Long Torso Tankini Tops

Flattering Long Torso Tankini Tops – Compliment Your Long Torso

Long torso Tankini Tops

Does your tankini top keep riding up all the time? Is it revealing your belly? Unless it is your intention, then the time has come to get long torso tankini tops.

A long time ago we wrote an article on the long torso swimsuits for women. Recently one of our readers asked us to specify about tankini tops for long torso as she was tired of short-fitting belly-revealing tankini tops.

So we did some investigation on long torso tankini tops to discover favored styles and places to get them.

We went through oceans of reviews to find tankini tops not only advertised as long torso tankini tops but also found flattering for long torso by women who have bought them. We paid attention to the price to make sure it is reasonable. And without doubt, we looked for stylish and cute bathing suits.

Long Torso Tankini Tops – Advert vs Reality

To begin with, it was not very easy to find flattering long torso tankini tops as in many cases the advertised extra long tankini top doesn’t live up to the expectations once received and tried on.

So many women have given up and stick to the bikini. But it was not the solution in our case so we did our best and tried hard to find “real” long torso tankini tops. Our findings are published below.

Flattering Choices of Long Tankini Tops – Rock the Summer

Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductATTRACO Women’s Stripes Print Tankini Swimsuits

Features: Pull-On Closure, Relaxed Fit, Tie-Front, Adjustable Wide Straps, Built-In Padded Bra, Wire-Free, Front Lining in the Top, Fully Lined Bottoms, Boy Shorts, Solid Straps and Back, Available in Other Patterns

ATTRACO Women's Stripes Print Tankini Swimsuits
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance


Pros: Extra Long Flattering Comfortable Affordable Adjustable Straps Slimming No See-Through Doesn’t Ride Up Cons: Poor Sizing Not Suitable for Busty Women

User Review
4.71 (7 votes)
Long Torso Tankini Tops

The attractive and affordable Attraco Extra Long Tankini swimsuit is proven to work well for long torsos due to the extended length of the tankini top.

The diversity of colors/designs allows matching the tankini to many tastes.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

It is highly evaluated by women who have bought it. More than 750 women have reviewed this tankini and it has reached an average of 4.1 stars (out of 5). This is a really good score meaning the swimsuit is a good deal.

The great advantage of the long torso tankini is its price – at the time of the review, you would be able to get it for less than 30 bucks.

Women rave about the outstanding coverage of the tankini top. It is said to keep everything covered and safe. It is proven to fit well on up to 5’9” bodies with a long torso.

Adjustable wide straps are found as a great addition to customize support and lift.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

The tankini is stated to slim down the silhouette and hide any lumps or bumps around the midsection. In addition, any back rolls are said to be camouflaged. Women who worry about the bra rolls don’t need to worry anymore as the back of the tankini is high enough to hide also these.

Some customers find it weird that the front of the boy shorts is shorter than the back. However, others state that this is a great design for those having a butt as it helps to cover the rear to full extent.

Lining helps to avoid the see-through effect. The tankini is said to stay in place without riding up whether in or out the water.

But as with everything in our lives, there must be some drawbacks, as well, so let’s look at the disadvantages of this tankini bathing suit.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

There is a sizing issue – customers advise sizing up.

Women state busty women could find the bathing suit not comfortable due to cups not staying in their places. So the swimsuit requires re-adjustment of the top occasionally.

Customers warn the swimsuit is not flattering for short and big-busted women.

Overall, this is a great deal – to find flattering long torso tankini top under 30 bucks. The few disadvantages are a matter of making a well-informed decision before buying a swimsuit online. Read here how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

Besides that, this tankini is available on Amazon and they are well-known for their great Return Policy in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

==> Get the Affordable Extra Long Attraco Tankini Here <<=

Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductFanShou Women High Neck Tankini Swimsuits Padded Two Piece Bathing Suits

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, High Neckline, Adjustable Halter Straps Criss-Crossed at the Back, Built-in Soft Cups, Removable Cups, Bra Tie at the Back, Wire-Free, Flare Pattern, 86% Nylon / 14% Spandex

Long Torso Tankini Tops

This is another great long torso tankini top loved by women who have bought it.

It is flattering, slimming and bright. However, there are also a few cons. We have reviewed this swimsuit before and you can find our review here.

==> But you can head right to the retailer and read all the customer reviews here! <==

Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductAleumdr Women’s Solid Ruched Tankini Top With Triangle Briefs

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, Wide Adjustable Straps, Tummy Control Lining, Wire-Free, Interior Bra, Padded Cups, Matching Triangle Bottoms, Polyester / Spandex Material, Available in Other Colors

Long Torso Tankini Tops

This stylish and colorful extra long tankini is said to cover the belly well even for a long torso. It is comfortable and supportive enough even though there is no underwire. The wide straps add up to the support and do not dig into the shoulders.

Women love the elegance and glamour of this tankini swimsuit. The material is thick and smooth.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

The relaxed fit at the midsection covers any imperfection. But it is also not too flowy so it stays in the place.

This tankini is proven to fit well and cover the long torso of up to 5’9” bodies.

The reasonable price is a great advantage.

The padding is light to give the needed lift and support but to avoid the spill over the top.

Pear-shaped women might find the bottoms too small.

It seems there is some confusion about the sizing so better to re-check the size to order with the retailer.

==> Get the Elegant Aleumdr Extended Tankini Here <==

Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductAsvivid Crisscross Back Tankini

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, Pull-On Closure, Removable Bra Paddings, Tiered Style, V-Neck, Wire-Free, Adjustable Straps, Criss-Cross Back, Skirted Bottom, Available in Other Colors

Long Torso Tankini Tops

This slimming extra long tankini top comes with a skirted bottom, therefore, it will be a perfect choice for women looking for some increased coverage. It allows you to cover up not only the long torso but also the hips and upper thighs.

Women who have bought this long torso tankini advise that the material is thick, stretchy and smooth. But despite that, the skirtini dries quickly.

Customers have used this skirtini not only as a swimsuit but also a casual outfit. The tankini top is proven to stay in its place and not to ride up.

One woman advised this tankini is long enough for her 5’11” body with a long torso.

However, women advise the suit tends to run small so should be considered to size up.

==> Get the Slimming Extra Long Asvivid CrissCross Back Tankini Here <==

Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductAleumdr Women’s Bluish Floral Print Macrame Tankini and Triangle Briefs Swimsuit

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, Wire-Free, Floral Print, Deep V-Neck, Removable Soft Cups, Flowy Pattern, Macrame Detailing on the Back, Pull-On Closure, Racerback Style, Fold-Over Bottoms, Polyester/Spandex Blend

Long Torso Tankini Tops

The eye-catching design of this extra long tankini top is favored by many women. The colors are as bright in person as they appear on the photos.

As the top is not adjustable, it is of extreme importance to get the right size to take advantage of the outstanding design, so customers advise carefully check the sizing chart and get in touch with the retailer to specify the size.

The swimsuit is comfortable, flattering and forgiving due to its relaxed fit.

The extra long tankini top is said to flatter up to 5’9” figures with a long torso.

The flowy design covers up any lumps, bumps, and love handles around the midsection.

The material is stretchy and soft.

Few customers complain about the lack of support starting from sizes D and up.

Some women criticize the bathing suit for its poor fit but as stated by others – these are the consequences of the wrong size ordered. So a special attention should be paid to the measures and sizing chart.

Few women didn’t like the lack of lining on the top of the tankini.

==> Get the Stunning Aleumdr Floral Tankini Here <==

So have you managed to find your long torso tankini tops? Where do you shop for extra long tankini tops? What are your favorite brands of extended tankinis and where do you shop for them?

Share your experience with other tankini-lovers to help women with long torsos find their perfect extra long tankini tops.

71 thoughts on “Flattering Long Torso Tankini Tops – Compliment Your Long Torso

  1. Anavai

    So I really loved the details you offer! I think its very hard to find this much detailed descriptions and reviews about a type of product out there! especially for clothing! I think people dont want to know the general fit on the average body like most people tend to do when they sell clothes, they want to know what is gona fit their own body type the best! and your article definitely helps when you are buying clothes;especially if its online! it avoids having to return items.
    I five star you on this one!

    • Hey Anavai

      I must admit that it was quite challenging to find long torso tankini tops not only advertised as long torso but also proven to fit long torso. And reviews of actual wearers stating that the particular tankini top is workable for long torso are what actually matter in finding the right options. So I am also pleased we have managed to find these tankini top options proven to fit and flatter long torsos.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. D-AnnTaylor

    Hello Arta,
    I really enjoyed reading your article covering the long tankini tops in the various styles and design.

    My favorite is the padded two-piece FanShou Women High Neck Tankini Swimsuit and especially the Asvivid Crisscross Back Tankini.

    They look very comfortable and fitting. What I love the most is the unbeatable prices for all of them.

    They very affordable for basically any budget.

    Summer is right around the corner and it’s a good time to purchase a few.

    Great job on providing an array of different styles and colors.


    • Hey D-Ann

      We paid attention to the features of the long torso tankini tops – so that they not only fit long torsos but also are flattering and fitting. So I am more than happy to see we have reached our goal. I hope you will find what you are looking for. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask for help!

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Daniel Jackson

    I really enjoyed all the types you have and great detail you have put for each one. I know women love to make sure it fits to their liking and want to make sure it fits properly.
    I love the designs you have for each one. I know several women that would love these kinds of tops and I will definitely make sure to direct them here to make sure they get the proper size and design they love.

    • Hey Daniel

      Thank you for the good words on our selection of long torso tankini tops. I am glad you have found the designs cute and the information useful. I hope it will help many long torso women find their perfect tankini bathing suit.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. John

    Nice one. The tankini looks amazing. Though I haven’t gotten mine, but that looks like something I will get as soon as possible. The fact that it comes with a mini under is also great. I won’t have to be bothered too much when it comes to the beach. And yes plus sizes should be added,and another suggestion from me is that it should also come in as a set. As in set of three. Etc.

    • Hey, John!

      It is always nice when also men join our discussion about swimsuits for women. So thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.
      Whenever you have any special demand or wish regarding swimsuit, get prepared to spend more of your time for finding it. Therefore, we are here to make it easier to reduce your time spent on searching. Why to spend a lot of time searching for a swimsuit if this time can be spent on the beach? 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  5. Ash

    It’s nice to see that these tops have long sleeves as well. I like bit more modesty and this articles covers it along with details of sizes and ratings. It gives good indication of quality product as well as choice of size and length.
    Thanks for covering it all up in one article. It makes buying an easy process:)

    • Hey Ash

      I am happy you have found my article about extra long tankini tops helpful. It was not easy to find the long torso tankini tops that are not only advertised as for long torso but also fit women with long torso by covering all the needed areas 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  6. Otis Dube

    Hello 😉

    I have been asking my Wife to come swimming with me and i think i should let her know about the options of the swimsuits and this will be a great site to start with its simple to navigate and full of great knowledge and swimsuits.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Otis

      Thank you for stopping by. I really hope my website will help your wife. If she needs any help, I will be here – just let me know.
      I hope that with combined efforts we will manage to find the right and perfect bathing suit.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  7. Jaime

    I hadn’t actually thought about long torso being an issue when trying to select a swimsuit or two piece, but it makes sense. I feel so unoriginal saying you’ve found some cute stuff, but you totally have, as usual. Have you done any articles that list out all the different shape types with links to the pages that have the appropriate suits? I feel like that could be a fun thing to explore.

    • Hey again Jaime

      I am glad you have liked our selection of long torso tankini tops – I hope it will help women to find their perfect extra long tankini tops.
      We have looked at different body shapes and suitable bathing suits. Check out more about this here.

      Take care, Arta

  8. Andrea

    What a great detailed article. I have couple friends who model and all the struggles I heard about was only everything being short but we never talked about swimsuit though it is quite logical. Tankini is great you need a little bit more cover and the design are really cute too so I am glad for your information because of the swimsuit season is approaching real quick.
    Now just to get the body ready.

    • Hey Andrea

      Thanks a lot for leaving your comment – it is important for us to know your thoughts.
      Tankinis are great – not only cute and stylish, but also supportive and functional. Luckily for all of us – there is the perfect tankini swimsuit for each of us – it is just a matter of finding it! And that’s why we are here trying to find the perfect swimsuit for each shape, size and taste.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  9. Salomon

    My wife come from Thailand and she would never use Short tankini tops but long one she would use for sure , many Thai woman don’t like to use short one’s so it is great you wrote article about this and I will share it with her, I am sure she will love the extra long tankini tops.
    Great work thank you.
    Best regards

    • Hi Salomon

      Long torso tankini tops are favored by many women as they don’t reveal the belly and look really cute. The extended length is found as a great advantage by many customers due to the increased coverage, therefore, I am sure that your wife will also love these extra long tankini tops.

      Take care, Arta

  10. Susan

    The information found here is not only useful as a person who needs a long torso Tankini Swimsuit; but also for other problem areas as well. Being well endowed is not something you asked to be blessed with and I cannot find a top that is comfortable and long enough to cover me. I do not like my stomach hanging out nor my buttocks and this type of swimsuit is exactly the type I need. The boy cut shorts for the bottoms is another plus due to the size of my thighs and I do not like bikini bottoms they have a tendency to ride up the cheeks showing way to much. You have come through with a very nice selection that any woman can find something to fit her taste along with the coverage she is searching for. Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Susan

      Thanks a lot for the nice words on my article about flattering long torso tops. I am glad that you have found it helpful and that you liked my selection of the extra long tankini tops. Increased coverage is important for many women and luckily for us, there is quite a vast range of suchlike bathing suits out there. It is just a matter of finding them and that’s why I am here – to offer you swimsuits that are not only advertised as being good but also proven to work for women who have bought them.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  11. Fasuan

    This is a great post and writeup is very good. I do have an extra long bikini swimsuit but looking forward to add new styles and more. This is an helpful post and I got to see more elegant swimsuits which I’m gonna be comfortable with. My interest lies in Aleumdr Women’s Solid Ruched Tankini Top With Triangle Briefs, its so beautiful and I can wait to get one. 

  12. Michel

    Some of these long torso tankini tops are so pretty I am sure one could wear them as normal daywear. The looser fitting ones will make great summer tops, even if you don’t plan swimming in them.

    For swimming purposes, I prefer the figure-hugging ones, as the looser ones could become problematic if diving or they could also gap underwater while swimming.

    Thanks for a great review, and for showing off some really attractive swimwear.

  13. Sammynathaniels

    Wow, I love how detailed your blog is. I got delighted at the beginning when I realized you creating this blog post in response to a reader’s demand -that’s beautiful!

    People especially women always look out for things that would just be right for their body size, nobody wants to feel odd in their own skin after all and you took out time to make a review of different Torso Tankini tops for them. This is amazing. Great job.


  14. ajibola40

    Thanks for writing posting this article on flattering long torso tankini top. Most of the tankini top in this article are wonderful 

    most of this long torso tankini top really look nice, is just the perfect wear for summer during summer holidays and I seem to like it and I can allow my wife to wear them in as much it covers the belly. 

  15. Gomer

    Staring at the choices here, I came up with an idea of buying one of these as a gift to my girlfriend. The summer is fast approaching and it is certain people here would troop the beaches for another round of swimming. I just got this problem of what to choose among the ones listed, as my girlfriend has an over-sized breasts. Can you specifically suggest which of these Tankini tops is best for a woman with above-average boobs?

    • Arta

      Hey Gomer

      Have a look at our tips and tricks for choosing the best swimsuits for big busted women here.

      Hope this helps!

      Regards, Arta

  16. affiliate_ghost

    Hello Anavai :), this is a well crafted piece and research on long tankini tops with various styles and different designs. finding tankinis that look fitting and comfortable at a great price is also genius on your part. the flattering  looks on each tankini reviewed was indeed an added bonus. thumbs up!!

  17. Jon

    There are so many different types of swimsuits it never dawned on me just how many there were. I like the long torso ones they give a more classy look and they look really good on the right body type. Are you going to add swimshorts for men to your site?

    • Arta

      Hey Jon

      Thank you for your comment! I have been already asked to publish some stuff on men’s swimsuits – so I guess I just have to do it… So please wait – men’s swimsuit info will come 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  18. JJ

    Hi, I love love this collection. Over the last year and two months, I have been working out at the gym and getting reasonable results. However when I tried on a swimsuit two weeks ago, I wasn’t satisfied because there are still a few inches left to work off, and a few bulgy details that were showing. These swimsuits shown here would be great for me. I particularly like the extra room in most of them and the added coverage. Now I know what to wear to the beach! Thank you !!

  19. RhondaLeigh

    I have never bought a tankini, just because they look too short to me. I like all the information you have here. You found so many long torso selections in a lot of styles. I will be sure to do a little shopping when it comes time to update my swimming suit. Thanks for the great post! RhondaLeigh

  20. Daniel

    Hi Arta, I must say that your article is very helpful and informative. This is something most women will enjoy and one of those would be my wife. She likes to war torso and I would like to buy her one pair. My favorite one is Aleumdr Women’s Solid Ruched Tankini and the price is very affordable which is great.

  21. Etah

    Awesome stuff over here.

    I like that you are willing to do the work to meet everyone’s request.

    And meeting the request with style, I love this selection.

    My favorite is the fanshou women high neck tankini swimsuits padded two-piece bathing suit.

    The white and blue flowerish blend is definitely my style

    Thanks for the list

  22. Kenechi

    All the Tankani tops here are good. I am even confused on the one to select and buy for my cousin who loves Tankani products so much.  I’m glad to see this review because I have searched for it in stores around and could not see anyone I like and the few I saw was way too expensive. I love to give these ones you reviewed a try. 

  23. roxydog1312

    I really like your selection of tankinis.  I have never bought one because they look like they would be too short on me.  I feel like I could buy one for a longer torso and that would give me the length i need.  Now I know where to go when it’s time to get a new bathing suit.  Thanks!  It’s a great site.  As I am doing a plus size capsule wardrobe site, I would like to link to yours if possible.  Thanks!

  24. Salim

    Flattering long torso tankini tops are rare in this part of the world and I just hope I can get them because they look so beautiful from the reviews and features. Nothing much I want from clothing except comfort and cost effectiveness. What a wonderful job you’ve done with writing this review

  25. Babsie Wagner

    I followed your link through to Amazon, wow, what a selection of suits and bottoms and tops, and for such reasonable prices!  I’m so excited about finding your site.  You’ve opened my eyes up to a whole new world of being able to comfortably swim and still hide the parts I’m not excited to show any longer.  Thank you so much!

  26. Peace

    I was sitting side by side with a friend and she was like, ”how come you seem taller than me when we sit side by side, but when we are standing we about the same height”. I replied that it’s because I have a long torso.I am not very tall but my torso is longer than most. 

    I love the FanShou Women High Neck Tankini Swimsuits Padded Two Piece Bathing suit. It’s just my taste. 

  27. Vapz


    This a very good compilation of Tankini tops and skirtinis. They look long and fit enough to cover those extra bulges or bumps.. ..I currently own the Fanshou Women High Neck Padded Two Piece Bathing suit and I can confirm that it is not only comfortable,it is flattering and fits perfectly for me. There are definitely a few cons about it but the pros outweigh the cons so I am still a loyal fan. I might try the Aleumdr brand for my next purchase,though. Maybe I might switch loyalty but I have had the Fanshou for a year now and I always love using it.

  28. Vapz


    This a very good compilation of Tankini tops and skirtinis. They look long and fit enough to cover those extra bulges or bumps.. ..I currently own the Fanshou Women High Neck Padded Two Piece Bathing suit and I can confirm that it is not only comfortable,it is flattering and fits perfectly for me and that is why I am still a loyal fan.I might try the Aleumdr brand for my next purchase,though. Maybe I might switch loyalty but I have had the Fanshou for a year now and I always love using it. All these Tankinis look really good and their prices are really mouth watering. Summer is gonna be hot hot hot. I am forwarding the page to my friends who love tankinis too, so they can make  their choices too.

  29. Dhayours

    I could remember a time I followed my wife to get torso tankini tops in a store we ended up not buying it because she said it didn’t fit her so we’ll. Women really love it fitting them and I’m sure every woman that come across this designs will really love them. I love them and I will be sharing this post to my wife so she can make purchases of her choice. Thanks for sharing this information because I know she will be glad seeing this.

  30. Josie

    Yes! My tankini top always rides up to the point where I feel uncomfortable and end up just hating needing to wear swimmers, and often even avoid swimming altogether, to avoid feeling yuck about myself. I loved this article, and I adore the Attraco striped print tankini swimsuit. I’d feel sexy wearing this one! Thanks for your post!

  31. lynnsamuelson

    It’s that time again to start thinking about swimsuits. I wish I’d seen this earlier and could have skipped the department store visit I had a few days again and walked out empty-handed. Tankinis are such a great in-between version of a bikini and a one piece. Let’s face it, unless you have a J Lo body women over the age of 40 usually can’t pull off wearing a bikini. The problem with one pieces is that they just aren’t very comfortable and I tend to get too hot wearing them during the warmer weather. I really like the look of the Attracto and Asvid  tankinis. Have you personally tried them and could tell me which is more comfortable?

    • Arta

      Hey Lynn

      I completely agree with you and I can see we share the same passion to tankini swimsuits 🙂 Comfort is quite a subjective measure so I prefer summarising many opinions to give the best choices to women looking for the perfect swimsuits and visiting this article about the long torso tankini tops. So tankinis listed in this article are proven to perform well, ensure the needed comfort and flatter all the right places.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  32. Merlynmac

    I just wanted to leave a message thanking you for this post.  I have a friend (sadly, takini’s aren’t for me) who’s been frustrated at the lack of tops that fit her well.

    We do a lot of travel together and it’s usually on a sailboat in the tropics at least once a year for 2 weeks at a time.  As you can imagine the bikini bottoms are her preference and tops have been an issue for her.

    This post is exactly what she’s been looking for and I’m sending it to her as I type this out.

    Thanks again, this will go a long way toward easing her frustrations and letting her enjoy the trips without worrying about belly exposure,


  33. Nida

    Just exactly what I needed. I am so glad I came across this review as it is so detailed and very informative.

    I am in my middle age and has had 4 pregnancies so you could only imagine the difficulty of choosing swimsuits. I always end up wearing shorts and tank tops when we go to the beach as I have  flaws to hide.

    I like them all but I think the Asvivid crisscross back tankini will suit me better.

    Good job. Thank you.


  34. Elaine Nicol

    Interesting read, I kind of wish I had read this blog post before I purchased my tankini swimsuit. I am plus sized with a large bust and found that I agree, the bikini part of it is less flattering as the size of my breasts make for less coverage. I should take some time to look up a website for swimsuits for plus sized women. Thanks for sharing it was a very interesting read, and the swimsuits are lovely. Keep it up,    ~ E

  35. Riaz Shah

    Nicely written Arta,

    Tankinis are great but if there’s a long torso version of it, it’s definitely greater! I’m starting to love Attraco, they have beautiful pattern designs and their varieties help more people enjoy beachwear with that affordable pricing of theirs. I was wondering though, are the tankinis chlorine-resistant for swimming pools?

    • Arta

      Hey Riaz

      Resistance to chlorine depends on the material the swimsuit is made of – you are welcome to read more about this here and here is the beautiful collection of chlorine resistant swimsuits. However, if you find a swimsuit containing Polyester in the material composition – please note that also this will be more durable than the usual Nylon swimsuits.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  36. Barbara

    Thank you so much for your review this is exactly what I was looking for. I need a new bikini as the one of last year is gone pear shape and every year finding a right bikini for me it s a mission. I wanted something  that covers my belly and with your post I know exactly what to get now. Thank  you so much 

  37. RoDarrick

    Excellent article you have written on getting tankini tops. My wife had been on the receiving end of getting the wrong tankini tops after ordering for a couple of them and they kept on disappointing. Rather it’s too long or too short. But reading through this post, I think the suggestions here are great. I will suggest this post to her so she can read and make her choice. Very great post.

  38. Dave Sweney

    These are some good options you have listed for the long torso tankini sets that will flatter and work as advertised for women that need the extra length. I have looked carefully at each and the style I am selecting is the second one the FanShou tankini.

    My wife has a long torso and this will be perfect for her. This is a gift so I cannot afford to go wrong, so I looked at the specifications, material, colors, and etc. prior to selecting this one. It also has some very good reviews that give me confidence that it will work.

    Finally, I had to see that I could get delivery to Germany, and I can, so it looks like you have provided the perfect solution to my gift-giving task for the day. I like your website and have bookmarked it to come back for the next gift I purchase for a lady of the house. Thanks much!

  39. akborm

    As a female, I always like to choose fashionable clothes. It’s too tough to know everything with details something like tankini tops but this article shows everything step by step which is really helpful to me. There are so many tankini tops but I personally like most Aleumdr Women’s Bluish Floral Print Macrame Tankini and Triangle Briefs Swimsuit which is very unique & colorful. Those tankinis have a reasonable price so anyone affords it. It’s really an awesome article.

  40. Henderson

    This is a very good post. My girlfriend loves to make me shop for stuffs for her and now she said please get me a tankini top. So I’m here reading about women stuff but trust me, I really enjoyed reading this and in my mind I was picturing every top on her. Of all this that you’ve recommended, I think I like the crisscross long tankini. With its extra coverage, it’s definitely something she’d like

  41. AmDetermined

    Hi, your post is very unique and am glad that it come at the right time that I have been thinking about a perfect birthday gift that I can give to my girl friend, reading your post gives me solution to this by buying tonso tankini top from your website, I will also be sharing your post on my social media so that my friend can also benefit from your post.

  42. Rob S.

    This is perfect timing because my daughter needs a swimsuit and she is pregnant!
    She’s always picky when it comes to clothes shopping. I’m sure she will like something here because they all look very nice.
    She is an online shopper mostly. She does go to the brick and mortar stores but prefers online.
    This is really a beautiful array of swimwear. I’ve never seen such a variety of swimwear. Some of them almost don’t even look like swimsuits! I will share this with her!
    How many different colors do they come in and are these returnable?

    • Arta

      Hey Rob

      These long torso tankini tops could be a great choice during maternity, but I would suggest you check here for more maternity tankini swimsuits and here for maternity cover ups.

      Color options depend on the retailer – and should be checked for each option. It is always a good idea to check return/refund policy before any online purchase. You are welcome to check here for a useful guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  43. Alisha

    I really love your website and I can see that you have done extensive research on finding the best tankinis!  Some of these swimsuits are beautiful and it looks like they are very slenderizing!  I am excited to look at all of them closer.  Thank you for this wonderful information!

  44. Henderson

    I don’t really have a favourite brand of tankini top, I just wear what I get in a local store around here and to be honest, I don’t wear them out all the time except on some very rare occasions. I like my tankini tops and i think a friend told me she liked one I wore, it looks like the atraco strips. I’ve not tried tankini on a long torso, I think I should try that out. You know what, I think I’ll just buy that one again. I’ll get the feeling of buying it online myself.

  45. Dane

    This is a really nice article you’ve put up. I’m the “shop online guy” for my family and my wife have had issues with both size and length when she shop for her tankini tops by herself. This often rakes her off mood when these stuffs don’t fit as she wants. She has decided to do the shopping all alone this time and I’m glad I came across this post which I’ll share with her to help her with her desired tankini top. 

  46. Dan Sicat

    Great collection of tankini tops! As for most men we prefer the bikini for women (LOL), but I understand the reason why other women does not want to show off their assets. My wife has been conscious about her looks and figure after she had given birth to our 3 cute children. Her belly has become bumpy and legs a little chubby and it really affects her self-esteem whenever we talk about wearing swimwear revealing these portions. I think she will like the Asvivid Crisscross Back Tankiki because it will hide those insecurities. Thank you for this article. 

  47. Sondra M

    I love your website!   I am at the age that I know that I look best in a tankini.   Yet, finding a nice fitting tankini in stores has been very frustrating.   They usually do not have a big enough selection.    My problem of finding an attractive swimsuit that fits has been more difficult since I have a long torso.   So, I sincerely appreciate the time that you took to do the research and assemble this collection of swimsuits.    Even your Amazon choices are great.   Thanks! 

    P.S   It is going to be hard to pick out just one.    

  48. JJ

    I love this selection of swimsuits and all the details that would make me happy. I am a medium size female who always finds it challenging to get a comfortable stylish swimsuit. I have a few bulges in the waist and most swimsuits show up my sides which I am working on. I specially like the swim suits with the briefs and the ones with skirted bottom would be just perfect for me. I also like the fact  that are they are not all in one colour or one print, but in a lovely variety of mix and match combinations. Those criss cross backs are beautiful. Thank you for this article. i am ready to shop

  49. crownwole

    Much obliged to you for the great work on long middle tankini tops survey. I will lean toward aleu mdr strong ruched in light of the pink shading. It looks entirely agreeable and fitting and all the cost is moderate. I have to impart this to my lady. Valuable and great article. Much obliged.

  50. C

    I really like the ATTRACO Ladies Tankini Set. I ordered the small 8, and fits great! even with my longer torso. The swimsuit covers up everything very well. The colors are even nicer than the pictures show. I am very happy with this bathing suit and since I had such a good experience ordering this bathing suit online I will probably get more. Thanks!

  51. Aly

    Wow, I didn’t realize that there would be flattering swimsuit options for ladies with a long torso, but these look awesome! The one with the crisscross back and skirt-style bottom looks cute enough to be a dress. That would be a great option for a posh pool party! I think Amazon is a good place to shop for these suits if they allow for home try-on (and returns if they don’t fit quite right). 

  52. Sandikazi Scwebu

    Great job.  It’s very difficult to find a fitting tankini swimsuit, that covers and keep the breasts tucked in.  There’s nothing irritating like breasts protruding while swimming.  I like your tankini swimsuits, a mother of two like me, who doesn’t want to expose the body can feel very comfortable.  I like the fact that they have wide adjustable straps, padded and without a wire, which, I’m sure, makes them even more comfortable.  One can be confident wearing them.  It can also be a nice gift to a friend or family member.  But I’m getting one for myself first.

    All the best.


  53. Samm

    Hi Arta

    I’m glad that I found your post about this flattering long torso tankini. Since my wife has short legs, the long torso will be great for her because it can help make her look taller.

    Thanks for explaining the features and materials of this torso tankini. I will recommend this to my wife and I’m sure she is going to love this since all the price is also reasonable.
    I will definitely come back here for reference.


  54. Carol5162

    Wow! I so love the Kate Swimsuits. They really look flattering to the body especially to us that consider ourselves a little on the plus size. I now see that there are really a lot of options when it come to swimsuits. I have for a long time thought that the best options like bikinis are only the small sized bodies.

    Thank you for the suggestions on sunscreens. I now know what to look at when looking for a sunscreen.

    Thank you for this great article.

  55. Charles

    Thank you so much for this post, am glad you made this post upon the request of a fellow reader that’s really nice of you. My aunt always complain about some of  the tops she bought of recent ,it do jump up at intervals and sometimes reveals her belly. I will surely share this post with her and she will definitely find it helpful. 

  56. MissusB

    Being a mother of 2 and a mid 30s woman,I’m a little conservative on the outfit and clothing style that I wear. Also, i’m not young anymore and the style of clothes I wore 20 years won’t look good because of the physical changes of my body. This is why I prefer Long Tankini as my swimwear. What i like most of your featured merch are: 1. the Attraco because it can help to hide bumps in mid section (which is advantageous to my body frame) and it is paired with boy shorts that can cover my stretch marks. 2. the Asvivid Criscross back skirtini for the same reason..I can even use the skirt for casual wear. Thank you for sharing these lovely tankinis. Those look comfortable and each offers great design.  

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