Flattering Tummy Tuck Bathing Suit – Shape The Midsection in Style

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In our previous post we discovered the secrets of tummy tuck swimwear so now the time has come to list the top choices of tummy tuck bathing suit proven to flatten the tummy and slim down the midsection.

We have looked through an ocean of tummy tuck bathing suit options and even more reviews to find the swimsuits loved by customers and proven to deliver the promised results.

Functional Tummy Tuck Bathing Suit – Slim Down The Stomach

Tummy tuck bathing suit

Product: Jackson Lace Plunge Tummy Tuck One Piece Swimsuit

Price: Below $ 90

Features: Tummy Tuck Mesh Lining Panel; Plunging Neckline; V-Neck; Built-In Soft Cups; Wire-Free; Adjustable Straps; Fully-Lined; 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

The slimming and flattering Lace Plunge Tummy Tuck batting suit is proven to flatten the tummy and boost the confidence level of its wearer.

Jackson Lace Plunge Tummy Tuck One Piece Swimsuit
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Flattering
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Tummy Tuck Mesh lining
  • Lace Pattern – great camouflager
  • Empire Waist to elongate the body visually


  • Not suitable for long torsos
  • Inconsistent Sizing
  • Quite Revealing so might not be suitable for family events
  • Not suitable for DD+ sizes
User Review
4.36 (11 votes)

Women who have bought this bathing suit advise it being extremely cute and of high quality. The lace pattern is an extra bonus for tummy tuck property as it gathers the attention and camouflages the midsection.

Tummy Tuck Bathing Suit

As an addition to great tummy tuck feature, the bathing suit is said to hide the imperfections around the midsection. Majority of customers find it flattering and forgiving regarding the body shape.

Many customers are confused regarding the sizing so it is better to re-check with the customer service regarding the right size to order.

Customers advise this bathing suit is not suitable for long torsos so in case this is your case – this bathing suit is not the right choice. Customers recommend the suit for women 5’3″ and under.

Some customers complain about the lack of bust support, however, others state that adjustable straps can fix this problem.

The bathing suit has plunging neckline so it shows a lot of cleavage – this is something to be aware of before buying.

The swimsuit is said to be suitable for sizes up to DDD cup, the bathing suit is said to be little bit small for DDDD/G cup. The swimsuit is designed for C and D cups.

==> Get the Flattering Tummy Tuck Jackson Lace Swimsuit Here <==

Tummy Tuck bathing suit

Product: Cut Out Tummy Tuck One Piece Swimsuit

Price: $ 100 (discounted with code)

Features: Tummy Tuck Mesh Lining Panel; Sweetheart Neckline; Molded Cups; Underwire; Adjustable Straps; S-Hook Closure; Cut-Out Detailing; Fully-Lined; 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex; More Colours/Patterns available

Women who have bought this tummy tuck bathing suit evaluate the great design, comfort and tummy flattening properties.

Tummy Tuck bathing suit

The bathing suit is said to be sexy but at the same time elegant and modest enough to wear it to the family events, as well.

Women evaluate the coverage and slimming design of the swimsuit. The cut out detailing is said to add up to stylish and eye-catching outfit.

Some customers find the neckline too revealing – while this is very subjective point, this should be kept in mind when palling a purchase.

Swimsuit is said to fit small to size so customers advise sizing-up. In order to get the right size, it is advised to take the measures, follow the size chart and in case in between the sizes – it is suggested to size up.

==> Get the Sexy Tummy Tuck Cut Out Swimsuit Here <==

Tummy Tuck 2 piece bathing suit

Product: SouqFone Tummy Tuck Tankini Swimsuit

Price: below $ 35

Features: 2 Piece Swimsuit; Ruched Tummy Tuck Bottoms; Sweetheart Neckline; Removable Soft Padding; Adjustable Straps; Nylon/Spandex; More Colours/Patterns available

This tummy tuck tankini swimsuit is Nr 1 best seller in category Tankini Swimsuits on Amazon. It has reached 4.4 stars out of 5 based on more than 650 reviews.

85% of customers who have bought this bathing suit are satisfied with the purchase. The high-waisted ruched bottoms are said to flatten and hide the tummy.

The tummy tuck 2 piece swimsuit is said to be flattering and comfortable. Women feeling insecure about the way they look in the bathing suit said they have regained self-consciousness in this swimsuit. The tankini is proven to be particularly flattering on bigger gals.

More than 80% of the customers state the fit of the swimsuit as expected. Nevertheless, it is suggested to take the measures and check the size chart before ordering to get the right size.

==> Get The Affordable SouqFone Tummy Tuck Tankini Swimsuit Here <==

Tummy Tuck tankini bathing suit

Product: La Blanca Island Goddess Tummy Tuck Tankini Top

Price: below $ 45

Features: Tummy Tuck Ruching; Halter Style, V-Neckline; Sewn-In Molded Cups; 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex; More Solid Colours available

Women who have bought this tummy tuck tankini top state it is flattering, comfortable and supportive for busty ladies. It shapes the bust area and makes it look appealing. The halter straps allow to customise the lift depending on the individual needs.

The ruching and shirring are said to camouflage the midsection and make its wearer look slimmer. Customers do appreciate the slimming properties of this tankini top.

The colors of the swimsuits are said to be very nice and vivid.

Few customers mention the problem with inconsistent sizing so it is suggested to check the sizing chart before placing the order.

==> Get the Ruched Tummy Tuck La Blanca Tankini Top Here <==

Ruched tummy tuck bathing suit

Product: Cupshe One Piece Tummy Tuck Swimsuit

Price: below $ 35

Features: Ruched Bodice; V-Neckline; Padded Cups; Halter Design; 80% Chinlon / 20% Spandex; More Patterns available

Cupshe tummy tuck bathing suit is stylish, cute and it does shelter midsection due to the ruched bodice.

Women who have bought this bathing suit highly evaluate its design – it is said to flatter all the right places and hide the tummy.

This bathing suit is particularly favoured as postpartum swimsuit due to its ability to suck in the midsection and convenience when breast-feeding.

Ruched tummy tuck bathing suit

The swimsuit is said to be quite cheeky so in case you are looking for a full-coverage bottom – this bathing suit will not be the right choice.

The suit is said to be suitable for long torsos.

Women state the material is pleasant, durable and high quality making the bathing suit look much more expensive.

Some women state there is side boob if looking from the back so this is something to consider before purchase.

Another common confusion is regarding the sizing as it is said to be inconsistent so the size chart should be carefully checked before ordering.

==> Get the Stylish Tummy Tuck Cupshe Bathing Suit Here <==

Have you managed to find your perfect tummy tuck bathing suit? The options we found are proven to do their job and are favoured by majority of customers who have bought them.

If your perfect tummy tuck bathing suit is not above, perhaps you can find it below 🙂

Tummy tuck bathing suit is a godsend to many women wishing to re-gain the self-consciousness and self-esteem while wearing a swimsuit.

So which tummy tuck swimsuit brands are your favourite? You are welcome to share your experience as it could be helpful to someone.

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  1. John

    Great article! It was very informative and I think you did a great job presenting you product. 

    Only thing I was thinking about, was a little more space between the section to have a better structure and “breathable” contact if you can say so. Other than that, I think you did a great job!

    I hope you make a ton of sales, good luck!
    / John

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    Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I’m glad that I found this article. Wow, what a great idea for a blog! I liked these flattering tummy tuck bathing suits and I also liked how you have reviewed so many in detail on one page. I especially liked SouqFone Tummy Tuck Tankini Swimsuit in you’ve listed. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share your article with my friends and I hope they like your flattering tummy tuck bathing suits collection a lot.
    I am very happy I got the chance to read this and hope the best for you and your site in the future. And thanks for sharing your article. Thanks

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    I started to really like the content of your site.
    The most important factor is that you have a great diversity of products, as well as here related to tummy tuck bathing suits.
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  4. evans

    These are really pretty nice fat tummy swimming suits that would go a long way to helping ladies look and keep sexy….Haven gone through your article i have Seen that these suits recommended are really nice and beautiful but pretty expensive too.

    Alot of low salary earning ladies wouldn’t be able to purchase such high and expensive suit and they may feel the lower price tagged ones won’t be that good enough so I recommend you present others too

    • Arta

      Hey Evans

      Thank you for your comment. Majority of the tummy tuck bathing suits on my list are below $ 35 – I think this is pretty reasonable and affordable price for such a functional swimming suit.

      Cheers, Arta

  5. Trevor

    The list of advantages of these swim suits that you have described is really helpful for the lady concerned about how her tummy looks. And you have helpfully described in detail the pros and cons. “Do I look fat in this swim suit?  Do you think it makes me look as if have I gained weight?” the dreaded “have I gained weight” questions any husband or boyfriend receives from his partner from time to time.  Its almost impossible to be honest without creating friction in the home.  These Tummy Tuck bathing suits seems like a terrific way to answer and say “no darling you look wonderful in your new suit”.  Its really lovely on you. I will be sharing your site with my sister who might just appreciate it! Cue the comments! but hopefully she will see, I mean well.

  6. Itobore1

    Let’s Go Shopping.The list of things that are listed there is really helpful to ladies.for good belly swimming suit to make there body more sexy.this is really good how you came up with this pleasurable ideal.how can I get one for my mom? This is really good I love this information it’s very thoughtful.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      There is absolutely no problem in getting one of these beautiful and functional swimsuits for your mom. I am sure she will be happy to wear such a flattering and stylish bathing suit. Just make sure to follow the steps described here to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  7. Michelle

    Oh my gosh … so I’ve always had a problem to find a proper fitting swimsuit to accomodate my bust and body sizes.  It’s insane!  Either the top part doesn’t fit right, or the bottom part doesn’t.  It’s been so bad, that I’ve mostly quit swimming for lack of confidence in how I looked in my suit.  That’s bad considering that swimming is my husband’s favorite hobby.  I’ve always known that in order to have a decent-fitting swimsuit, I would have to pay more … but I’ve always been at a loss as to which one would be the best for my body type.  I always purchase online (I live in the middle of nowhere), so trying something on first is not an option.  So, thank you for the comprehensive info; I’m hoping it will improve my chances of purchasing the right suit from the get-go.

  8. Marthagirl

    Hi,  Thank you so very much for your Article that has educated me and opens my eye to see that every woman can purchase a fitting Swimm suit.  Because of the shape of some of my friends, they find it so difficult to go swimming with their friends and families but now with your review, I am going to educate them also that they can buy fitting suits that can help the shapen their big Tommy at an affordable price so as to enjoy going swimming.  Thanks.

  9. David nelson

    hello there, bathing suits shape curves and hide belly bulge with tummy control panels. … regardless of age, body type, or style preference giving you the best rating from you pals. …One thing i like is the work it performs across the midsection create a slimming and flattering look.thanks for sharing

  10. Sheddy Ovb

    Helo thanks for this informative article. Was really confused on the type of flattering tummy tuck bathing suit to purchase for my sweetheart. But am glad I am seeing this article now and I think I will prefer the cut out tummy tuck one piece swimsuit it’s really really sexy and beautiful and it’s properties are great and I think so is so going to love it. Thanks once again.

  11. Perryline

    Whenever i read insightful articles like this. I feel the need to appreciate the work done by the writer and i must say that this is a great article with vital information to pass across on flattering tummy tuck bathing suits. the details are clear . i only hope that the prices will be very fair too. thank you

  12. JealousLi

    Summer is coming. I haven’t gone swimming for a long time after my baby was born. The old swimming equipment cannot be used. I am thinking about buying a new swimsuit this year, but I have n’t figured out what kind to buy. I want to wait for summer to see what styles are available. 

    Your post is very useful. Thank you.

  13. Creators Hub

    The tummy tuck bathing suit is a game changer for most ladies who were previously shy to wear the regular bikini to the beach. The slimming and flattering lace is so impressive as it flattens the tummy giving that hot appearance that can boost the confidence of anyone. Most middle aged folks really find this design so comfortable and appealing. I got one for my mum also and the expression on her face was so unforgettable, she felt young all over again. The top angle is a little bit revealing but once at the beach side we were more comfortable than anticipated. i really appreciate the concept behind this design and would recommend it to my friends. Thanks for this detailed analysis on your products.

  14. Isanren


    Nice post. I love swimming suits and I have a bit of belly fat so your post really came a long way for me. I love the list you put up too, the swimming suits really look nice and flattering. The great part is that they are affordable. At least I’ve found a place to get good swimming suits for my next shopping. Thanks for sharing

  15. Teboho Lekhanya


    Firstly, your website is pleasant to navigate and nice products listed. Well laid out and user friendly. It is one of few articles where the Reader does not struggle because of unnecessary spelling and grammar mistakes.

    The products listed are cute and stylish.

    The pictures are of high quality.


  16. Michel

    As usual, there are some very flattering swimsuits on this page, and you always manage to find the best looking ones to display. Tell me, are these tummy flattening swimsuits comfortable to wear, considering they are supposed to flatten at the same time? When I am on holiday the last thing I want is an uncomfortable bathing suit.

    I particularly like the Souqfone costume with the frill around the shoulders, as it can double as a shirt to go out in.

    • Arta

      Hey Michel

      Tummy tuck bathing suit is comfortable as long as it is in the right size. Check out here how to choose the right size when purchasing a swimsuit online.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  17. Kirkman

    I would like to commend your effort in putting this together. gaining our shape and staying confident is a major concern and it is impressive that we can do this for as little as 35 usd  for a souqfone tummy tuck takini swimsuit.

    this is highly recommendable. thank you for this post

  18. Norman

    It is so amazing how far we have come when it comes to swimwear. I am sure that many women find comfort in these swimwear. It is good to see the many feedback which you have provided so persons who read about these swimwear from you post will have a better understanding when it comes to deciding to buy. 

  19. Kenechi Obinna

    These tummy suit are super sexy and I love them. It will be good for my lady. She’s slim in nature and I believe there are many sizes for slim ladies. The ones that shows the cleavage to an extent are the ones I like. It make my woman sexy and sensual whenever she puts it on.

  20. coralie

    God I hate summertime. It is always the worst thinking about looking for a bathing suit.  I am a person, who desperately needs one of these tummy tuck bathing suits.

    They have so many choices, I am happy to say, that as a bigger girl myself, that they had this many options.

    I personally like the one piece Cupshe bathing suit.  It is flattering, but not to revealing at the same time. 
    Is there one of these suits, that is the most popular?

    Great job and thank you for reminding me I need a new suit. LOL!

    • Arta

      Hey Coralie

      The most popular tummy tuck bathing suit from the ones listed here is Souqfone tankini swimsuit due to its affordable price and extraordinary design. However, those featuring tummy tuck panels are the ones slimming down the midsection noticeably.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  21. Mike Adkins

    These are fab swim suits. I live in the UK and people with fuller figures seem to shy away from showing off in such outfits but these tummy tuck suits are amazing. I have a nephew who is half Greek and lives in Athens, on our last visit to see him we spent a day at the beach. The larger Greek ladies (usually mums) were the total opposite to the UK and “strutted” making the most of their wonderful curves, many had similar suits on BUT I have no idea if they were tummy tuck types. These are brilliant and the models in your post show the beauty of the suits in use.


  22. Mike Adkins

    These are fab swim suits. I live in the UK and people with fuller figures seem to shy away from showing off in such outfits but these tummy tuck suits are amazing. I have a nephew who is half Greek and lives in Athens, on our last visit to see him we spent a day at the beach. The larger Greek ladies (usually mums) were the total opposite to the UK and “strutted” making the most of their wonderful curves, many had similar suits on BUT I have no idea if they were tummy tuck types. These are brilliant and the models in your post show the beauty of the suits in use.


  23. Laura "Bunny" Slack

    I love the tankini style swimsuits.  For being a bit on the fluffy side, it makes me feel a bit more comfortable not to be showing all of the fluff when it’s time to hop in the pool.  Paired with a swim skirt, I find them ideal for sexy comfort on the beach, too! Thank you!

  24. Laura "Bunny" Slack

    I love the tankini style swimsuits.  For being a bit on the fluffy side, it makes me feel a bit more comfortable not to be showing all of the fluff when it’s time to hop in the pool.  Paired with a swim skirt, I find them ideal for sexy comfort on the beach, too! Thank you!

  25. LineCowley

    Tummy tuck swimsuits and products are great and I am at the age where I need all the help I can get to hide certain bits. I was trying to see if any of the products you mention use recyled materials, rather than virgin nylon and other petrochemical plastics fibers. 

    Could you give me more details on the sustainability of the materials that are used in these tummy tuck swimsuits?

    I look forward to hearing more about the sustainable and eco friendly materials that are used in these tummy tuck swimsuits

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Neither Nylon, nor Elastane is sustainable material. But the blend of those 2 materials is the most common fabric used in production of swimsuits.

      That’s one of the reasons why we at TankiniSwimsuitsForWomen.com would like to pay it forward and give back part of our profit to save the oceans. We publish our donations on About Us page.

      Cheers, Arta

  26. John

    These are definitely beautiful swimsuits for women, and I understand that our culture doesn’t necessarily make it fair for women to enjoy themselves at the beach without being self-conscious that they are being judged for not being this or that type of body.  So I say whatever allows you to feel happy with yourself you should totally grab, this might help some women make that step.  Go for it!

  27. Mark

    Have you ever tried shopping for women’s swimwear? You must have because you have solved my problem!

    Been looking for 2 days for a Swimsuit for my partner and the Cushpe one piece Tummy Tuck Swimsuit is perfect.

    And I can’t believe its only 35 bucks! I would have paid double that!

    Thank you so so so much for sharing, i can’t wait to order this.

    Warmest regards.

  28. Aly

    The first suit featured in this article (Jackson Lace Plunge Tummy Tuck One Piece Swimsuit) is absolutely gorgeous. I love the low cut neck and double-belted detail. Thanks for sharing some good flattering options to help out with tucking in the tummy on those days when we feel like we need a little extra help to look fab!

  29. Darrin

    Hi Arta! I remember back in the 80’s when there were those tight tummy tuck bands that people would wear aroung their waists, and not just to work out. They worked, I’m sure, just like our underwear line or sock line showss how our tight underclothing leaves a permanant indentation where it has somehow kept our skin without as much fat underneath in that area. But it seems like a clever idea to have a swimming suit that both keeps the tummy in while simultaneously helping to permanently flatten it. My mom is 82 and she will only buy a new swimsuit if the one she already has gets a hole in the elbow. But I know a lot of people who would love these products. I’ll pass your website info along to them. 


  30. Cynthia

    Great article. Love how you outline the pros and cons of each piece. Very thorough reviews.

    I have always worn bikinis and now that I am pregnant, I am already thinking about what I will wear this summer and post-pregnancy, until I am back in shape! These will be awesome options.

  31. Andre


    What I really like about the content you share with readers, is that you mention the feedback received from clients, (for example long torso clients, should avoid certain designs).

    The images which assist with the explanation of the products, are chosen well as it clearly show all features of each product.

    Your product makes it much easier for women with fuller figures to be confident in public as well.

  32. edahnewton1

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome article.I always love visiting your website coz it keeps me updated of the modern trends in women fashion to relate with my wife. with Tankini swim suit every woman will be a beauty queen to their husbands. coz me I love my wife to be sexy always. surely gonna get her one more of this.

  33. Lizzychris

    Wow! These are great list of swimsuits you have there.

    I love them because they have a way to hide the excess fat in your body especially the tummy! And it is awesome that they shaped you as well.

    I love the “SouqFone Tummy Tuck Tankini Swimsuit”  because is price is fair and itsrating is 4.4out of 5…that is really good. Most customers are satisfied with it,that does it for me. Thanks.

  34. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Tankini Swimsuits has done a lot for ladies especially my girlfriend and I must commend them for their consistency in making quality swimsuits regardless of the sizes and shapes. I’ll have to recommend this “souqfone tummy tuck” for my girl as she likes wears like that. 

    Thanks for sharing this with me!

  35. Henry

    Hi! I like these bathing suits for an e-commerce site idea. Thank you for providing us all these options. But I really like the SouqFone option. The combination of the top and the lower section with different colors make it really cool. And I know it can be marketed well. Hopefully when August comes, people can go to the beach.

  36. wilson kume

    thanks for sharing such a great post here with us,flattering tummy tuck bathing suit Slims the midsection, thereby giving the illusion of a flatter stomach. Gently but firmly provides complete support to the area, eliminating unsightly bulges in the process. Shifts the focus of attention to other parts of the body, such as the hips, shoulders or bust.i’d go for the cut out tummy tuck if i were to be a lady.

  37. Austine

    I am surprised to know, something like this exists. This is the best swimsuits I have come across, honestly, I am just gifting these tummy tuck swimsuits to my family and friends for their beach visits who have been avoiding the beaches for a long time. These are quite affordable.
    Let’s show off some swimming skills!

  38. Codjoe

    I can’t say much about the quality of the products you’ve listed here partly because I’m a guy and I don’t know much about ladies swimsuit. I do know for a fact that these are gorgeous and I would love to see my wife in them. Thanks for sharing a great post. I will be checking in again with her to make a choice.


  39. Lucie

    I really like the Jackson Lace Plunge Tummy Tuck’s design, it’s so beautiful. Pity that is so revealing. I wonder what it would look like on me, as my chest is not very full. Maybe the revealing effect wouldn’t be too obvious in such a case?
    The second one is also lovely – what an idea with the flowing top! Very romantic and flattering. I’ll recommend it to my friend who feels self-conscious and doesn’t want to swim because of that. This piece might sort her problem!
    Finally, thanks for the list of 12 more bathing suits at the end of the article, I immediately liked the ‘Upopby’ swimsuit. There was a really cute one – green with whiter dots – quite a retro look which I like. I think I know what I want for my birthday! 🙂

    • Arta

      Hey Lucie

      Jackson Lace bathing suit features plunging neckline so it is revealing. 

      But I am happy anyway that you have managed to find your perfect bathing suit amongst the options we have listed.

      Happy summer, Arta

  40. Mark

    I was clearly on a steep learning curve as I’d never heard that the tummy tuck had made it to swimsuits! Thanks for a well-written narrative with a variety of choices for women of various body types and varying degrees of self-consciousness. I’m sure that you’ll have very many happy readers at the end of the day.

    We are Blessed.

  41. Lizzy Stabel

    What a lovely site you have here ! This is exactly what I am looking for, these kinds of bathing suits. I am somewhat overweight (working on it haha), but most off my wait is in the belly area, so wearing these tankinis, covering up the tummy, would be ideal for me this summer ! And still looking sexy, especially the black one I like, lovely !

  42. Skuchmane

    You guys are amazing. Am still wishing I saw these post like a month earlier cause my wife’s birthday is coming up thinking of what to get her. I love the souqfone tummy swim tuck tankini swimsuit plan on getting that for my wife next outing ti these beach. You guys are the best

  43. Changingworldnews

    Wow very helpful post, for some of us who are beginning to develop big belly. I like the designs and in as much as it is helping to flatten the tummy and slimming down the midsection, they are also very sexy. All the products presented are very captivating and makes it difficult to make a choice. However, I think I will buy sexy tummy cut out swimsuit for my lovely wife. It will look good on her. Thanks for sharing. 

  44. Rolex4real

    Wow! This is yet another awesome swimsuit from tankini. I bought one bathing suit from one road side shop during the quarantine and before the next week it started loosing its original color. I will try out one of these tankini swimsuit, at least I trust their product cause I’ve used it before.

    Thanks for sharing!

  45. Teri

    I love all the swimsuits featured in this article, and especially like that you have provided back views for some of them. I would dearly love to have the confidence to buy a swimsuit online but can’t help feeling that I would need to return many before finding the one. But I have to admit that these swimsuits look much prettier than anything I’ve seen in the shops, and of course you get to try them on in the privacy of your own bedroom. Ok, so which one am I going to choose?

  46. joshlala007

    Thanks for the post about the bathing suit, these suits look amazing and flattering. I can see that these suits are made by using high-quality materials with reasonable price. From the description, I can imagine that they are quite comfortable as well as a good fit for people. Thanks for the post, will drop and check out for more next time.

  47. Philebur

    Hello there these are a good and nice suit for tummy flattening. One of the reasons I like these wears for ladies is that they help to build confidence and also build their body shape. There’s this friend of mine who used to have poor body shape and then I recommended her to use one of these tummy suits and she did, luckily for her her shape began to build fine.

  48. AlyseS

    This is the perfect bathing suit for me since I had a tummy tuck.  Thanks for sharing this bathing suit!  I never knew there was a bathing suit designed for tummy tuck.  The prices are also very reasonable.  I placed my order and I can’t wait to get my new bathing suit in the mail.

  49. godspowerbrown992

    hello there! This an amazing product from tankini swimsuits. For me, I think this will be preferable for aunt who loves going for swimming with us but sometimes restricted as she lacks cool suits for an outdoor swimming.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I will recommend it for her so she can place an order.

  50. EliteCarol

    I’ve always worked out to keep my body fit but recently, my tummy has began to protrude and I haven’t done much to keep it in check. I love to swim a lot and although I don’t mind much about my tummy, the bathing suits featured in this post looks really good and I might just get one for myself. The price is well within my budget so it wouldn’t be a problem. 

  51. Duni

    I can now seem like I know what I’m talking about a little bit if my girlfriend ever decides to show me bathing suits. More importantly, I have a source to go to in case I want to buy some. They have already been screened! Haha. 

    I think she would like the Cupshe or the SouqFone styles best. 

  52. Hilde

    Hi there! I have followed your website for a while. I think you give great articles, collections and recommendations on swimvear that is much needed. My favourite in this post is the Cupshe one Piece Tummy tuck Swimsuit. I like the V-neckline. I just wonder if it is possible to get it without the padded cups? What are the sizes like? Are they generally small sized or big in size?

    • Arta

      Hey Hilde

      Thank you for your comment. Each swimsuit brand has its own sizing therefore it is always a good idea to take proper measures of yourself and check the sizing chart – you are welcome to check out here for a useful guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

      Regarding the padding for Cupshe swimsuit – there are customers who affirm removing the padding so this is possible. Generally customers advise sizing up for this particular swimsuit – but it is better to re-check with the retailer before ordering.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  53. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Arta
    Thanks for sharing the expressive list of tummy tuck bathing suits at a very affordable price. This range of tummy tucks will surely be the game-changer. The ladies with a heavy figure may feel shy to try the regular bikini beachwear but your recommended designs are very comfortable and appealing. I am going to share your blog with my friends to benefit directly.
    Warm Regards,
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    The one question we have is that some of our group like to water ski.  Which are better for active sports?  The straps need to be sturdy!  Thanks, Sami

    • Arta

      Hey Sami

      Thank you for your comment. I suggest you have a look at shortini swimwear – it could be a great choice for active sports.

      Hope this helps, Arta

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    • Arta

      Hey there

      Tummy tuck bathing suit is designed to flatten and smooth out the tummy, though the changes are visual and definitely not permanent – so it will reduce the tummy while the swimsuit is on.

      Cheers, Arta

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    • Arta

      Hey there

      Return and exchange policy depends on the retailer so I would highly re-check this before placing any purchase online.

      Happy shopping, Arta

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    • Hi Emma
      Cupshe tummy tuck swimsuit is available – you can check it out here:

      Happy shopping, Arta

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    • Arta

      Hey there

      The material of all the featured bathing suits is very similar – the design and features are the ones that differ.

      If talking about long lasting and high quality bathing suit – then chlorine resistant swimsuit will be the right choice as it can last even 10 times longer than casual swimsuits. Check out more detailed information about chlorine resistant swimsuits here; cute and stylish chlorine resistant swimsuits are here and here.

      Cheers, Arta

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