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High Neck Swimsuits – 9 Chic Choices

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High Neck Swimsuits

High neck swimsuits are perfect for showing off your gorgeous shoulders. It is proven to be particularly flattering for small chested women. However, when selecting our top choice we kept in mind also big busted women and found few chic options flattering big chest.

High neck bathing suits tend to be a popular choice of women over 40 and 50 as they offer increased coverage to the neck and bust area.

But let’s now look at our selection of stunning high neck swimwear.

High Neck Swimsuits – When the Style Meets Function

High neck swimsuits are fashionable yet functional. Wearing high neck swimsuit tops shows off your great taste. Besides that, they are a great tool for emphasizing your shoulders, downplaying small bust and covering up cleavage and chest area.

Our Collection of Attractive High Neck Swimsuits

So we have gathered a bunch of high neck bathing suits to flatter different tastes and body shapes. The swimsuits we have chosen are ones loved by women who have bought them and proven to fit well and last long.

High Neck Swimsuit Tankini

High Neck Swimsuits

ProductFringe Benefits High Neck Tankini Top

Price: below $ 60

Features: Soft Cups, High Neckline, Fringe Detailing, Adjustable Back Straps, 89% Micro Nylon, 11% Spandex, Available also in other colors

This attractive high neck swimsuit tankini features eye-catching fringe detailing that is highly evaluated by women who have bought it. It is said to be perfect for hiding any flaw around the midsection. The fringes embody two styles in one – the top is as both tankini and bikini top. It is a perfect choice for women looking for some modesty without sacrificing style and grace.

Fringe Benefits High Neck Tankini Top
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Extraordinary Design
  • Eye-Catching Detailing
  • Forgiving Pattern
  • Hides any imperfection around midsection
  • Comfortable
  • Graceful
  • High Quality Material
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Flattering
  • Good Coverage
  • Versatile


  • Tricky to get the top on
  • Expensive
User Review
5 (1 vote)

The tankini top is said to be comfortable.

Women who have bought the tankini evaluate the material – it is said to be of high quality and very pleasant to skin.

Customers advise the support of the tankini top is just at the right level. Adjustable straps add up to the comfort and support of the top.

The plum color complements any tone of skin – making pale skin looking less pale and tanned skin – more tanned.

The bottoms are highly evaluated by customers due to outstanding and flattering fit. They are said to fit like a glove. The cut of the bottoms is extremely functional and accentuate the curves of the body.

Women who have bought this tankini advise that it is hard to get the top on. However, when done – it is worth the trouble. Customers suggest combining the tankini top with your favorite shorts for a hot and chic summer outfit. Some women even state wearing the top combined with jeans and heels for a girls night out. So the tankini top is really versatile and multi-purpose.

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High Neck Swimsuits

Product: Black Macrame High Neck Tankini

Price: currently on sale $ 49.70 (usual price $ 71)

Features: High Neckline, Crochet Detailing, Built-in Soft Cups, Wire-Free, Halter Neck, S-hook with 3 Adjustments, Unlined Top, Full Coverage Lined Bottoms, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

This Black Macrame High Neck Tankini is among best-sellers of the season. And without doubt, there is a reason for that. Let’s look at the customer reviews.

By receiving more than 60 reviews the tankini top reaches an average of 4.4 stars (out of 5) which is a very good evaluation.

Women who have bought this high neck swimsuit tankini find it sexy and modest. It is said to be both comfortable and stylish. The cute macrame detailing is an eye-catcher. Moreover, it helps to avoid the “uni-boob” look for a bigger bust that is quite common when it comes to high-neck swimsuits and larger cup sizes.

The flare pattern hides any imperfection around the tummy and helps to smooth out the silhouette. The top doesn’t ride up and fits true to size. The support is said to be enough.

Some of the customers have worn it as a casual summer outlook and state receiving a lot of compliments. The swimsuit is evaluated as flattering for any woman regardless age and shape. Teen girls love the trendy design while elderly women appreciate the coverage, especially around the neckline.

However, when wearing this high neck swimsuit tankini you should be aware of the weird tan lines. But the majority of women who have bought this bathing suit state it is worth it.

Customers suggest checking the size chart carefully and measuring yourself according to the instructions to get the right size as few customers find the bathing suit poorly sized. Some women state the halter strap is too thin digging in instead of ensuring the needed support.

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High Neck Swimsuits

ProductFanShou Women High Neck Tankini Swimsuits Padded Two Piece Bathing Suits

Features: High Neckline, Adjustable Halter Straps Criss-Crossed at the Back, Built-in Soft Cups, Removable Cups, Bra Tie at the Back, Wire-Free, Flare Pattern, 86% Nylon / 14% Spandex

FanShou Women High Neck Swimsuit Tankini is loved by women who have bought it. The tankini is reviewed by more than 100 customers reaching an average of 4 stars (out of 5). Let’s look at the main pros and cons of the stunning FanShou high neck swimsuit tankini.

Customers advise this high neck tankini bathing suit is extremely flattering. The flowy pattern hides the midsection so tankini can be used as a shelter for bulges and love handles one could have. The crossed straps are fun and create a playful yet graceful outlook.

The high neck tankini is said to be slimming. The top is quite long so suitable also for women with long torsos.

Women advise the tankini is of great quality and is not made cheaply. Bright and vivid colors are eye-catching and perfectly suit summer. The material of the tankini top is of high quality and pleasant to skin.

Customers warn about the seamless edge at the bottom of the tankini top.

However, the majority of customers advise to go a size up – so, for instance, if you are wearing size M, a general suggestion is to go for size L.

Some women don’t like the bottoms of the tankini. They are said to be thin, flimsy, about two sizes smaller than the top and see-through. But taking into account the affordable price of the tankini, it is still a good deal. But you should be aware that most likely you will have to get new bottoms so you need to decide if you find the tankini top a good value for the price.

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High Neck Swimsuit Bikini

High Neck Swimsuits

ProductElla Moss Tribal Dream High Neck Bikini Top

Features: Soft Cups, High Neckline, Keyhole Detailing at the Chest, Racerback, Wrap Straps, Adjustable tie at the Back, 86% Micro Nylon, 14% Spandex, Bottoms sold separately, Available in other patterns

High Neck Swimsuits

This adorable wrap style is particularly flattering for small busted women as the wrap straps accentuate midsection. The black and white print, in its turn, distract the eye into the pattern so the size of the bust is downplayed.

Women who have bought this attractive high neck swimsuit bikini love the wrap detailing and keyhole at the bust. The keyhole is said to add up to sexy appeal while still being covered more than with usual bikini. The top is evaluated as comfortable, functional and trendy.

Some customers state they are wearing this top as a sports bra and it is supportive enough.

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High Neck Swimsuits

Product: Charlatan Bikini

Price: currently on sale $ 57.40 (usual price $ 82)

Features: Built-in Soft Cops, Wire-Free, Top with Side Boning, Fully lined Bikini Top, H-Back, Metal S-Hook Closure with 3 Adjustments, Double Keyhole at the Back, Crochet Detailing, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Available Also in Color White

High Neck Swimsuits

This high neck swimsuit bikini is among the best sellers of the season and is loved by women who have bought it. The bathing suit has received more than 80 reviews reaching an average 4.3 stars out of 5.

Customers love the attractive pattern of the high neck bikini bathing suit. The swimsuit is said to suit different ages. The trendy crochet design gives a sexy feel while the high neck and high waist ensure increased coverage and shelter where necessary. Women state the high neck bikini covers the right places at the right amount.

High Neck Swimsuits

Women love the great material. It is evaluated as of high quality and pleasant to skin.

The bikini is found to be supportive enough even for the big chested women. Customers love the possibility of purchasing different sized top and bottom.

The bottom is said to flatter curvy bottoms. However, few women find them being little tight around legs.

Few customers complain about the lack of padding or underwire as it could boost the support. So if you are planning some beach or water activities, you should most likely look for another suit.

Some customers find the high neck bathing suit snug at the neck due to the pattern.

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High Neck Swimsuits

ProductBlooming Jelly Women’s Coconut Tree High Neck Bikini

Features: High Neckline, Wire-Free, Front Zip, Removable Padding at the Top, High Waisted Bottoms, Polyester / Spandex

High Neck Swimsuits

This high neck Blooming Jelly Swimsuit Bikini is favored among women due to its feminine pattern and attractive design. Up to now, more than 780 customers have reviewed it assessing the bikini with 4 stars (out of 5) on average.

Customers appreciate the comfort of the bikini. The zip makes it easy to put the top on/off.

Majority suggest going size up but to be sure I would recommend getting in touch with the retailer as there are a lot of debates about the sizing.

Women state the bathing suit is affordable and cute. The high waisted bikini is said to be a perfect choice for those wishing to hide the belly. However, owing to the high waist the bathing suit is said to be more flattering for long-waisted women.

The material is evaluated as of good quality and the suit is not cheaply made.

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High Neck Swimsuit One Piece

High Neck Swimsuits

Product: Officer Swimsuit

Price: currently on sale $ 58.80 (usual price $ 84)

Features: High Neck, Halter, Macrame Detailing, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Adjustable Cross-Back Straps, Power Mesh Tummy Control Lining, Fully Lined, Ruched Bodice, 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex

High Neck Swimsuits

This high neck swimsuit one piece is a head-turner and loved by women. Customers have evaluated it with 4.8 stars (out of 5) on average. This one piece swimsuit is among the best-sellers of the season and certainly, there is a reason for this.

The high neck swimsuit is said to be comfortable, chic and cute. The macrame detailing makes the bathing suit look outstanding and adds up to the sassy yet classy beach outfit.

Women love the way the high neck one piece hugs the midsection. It hides the right places, any lumps and bumps one could have and puts the right accents.

The bathing suit is said to flatter both small and large bust.

However, few women state the bathing suit lacks support for bust sizes 38G and up. Women wish for more lift so they complain about the lack of built-in bra or underwire.

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High Neck Swimsuits

Product: Longitude Desert Oasis High Neck Swimsuit

Price: currently on sale $ 67.20 (usual price $ 96)

Features: High Neck, Shelf-Bra, Soft Molded Cups, Elastic Underband, Sizes 8-16 feature Keyhole Back with S-hook Closure, Sizes 18-34 have a Scoopback, Wire-Free, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps, Power Mesh Tummy Control Lining, Unlined Back, Ruched Bodice, 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex

High Neck Swimsuits

The high neck swimsuit one piece is designed for women with long torsos. Women love the vibrant print and metallic shine the bathing suit has.

The bathing suit is said to be suitable for water aerobics and active swimming due to its functional design.

The support, comfort and fit is highly appreciated by women who have bought the bathing suit.

The quality of the swimming suit is evaluated and it is stated to hold up to frequent use in the chlorine.

Few customers complain about the molded cups stating they are designed with big breast in mind and located too low making the smaller bust look sagged. The swimsuit is said not to work for pear shaped women due to too much excess material in the bust area.

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High Neck Swimsuits

ProductHalter High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

Features: High Neck, Pull On Closure, Halter Self-Tie Straps, Padded, Side Boning, Backless Design, Hook Closure, High Waist Cut, 84% polyester/16% spandex

High Neck Swimsuits

The halter high neck swimsuit one piece is evaluated by more than 1250 customers reaching an average 4.1 star (out of 5). Majority of women who have bought this bathing suit are happy with the fit, performance, and outlook of it.

Women state the elastic and durable material hugs the body at the right level smoothing out the silhouette. The side boning does a great job in controlling the tummy.

Customers find the swimsuit flattering, slimming and feminine. The cut of the bathing suit elongates legs while the pattern shapes the midsection. The graphic print camouflages any flaw around the midsection. It is said to boost the confidence.

The swimsuit is not see-through.

Few customers warn about the side openings of the swimsuit that could lead to exposing your bust. Some women find the back of the swimsuit too low revealing back rolls.

You should be careful when choosing the size of the bathing suit so better to recheck it with the seller before ordering.

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So did you like our collection of high neck swimsuits? Do you choose high neck bathing suits or do you prefer other styles?

Let us know in the comment section as your experience could be useful to someone.

2 thoughts on “High Neck Swimsuits – 9 Chic Choices

  1. angie


    I love this article thank you for sharing it. The swimsuits all look great! I like the high neck ones as I’m always conscious about whether I have something hanging out and with this type of swimsuit I wouldn’t have to worry. I do have a couple that I prefer but I think they are all nice. The prices are really good for them as well. This is the time to get them at a cheaper price for sure. It will also motivate us not to overeat with the holidays. Lol.

    • Hey Angie

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am glad you have found the information on high neck swimsuits helpful. It is a pleasure to read that you liked our collection of high neck swimsuits. Without doubt, this is the right time to get a new swimsuit as prices are down. You are also right about the motivation not to overeat during the holidays 🙂 I think a new bathing suit is one of the best motivators 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

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