Halter Tankini Swimsuits

Halter Tankini Swimsuits – Fancy Collection for Vivid Summer

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As described in our previous posts halter tankini swimsuits will flatter nearly any body shape but are particularly suitable for women broader at the top than the bottom. This type of bathing suit tends to cut your wide shoulders by balancing out your body and making it look more symmetrical.

Halter Tankini Swimsuits – Triumph of Femininity

Halter tankini swimsuits add some curves and volume for the upper part of your body by enhancing your feminine assets. Nevertheless, this type of bathing suit accentuates your arms so in case you don’t want to pay attention to your arms you should consider choosing some other type of tankini swimsuits.

Our Top Choice of Halter Tankini Swimsuits – Rosewood Halter Tankini

Halter Tankini Swimsuits

Product: Rosewood Halter Tankini

Price: $ 44.10 (usual price $ 63)

Features: Halter Tankini, Self-tie Straps, Built-In Shelf Bra with Elastic Underband, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Loose Fit, Full Coverage Bottom, Lined Briefs, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Rosewood Halter Tankini swimsuit is among the bestsellers of this season. Women feel sexy and comfortable while wearing this stylish tankini bathing suit.

Rosewood Halter Tankini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Flattering
  • Accentuates Bust and Minimizes Tummy
  • Doesn’t Ride Up in Water
  • Dries quickly
  • Possibility to Order Different Sized Top and Bottom
  • More choices available – you can choose also short or skirt bottom or order just the top



  • Inconsistent Colour
  • Bottoms tend to wear out quickly
  • Lack of support starting from DDD
User Review
3.33 (3 votes)

The halter tankini is evaluated as a great deal due to the low price. High quality of it is appreciated by women who have bought this tankini. The tankini top is said to be very flattering by accentuating the bust and minimizing the tummy. Women are happy about tankini top not riding up while in the water.

Halter Tankini Swimsuits

The option of choosing different sized top and bottom is highly appreciated by many customers. Bottoms are said to be high enough to ensure the needed coverage and comfort yet being sexy.

There are many options available for this tankini – you can order just halter tankini top or the top together with regular briefs, skirts, boy shorts or banded shorts.

Halter Tankini Swimsuits

However, as always there are also some negative points or at least points requiring your attention and consideration before purchase. One customer indicated that bottoms wore out quite quickly and the middle of them became sheer (but it could be the result of incorrect care for the bathing suit as no one else mentions this).

The fit at the bust area is said to be great and supportive, but few customers advise the lower part of the top clinging to the body.

There is some inconsistency about the color – some state the color is brighter in life than in the picture, some state the color is more peach orange, coral than pink.

Lack of support for sizes starting from DDD.

Halter Tankini Swimsuits

Quite many customers comment on fit and the general feedback is that if you want the top to be tight you should order your regular size but if you wish it to be more relaxed you should go for a size bigger. It could be a good idea to get into contact with the retailer to check on the size you should go for based on your measurements.

To sum up, we do find this halter tankini bathing suit a great deal especially the price given. If you are DDD and up, you should rather look for some other swimsuit due to lack of support for your sizes. The color is said to be more coral than pink but the majority still find the print gorgeous. This halter tankini is perfect for highlighting your girls and concealing your tummy but before ordering you should check with retailer about the size you should order.

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Other Great Choices of Halter Tankini Swimsuits – Emphasize Your Beauty

Let’s have a look at our selection of halter tankini swimsuits! There are so many choices but no worries – as said by Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by J. K. Rowling):

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

So do you like halter tankinis or halter swimwear in general? Or perhaps some other type of bathing suits is the right one for you? How do you make yourself look and feel good while on the beach? 🙂 You are welcome to share your experience and knowledge as someone could find it helpful!

6 thoughts on “Halter Tankini Swimsuits – Fancy Collection for Vivid Summer

  1. Wendy

    I want to thank you for the information here. I love the tankini more than any other swimsuit I have owned. It is hard to find a quality swimsuit these days. Are there any other color options? Also which style have you heard is the most supportive, the Tank or halter top? Thank you again for the information.

    • Hey Wendy

      I am pleased you have found my website helpful. And I am very happy that we share passion – passion to tankini swimsuits 🙂
      For this particular halter tankini there are no other colour options but there are many other halter tankinis available in any colour and pattern. Just have a look at our picks to see the collection.
      Tankini tops come in many different options – bandeau, halter, underwire, racer-back, tank top. Check out our post about different types of tankini swimsuits.
      Halter style offers increased support so it is particularly suitable for big-busted women or any woman wishing for increased support at the top. But for sure you also need to have a look what other features are built-in for additional support.
      Bandeau tankini style is very graceful and elegant but suits not every body type.
      Underwire tankini style offers the greatest support.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Jenni

    Thank you for the insight on what works for different body types when it comes to tankinis. I sell swimsuits and other womens clothing and it is difficult finding the right swimsuit for every woman, but you hit the nail on the head. Broad shoulders require the triangle top, just like you stated with the halter top. Thank you for the suit suggestions as well. There are so many different options out there and it is nice getting a personal opinion on a swimsuit for once.

    • Hi Jenni

      I an glad you have found my article helpful and I hope many women will benefit from it. The more the options available, the harder the choice is made. So I think it is very helpful to be guided in the right direction as then the final choice comes easier. Our bodies are different and each requires certain features to look good. So we are here to discuss those features so every woman feel gorgeous while wearing a bathing suit.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Alicia

    I have always loved the look of a halter tankini but as you stated, the larger bust sizes tend not to get the best support from the halter top…I can attest to this.

    The suggestions in this post are beautiful and they do a great job of hiding the stomach area…the “dreaded” area for many women. Great article! Very helpful.

    • Arta

      Hey Alicia

      Halter tankini swimsuits do look great and put the right accents but there could be a problem with support for big chested women. You can have a look at our suggestions for Best Swimsuits For Big Busted Women.

      Cheers, Arta

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