How to Buy a Swimsuit Online

How to Buy a Swimsuit Online That Fits and Looks Great

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How to Buy a Swimsuit Online

Buying a swimsuit can be a daunting experience for many of us so we either postpone it till the very last moment or rush it. And the result is not always satisfying.

So let’s look at the suggestion on how to buy a swimsuit online that will flatter both your body and mind.

How to Buy a Swimsuit Online – Everything You Need to Know to Hit the Beach in Comfortable Style

How to But a Swimsuit Online

The summer is coming. Whether or not you are planning to go to the beach, most likely you will not manage without a swimsuit. Many of us (including me) hate shopping a bathing suit at the stores due to several reasons.

First, it is due to the fluorescent lights in the fitting rooms – they do emphasize every imperfection by making it look as worse as possible. So I prefer trying on a swimsuit at home where I can test the outlook in different lights, more natural ones. At the end, it will not look as bad on the beach as it does in the fluorescent light. And no need to decrease the level of self-confidence as wearing a swimsuit itself is a challenge and a matter of feeling good about the way you look.

Second, it is just physically not possible to see as many styles offline as you can see online. It is still possible to find the perfect swimsuit offline, however, chances are it is more likely to happen online with the endless choices of bathing suits. The more the choices, the greater the opportunity to find the swimsuit exactly for your wishes and demands.

Thirdly, personally, I don’t like the inputs and opinions of the salespersons. I understand they are trying to sell their products but I prefer deciding on my own without unnecessary interference.

5 Rules on How to Buy a Swimsuit Online to Get the Right Fit and Look

Even though online shopping has cons, as well, it is far more pleasant than offline shopping if certain rules are followed. So we will look at these rules to make your online swimsuit shopping as pleasant as possible 🙂

How to buy a swimsuit online
Rule Nr. 1 – Know What You Are Looking For

It is a lot easier to find a bathing suit if you know what you are looking for. If you are looking for a tankini bathing suit, have a look at our post on where to buy a tankini bathing suit online.

We have listed below a short recap on the most common body challenges, however, if you already know what to look for go straight to the rule Nr. 2.

  • If you’re big busted, you should focus on the support, control and comfort of your chest area meaning the swimsuit shopping should be mainly focused on (but not limited to) as a shopping of bra. The best bathing suit features would involve underwire, wide straps, halter style. Learn more by following the below link:

==> Have a Look at the Best Swimsuits for Big Busted Women <==

  • Small busted women should focus on the details of the swimsuit rather than on functional features. They are lucky enough to dare to wear brave swimsuits. More tips and tricks can be found by following the link below:

==> Flattering Choices of Swimsuits for Small Busted Women <==

  • Women with belly most likely wish either to find swimsuits that hide tummy or choose more sophisticated and functional solutions to control and shape their midsection. Ruched bodice, shirring at the sides, draped pattern, sarong and tummy control panel are only some expressions in this game – explore this topic more by reading the article on below link:

==> Selection of Functional yet Stylish Swimsuits to Control Your Tummy <==

  • Pear-shaped bodies should either balance out the difference between the upper and bottom part of the body or celebrate the curvy bottom. Nowadays, the second option is in style 🙂 However, it is up to you whether to downplay or emphasize it so you are welcome to read our article on:

==> Best Swimsuits for Pear Shaped Bodies <==

  • Women with long torso probably experience hard times in finding the perfect swimsuits as in most cases the swimsuits just don’t fit properly. Luckily, there are brands manufacturing swimsuits for long torsos and we have listed the options in our article:

==> Long Torso Swimsuits for Women <==

  • Women with short torso, in their turn, should opt for swimsuits showing the skin to the level you feel comfortable with. You would wish to try low rise bottoms, bandeau styles and vertically printed bathing suits:

==> Check Out the Stunning Bandeau Bathing Suits to Flatter Your Body <==

  • Curvy ladies are the happy ladies, or at least should be 🙂 We do believe that showing off your curves is the best way to go. But how to do it? Follow the below link to discover it:

==> Flaunt Your Curves in The Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures <==

  • Women with full figures would wish to define their waist. We have described 9 tips and tricks for apple shaped bodies to dazzle on the beach. Check out below:

==> Best Bathing Suits for Apple Shaped Bodies <==

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Let us know in the comment section and we will point you in the right direction 🙂

Or you can check out the suggestions for the best bathing suits for different body types – we have a great number of articles describing the best swimsuit choices for nearly any body shape.

Rule Nr. 2 – Carefully Check the Sizing Chart and Take Proper Measures

How to buy a swimsuit online

The main challenge when buying a swimsuit online is to get the right size. And the biggest problem is that sizing is not consistent. The size differs by countries, by brands, by styles and sometimes even by the same style of the same brand. This is due to the fact that there are size allowances for each size and when different factories or different lines in one factory sew the swimsuit, the same size can come out with different measures.

If possible, it is always a good idea to try the swimsuit on at the store and then purchase it online as you can always get good deals online. Besides that, there are more options available online than offline. And if you have a general size feeling about the certain brand (whether it runs big or small), it is much easier to choose the right size when buying a swimsuit online.

When you have found your perfect swimsuit, you should carefully check the sizing chart and properly measure yourself. Usually, retailers have included instructions on how to measure yourself but unless you find it on the retailer’s website, we have found a video instruction on how to measure for a swimsuit size.

When the size is found, I suggest checking the reviews – usually the customers have added their conclusions of the fit so it is a good idea to have a look at general size estimations – either fits true to the size, fits large or small. Sometimes the designers have already added a comment about the fit on the product description page.

When it is done, you should have the feeling about the right size to order. But don’t rush with ordering – I suggest you move to the rule Nr. 3.

How to buy a swimsuit online
Rule Nr. 3 – Get the Help from Customer Service

Each serious online retailer has a customer service and they are there for a reason. Their mission is to help and you should take advantage of this.

You will most likely be asked to give them the sizes of your bra, dress and pants, as well as, the measures you have taken according to their instructions or as advised in the video above. The more the information, the easier for them to direct you to the right size (and probably also style).

Without doubt, there is no guarantee of the perfect fit even after your talk to the customer service, however, it is more likely to get the right fit WITH the help rather than WITHOUT help. But to be on the safe side, always remember to apply the rule Nr. 4.

How to buy a swimsuit online
Rule Nr. 4 – Check the Return/Exchange Policy of the Retailer

This is a very important rule to follow with any online purchase. Before hitting the “PAY” button, always keep in mind that there could be a need for returning the product – it could be damaged, not the right size, poor fit or even different product than you have ordered. A lot can go wrong so you should be ready for this.

It is a wise idea to carefully check the return policy to avoid expensive returns or even non-refundable products. The best online retailers offer easy and cheap or free returns /replacements.

But what to pay attention to when checking the Return/Exchange Policy?

To begin with, you should check if the store offers an option to get refund or store credit and if there is any special case one or another will apply.

Please note that in the majority of cases the shipping fees you have paid for the order are non-refundable.

There are stores including the pre-paid return labels, just make sure to check if there are certain provisions for using the label.

Please note that you have to return the item in its original condition with tags and protective liner in the bottoms of the bathing suit (just make sure to check if your item qualifies for the criteria of refund/exchange. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and money and you will get your item back in most cases paying additional shipment cost).

Some stores don’t accept certain styles and sales items for refunds and/or exchanges.

You should also check the period of applying for exchange or return, as well, if certain restrictions apply depending on the payment method. Many retailers charge a re-stocking fee for cancellation or refund that is deducted from the amount you get back.

Majority of online shops apply special conditions to international sales – if you are, just make sure to be aware of it.

If you have checked the rule Nr. 4 and it makes you happy, you can move on to the rule Nr. 5.

How to buy a swimsuit online
Rule Nr. 5 – Get Several Sizes of the Desired Bathing Suit

So if return/replacement policy is workable for you, it is worth ordering several sizes of the desired bathing suit to hit the right fit. As I already mentioned, the sizing is inconsistent and can differ even for the same style of the same brand. But getting 2 or even 3 sizes of the same suit will significantly increase the chances of getting the right fit.

It is extremely important if you are tight with your time, for instance, when buying a swimsuit for a vacation and don’t have the time to wait for a replacement. You should be aware though that this will freeze a certain amount of your money for the sizes you are returning.

Where to Buy Swimsuits Online – Stores to Consider

How to buy a swimsuit online

So we have looked at many online swimsuit stores. The below ones are loved by customers so we have given a short review about each one – but experiences are different just as the people are. So we can just share our experience and knowledge, and conclusions based on other customers stories. And it can be different than yours.

We will update this list with time – as soon as we discover more online stores worth visiting.

How to buy a swimsuit online

Swimsuits for all – a Godsend for Curvy and Well-Endowed Ladies is loved by customers due to its wide range of great styles at affordable prices. They are mainly focusing on plus sizes. You will find an ocean of reviews on the website and many customers give their opinions on the styles they have ordered.

This online store offers pre-paid return labels. However, if using the pre-paid label, you will get E-Gift card that is not liked by a certain number of customers. So if shopping here and intending to use the pre-paid return label, just make sure there are also other styles you like and would like to purchase to leave yourself options in case the worst scenario happens.

In case you opt for an exchange, you can get a free shipping by using the code mentioned in their Exchange Policy – just make sure to indicate the code when placing the new order.

But in case of international shipment (out of US), we read in reviews that this is quite expensive to make an exchange or return due to the taxes.

How to buy a swimsuit online

Floralkini – Time to Quit Being Boring

Floralkini offer extraordinary and glamorous bathing suits. Their moto is:

Life is too short to wear boring bikini

And this moto can be clearly seen throughout their chic collections.

What we love about this online store is that they offer free shipping and free returns on all US orders. Just make sure to check their Return/Exchange policy to do everything correctly.

How to buy a swimsuit online

Amazon – Online Giant for the Satisfaction of Any Customer

Amazon is well-known for its wide range of products for each taste and wishes. They have made everything easy so it is a pleasure to shop with them.

But what we love more is their new program. Prime wardrobe is the name of the program and it is available for the Prime members. After joining the program, you will be able to order three or more items from the following sections: clothing, shoes and accessories but you will have to pay only for those that you keep. Pre-paid return label is already included in your order so you can easily return the ones that don’t fit within 7-day try on period. Brilliant, isn’t it?

You can sign up for a notification of the launch of Amazon Prime Wardrobe

So have we managed to clear your doubts and concerns about how to buy a swimsuit online? Where do you shop for a swimsuit?

6 thoughts on “How to Buy a Swimsuit Online That Fits and Looks Great

  1. alesia

    I love these swimsuits I am not much of a swimmer but I do like to look great on vacation i like the way you have the different sizes for women who are slim and women who are curvey it is a big help for when you are buying online.

    • Hey Alesia

      Majority of us wish to feel good while on vacation and wearing a flattering swimsuit is one of the provisions. It is more likely to find the right bathing suit online due to the wider range of options available so it is all about knowing how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great. So we described the process to help any vacationer (and not only) find the right path to the flattering bathing suit.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  2. Anna

    Hi, thank you for the great article! I actually need to buy a new swimsuit, but have no time to go shopping, as I have a full-time job, and then another, even harder full-time job (3 kids). 😀 So shopping on the internet is a perfect option for me.
    I loved your tips about taking measures.
    I once ordered some clothes on the internet just by my regular size, without really taking measures, and everything that arrived was too small :-(. Luckily, I could return the items and get a bigger size, but I had to pay the shipping (back to the supplier), and also the bother of sending back a shipment… and the expectation.. again…
    So again, as I said – great article with great tips. Very useful! Thank you!

    • Hey Anna

      I am glad you have found helpful our guide on how to buy a swimsuit online. Taking proper measures and checking the sizing chart is half of the success – you can’t just rely on your size as sizing differs. I love shopping online and these tips have helped me to avoid unpleasant experiences. However, as with everything in our lives, this guide is most likely not perfect so I would wish to learn also other experiences and tips on buying a bathing suit online.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Benny

    Sometimes getting things online can be tiring because you do not know which platform to trust and if they will deliver something different from the displayed picture. This happened with clothing a lot. And then the issue of timing. Some online shops take so much time to deliver their products. Thanks for this great post. 

  4. Alex Chivers

    Hi, I just finished reading your article.  I’m not really a swimsuit person myself but I really liked how you have something for everyone.  Think this could be a good read for a lot of women especially for holiday goers who need that boost of confidence well done.  You have really well here.  Also your post is very good very well laid out with pictures ands etc. keep up the good work.

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