Faux Tankini Bathing Suits

Faux Tankini Bathing Suits – Function Combined with Fashion

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Faux Tankini Bathing Suits

Faux tankini bathing suits are the perfect choice for women wishing to have the look of tankini while wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

So basically, faux tankini bathing suits are one piece swimsuits that look like a tankini. The main idea of faux tankinis is to get the needed one-piece swimsuit coverage with more contemporary tankini bathing suit outlook.

Faux Tankini Bathing Suits – Conservative Made Cool

One piece swimsuits were considered the most conservative type of bathing suit.  Nevertheless, nowadays they have made a bright comeback by varying the designs and patterns.

One of the ways of making one piece swimsuit more fashionable and trendy is faux tankini bathing suit.

How to Choose a Flattering Faux Tankini Bathing Suit?

In fact, it is harder to find and wear one-piece swimsuits than two-pieces.

Firstly, it is due to the fact that if other types of swimsuits are more forgiving to small deviation in sizing, one pieces aren’t. In order to look and feel good, you need to get the exact size for your body and shape. So if you are looking for a swimsuit on the web, check out this guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

Secondly, you need to choose the design and pattern of the one piece very carefully and advisedly. The brave and fashion-forward designs are capable of cutting you in the unflattering areas so it is not a good idea to blindly follow the latest swimsuit trends without knowing you are able to pull them off. Plunging necklines, cutouts, eccentric prints – without doubt there is nothing bad about them in general, but you have to be in your shape to bear these and flare. So whatever you wear – wear it with confidence.

Let’s look at the tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing tankini one-piece swimsuit.

Pay Attention to the Details of the Fauxkini

You would definitely wish to avoid detailing in areas that are not your favorite ones as any detail drives attention to the certain place. However, details are also a powerful tool to shape your silhouette by adding volume and balancing out the body.

So if the swimsuit has many details and patterns on its midsection, remember that it will add volume to your tummy and waist by making them look fuller than they are.

Ruffles are a great accent to add volume to the places you need some extra oomph, such as bust or hip area.

Play wise with the details as these can do miracles in both working for and against you.

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Choose the Right Design

There are different designs of the faux tankinis available so it is a matter of matching your taste with your wishes.

Just to list a few of them:

Tiered tankini one piece swimsuit is a great choice for women wishing to hide their midsection – this is a very forgiving pattern as any bulge or love handle is hidden.

Another great choice for flaws around the tummy refers to blouson fauxkini one piece swimsuits. Blouson faux tankini features blouson pattern on the top so it will shelter any imperfection around the midsection.

Faux Tankini Bathing Suits

Shirred fauxkini swimsuits feature shirring or ruching on the front that is a great tool for shaping the waist and highlighting the curves.

Besides that, shirring/ruching smooths out the silhouette gracefully by accentuating your assets.

Faux Tankini Bathing Suits

In many cases shirring/ruching is combined with the side boning – so whatever the features the swimsuit possess – all of these are intended to shape and form the waist.

Flared faux tankini bathing suits are favored for the flare pattern as it is of great help to hide the problems around the midsection.

I would also suggest paying attention to the usage of the fabric to ensure flare pattern remains flare pattern when put on as I have read quite many reviews stating that swimsuit hugs the midsection tightly instead of flaring so all the concept and functionality of the flare design is lost.

Pick the Color Wisely

We know the power of the color, therefore use this weapon to your benefit.

The colour can make it thumbs up, as well as, thumbs down so it is always a good idea to keep the colour effects in mind regardless of the piece of clothing your are looking for.

We have summarised the most common tips below to help you to make the right colour choice for your bathing suit.

So just a few useful tips:

  • Dark color swimsuit will make you look slimmer. Colors to consider – black, navy, dark purple. But if your skin is pale – black and white won’t do you justice as you will look paler thus.
  • Solid color swimsuit flatters everyone.
  • A bathing suit is a case when the less is more so it is a wise idea to avoid too many details, colors and patterns – they will just make you look fuller than you actually are. Simplicity is the key word here.
  • Few colors suit nearly any skin tone – brilliant shades of blue (electric blue, vibrant navy, royal blue, marina teal) and darker shades of pink (coral, purple, fuchsia).

Decide on the Right Neckline

Faux Tankini Bathing Suits

Neckline is an important detail of the bathing suit, and I bet you have already noticed the different ways the different necklines make you look.

V-Neckline is a very popular neckline choice due to its ability to suit nearly any woman, and it actually doesn’t matter if your decollette area is smooth, wrinkled or if you simply just don’t care about this as V-neckline does all the justice to your body.

V-neckline is proven to visually elongate your neck and chest, besides that it also adds up to the sexy appeal by revealing your cleavage to your desired extent.

Ruched Tankini

In its turn, women wishing to cover up the neck and decollete area can opt for a high neck. High neck swimsuits used to look matronly and old-fashioned, however, contemporary high-neck bathing suits are stylish and sophisticated, especially if decorated with crochet or macrame detailing.

Boat neck, also known as bateau neck, is the golden midway between deep v-neck and high neck. It runs from one shoulder to the other by widening your shoulders thus. This way boat neck is a great tool for pear-shaped women to make the body look symmetric. Nevertheless, halter and racerback styles are proven to possess the same visual effect.

Scoop or square neck is a popular choice of women with wide shoulders and narrow hips. This is due to the fact that scoop neckline tends to make the shoulders look smaller.

Pour Moi Cup Sized Swimsuits

Halter top swimsuits look good on majority of women by making its wearer feel comfortable and ensuring great support. The features and characteristics of this neckline are nearly the same as for V-neck just that this type of neckline is more functional by allowing you to adapt it to your needs in terms of bust support and lift.

Bandeau top swimsuits are among the most graceful and elegant bathing suits by emphasizing the sensuality and femininity of its wearer. Bandeau swimsuits are a popular choice of small busted women, however, nowadays, it is not limited to this. Modern solutions have made bandeau necklines a liable swimsuit choice of big busted women, as well.

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Slimming Details in Your Faux Tankini

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Slimming down your body shape is a swimsuit? Sounds like mission impossible – not anymore…

But without doubt, it also depends on the areas of your body you wish to slim down.

As previously mentioned, ruching and shirring are of great help for slimming down your midsection.

If you wish to reduce the volume of your hips visually, a swimsuit with little to no detail on the bottom is the way to go.

Color plays a big role in slimming down the whole body figure – an illusion of lean and long body can be achieved by choosing dark colored swimsuit – black, navy blue, chocolate brown, dark olive and other neutral dark shades.

Sunsets Bathing Suits

A petite body will look great in a swimsuit matching the tone of the skin – if your skin is fair, a peach pink bathing suit will help to cut up the body frame visually. But if you are dark tanned, opt for a navy swimsuit.

And don’t forget about the vast range of slimming properties of swimsuits nowadays, starting from visual features like ruching and ending with built-in tummy control panels.

Longer and slimmer legs effect can be reached by choosing a swimsuit with a high leg cut even up to the hip bone, however, think twice if you are going to feel comfortable in such a bathing suit due to extra skin exposure.

Remember that if choosing fauxkini with print, the size of the print should be matching to the scale of your body, meaning, big and medium-sized prints will complement full to medium figures, while smaller prints are more suitable for petite and skinny women, both size and height wise.

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Choose Faux Tankini Bathing Suits wisely by picking the right swimsuits with the right details!

21 thoughts on “Faux Tankini Bathing Suits – Function Combined with Fashion

  1. Peace

    I am an all out conservative when it comes to swim wears. Bikinis can be a tad too revealing, so I’ve always favoured one piece swimsuits because they exude, maturity and propriety. 

    This faux takini swimsuits are the real deal, because of how they bring fun and seriousness into one place. It’s a brilliant and fashionable combination. 

    I’d go for the third photo. I’m not very curvy so the flare would do a great job of distracting attention from my lack of curves. 

  2. Olalekan Taliat

    The faux tankini allows for less nudity and allows even the shyest of all women to be comfortable at the beach or pool side. The first time my wife decided to learn swimming, it was because she got one of those.

    As a shy woman she finds it difficult to wear the traditional swimming gear. 

  3. Ben Kuriger

    Awesome post! I have bookmarked this for later reference. You have given me a potential birthday gift idea for my girlfriend. I think it would be special if I surprised her with one of these. I am going to use this page as a guide when I do my own searching for a faux tankini bathing suite!

    Thank you for this post!


  4. Cathy

    You made a good point about the neckline. It’s something I always pay attention when choosing swimwear. If I am going on a vacation or to the beach, I would go for a V-neck. But for swim classes, I much rather go for something more conservative and not so colorful. There’s no need to be overly fancy and attracting unnecessary attention when you are trying to keep yourself afloat. 

  5. Etah

    Wow, I love visiting your site, so much beauty over here.

    So many choices to pick from, your pick will be very good for me. I have a challenge finding a bathing suit which I can be very comfortable with, something which does not make me feel overexposed.

    I love the blue v neck, I have to get that one. Thanks for the nice selection.

  6. Heather

    Hi there. I have a friend who is a bit overweight and she plans to go in a beach holiday with her husband. She’s been asking me for advice regarding the bathing suits she should use. I thought about a tankini but I’m not too good at it – what exact piece would you recommend for an overweight woman? I like the ones with slimming details you mentioned, but I’m not really sure it would suit her. In terms of colors, I think she should go for black – or at least a darker shade, right? I know these colors tend to make a body look slimmer.

    • Arta

      Hey Heather

      We all tend to be self-conscious when it comes to our bodies so the first thing your friend would need to understand is – what makes her self-conscious and if there is anything she would like to hide or emphasize. I would suggest you look in the article on how to buy swimsuit online that looks and feels great as it could help to define the needs and wishes.

      If you need any further help, PLS just let me know.

      Cheers, Arta

  7. Roland

    Wow! Thanks for your suggestions here and definitely, I will book mark this page. This post has given me interesting ideas on what to get for my wife for her upcoming birthday later in September and I would be more than willing to pick a nice faux tankini bathing suit for her. I like the fact that it covers more better than a bikini which makes it a more decent wear than a bikini.

  8. Henderson

    Probably the best tankini suit for any modest and mature lady. As I can see, they allow for less revealing and brings out that natural shape. I see a number of people put this on but never knew they were called faux tankini suits. Maybe I too should try it out but I am getting quite big. I’m actually plump right now so do you think they’ll be good for me? Thank you for the added info on how to choose a faux swimsuit.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for your comment. I would suggest you have a look here and here to find the best swimsuits for emphasising your assets.

      Hope this helps, Arta 

  9. Lawrence

    Very Nice post with some great options to be considered.

    We have literally just booked our summer hols to Italy for this year and I know my Mrs will be looking to get some new beach wear. She likes to get her tan but also doesn’t like to show too much. Will certainly be booking your page and pointing the beloved in your direction when she starts to shop.

  10. Sharon

    These full coverage bathing suits are what I like. The slimming details will make me feel much more confident in wearing it on the beach. Thank you for letting me know that the neckline of a bathing suit is important. The v-neck is the one I would choose since it will elongate my neck visually. There are things in your article that I didn’t know would make buying a swimsuit so much better and easier. Thank you for writing this article.

  11. Michael

    Hi Arta,

    I wanted to check out your site because my wife is very self-conscious about her body, and I thought you could help.  She has pretty broad shoulders, and always tries to find an excuse to not go swimming.

    The Dearlove Tankini caught my eye right away, as well as the Mycoco One Shoulder.  Do you think those are good choices for someone with broad shoulders?  Her birthday is coming up, and I want to surprise her!



    • Arta

      Hi Michael

      One shoulder design could look very well on broad shoulders as it visually narrows them. Dearlove tankini, in its turn, could be not the best choice for broad shoulders as its neckline will emphasise the width of the shoulders.

      I could also suggest you having a look at the article on the best bathing suits for broad shoulders – how to balance them out. I am sure the useful tips in this article will help you in making the right swimsuit choice for your wife and she will resume swimming 🙂 It will be a nice surprise!

      Hope this helps, Arta

  12. Juma John Jongu

    Awesome friend, it just makes sense to wear something conservative and covering properly instead of just putting on bikini wear that looks like it is not even there. Some times I wonder why they even put it on if they don’t want to wear anything then let it be so. I will share this with the network of women in my circle of influence for them to consider seriously.

  13. Angleika

    Thank you for this very informative article. I will have a closer look in detail to all the options you mention. And it is really helpful to think over all the tips and tricks you mention in order to look good in a swimsuit – especially when you are an older person.

  14. Sheddy Ovb

    Helo Dear, nice article in faux tankini bathing suits function combined with fashion. This is really an interesting and intriguing post. It is very important to our into consideration comfortability and other beautiful features when choosing a swimming suit. Anyways it really amazes me to know that one can actually slim down her body shape with a swim suit, these are really nice and detailed information on slimming down the body shape with a swim suit.

  15. Jomata

    Hello there,  this is really awesome and innovative, a combination of swimsuit with a tankini look,  I really feel this will be  just perfect for my partner as already we are making plans for summer vacation and definitely the beach and pools are place we must visit,  I’m sharing this with her immediately,  I know she will like it.

  16. Aly

    Hello, I have seen these styles in stores before but I never knew that they were considered a faux tankini. It’s an interesting style and I think it might be a good choice for times when you want to make sure that the swimsuit stays in place during something active (volleyball, skiing, etc). 

    The 2 piece look in a 1 piece style seems like it would provide more coverage on days where it feels necessary.

  17. Maria

    I could not agree more that it’s significantly more difficult to find a one piece bathing suit than a two. Especially with my awkward proportions and long torso, I find that one piece suits tend to fit tightly on the vertical and cause unsightly pulling and cutting into my lower half. It’s awful. That being said, tankinis are wonderful but a little complicated! Your article here has really helped me to figure out exactly which cut and design would flatter my figure the most. I feel as though for me a dark blue high neck and high hipline are the best for my body. Thank you for the great tips!

  18. Bernardo


    You have a great selection of swimwear available to the ladies who never would consider a on outfit that could make them look flattering. 

    Your advice is excellent and knowledgeable on this subject and many ladies will surely take your comments onboard when they decide to select a swimsuit tanking from your range

    You seem to cater to all body types and sizes, I also like the designs and colours of the tankini swimwear and I know my wife would like them also.



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