Long Torso Swimsuits Women

Long Torso Swimsuits Women – Where to Buy

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Long Torso Swimsuits Women
Long Torso Swimsuits Women – Where to Buy Flattering Swimsuits for Long Torsos

Tall women most likely has experienced challenge of finding long torso swimsuits for women that fit their body and ensure the needed comfort. Consequently, majority chooses bikini set or some other two piece swimsuit. But this is not always a solution and many would prefer more coverage, support and/or control. It used to be a tough task to find bathing suits suitable for long torsos, but along with the development of swimsuit industry also this has changed now and tall women or women with long torsos can find one piece swimwear fitting them well.

Women Long Torso Swimsuits – Grab the Look You Like

We have looked through different options of long torso swimsuits women and gathered below our top choices. However, we will keep looking and update this article with new options as soon as we find these. But for now – check our collection below.

The below swimsuits are designed especially for women with long waist. They are of high quality and will make you look stylish while wearing. Besides that, you should pay attention to the features each swimsuit offers as they are available with additional built-in support/control functions.

If you are looking for long torso tankini tops, have a look here.

Women Long Torso Swimsuits

Product: Longitude Kitten Tank Sarong Swimsuit

Price: $ 82

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Designed for Long Torso, Shelf Bra with Padded Cups, Wire-Free, Sarong Front, Side Tie

This elegant sarong swimsuit is designed for women with long torso. The exciting pattern will make your torso look slimmer. The attractive design of the swimsuit flatters your hips. If you wish to look elegant and feminine, this is the right choice.

Women who have bought this swimsuit assert it being comfortable and supportive. They evaluate the vibrant and rich colour of the swimsuit. The great quality, lovely design and perfect fit is being emphasized. Some women state this swimsuit as their dream come true. Perfect for beach and casual swimming.

Long torso swimsuits women

Product: Longitude Waterworld High Neck Swimsuit

Price: $ 85

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Designed for Long Torso, High Neck for Increased Coverage, Shelf Bra with Padded Cups, Wire-Free, Tummy Control

This colourful long torso swimsuit features tummy control function. High neck increases coverage that will be evaluated by large busted women due to extra support. The design is conservative but at the same time flattering and increased coverage is a feature many women are looking for.

Women who have bought this suit evaluate excellent fit of the suit and slimming function. The flattering high neck design is appreciated by majority of wearers due to the comfort, support and allowance of limitless activities. Therefore, it is mostly used for some water exercises, aerobics or active swimming. However, some state the bathing suit fades with time if actively used in swimming pool. Unless you buy chlorine resistant swimsuit, this is something you will experience with all bathing suits.

Long torso swimsuits women

Product: Longitude Sparkler Tie-Front Swimdress

Price: $ 89

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Designed for Long Torso, Shelf Bra with Padded Cups, Wire-Free, Tummy Control, Non-adjustable Wide Straps, Empire Waist

This sassy long torso swimdress will make you look good while wearing. It features tummy control function and wide straps ensure full bust support. The design pays attention to the upper part of your torso and drives it away from the lower part. So in case you want to accentuate your breast area or if you want to hide your tummy, hips and/or thighs, this spicy swimdress is the one you need.

Women who have bought this swimdress are pleased with the quality and colours of the bathing suit. The fit is true to size and the swimdress is very comfortable for long torsos. However, few state they would wish for underwire or adjustable straps due to lack of support.

Swimsuits Long Torso – Dazzle on a Beach

Either you choose any of above long torso bathing suits or you find the one while browsing the whole collection of swimsuits long torso, these swimsuits will make you dazzle on the beach as they are specifically designed for long torsos. You will feel comfortable and therefore also confident while wearing it. Majority of women who have once bought Longitude swimsuit, are pleased with their purchase and return to this brand with their next purchase.

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    Hi Ms ArtaLa, i just checked out your site, it’s a great site and it is unique in that it is tailored to meet the needs of the women whom designers seem to overlook. I also love the social network links which i think will be great in spreading the information.

    • Hey, thank you for visiting my site.
      I want to help women out there struggling to find the right bathing suit as it does matter in order to feel good on the beach. It is time when we are so exposed to others and many women don’t feel comfortable with this unless the right swimming suit is there.

      Keep in touch, Arta

  2. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    very nice swimsuits your displayed on your website today, I am sure you will get many interested ladies for these impressing looking swimsuits. I never knew there were swimsuits for long torso women, are long toro women very common today? I am a guy so I do not know much about ladies swimsuits, but these ones do appear to the eye.

    • Hey, there!
      Thank you for evaluating my site and the nice words. There is a vast range of swimsuits out there so it is very easy to get lost in all those beautiful bathing suits. So I want to help women to find the best looking ones for their easier decision.
      People are different and as there are short women, there are also tall women. But woman doesn’t necessarily has to be tall to have long torso. Long torso is a peculiarity of body so women with long torso have to find suitable swimsuits as not all bathing suits are suitable for long torsos. So we have surfed the net to find offers for women with long torsos so they can feel comfortable and confident on the beach.


  3. Nicole

    Hello Arta, I enjoyed your website. I like the niche you chose and think you will do very well with it because I don’t see too many websites like this. The layout is awesome and when I click on the product it brings me to the site to purchase, great job! It looks like you know what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Nicole!
      Thank you for evaluating my website! I do put a lot of effort into bringing the quality information and reviews to my readers. Therefore, I do hope they enjoy the site and find it helpful in choosing the right swimsuit.

      Wishing you a great day, Arta

  4. Matt's Mom

    This is great information! I am not super tall, but swimsuits are generally too “short” and ride up, which I hate. I also see that you have some listed that are chlorine resistant. I am about to go do some shopping! I normally wear bikinis, but when I go to the gym, which is frequently, I wear a one piece and I noticed a hole in the strap. Time for a new one, perfect timing!

  5. LeNard

    Hey I’m looking for something for my wife. She is a full figured women with a lot of curves. She likes to wear one piece swimsuits that show her figure.

    She likes the swimsuits with the skirts but she hasn’t had much luck finding one. Her Birthday is coming up and I would like to surprise her with one.

    Can you suggest one? Also when you wash them do they shrink? I would also like to know your return policy just in case she doesn’t like it.

  6. Dana

    Hi Arta,
    I really enjoyed your website, there are so many different body types and only a few designs seem to be of concentration. I am not tall but I do have a long waist. I have always had to buy top and bottom pieces separately when choosing a swimsuit and then had to deal with the issue of the two pieces matching. You did a great job showing the different styles and I think many women will appreciate your site.

    • Hi Dana

      I am glad you have found my article about Long Torso Swimsuits for women helpful. I hope it will help many other women, as well, to find their perfect swimsuit without sacrificing comfort and style.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  7. Sylvie

    I love the bathing suits on your Website. What a great niche! I particularly like the Longitude Waterworld High Neck bathing suit and the Longitude Kitten Tank Sarong Swim suit. It looks like these suits are quality products and I would like to buy something like that in the future.

    • Hey Sylvie

      You have a great taste 🙂 Longitude High Neck and Kitten Tank Sarong swimsuits are cute and flattering. They will definitely flatter a long torso. Women have appreciated the quality of Longitude bathing suits, therefore, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  8. amirreza

    Ye, It is really good that you have products for all type and all ages , some people might have find it hard to find a bigger swimsuits so I think this product must get good traffic . I hope so.
    I liked it .I liked content too .it was very rich about suits.
    I mean buyer will know every thing before buying it and that is very very important for me.

    • Hey there

      Thank you for taking your time to leave your opinion. It is important for me to update customers on their opportunities as the swimsuit market is constantly developing offering new functional features so that every woman can feel good in a bathing suit. I have read a lot of comments about women struggling hard to find flattering swimsuits for the long torso. Therefore, I have gathered the options for them.

      Cheers, Arta

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