity swimsuit tankini. It is quite hard to find maternity bathing suits in physical stores and it is even harder to find flattering and cute maternity swimwear. So we have done the hard job for you and gathered some options of maternity swimming suits.

Maternity Swimsuit Tankini – Do Not Limit Yourself!

During this wonderful period of your life it is important not only to look good, but also feel good and this is where maternity swimsuit tankini comes into a game. By offering more support and coverage tankini is a perfect swimsuit to shelter your belly at any pregnancy stage.

Besides that, maternity swimsuit tankini is also perfect for swimming after you have given the birth to your little one (or ones). As your body needs certain time for regaining the pre-pregnancy shape, tankini is a great choice for hiding the problem areas around your belly.

One of our top choices of cute maternity swimwear is Anita Hatutu Maternity Tankini.

Our Review of Maternity Swimsuit Tankini – Anita Hatutu Maternity Tankini

Maternity Swimsuit Tankini

Product: Anita Maternity Tankini

Features: Lined Bust Area with Elastic Underband, Detachable Straps that can be tied around the neck, Shirring Side, Solid Hipster Bottom, 70% Nylon/30% Elastane

This jovial and cute maternity swimwear features attractive design with side shirring.

Women who have bought the suit evaluates the high quality of the tankini, though some admit they would wish for greater breast support for smaller sizes.

Anita Maternity Swimsuit Tankini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Detachable Straps
  • High Quality
  • The bottom included in price
  • Side Shirring


  • Lack of opportunity to buy a different sized top and bottom
  • Little breast support for smaller sizes
User Review
4.33 (9 votes)

The fit is stated to be perfect. However, some of the customers report the bottom being too small but I guess this depends on the particularities of each body. In case of doubts, you should contact retailer for more sizing info.

Despite all the pros and cons, majority of expectant women who have bought this suit are happy about it and the way it flatters the growing belly.

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Other Options of Maternity Swimwear Tankini

Anita is a well-known brand for high quality maternity products. They pay a lot of attention to details to make sure each product serves the best. People who have bought the products from Anita brand do emphasize the high quality of their materials and during pregnancy high quality does matter.

maternity swimsuit tankini

Product: Anita Beach Kamaka Maternity Tankini

Features: Breast Lining, Adjustable Halter Straps, Shirring on the Side, Solid Bottom

Women who have bought this bathing suit evaluate attractive and elegant design, as well as vivid colors. It is stated to look exactly as good as on the picture. The price is very affordable for this suit, therefore, it is worth considering – high quality for a good price.

However, the lack of padding in the chest area makes few customers disappointed. It is also pointed out that the front of the suit is not very long so it causes doubts whether or not the tankini will cover all of your belly during all stages of your pregnancy.

maternity swimsuit tankini

Product: Anita Kamaka Maternity Tankini

Features: Breast Lining, Adjustable Halter Straps, Shirring on the Side, Solid Bottom

Women who have bought this bathing suit are pleased with the lovely colors and flattering design. The swimsuit is gathered at the sides ensuring room for your growing belly. The suit is comfortable and sexy. The fabric is very soft so you do feel pampered while wearing this bathing suit.

However, some of the customers find it too revealing at the breast part. But I guess this is a question of taste and as long as you are aware of this before purchase, there will be no surprises when receiving the swimming suit.

maternity swimsuit tankini

Product: Anita Maternity Two Piece

Features: Lined Bust Area with Elastic Underband, Convertible – Detachable Straps, Shirring Side, Solid Blue Hipster Bottom, Wider Straps and Breast Support from Size 42, Wider Straps and Breast Support from Cup E

Women who have bought this maternity tankini emphasize the comfort of this swimwear. The convertible detachable straps are considered nice advantage as allows you to get a regular sun tan and change the design of the suit. The color is grateful for emphasizing your tan.

Few women state they would wish for more support in the breast area as only bigger sizes are featured with additional support.

Finding your perfect maternity swimsuit in physical stores can be quite challenging. Therefore, make sure to use all of the possibilities online world is offering to glow on the beach also during this fantastic time of your life.

8 thoughts on “Maternity Swimsuit Tankini – Cute Maternity Swimwear

  1. Andi

    Hello, what a lovely website. A gorgeous collection of swimwear for pregnant ladies, I really wish I knew about these when I was last pregnant with my little boy.
    I used to love swimming and did so all through my pregnancy but didn’t find any nice swimwear like the ones that you have, I really like the patterns on the fabric and they look long enough to hide the ever expanding tummy because if you wear a tankini type you do not really want “bump” skin on show. Your swimwear looks very good quality and I am sure that your website fills a very important gap in the market.
    Andi Tointon.

    • Hey, Andi!

      I am pleased you liked my picks. I also find these maternity tankinis adorable. I personally would love to emphasize the growing belly by not revealing it directly. You are welcome to check my other post on general tips for maternity bathing suits.

      Take care, Arta

  2. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Those are very attractive maternity swim suits in your article today, I remember when my ex wife was pregnant with our sons maternity swim suits were not so beautiful and for sure did not fit so fine.

    This is a great improvement for pregnant ladies during the summer season, they can look attractive with a beautiful swim suit which fits them so well

    • Hi, Jeff!
      Pregnancy is very special time in woman’s life and for sure each pregnant woman wish to look her best. It is, however, hard in certain cases and I agree that years ago it was hard for pregnant ladies look good on the beach due to lack of appropriate and good fitting bathing suits.
      Luckily for us, this has changed along with the development of swimsuit industry and also pregnant women can flaunt attractive bathing suits while on the beach.

      Take care, Arta

  3. aishahomemadecupcakerecipes

    Very informative article targeted at a specific group. I’m sure there are a lot of pregnant women out there who would much rather wear a tankini, particularly if they’re feeling a little self-conscious. It’s great to know that there are swimwear styles out there to suit everyones needs. I really like the picks you’ve listed and reviewed, very informative and helpful!

    • Hey Aisha
      The market is getting more and more varied to suit as many needs as possible. And it is just great as now there is no reason to avoid swimming 🙂 If any pregnant woman is still feeling self-consicous, there is a vast range of maternity swimsuit cover ups on the market for increased coverage.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Rob S.

    This is perfect timing because my daughter needs a swimsuit and she is pregnant!
    She’s always picky when it comes to clothes shopping. I’m sure she will like something here because they all look very nice.
    She is an online shopper mostly. She does go to the brick and mortar stores but prefers online.
    This is really a beautiful array of swimwear. I will share this with her!
    Are these returnable?

    • Arta

      Hey Rob

      Usually, there is an option to return or exchange the bathing suit but I suggest reading shipping policy anyway to avoid any unpleasant surprise later.

      Happy shopping, Arta 

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