Swimsuit With Built in Underwire Bra

How to Find The Best Swimsuit With Built in Underwire Bra

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Swimsuit With Built in Underwire Bra

Most women dread finding a swimsuit. I guess it’s not so bad for those of you who are supermodels. I, however, am not. Most of you reading this are not, either.

For us — the ordinary, everyday earthlings — it can take hours upon hours of searching through racks of swimwear to find just the right thing. It is so hard to find that one suit that will make us feel okay about showing our skin after winter.

If you’re anything like me — a little large-busted and wide-hipped — then this yearly task becomes even more difficult.

Swimsuit with Built In Underwire Bra – Comfort and Support

Fantasie Bra Sized Swimsuits

For years, I settled for the styles of suits all my friends wore. I’d buy one and then every time I went to the beach or pool, would find myself hiding behind a beach towel or cover-up. I was self-conscious. I lacked confidence. Part of that was because I always felt my boobs weren’t supported properly. I just felt…saggy.

A few seasons ago, I took the advice of an online friend I sometimes chatted with about fashion. Like me, she also was kind of big up top and struggled with needing support. She suggested I try a swimsuit with built in underwire bra. I’m so glad that I did! 

As soon as I began to try them on in the fitting room, I was sold. I felt supported; I could even jump up and down and not feel things flopping around the way I used to when wearing a swimsuit. Everything was perkier, and I looked better than I ever had in a swimsuit. 

I don’t mean to go overboard about this swimsuit style, but I can’t help it. In the interest of helping my other buxom sisters look their best this season, here’s what I learned about swimwear with built-in support.

The Benefits Include

  • A Perfect, but Natural Perkiness
  • Incredible support, which is important when engaging in water sports or other active beach/pool pursuits
  • Just as comfortable, or more so, than other swimwear styles
  • Pricing is about the same as other swimsuit styles
  • Perfect for the plus-sized or buxom woman

What Do I Look For In a Suit With A Built-In Underwire Bra?

Panache Bathing Suits

First of all, swimsuits with a built-in bra can be of two different types in terms of sizing. The bra section of the suit can just be sized generally, and go along with the standard Small, Medium, Large, XL type sizing or the regular US numbered pant sizing. The other type is based upon bra sizing. The underwire bra portion will correspond to your actual bra size. So for instance, you would buy a swimsuit with a “38C” or “42DD” bra built-in. 

It will be even more important that you get a careful fit in a swimsuit with an underwire, because there will be less give in the suit moving around. For instance, the traditional one-piece can move around, up and down a few centimeters and it does not matter too much. Of course with an underwire, that wire will sit right under the breast and be held there, as it is with a bra. This means if someone is especially short-waisted or long-waisted, certain suits might have to be disregarded because there is a little less “movement” allowed. 

This isn’t a bad thing; it’s great. It actually means you can find a suit that is exactly suited to your shape. You can show off those gorgeous curved. No more books flopping around or pancaking. It’s time to show off your assets!

Know Your Bra Size and Get Fitted Properly

Freya Bathing Suit

Before shopping, you will also want to know your exact bar size. No guesswork here — get the exact size!

If you have never been professionally fitted for a bra, do it. This is essential in getting the best fitting swimsuit, and believe it or not, most women are walking around wearing the wrong size bra! There’s a way to find the perfect bra, and most women never take the time to have it done by a professional.

If you don’t have this available at a store near you, at least consult online tutorials, as there are some good explanations there on finding the correct size for your body.

==> Check Out The Ultimate Guide on How to Buy a Swimsuit Online That Fits and Looks Great <==

Take Your Time!

Don’t rush. If buying in person, plan to set aside a whole afternoon, or even several afternoons, for your search. Try to be positive; enjoy the process! (Okay, okay, I know that last comment was ridiculous…) If buying online, plan to do a return or two. It’s part of the online buying process; take advantage of it by clearly understanding a retailer’s return policies.

Where do I Find A Swimsuit with a Built-in Bra?

Most major department stores will carry some brands with suits of this type, but there are also many options available online. I have already started my search for this year’s suit (I want something cute and sexy, but appropriate for a grown and respectable woman). As of now, here are a few of the manufacturers I am considering:


I have not tried one of their suits yet, but so far, Miraclesuit tops my list of manufacturers I’m considering right now. Their suits are tasteful and come in a variety of styles that are very flattering to a busty, hippy woman such as myself. The sizes are in traditional women’s pant sizes, and the prices are perhaps a little higher than some of the lines I mention here…but these are some nice looking suits.

==> Check Out Flattering and Slimming Miraclesuit Underwire Bathing Suits <==

Swimsuits for All

Swimsuits for all currently has dozens of suits available with underwire support. The prices are affordable and you can find a one-piece, bikini, tankini, or swim dress. Some also offer tummy control options. Some suits are sized in regular pant sizes, some are a combo of pant sizing and bra cup sizing (it depends upon the specific suit). Lots of options here!

==> Here You Will See Underwire Bathing Suit Choices from S4A <==


If I have the guts to try out a bikini this year — and I’m not sure yet whether I have the courage — I might try a suit by Sunsets. They have a bunch of underwire bikinis that might fit the bill. It’s not quite a full “bra,” but seem capable of lending the support I like. The tops are sold in bra sizes, and they even have some in a “push up” style, for even more sexy “Vroom!”

==> Have a Look at the Stylish and Functional Sunsets Underwire Swimsuits <==

Few More Brands on the List

These other swimwear designers might also be a good source for finding a gorgeous swimsuit with built in underwire bra, and I’ll be researching more about them soon. As of now I have only seen photos of their suits, and they are all really nice for women who need support:

They’re on my research list and will be considered before I make my final buying choices for this coming season.

What About an Underwire Tankini?

Sunsets Bathing Suits

If you hate struggling to take suits on and off for bathroom breaks, consider the flexible and forgiving tankini. You can also get a tankini with built in underwire bra!

I had one last year, and boy, did I ove that suit. It offered perfect coverage for my…ugh…imperfect abdomen. It also had the benefit of a perfectly sized underwire bra AND the ease of quick bathroom breaks. Miraclesuit’s collection includes various colors and styles of the tankini with built in underwire bra, so it might be a nice first stop if you think a tankini is just the thing you need.

==> We Have Summarised The Best Selling Underwire Tankinis Here <==

Although I still don’t know which suit I’ll buy this year, I do know I’ll take extra care in selecting it. I’ll be at the beach with a special new someone, and I need to look my best. Although he obviously already knows the intimate details of what I look like (ahem!), it will be the first time he’ll see me in broad daylight in a swimsuit. You can bet I’ll be wearing the most flattering thing I can find!

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    Thank you for the useful info about how to pick a bra size for a builtin bra. The Tankinie with the underwire bra. I think that is what I would go for….. The bathroom breaks with the Tankini is a winner and makes it a lot easier. That is what catches my attention. It looks mod and doesn’t show to much. I love it !!!

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