Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Maternity Swim Cover Ups – Stunning Collection for Comfort on the Beach

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Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Maternity is a wonderful time in each woman’s life. However, in many cases, women tend to limit themselves to a certain extent even though it shouldn’t necessarily be like that.

One of the most common limitations is to avoid swimming and showing up in a swimsuit. If this could be understandable a few decades ago, it is completely not understandable nowadays when there are outstanding collections of maternity swimwear and stunning choices of maternity swim cover ups.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups – Enjoy This Beautiful Time of Your Life

We have picked fabulous maternity swim cover ups and hope you do find your perfect beachwear among the ones we have chosen. You can play wise and choose maternity beach cover up that can be used also afterwards – for instance, you could choose some kimono, poncho or elastic dress flattering you both during and after your pregnancy.

But one is for sure – this is the time to enjoy so don’t let some limitations to spoil it.

Our Top Choice of Maternity Swim Cover Ups – Gottex Monarch Kimono

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: Gottex Monarch Kimono

Features: V-Neckline, Wide Butterfly Sleeves, Loose Fit, Above Knee Length, 100% Viscose

Who said comfortable is not glamorous? This Gottex Monarch Kimono is proof that comfortable can be glamorous and stylish and vice versa.

The vivid Gottex Monarch Kimono is a great choice for covering up your bathing suit during pregnancy as it can be used also after your pregnancy.

Gottex Monarch Kimono
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • High Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Bright Vivid Colours
  • Attractive Print
  • Loose Fit
  • Pleasant Soft Material
  • Can be used both during and after pregnancy



  • Recommended Care – Hand Wash
  • Quite Expensive
User Review
4.38 (8 votes)

The length of the cover up is perfect for covering also your hips and thighs as the majority of women during pregnancy wish to do that. The beach cover up comes in one size so you don’t need to worry about which size to order 🙂

The material the cover up is made of is very pleasant and soft. Gottex is well known for high-quality fabrics the brand uses. The material comes from Italy and is long-lasting. It ensures protection to sun and resistance to chlorine.

You will flaunt exceptional style and grace while wearing this beach cover up.

==> Grab Your Gottex Monarch Beach Cover Up Here <==

Other Great Choices of Maternity Beach Cover Ups – For Your Comfort and Style

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

ProductPilyQ Women’s San Sebastian Kimono Swim Cover Up

Features: Open Front, Fringe Detailing, Cute Design

This PilyQ Poncho features attractive design – the fringe detailing adds up to extraordinary and fashionable outlook. This is a good choice for a maternity beach cover up as you can use it also after your pregnancy. This poncho cover up can be used also as a stylish accessory to finish your casual holiday outlook.

The color of the cover up is perfect for covering bathing suit in a light color so in case you wish to cover up a dark bathing suit – perhaps you should look for some other cover up. These see-through detail adds up to sexy and mysterious appeal.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: Festival Kimono Dress

Price: $ 50

Features: V-Neck, Elastic Waistband, Wide Open Armholes, 100% Spun Poly Jersey

This Festival Kimono Dress is made of a very pleasant material that washes well. The empire elastic waist gives room for your growing pregnancy belly. The design and pattern of the cover up dress, as well as the elastic material, makes it possible to wear this also after your pregnancy.

This beach cover up dress is highly recommended by its wearers. Women who have bought this cover up dress evaluate the outstanding comfort and great coverage the dress offers. The material is said to be very lightweight and pleasant to skin. The dress covers your thighs. The colors are said to be very nice in life.

However, few customers state the colors are brighter in real life than in the picture.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: Rosa Faia by Anita Muri Pink Rose Maternity Poncho

Price: Below $ 40 now (regular price above $ 70)

Features: Wide Arm Openings, Fringe Detailing, V-Neck, Upper Thigh Length

Rosa Faia by Anita Muri Pink Rose Maternity Poncho is particularly designed for pregnant women so it will complement your belly during all stages of your pregnancy. The vivid pink color together with the attractive design will make you stand out of the crowd. Just combine the poncho with leggings and you will get a casual summer outlook for going to and return from a beach.

Each pregnant woman is beautiful and this poncho will highlight your beauty and emphasize your style.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: Ingear Maternity Long Beaded Poncho Cover Up

Features: Beaded Detailing, High-Low Pattern, V-Neck, 100% Polyester

Ingear Maternity Cover Up features beaded detailing and high-low design. It looks flattering and stylish, however, you should consider whether or not it matches your bathing suit colorwise. According to customers, there are also shades of the navy in this cover up. With matching swimsuit underneath you will flaunt jovial and fashionable outlook both during and after your pregnancy.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: A Pea in the Pod Embroidery Maternity Swim Cover-up

Features: Tunic Style, Flowey Material, Embroidered Detailing, V-Neck, Rayon / Spandex

This maternity swim cover up is made of very pleasant material. Rayon is semi-synthetic cellulose fiber, but when wet it tends to be unstable leading to the loss of its shape. It can shrink or lose its shape, therefore, requires delicate handling. But the affordable price makes up for it.

However, the touch of it is extremely pleasant and very soft like cotton, it will pamper your sensitive skin in a very exclusive manner.

The embroidered detailing adds up to sophisticated outlook though the price is reasonable. This cover up can be used both during and after your pregnancy.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: Ingear Swimsuit Poncho Tunic Cover Up Tie Dye Dress Beach Wear

Features: Loose Fit, 3/4 Sleeves, High-Low Design, Fringe Detailing, 100% Polyester, More colors available

By purchasing Ingear Swimsuit Poncho Tunic Cover Up you can hit two birds with one shot – it can be used as a maternity beach cover up and paired with your leggings to lounge at home. It is available at a very good price to show off a modest yet stylish summer outfit.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Comfortable Knee Length Tube Dress

Features: Bandeau style, Soft Jersey, Knee Length, 95% Rayon / 5% Spandex, More colors available

Summery Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Tube Dress is designed for pregnant women to flatter your belly throughout all stages of the pregnancy. There is a wide range of colors available and any of them will look very nice on the beach.

The material is thin but very pleasant to the skin and you will be pleased to wear this dress also during your daily activities. Just be aware of the strapless design resulting in no bust support.

Few women state the dress tends to run small therefore you should consider sizing up.

Maternity Swim Cover Ups

Product: A Pea in the Pod Caftan Maternity Swim Cover-up

Features: Beaded Detailing, Loose Fit, Dolman Sleeves, Above-Knee Length, Split Neck, 100% Polyester

A Pea in the Pod Caftan Maternity Swim Cover-up is very comfortable and looks gorgeous. The loose fit ensures a place for your belly to grow. Above-knee length is perfect for covering your hips and thighs.

Currently, the dress is discounted so it is definitely a great deal.

We do hope you liked our collection of maternity beach cover ups to enjoy a great time on the beach. If you didn’t manage to find your perfect bathing suit cover up among our collection, you are welcome to check related products below or consider other types of swimsuit cover up.

6 thoughts on “Maternity Swim Cover Ups – Stunning Collection for Comfort on the Beach

  1. Brad

    My oldest daughter is having her first child. She is just 2 months away. She is super sensitive to how she looks. As you said, this is a glorious time in her life.

    These products look like they are a classy, convenient and comfy way for soon-to-be moms to be involved in water activities without feeling self conscious. Good Stuff.

    • Congratulations, Brad! Not only to you, but also to your oldest daughter 🙂
      I know the feeling – my baby is 4 months old so all the pregnancy feelings are still alive in me 🙂 Not only the way we look matters, but it is also important how do we feel and many women feel self-consicous during pregnancy due to all the changes our bodies experience. So the least we can do is choose apparel we feel safe in. And that was the reason for my selection. I am glad you have found my selection useful.
      You are welcome to check also my collection of maternity swimsuits tankinis.

      Have a great day!

  2. Daniella

    Hi Arta,

    What a great article, I’ve found it very interesting!
    These cover up are absolutely fantastic and in my opinion no need to be pregnant to wear those cover up. One of my best friends is pregnant and she is a shame to wear a swimsuit on the beach. She has never thought of using a cover up before:) I will show her this article, I am sure she will love it!
    In fact, I can wear one as well to hide my cellulite:)
    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • Hey Daniella
      I couldn’t agree more – these cover ups are suitable for any women and that was also my aim – to pick cover ups that pregnant women could use also after pregnancy. And there is a lot of suchlike cover ups on the market. So it is all about finding the right one 🙂

  3. Rox

    As we are thinking of starting a family soon, this post is extremely applicable to me now! Never knew that there were so many interesting outfits for the beach for pregnant women and will definitely keep this in mind in the future!

    Great recommendations and I love how you have ranked each of them!

    • Hey Rox

      I wish I had known about maternity swim cover ups during my expectation period so I guess you are luckier then I am in this context 🙂 Maternity cover ups offer the opportunity to enjoy careless and comfortable day on the beach so I wish I had the option to take this advantage. But I hadn’t so the least I can do is to try to help other pregnant women in finding their perfect maternity cover up and maternity tankini swimsuit to enjoy the time on the beach to the full extent.

      Happy shopping, Arta

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