Maternity Bathing Suits Tankini

Maternity Bathing Suits – Tankini

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Maternity Bathing Suits Tankini
One of the Best Maternity Bathing Suits – Tankini

Swimming is a great way of keeping you fit also during your pregnancy. There are just few swimsuits stretchy enough to fit you after the first trimester. Therefore you should consider buying maternity bathing suit timely.

Just imagine – it is summer, it is hot, you are pregnant and cooling off in a pool or sea. What could be better than that? There is just one if – if you have found maternity bathing suit flattering your growing body. Whether pregnant or not majority of us find looking for a bathing suit the worst thing.

However, pregnancy boost confidence of some women leading to choice of bikinis while others are looking for swimsuits covering as much as possible. Luckily for us there are quite many maternity swimsuit options out there, but we here at tankini swimsuits for women do believe that one of the best maternity bathing suits is tankini.

But to make it right, let’s look at the all options of swimsuits suitable for the greatest time of your life – your pregnancy.

Maternity Swimsuit One Piece

Maternity swimsuit one piece is the easiest and most classic choice. It is made of stretchy material adjusting to fit during all stages of your pregnancy. There is a wide variety of swimsuit one piece for pregnant women so you can easily find the one matching your wishes and needs.

Maternity Bikini Swimsuits

If you do find maternity swimsuit one piece too conservative, perhaps you should consider buying maternity bikini. Maternity bikini swimsuits are designed to flatter the new volumes of the upper part of your body. Besides that, you will be able to flaunt your growing belly and expose it to sunlight when necessary.

Maternity Bathing Suits – Tankini

Tankini will fit pregnant women who don’t like swimsuit one piece and who do find maternity bikini swimsuits too revealing. The elastic tankini top will cover the most of your belly. Moreover, tankini is a great swimsuit to get additional support features if needed.

Owing to the fact that this type of swimsuit involves more material than for instance bikini, designers are able to build in different support and control features. If you are interested in any, make sure to check product specification details to see the built-in functions available. This is also the reason we are so excited about this type of swimwear along with modernity tankini offers.

Tankini could be compared to the swim one piece just that tankini offers more ease in wearing and adds up to your comfort while wearing it.

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Nursing Bathing Suits

Nursing bathing suits are a perfect option for women breastfeeding their little ones and wishing to enjoy their time in water. Usually nursing bathing suits feature built-in special openings in the bust part of the swimsuit so you can easily breastfeed your baby without having to take off your swimsuit. Thanks to adjustable straps and the form of the cups, you will feel really comfortable in this type of swimsuit.

If you wanted to save some money and avoid buying maternity and nursing bathing suits, you should look for the combined version.

Once we have discussed in short the available options of maternity bathing suits, there is one more thing you should consider to make sure you feel comfortable not only near the water or in the water, but also when moving to or from your swimming place or some other location.

Maternity Swimwear Cover-Ups or Skirt

Swimwear cover-ups or skirt are a must-have accessory for any woman wishing to cover her hips or some other part of her body, especially if you plan to go to some Cafe or other public place. There are a lot of cover-up options in all possible colours and made of different materials. The good news are that you don’t need to look for maternity swimwear cover-ups as their sizes are universal and you can easily get the cover-up for pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy times.

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Enjoy this beautiful time in your life with proper maternity bathing suit!

10 thoughts on “Maternity Bathing Suits – Tankini

  1. Simone

    I am pregnant and looking for a great bathing suit, and one that I can wear after baby is born. I was wearing a bikini before getting pregnant, but now I just don’t feel comfortable in those anymore.

    I love the tankini idea because I really don’t like 1 piece bathing suits.

    And I had not idea that there are nursing bathing suits. What a great idea. We have neighbors with a pool and we are always there. I am definitely going to get a nursing bathing suit!

    • Hey, Simone!
      Congratulations on your pregnancy. I completely understand you as I am also pregnant and therefore started to explore the question about maternity bathing suits. I have recently found a great site offering a wide range of maternity swimsuits so I will publish some more articles about this topic.

  2. Jenny

    Great site on maternity bathing suits, wish I can come across this when I was pregnant.
    And what a great idea for nursing bathing suits!
    I love the tankini bathing suits as I had a look on another website and I like the style and colours they do they look gorgeous.
    And if I ever get pregnant again I will definitely be buying one.
    Thanks for the information

    • Hey, Jenny!

      Thank you for visiting my site. I am fond of tankini swimsuits and that’s why I wanted to promote this type of bathing suits. I do believe it is great for expectant women to feel good and comfortable on the beach. You can have a look at my review of review of maternity swimsuit tankini where I have reviewed several nice options of maternity tankini bathing suits.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Sarah

    I don’t mind my belly being uncovered. It’s more my hips and thighs that bother me more, even when I’m not pregnant. Do you have some swimming shorts or skirts that you recommend, that are cute and still becoming with a tankini? They’re so hard to find nowadays with all the stores only selling teeny string bikinis.

    • Hey, Sarah!
      I completely understand your concerns. I could recommend to look into website offering Swimwear for Every Body Type. They have really wide collection of shortinis and skirtinis at affordable prices. I think each taste can found the right swimsuit there.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Kayla

    Wow great post 🙂 I wish I would’ve known when I was pregnant the first time that there were maternity swimwear it would’ve helped out a lot.

    Well when I am pregnant again I will come back to your site and check it out again as we are trying. Love your site as well!


    • Hey Kay,
      Thanks a lot for the nice words. I also wish there were such a nice maternity bathing suits when I was pregnant for the first time. But this summer I had a chance to wear maternity bathing tankini and it was great 🙂 as I didn’t want to show my belly and tankini was a pretty option to hide it. As my hips got bigger as well – I finished my outlook with swimsuit cover up so I felt really good on the beach – contrary to what I felt 8 years ago when I was pregnant for the first time and there was little to no choice on the market.
      Cheers, Arta

  5. Jennifer

    Great information on different types of tankini swimsuits for women. I would just add in a comment section to each page to allow your visitors to leave comments. It’s important to get more comments on each page to get ranked higher in Google. I like how you have a “related post section” to guide readers to another category.

    • Hey Jennifer!
      Thank you for visiting my site. There is an option for each visitor to leave a comment – right beneath each post. I think it is important to let people comment and share their experience as sharing is caring 🙂 and we can learn by hearing others experience…

      Wishing you a nice day, Arta

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