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Halter Top Swimsuits – Fabulous Collection

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Halter top swimsuits are in their glory currently. The popularity of this type of bathing suit is increasing and there is a reason for that.

Firstly, it is due to the extra support and lift halter top swimsuits offer. Secondly, the versatility of this type of swimwear is highly appreciated by women as it allows to avoid tan lines and at the same time is not so revealing as bandeau swimsuits. And last but not least halter top swimsuits are a very popular choice of big breasted women as the construction of straps and design of the bathing suit keeps boobs in their place by ensuring the needed support and allowing beach activities.

Halter top swimsuits can be halter one piece swimsuits, bikinis or halter tankini swimsuits.

Our Top Choice of Halter Top Swimsuits – Boss Underwire Swimsuit

Halter Top Swimsuits

Product: Boss Underwire Swimsuit

Price: $ 65.80 (usual price $ 94)

Features: Halter top, Self-tie Straps, Fully Lined Hidden Bra, Side Boning, Underwire, Soft Removable Cups, Power Mesh Lining for Tummy Control, Cut-Out Detailing on the Sides, Fully Lined Swimsuit, Shirring at the Center, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Even though halter top swimsuits usually feature wide straps Boss Underwire Swimsuit straps are not wide but no worries – there is underwire to do the support job. This halter one piece swimsuit is an absolute hit among women who have bought it – majority of customers assess it with 5 stars reaching an average of 4.7 stars.

Boss Underwire Swimsuit
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Flattering
  • Right Coverage
  • Minimizes Hips
  • Controls Tummy
  • Dries quickly
  • Thick Material



  • Lack of Support at Bust for sizes DDD and up
  • Makes you look flatchested
  • Adds pressure to your neck
User Review
4.13 (8 votes)

The chic halter one piece swimsuit is evaluated as conservative with the right amount of sexiness and the right level of coverage. It is said to fit great and look flattering. Cut-out detailing on the sides minimizes hips and balances body out for those heavier at the bottom than top.

If you are between the sizes, a suggestion from women who have bought the bathing suit is to go up.

Boss Underwire Swimsuit is a confidence-booster and a lot of women do feel it. The belly is covered and hidden perfectly. The swimsuit features a tummy control panel that WORKS. The top is said to hide excess fat at the armpit.

The cut-outs don’t reveal much – even for those having belly ledges or chubby sides. Nothing pokes out. Ruching does the job and is evaluated by women who have bought this swimsuit.

Halter Top Swimsuits

The back of the swimsuit is covering any back fat you could have.

Many customers complain about lack of other colors for this swimsuit – they would buy this in every imaginable color 🙂

However, it is said that the bathing suit makes you look little bit flatchested.

Few customers state the support at bust could be greater. Customers wish the straps were wider to improve the support for the girls. As now the straps should be tied quite tight to get the needed support and it adds the pressure to the neck.

If your bust needs a lot of support (sizes DDD and up), it would be better to go for some other halter bathing suit due to support issue.

To sum up, this halter top swimsuit is extremely sexy with just the right amount of skin revelation. Cut-outs at the sides add up to your sensual appeal yet nothing is poking out. It is perfect in controlling your tummy as a tummy control panel and ruching do work. The only flaw as stated by customers is a lack of support for sizes DDD and up. The halter straps are quite narrow so in order to ensure extra support they have to be tied tight but it in its turn adds the pressure to the neck. Overall, the majority of customers are happy about this purchase and recommend this bathing suit.

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Other Great Choices of Halter Top Swimsuits – Rock the Summer

Unless you liked our top choice let’s have a look at our selection of halter top swimsuits!

Which is your favorite type of bathing suit? Do you like wearing halter top swimsuits? What is your experience with this type of swimwear? Let us know in the comment section – it could be helpful to somebody!

10 thoughts on “Halter Top Swimsuits – Fabulous Collection

  1. Daniella

    Hi Arta,

    Wow, this is just the right swimsuit I was looking for!
    I am bit large at the bottom, and I usually don’t like to show my back and my stomach:) Especially after having given birth several times:) I also love black as it makes me skinnier, so I would definitely choose this color.
    That’s it! I have bookmarked your website so I can read more of your great reviews and, of course, look for other beautiful items:)
    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • Hey Daniella

      Great choice 🙂 This bathing suit would work for you as halter styles are especially flattering for women larger at the bottom than top. Besides that, this swimsuit is perfect in hiding and controlling your problem areas so it is a win-win situation for you 🙂

      Good luck with your new halter top swimsuit – enjoy!

  2. Jagi

    Great selection of swimming suits. My goal was to wear a bikini in the summer, but these look way better. Plus they might even hide my wobbly bits which the bikini won’t.

    A halter type would work for my body type as I am a bit bigger in the top. I would say it will probably give more control than a bikini.

    • Hey Jagi

      I am happy you liked my selection of halter top swimsuits.
      If you are looking for mroe coverage, I would suggest you having a look at our selection of halter tankini swimsuits.
      Tankinis are great option of bathing suit for hiding any flaws you have. If you are bigger on top than on bottom halter top is a great option for balancing out your figure. And it definitely offers you more control as well as more coverage and support than bikini does.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Rina

    I have always had problems finding a swimsuit for my awkward body shape and have to spend hours downtown going from shop to shop and still not finding the right one. I like how you’ve catergorised them and now I can go straight to the type of swimsuit that will fit my shape. I will definately be returning when I’m ready for my next one. Thank you for bringing your website to girls like me

    • Hey Rina

      Thanks for visiting my website! I am gathering options for any body shape so unless you manage to find bathing suit for your body type, just drop a comment on our website and we will look for options for you.

      Have a nice day!

  4. Princila

    Hi Arta,

    I would definitely consider wearing a halter swimsuit. Gone are the days when I used to wear bikinis. After having two kids, I’m in no mood to go around showing off my muffin top.:-) I guess that for a woman who is heavier at the bottom than top, this would be a good fit for me. I can’t wait to go on vacation soon!

    Thanks for another great post!

    • Hey Princila

      Halter top swimsuits are a great choice for women heavier at the bottom. You can choose either halter one piece bathing suit or halter tankini to have the coverage your are looking for. I just had my second son so need to re-consider what type of tankini bathing suit to go for this season 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Jacob

    Good day Arta,
    I am sure ladies who are fond of halter top swimsuits will find this page very valuable.
    A very good selection and choices.
    Good ratings and promotions which can influence and persuade a potential swimsuit buyer.
    Great stuff for the lady swimmers and sun seekers out there!

    • Hey Jacob
      Thanks for visiting my website!
      I do hope this article will help women to choose the perfect halter top swimsuits as my website is intended as a guide for finding the right bathing suit for any woman. It can get quite challenging when looking for a swimwear online but as long as you are aware of the possible choices and the right style for you everything gets as simple as that 🙂

      Summer is coming so this is the right time for shopping 🙂


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