Long Torso Tankini Tops

Flattering Long Torso Tankini Tops – Compliment Your Long Torso

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Long torso Tankini Tops

Does your tankini top keep riding up all the time? Is it revealing your belly? Unless it is your intention, then the time has come to get long torso tankini tops.

A long time ago we wrote an article on the long torso swimsuits for women. Recently one of our readers asked us to specify about tankini tops for long torso as she was tired of short-fitting belly-revealing tankini tops.

So we did some investigation on long torso tankini tops to discover favored styles and places to get them.

We went through oceans of reviews to find tankini tops not only advertised as long torso tankini tops but also found flattering for long torso by women who have bought them. We paid attention to the price to make sure it is reasonable. And without doubt, we looked for stylish and cute bathing suits.

Long Torso Tankini Tops – Advert vs Reality

To begin with, it was not very easy to find flattering long torso tankini tops as in many cases the advertised extra long tankini top doesn’t live up to the expectations once received and tried on.

So many women have given up and stick to the bikini. But it was not the solution in our case so we did our best and tried hard to find “real” long torso tankini tops. Our findings are published below.

Flattering Choices of Long Tankini Tops – Rock the Summer

Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductATTRACO Women’s Stripes Print Tankini Swimsuits

Features: Pull-On Closure, Relaxed Fit, Tie-Front, Adjustable Wide Straps, Built-In Padded Bra, Wire-Free, Front Lining in the Top, Fully Lined Bottoms, Boy Shorts, Solid Straps and Back, Available in Other Patterns

The attractive and affordable Attraco Extra Long Tankini swimsuit is proven to work well for long torsos due to the extended length of the tankini top.

The diversity of colors/designs allows matching the tankini to many tastes.

ATTRACO Women's Stripes Print Tankini Swimsuits
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Extra Long
  • Flattering
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Slimming
  • No See-Through
  • Doesn’t Ride Up


  • Poor Sizing
  • Not Suitable for Busty Women
User Review
4.64 (11 votes)

It is highly evaluated by women who have bought it. More than 750 women have reviewed this tankini and it has reached an average of 4.1 stars (out of 5). This is a really good score meaning the swimsuit is a good deal.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

The great advantage of the long torso tankini is its price – at the time of the review, you would be able to get it for less than 30 bucks.

Women rave about the outstanding coverage of the tankini top. It is said to keep everything covered and safe. It is proven to fit well on up to 5’9” bodies with a long torso.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

Adjustable wide straps are found as a great addition to customize support and lift.

The tankini is stated to slim down the silhouette and hide any lumps or bumps around the midsection. In addition, any back rolls are said to be camouflaged. Women who worry about the bra rolls don’t need to worry anymore as the back of the tankini is high enough to hide also these.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

Some customers find it weird that the front of the boy shorts is shorter than the back. However, others state that this is a great design for those having a butt as it helps to cover the rear to full extent.

Lining helps to avoid the see-through effect. The tankini is said to stay in place without riding up whether in or out the water.

But as with everything in our lives, there must be some drawbacks, as well, so let’s look at the disadvantages of this tankini bathing suit.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

There is a sizing issue – customers advise sizing up.

Women state busty women could find the bathing suit not comfortable due to cups not staying in their places. So the swimsuit requires re-adjustment of the top occasionally.

Customers warn the swimsuit is not flattering for short and big-busted women.

Overall, this is a great deal – to find flattering long torso tankini top under 30 bucks. The few disadvantages are a matter of making a well-informed decision before buying a swimsuit online. Read here how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

Besides that, this tankini is available on Amazon and they are well-known for their great Return Policy in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductFanShou Women High Neck Tankini Swimsuits Padded Two Piece Bathing Suits

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, High Neckline, Adjustable Halter Straps Criss-Crossed at the Back, Built-in Soft Cups, Removable Cups, Bra Tie at the Back, Wire-Free, Flare Pattern, 86% Nylon / 14% Spandex

Long Torso Tankini Tops

This is another great long torso tankini top loved by women who have bought it.

It is flattering, slimming and bright. However, there are also a few cons. We have reviewed this swimsuit before and you can find our review here.

==> But you can head right to the retailer and read all the customer reviews here! <==

Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductAleumdr Women’s Solid Ruched Tankini Top With Triangle Briefs

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, Wide Adjustable Straps, Tummy Control Lining, Wire-Free, Interior Bra, Padded Cups, Matching Triangle Bottoms, Polyester / Spandex Material, Available in Other Colors

Long Torso Tankini Tops

This stylish and colorful extra long tankini is said to cover the belly well even for a long torso. It is comfortable and supportive enough even though there is no underwire. The wide straps add up to the support and do not dig into the shoulders.

Women love the elegance and glamour of this tankini swimsuit. The material is thick and smooth.

Long Torso Tankini Tops

The relaxed fit at the midsection covers any imperfection. But it is also not too flowy so it stays in the place.

This tankini is proven to fit well and cover the long torso of up to 5’9” bodies.

The reasonable price is a great advantage.

The padding is light to give the needed lift and support but to avoid the spill over the top.

Pear-shaped women might find the bottoms too small.

It seems there is some confusion about the sizing so better to re-check the size to order with the retailer.

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Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductAsvivid Crisscross Back Tankini

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, Pull-On Closure, Removable Bra Paddings, Tiered Style, V-Neck, Wire-Free, Adjustable Straps, Criss-Cross Back, Skirted Bottom, Available in Other Colors

Long Torso Tankini Tops

This slimming extra long tankini top comes with a skirted bottom, therefore, it will be a perfect choice for women looking for some increased coverage. It allows you to cover up not only the long torso but also the hips and upper thighs.

Women who have bought this long torso tankini advise that the material is thick, stretchy and smooth. But despite that, the skirtini dries quickly.

Customers have used this skirtini not only as a swimsuit but also a casual outfit. The tankini top is proven to stay in its place and not to ride up.

One woman advised this tankini is long enough for her 5’11” body with a long torso.

However, women advise the suit tends to run small so should be considered to size up.

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Long Torso Tankini Tops

ProductAleumdr Women’s Bluish Floral Print Macrame Tankini and Triangle Briefs Swimsuit

Features: Extra Long Tankini Top, Wire-Free, Floral Print, Deep V-Neck, Removable Soft Cups, Flowy Pattern, Macrame Detailing on the Back, Pull-On Closure, Racerback Style, Fold-Over Bottoms, Polyester/Spandex Blend

Long Torso Tankini Tops

The eye-catching design of this extra long tankini top is favored by many women. The colors are as bright in person as they appear on the photos.

As the top is not adjustable, it is of extreme importance to get the right size to take advantage of the outstanding design, so customers advise carefully check the sizing chart and get in touch with the retailer to specify the size.

The swimsuit is comfortable, flattering and forgiving due to its relaxed fit.

The extra long tankini top is said to flatter up to 5’9” figures with a long torso.

The flowy design covers up any lumps, bumps, and love handles around the midsection.

The material is stretchy and soft.

Few customers complain about the lack of support starting from sizes D and up.

Some women criticize the bathing suit for its poor fit but as stated by others – these are the consequences of the wrong size ordered. So a special attention should be paid to the measures and sizing chart.

Few women didn’t like the lack of lining on the top of the tankini.

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Let’s have a look at other extra long tankinis – perhaps the right one is among those:

And few more extended tankini top options are below:

So have you managed to find your long torso tankini tops? Where do you shop for extra long tankini tops? What are your favorite brands of extended tankinis and where do you shop for them?

Share your experience with other tankini-lovers to help women with long torsos find their perfect extra long tankini tops.