Forgiving Shortini Swimwear

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Shortini swimwear combines a style with modesty by ensuring increased coverage for those of us seeking it.

We have looked through an ocean of shortini swimwear pieces to find the ones loved and favoured by women who have bought them.

Shortini Swimwear – Great Coverage Made Convenient & Stylish

Stylish shortini swimwear

Product: Zando Tummy Control Tankini with Boyshorts

Price: Below $ 20

Features: Tummy Control; V-Neck; Padded Bra; Adjustable Straps; Boyshort Bottom; Polyamide + Spandex, Many Colours and Patterns Available

Zando shortini swimsuit is among the best sellers by reaching 4.3 stars out of 5 based on more than 1500 reviews. 81% of the customers are satisfied with this shortini.

Moreover, this bathing suit is listed as Nr 1 in category Women’s two piece swimsuits and Nr 2 in category Women’s tankini swimsuits on Amazon. So there is something about this bathing suit.

Zando Tummy Control Tankini with Boyshorts
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Flattering
  • Stylish
  • Modest
  • Comfortable
  • Flared pattern hides midsection by slimming visually
  • Wide straps don’t hurt shoulders


  • Comes with underwire even though advertised as wire-free
  • Confusing size-chart
  • Lack of Tummy Control due to low-waisted bottoms
User Review
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The flared shortini swimsuit is proven to shelter the midsection by hiding the tummy and any back fat. The forgiving and flattering design is loved by women who have bought this bathing suit due to its stylish and visually slimming properties.

Certain styles feature the tie at the chest – as explored by customers, the amount of cleavage can be adjusted by this tie.

Cute tummy control shortini swimwear

Women who have bought this swimsuit evaluate its comfort and style. Even though such type of bathing suits usually seem matronly, customers state this is not the case.

The shortini bathing suit is said to be perfect camouflage for tummies and bigger booties due to flared pattern by retaining its comfort, support and gracefulness.

Customers advise to follow thew size chart as the sizing is different than usual one. Some got confused by this resulting in the wrong size ordered, so this is the thing to pay attention to.

Stylish and flattering shortini swimwear

The material of the swimsuit is evaluated as pleasant to skin and of good quality.

The shorted bottom is short and it doesn’t ride up. Some customers state that the shorts are too short for the level of their comfort. On the other hand, many mention that the shorts perfectly cover bigger booties.

Some customers complain about the underwire – even though the bathing suit is advertised as wire-free bathing suit, it does have the underwire. Though, it can be easily removed if necessary.

The bottom is low-waisted so there is said to be no tummy control. However, the flared pattern hides any imperfection around the midsection.

Overall, by taking into account the affordable price, this shortini bathing suit is evaluated as a great deal despite the few flaws some customers have stated.

==> Get the Cute Tummy Control Zando Shortini Here <==

Sporty shortini swimsuit

Product: Aleumdr Blouson T-Back Tankini Top with Shorts

Price: Below $ 30

Features: Blouson Pattern; Halter Neckline; T-Back; Soft Padded Cups; Push-Up Effect; Wire-Free; Adjustable Straps; Boyshort Bottom; Several Colours Available

The sporty yet elegant Aleumdr shortini is loved by customers due to the fashionable design combined with extraordinary comfort, great coverage and convenience it offers while being worn.

Comfortable shortini swimsuit

This shortini swimsuit in Nr 2 best seller in category Women’s Plus Size Tankini and Nr 1 in category Women’s Petite Tankini Sets. On average the bathing suit is evaluated with 4.5 stars out of 5 based on more than 530 reviews.

Women who have bought this shortini highly evaluate the great comfort it offers combined with support of the top by aligning the support to that of sports bra.

The bathing suit is proven to be convenient and comfortable enough during the breastfeeding.

The blouson pattern covers any imperfections around the midsection if there is any. The top is said not to float up when in water. The bottoms are said to ensure the needed coverage for those looking for it.

Te bathing suit is said to fit true to size as long as the size chart is followed.

The material of the bathing suit is thick and the overall workmanship is good.

Some customers complain that even though the bathing suit is advertised to have removable padding, this is not the case as the paddings are sewn in so this should be taken into consideration.

If you are pear-shaped meaning your bottom part is bigger if compared to the upper part of the body then there could be a fit problem as the shorted bottom could be too tight. Nevertheless customers experiencing this case still decided to keep the bathing suit as the price is extremely affordable and it is worth it anyway.

==> Get the Supportive and Comfortable Aleumdr Shortini Here <==

Striped Shortini Swimwear

Product: Navy Striped Halter Tankini With Boy Short

Price: Below $ 85

Features: V-Neck; Shelf Bra; Wire-Free; Moulded Cups with Power Mesh Lining; Self-Tie Straps; Unlined Boy Short Bottom; Top: 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex; Bottom: 82% Nylon / 18% Lycra Xtra Life Spandex; Available in Other Colours/Designs

The cute and flattering Striped Halter Tankini with Boy Short Bottom has reached an average of 3.9 stars out of 5 basing on more than 440 reviews.

Women who have bought this shortini highly evaluate stylish design and high quality product. Even though the tankini top comes without wire, the swimsuit is said to ensure the great support.

The swimsuit is said to flatter all the right places and to offer great coverage. It is said to hold big chest well by lifting girls as needed. The flowy design covers the stomach by camouflaging any imperfection around the midsection.

The tankini top is said to be workable for cup sizes up to D/DD. If the cup size is greater, it is suggested to look for an option with underwire (just as the next shortini in this article). It is due to the extra pressure to the neck the halter style creates. Moreover, underwire styles offer greater support that is well needed for well-endowed ladies.

Some customers complain about inconsistent sizing. This tankini swimsuit is said to run small so it is advised to size up or re-check with the retailer for the right size.

Women love the chlorine resistant shortini bottoms as Xtra Life material lasts about 5-10 times longer by retaining its shape and colour if compared to the casual swimsuit material.

==> Get the Flattering Striped Halter Shortini Here <==

Shortini swimwear with underwired top

Product: Arcadia Underwire Tankini with Banded Short

Price: Below $ 85

Features: Tie Front; Sweetheart Neckline; Underwire; Built-In Bra; Removable Soft Cups; Adjustable Straps; Unlined; Top: 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex; Bottom: 82% Nylon / 18% Lycra Xtra Life Spandex

The vivid and colourful Arcadia Underwire shortini has reached 3.8 stars out of 5 based on more than 415 reviews.

Women who have bought this shortini appreciate the comfort, style and quality of the swimsuit. The style os the bathing suit is said to be extremely forgiving and flattering.

Customers state the tankini top ensures great support for big bust and reveals the right amount of the cleavage. The swimsuit is said to suit also long torsos.

The built-in bra is said to keep the girls in places. However, few customers complain that the cups are not sturdy enough. Some also state that the inner bra lining tends to show up a little bit.

Few women don’t like that the top floated up while in the water. It is due to the flare design of the tankini top. Some other suggest tucking the sides of the top into the waistband of the shorted bottom while in the water to avoid floating up. The suggestion is said to be workable.

==> Get the Comfortable and Supportive Arcadia Shortini Here <==

We have found more flattering and cute swimsuits with shorts – check them out 🙂

Where do you shop for swimsuits with shorted bottoms? Is there any particular brand you have favoured when it comes to shortini swimwear?

Share you experience and knowledge in the comment section as it could be helpful to somebody.

19 thoughts on “Forgiving Shortini Swimwear

  1. Lisa

    I have been looking everywhere for this type of swim ware, it would cover my belly and my booty nicely. They seem from your post to be great quality and the price is very reasonable as well. I found a couple of pretty styles. You describe them in a perfect way I’m pleased I found they come in a range of different sizes?

    • Arta

      Hey Lisa

      Thank you for your positive comment – I am pleased that you have found this information helpful. These swimsuits indeed come in different sizes and it is always a good idea to take the measures for finding the right size as sizes vary depending on the brand. Check out here how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  2. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Hello there! This is an amazing review you’ve got here on these swimsuits. I always prefer and recommend tankini swimsuits for any lady I know because of their consistency in making quality swimsuits for all sizes and shapes.

    Moreover, I think I li ke the “T-Back tankini top and shorts” as it’s more fashionable and stylish. Thanks for sharing this with me!

  3. Philebur

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say it was really entertaining going through this review as it took me down the memory lanes. Getting these for my partner considering these are the type of swimwear she would love and the price for these are also amazing. Thanks for sharing this

  4. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, this indeed a welcome development, due to the fact that customers are of different taste and preference, it is pertinent to produce according to their preference. My wife for example does not like any swimsuit that will expose vital part of her body, having seeing the design of halter tankini swimsuit, I will surely get it for my wife, because this is exactly what she likes.

  5. Lizzychris

    An amazing review you have there on “forgiving shortini swimwear”

    I must confess that your reviews on swimsuits are all amazing, it has helped most women who feel less of themselves or have cold feet’s when it comes to wearing bikini for swimming. I will consider the “Flattering Striped Halter Shortini” because of the built- bra design and the price is ok too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Andre

    Hi Arta,

    Your image at the top of your page, picturing the waves, very appropriate. 

    These products provides women, who need to cover up more, a very subtle way to also have the freedom of wearing a swimsuit. The items are very well summarized and your short factoid of how it performs in the market place, gives the reader an excellent idea, whether it will be suitable for them.


  7. Nikki

    It’s hard to find a low price bikini! the prices are outrageous, but this seems fair priced and has good ratings! I do wonder if that underwire is removable without cutting a hole in the swimsuit.  Also, I like the style of the shorts, it’s more family-friendly to me. Comfortable and affordable… I’ll have to check these out. 

  8. sham

    These swimsuits look stylish and flattering, and affordable on top of everything. The colours are vivid and the designs are cute.

    other the contents are absolutely awesome and meaningful.  Paragraphs and photos explain about the products.  I think it is a wonderful information and will help many women finding their perfect swimsuit.  

  9. Imelda

    Thank you

    I really enjoyed your article about the ‘shortini’ which I had never heard of before. I really like the styles as it is something that I could wear around the garden and feel comfortable doing so. It would also be something that I would recommend to my Mother and my Sister who have issues with swimming costumes and hiding those unsightly areas that you want to keep to yourself.

    Thank you as there are so many great styles.

  10. Jomata

    Hello there, really awesome post on forgiving shortini swim wear, I must admit that these swimwear are quite very stylish and for the fact that your post is so detailed as to giving the prices of each of these swimwear which really will help in budgeting but I have a concern with the zando tummy  control body short tankini with body short that they are advertised wire free even if they come with an under wire, is there any reason to this?

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for your comment. The only issue with Zando bathing suit is the incorrect product description so it is good to know this before purchasing to avoid the surprise afterwards.

      Cheers, Arta

  11. Aly

    Wow, I haven’t seen anything like this style at my local swimsuit shops before! This really seems like the perfect option for days that are spent doing sporty activities like rafting or tubing. Also, there is a big waterpark nearby and the bigger waterslides can cause quite an uncomfortable and embarassing wedgie… I think this style might be the answer to those slides!

  12. evans

    Hey Arts, awesome review you have here trust me thses are killing sexy forgiving shirtini swim wears you have here, I personally love to see my wife look sexy 8n these swim wear’s… Really can’t wait to go get my wify one of these. Summer is far approaching ànd I gat to prepare for it…thanks for the review..

  13. Jolly

    Hi there!

    I’m so in love with the shortini swimwear you shared. Since I’m not brave enough to wear a bikini and I will even feel insecure to wear bikini, so I really need this swimwear for me! It seems grooming and cute as well. This swimwear is making us beautiful with more clothes on and  provide consumers lots of design to choose! Such amazing inventions.

    Thanks again! This post definitely helps me lots. Blesses you!

  14. Jack rabbit slim

    I’m Definitely going to pass this on to my wife she would look great in one of these tops this summer at the beach .These suits have a great look and flow to them .and at those prices I can’t see where anyone can go wrong . I think these just might be the new trend for the 2020 season.

  15. Diane

    You certainly have given me a great number of possible suits from which to choose! I like the tankini style and have bought it for my girls before, but have never found one that fits exactly right for me. I’m long-waisted and the ones I’ve tried are just a little too short on the top.

    I’m not young and have had several children, so the one-piece style is my preference. However, one-piece or tankini, I still need the longer torso fit. And, just to make things more interesting, I am also overweight.

    Do you know which of these might best be appropriate in my case? 

    • Arta

      Hey Diane

      I would suggest you to have a look at our selection of long torso tankini tops that are not only advertised as long torso but also in reality fit and flatter women with long torsos.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  16. Joy

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. Its been a while a came across reviews from tankini swimsuits. I had already gone shopping before seeing these wears. Nevertheless, I will still place an order on that wear with the soft padded cups. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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