DDD Swimsuit Tops

DDD Swimsuit Tops – Flattering Choices

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DDD Swimsuit Tops

We have received several questions from our readers about DDD swimsuit tops. Questions like “Where could I buy DDD swimsuit tops?” or “Could you suggest few cute options of DDD swimsuit tops?” pop up occasionally. So we decided to have a look at this and give our feedback to the readers.

To begin with, let us look at the size DDD as there is a common hype about the sizing information. DDD size refers to the cup size and the cup size is differently marked in different countries and even in different brands. Therefore, before buying anything from a new brand we highly recommend studying their measurement instructions or even getting in touch with their customer service to make sure the right size is ordered.

Nevertheless, according to Wikipedia, the general sizing information concludes that DDD size is F size in U.S. and E size in UK/Australia. So we have gathered few flattering choices of DDD swimsuit tops to please our readers.

DDD Swimsuit Tops – Functional yet Chic

When it comes to DDD swimsuit tops proper support and control is extremely important. But at the same time, we did look for stylish and chic options to flatter and complement the body of the wearer.

Our Collection of DDD Swimsuit Tops – Flattering and Supportive Options

So we have picked a bunch of DDD swimsuit tops to complement different tastes and body shapes. We have looked at many DDD bathing suits to find the ones loved by customers and proven to fit well and last long.

DDD Bikini Tops

DDD Swimsuit Tops

ProductBody Glove Women’s Smoothies Solo Underwire Bikini Top

Features: Underwire, Tie Closure, Convertible Straps, Two-Way Adjustable Back Straps, Removable Soft Cups,  80% Nylon/20% Spandex, Available in many colors

This attractive DDD Bikini Top is appreciated by women who have bought it. The bathing suit top has received more than 250 reviews from women who have bought it reaching an average of 4.3 stars (out of 5).

Body Glove Underwire Bikini Top
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • akes Good Care of Big Bust
  • Good Coverage
  • Criss-Cross Back for Increased Support
  • Available in Many Colors



  • Poor Sizing
User Review
4.6 (20 votes)
DDD Swimsuit Tops

Women love the great fit, high comfort and excellent support this bikini top offers. The modesty and style of the swimsuit is loved. Customers advise the bathing suit is perfect also for water and beach activities as it keeps everything safe, covered and supported.

Criss-cross back adds up to the support and functionality of the swimsuit and women find it works well for a big bust.

Few customers complain about poor fit so we highly recommend studying size chart properly or asking the seller the correct size for ordering. Few others warn about color fading but it could be a result of improper caring for the swimsuit as there would be much more similar reviews otherwise.

==> Get the Supportive and Comfortable Body Glove DDD Cup Bikini Here <==

DDD Swimsuit Tops

ProductFreya Pier Halter Bikini Top

Features: Underwire, Mesh Lining, Self Tie Straps, Halter Style, Non-Adjustable Snap Back, Ruffle Detailing,  80% Polyamide/20% Lycra

DDD Swimsuit Tops

Women who have bought this cute DDD bikini top evaluate its elegance and fit. It is said to ensure the needed support and control.

Some women advise the shape of the cup is kind of pointy but owing to the ruffle detail and the pattern it is not noticeable. The fit and cute design of this Freya bikini top is particularly loved by customers.

Few customers advise the halter straps could be longer as they tend to strain the neck. Some others find the front cut little bit too low revealing too much of the cleavage. So the coverage is not full but the majority of customers are satisfied with it.

==> Get the Cute and Elegant Freya DDD Cup Bikini Top Here <==

DDD Swimsuit Tops

ProductFreya Women’s Tootsie Molded Underwire Bikini Top (D+ Cup)

Features: Underwire, Molded Lightly Padded Cups, Bow Detailing, Adjustable Straps, Clips at Back, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Colors

DDD Swimsuit Tops

This feminine DDD bikini top from Freya is evaluated as a supportive and comfortable swimsuit. The adjustable straps help to avoid “digged-into-the-shoulders” look without sacrificing the support. The top is suitable also for women with long torso.

The material is said to be qualitative enough. Customers have identified neither pilling nor fading or sagging issues.

Women feel sexy and confident in this bikini top without worrying to expose too much or being covered in a granny style 🙂 This swimsuit is said to be the golden middle way in terms of the coverage.

The fabric is said to be matte so it will look the best with matte bottoms.

One customer found the bikini top looking more like a bra though this depends on the taste and no one else has complained about this.

==> Get the Feminine Freya Tootsie Underwire Bikini Top Here <==

DDD Tankini Tops

DDD Swimsuit Tops

ProductFreya Pier Underwire Tankini Top

Features: Underwire, Built-In Unlined Cups, Self-Tie Straps, Halter Style, Ruffle Detailing, 80% Nylon/20% Lycra

DDD Swimsuit Tops

This stylish DDD Tankini Top is said to be a perfect fit for big busted women with small figures. It hugs the midsection without squeezing it and ensures the needed support to the bust area making its wearer look slimmer.

The smooth material is evaluated as of high quality.

Some women didn’t pay attention to the description of the tankini top and didn’t notice that the cups are unlined. And that was the reason for the return of the swimsuit top.

There are some doubts about the sizing of the bathing suit as there are UK sizes so it is a good idea to re-check the size with the seller.

==> Get the Stylish Freya Pier Underwire DDD Tankini Top Here <==

DDD Swimsuit Tops

ProductFantasie Women’s Versailles Underwire Control Tankini Swim Top

Features: Underwire, Ruched Bodice, Tummy Control Lining, Adjustable Straps, Lightly Molded Cups, Adjustable Tie at the Sides, 85% Nylon/Polyamide, 15% Lycra, Available in Other Colors

DDD Swimsuit Tops

Women find this vivid DDD Tankini Top feminine and stylish. It is said to be supportive and slimming though tummy control function is not that bold. There are certainly better tummy control bathing suits out there.

The material is quite thick so it takes a longer time to dry.

Customers advise the tankini tends to run small and warn that these are UK sizes so it is recommended to carefully check the sizing chart.

Few women complain about the lining as it is not attached to the tankini so it tends to roll up underneath. Some women have removed the lining stating that it has solved the problem.

==> Get the Vivid Fantasie Underwire DDD Tankini Top Here <==

DDD Swimsuit Tops

ProductSunsets Women’s Twist Tankini

Features: V-Neck, Twisted Front, Adjustable Straps, Hidden Floating Underwire, Flare Fit, Back Hook to Convert to Racerback, 82% Nylon/18% Spandex, Available in Other Colors

DDD Swimsuit Tops

This tankini is particularly suitable for big bust making the girls look good. The underwire is said to do a great job in supporting the chest. The flared fit is a good choice for women wishing to hide any imperfections around the midsection.

Women love the possibility to convert to racerback as it adds up to the support and lift.

Some customers state the color tends to fade but others mention that for such a good fit the color fading is not a problem for them.

Few women complain about the lack of the padding at the bust area leading to no privacy when the bathing suit gets wet.

Get the Twisted Sunsets DDD Cup Tankini Here ==> Get the Twisted Sunsets DDD Cup Tankini Here <==

So have you found your perfect DDD swimsuit tops? Did you like any of our picks? Where do you buy DDD bathing suit tops?

You are welcome to share your experience with buying DDD Swimsuit Tops as somebody could benefit from it.

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  1. Ed

    Very interesting site. good content and images. Your site id well organized. I would like to suggest adding adsence to your site and maybe add the Wealthy Affiliate promo to your site for possible added revenue. Your site look really good as you offer lots of good information pertaining sizes which can be an issue when ordering online. Like the idea of adding the coverups to your site. Coverups are great for those ladies who want to show just a little bit of this or that, or just to cover up for when feeling a little uncomfortable. Overall you have a great lookin site. Good luck! I’m sure you will do well.

    • Hey Ed

      Thank you for visiting my website! I am glad you have found my articles helpful and I do hope it will make a lot of lives easier 🙂 It can be a nightmare when looking for a bathing suit for specific needs (like DDD swimsuit tops) so any help can play a big role in succeeding.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Sunny

    Oh, wow. Finding a bikini top for DDD is a nightmare, especially if I want to look fashionable or somewhat interesting and not super old or boring. These are so cute! I really love the stripes with the bow and the polka dotted one. Thanks for the breakdown and suggestions!

    • Hey Sunny

      DDD swimsuit tops tend to look granny-ish so it was a bit challenging to find the ones that don’t. It is important they not only look good but also offer proper support, control and coverage. So I am happy you liked our selection.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Taetske

    Good afternoon Arta,

    It is about time that the industry realizes there are “big” women out there who also want to look nice and fashionable. A good girlfriend of mine has this problem. When we go shopping together it really is not easy to find wearable and nice swimwear. Your post gives some good tips I will show it to her. Thanks a lot.

    Regards, Taetske

  4. Endris

    I really like your website. It’s very informative, offering reviews from customers. I love the Freya Pier Halter Bikini Top. I love that you offer larger busted sizes. I have had problems finding bigger sizes on the top. You really don’t see much of a variety in stores, when it comes to bigger busted swim suits, and their not very attractive a lot of the times. These are very pretty and I think people will love being able to find these on your website. I enjoyed reading your website and enjoyed the photos of the swim suits. Best of luck

    • Hey Endris

      Thank you for the good words on our website. We do our best to offer a variety of swimsuit styles so each taste can find the flattering ones. Freya Pier Halter DDD Bikini top looks great and has received a good score from the women who have bought this bathing suit. So it is a great choice to dazzle on the beach without sacrificing the support and style.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Bini

    Thanks for such an amazing and informative article. I was struggling from a long time to find a good tankini swimsuits. There are a lot of options but I was really confused on which one to buy. Your article helped me a lot in making a decision.
    Thank you very much

    • Hey Bini

      It is hard to find flattering, comfortable, stylish and functional DDD swimsuit tops so we have looked through many options to find those. I am happy our article has helped you in finding your perfect DDD swimsuit top so you can enjoy your day on the beach without worrying about lack of support or comfort.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  6. Becks1115

    This article is great! I have such a problem with this. I am this size in the bust area and never can find anything that looks good with the proper support. I love the tankini Sunsets Twist, it looks very flattering. Also I don’t want to expose my belly imperfections so it’s perfect.
    Thanks for addressing this issue and letting big busted women know we do have some great options.

    • Hey there

      I have heard many complaints about the challenge to find flattering and supportive DDD swimsuit tops and that was the reason for this article. So I am glad you have found what you are looking for – DDD tankini Sunsets Twist is beautiful – and the color is so vibrant! It will highlight your tan. I am sure you will dazzle on the beach!

      Cheers, Arta

  7. Lisa V

    Thank you for your in-depth article. As a well-endowed woman, finding cute swimsuits is really difficult without knowing the full scoop. Larger women don’t necessarily like the bikini style so I love that you covered tankinis, too. In a little town like ours, if Walmart doesn’t carry it, you have to get it online & it’s difficult searching. Do you have insight to suits that fit DDD and have little skirts or shorts? As we age, I know (from personal experience!) that nobody wants to see my exposed thighs. LOL

    • Hej Lisa

      I know what you are talking about and fortunately – I have already investigated these topics. You are welcome to check the following articles for your inspiration and, who knows, maybe you find your perfect swimsuit there 🙂
      Bathing Suit With Skirt – for women wishing to cover up the lower part of their bodies.
      Swimsuits For Older Women – the best swimsuits choices of the season for older women.
      If you still are in doubt, do not hesitate to get back to me and I will help you!

      Cheers, Arta

  8. ches

    What a lovely site and so nice to see swimsuits that can be worn by women of a certain age, such as myself and make us look great, going by the swimwear on this post.
    The tummy control tankini looks really lovely. So many women miss out because they don’t like putting on a swimming costume, mostly because they are so unflattering.
    Although I won’t be going for a bikini, the tankinis look perfect for what I want. I’m soon to go on holiday and still want to look attractive despite my golden years!
    Having built in support is a must and I’m sure I will see something on this site that will be suitable for me. Thanks for the info.

  9. Louise

    Great post. thanks so much for sharing this great collection. It’s refreshing to see such an array of designs and colour for more than just size zero.

    I looking forward to this summer, I always have a hard time finding swimsuits and bikinis but these choice have got me excited. they’re not only beautiful they’re flattering.

    • Hej Louise

      I am glad you enjoyed reading my post. I agree that it is a pleasure to see beautiful and functional swimsuit designs with bigger cup sizes in mind. So I hope you will find your perfect DDD swimsuit tops. Otherwise, let me know in a comment section and I will do my best to help you.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  10. anthea charles

    very nice and excellent information about bras size DDD and then it also is good to add the wik page.i loce the focus on this business it has a lot of choice and the lay out is great.i did check if there are higher sizes than size 24 plus size by doing a search and it seems not asit kept going back to same ones available at size 24 plus size,Anyway the whole content is rewarding once you know that its very specific and does not redivert..i loved this thank you for sharing Anthea xx

    • Hey Anthea
      I am pleased you liked the selection of flattering DDD swimsuit tops. I hope it will help many women to find their perfect swimsuits to enjoy great day on the beach 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  11. Dana

    Very informative regarding different swimsuit options. I love that you give “negatives” regarding the swimsuits so that the potential buyer is aware of other’s complaints. Amazon customer review rankings are also helpful in the purchasing process. Thanks for providing so many different options to purchase! Loving the Freya Pier Halter bikini top!!

    • Hey Dana

      I am glad you have found helpful my article on DDD swimsuit tops. It is quite challenging to find the flattering DDD cup swimsuits, therefore, we did our best to find cute and functional bathing suits.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  12. Flavia

    I found this really interesting and great to read. Great suggestions! I work at a lingerie store and sometimes we will sell out bikinis and swimsuits at the right seasons during the year. I do find that it is common and especially hard for women who have larger busts to find a bikini top or a bra in general that offers great support but still looks sexy and amazing. I feel like there’s not a lot of options out there compared to women who have smaller busts so I am always on the lookout for other options!

    • Hej Flavia

      Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to leave a comment.
      I am glad you liked our picks of DDD swimsuits tops and yes – it was not an easy task to find flattering, supportive and cute options. So I do hope our article will help many women to find what they are looking for. And dazzle on the beach 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  13. Ann

    What a great selection of bikini and tankini tops for fuller figured ladies. Support is so important in swimwear.
    I particularly liked the Freya Halter Underwire tankini and Freya molded bikini top.
    Your comments in general regarding fit, fabric, how thick.thin it is, lined or not etc., are very useful.

    • Hey Ann

      Freya is a really great swimsuit brand. They specialize in bra-sized swimsuit and are loved by many women out there, especially by those with a big bust. You are welcome to check out the top picks of Freya bra sized bathing suits – we have gathered really cute, flattering, supportive and comfortable styles loved by actual customers.

      Cheers, Arta

  14. Lance

    Hi There, I just had the pleasure of reviewing your site. At first glance, the site looks very sensual, but professional at the same time. I think that you did a great job incorporating your products with your actual facts. Also, your advertisements are great and relate to your site, which is also great. The flow of your website is very professionally done! Great Job, and Keep up the great work. I think that your site will be very successful!

    • Hi Lance

      Thanks a lot for your comment and I am glad that you liked my website. I hope it will help many women in finding their perfect swimsuits, therefore, everything is on and about different types of bathing suits.
      In case you need any help or advice (about swimsuits, of course :)), just let me know in the comment section and I will do my best to help!

      Cheers, Arta

  15. Dave Sweney

    This is a post I need to pass on to my wife and her sister as soon as possible. They are in the middle now of purchasing their summer beachwear for the coming vacation in July. They have been looking for some good advice for getting some nice looking wear that will provide the support they need.

    Lord knows I can’t advise them, but I am clever enough to do a Google search and get to the websites and people that CAN advise them! Hence my comment to say thanks to you for putting this together, and also to let you know that you have a couple of more ladies popping through this evening to have a look at your valuable post!

  16. Briana

    I love this. I just had my second baby (they’re only14 months apart) so my body and breasts aren’t the same as they used to be. I’ve been having a hard time finding something that I like and that fits well, and these styles are all so cute. Summer is coming and this will definitely help me find something that works. 

  17. Destiny

    Hi, yes I can now say NO to bikini, I don’t really like it after all, now my wife can now be comfortable when swimming. I prefer the sunsets Tankini and I know my wife will like it. She has to see this anyway. Thanks for this post , you’ve really added value to our summer break. I appreciate .

  18. Salim

    Of course I have heard people question where they can buy a DDD swimsuit tops, and apart from the comfort derived  from purchasing it, it should  also be noted that when one wears it it should properly fit, comfortable and control. Hence, from the review I go hold of the best way one for myself. Thank you

  19. Andy

    This is great timing. I will forward here this link to this article, as summer is almost here! My wife is going to love this because she is a professional lady and don’t like to be sensual at all. I can see that this is going to comfortable and which ones are will better fit for her. Thank you for sharing this valuable article.

  20. Dancinscot

    This line of DDD suits sounds like they solve the common problems many of us have put up with swim suits, like lack of support, not staying in place while swimming, or general discomfort.

    Because some of us actually want to swim in these things! lol

    Getting a good fit too, when one is small but bigger busted, is not always an easy result to achieve. The extra body length is a must for some and that’s a big plus not to have to go searching for one.

    All in all, these seem to be low risk purchases, considering online shopping pitfalls.

  21. Mahin Al Banna

    Hey Arta,

    This is an unique and informative article I must say. I often go for shopping with my wife and I have seen that finding bikini top for DDD is so tough. And I like that you have given a list of the best DDD swimsuit Tops and also given so much informations about them. I liked the Freya Women’s Tootsie Molded Underwire Bikini Top as it looks so fashionable and also have adjustable straps. Moreover overall ratings of this product is pretty good. So I will pick this one to give my wife as a gift.

    Thank you for writing this helpful article.

  22. Adyns68

    Hi dear

    They are really beautiful and looks comfy. I think the big issue will be getting the right size. Is it possible to measure myself and send to them? Or could that be considered as a special custom order? 

    Because, if measure myself, I am more sure to get it right. Or do I only have to choose among what they have?


    • Arta

      Hey there

      Measuring and getting the right size of the swimsuit is extremely important to look and feel good while wearing it.

      You can find the detailed instruction on how to properly do this here. Hope this helps!

      Cheers, Arta

  23. Jon

    These all look like good options for those with DDD bra size and I think that these are great buys for anyone looking to get quality bras that last a while. I think that the most appealing of these is the freya pier underwire tankini top but all of these look like great choices. Do you use any of these and which one of these is your favorite?

    • Arta

      Hey Jon

      Thank you for your comment on DDD swimsuit tops. My favorite is Fantasie Tankini due to its cute design and great features.

      Cheers, Arta

  24. Tracey

    Hi great website something i will be looking at more as i find it hard to find tops being heavier on the top is not fun and then trying to find swimwear to fit is even harder.

    Your page is great explaining the sizes and how they differ between the countries.

    It is really hard to get a comfortable costume or tankini but your site has a lot to offer.

    You clearly know what you want and what others need and that is important for sure, you have quite a few nice tops and tankini’s visible.

    Thankyou for sharing 

  25. Henderson

    Found it now. My sister has been telling me for a while to help check out the best DDD swim suits for her, I guess she’s telling me to buy one for her. Honestly, all your picks are really cool and I doubt if I’d be able to choose anyone for her so I’ll just share this post with her. She’d probably buy every thing on this list. Lol. Great post here.

  26. RoDarrick

    Well! This is great and I must admit that I like the selections on this post. My wife and I are travelling for the summer holiday and we will be staying very close to the beach and as such she would need a while lot of these and that’s the reason I researched to get some for her and you have really helped me with your suggestions here since I was very limited in scope before. Thabks

  27. Jen

    Thank you for this information. You are right, it is very important to contact the company to make sure to study their measurement instructions. Thank you for that guideline. That’s great that the first one has 250 reviews. It helps so much when a product has more reviews. Thank you for suggesting your article about caring for the swimsuit too. What is underwire? I noticed that on a few of them. I prefer to buy things online but With certain items it can be hard to find the right size. Thanks for helping clarify that. Great article and great website.

    • Arta

      Hey Jen

      Thank you for your comment. You can learn more about underwire swimsuits here.

      Hope this helps, if not – just let me know.

      Cheers, Arta

  28. Sondra M

    I absolutely LOVE the tankini’s that you have featured on your website.    I need to share this post with a friend of mine that is much better endowed on the top than I am.   I have the opposite problem.   

    Yet, I want to check out Freya Pier’s line of tankini’s.  The black polka dotted swimsuits were so cute.   I like the underwire types because I like the support they give.      Thanks for the recommendation.   

  29. Jones

    I enjoyed reading through this post and its really nice. My girlfriend fancy swimsuit a lot and most times she always end up buying inferior quality. Thanks for posting about DDD, it’ll really be useful for my girlfriend. I’ll make sure I get her at least one of those recommended DDD swimsuits for her as birthday present, I actually like the Freya DDD cup swim suit and I’m sure I’ll fit her body shape. Thanks for sharing this post, its really helpful.

  30. Feochadan

    I really appreciate the tankini options as I do have some medical scars I want to cover in the tummy area.  I do find that under-wiring is a must and I would always choose adjustable straps.  I’ve had various swim suits that will fit my bust but to give proper support really cut in at the shoulders.  I appreciate the various options that you give here and this is a very thoughtful article.  My favoroutie is definitely the Fantasie Tankini for all of these reasons.  I can definitely see myself in that one!  Thank you!

  31. Chloe

    These are some really cool swim suits, i have been working on my body goal for soem months now and I seem to be getting my desired result. However I don’t fit into my old swim suits anymore, rather  they are much bigger now and I’ll love to get some of these swim suits. Two of it wouldn’t be bad for a start though. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Melissa

    Hi Arta,

    There’s some gorgeous suggestions here – thank you! I hate going to shopping for bathers and I can never get the fit right so I’ll check these out. I love the tankini tops – after having kids there’s no way I’m going near a bikini again …. 

    These tankinis look like good quality and enough material so I won’t fall out of them 🙂 So glad I found your site.

  33. Dane

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this really nice information. My wife have been complaining of always getting the wrong size of swim suit online or not getting her desired design from the shop most times. However these swim suits looks really cool to me and I wouldn’t mind getting it for her myself. How long before delivery please?

    • Arta

      Hey Dane

      Delivery depends on your country – I would suggest you contacting the retailer with all your questions and they will help you.

      Cheers, Arta

  34. Sarah

    Hi there, out of all of these bikini tops I think I like the Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Underwire Bikini Top the best, and I appreciate how you listed a full description of each as well as the pros and cons. Also, these are all pretty affordable too! I’ll be needing a new swim suit soon, now I know where to start looking for one! Thanks for all the great info. 🙂

  35. Katja

    This DDD swimsuit tops are all so cute looking! My favorite is Sunsets Women’s Twist Tankini. Even though I do not require DDD’s, I will share your post with my friend. 

    She has always such troubles finding swimsuit tops that fit her AND look good. I’m sure she will love your suggestions, so thank you – I’m sure I will get some ”good friend point” 😉

  36. Matiss

    An awesome review on the subject for all I can say. To that end, I guess you shouldn’t send me swimsuit shopping for my wife as I would just buy everything. I literally liked every single pick. I guess I’m dull that way. And my wife does ridicule me for that from time to time. But I truly think that all of these options look gorgeous (at least superficially as sometimes the build quality just does not live up to what you expect).

    The body glove option also had some amazing colors. Again, I would just be to buying every single one of them, haha. But if I had to choose, I think Peacock or Abyss are by far the best ones. Loved the Mango as well. And the backside of it – wow.

    Thank you, I really appreciate the time you spent in putting this together (and the research). 🙂



  37. Rasa

    I loved this. But I believe a top like this is not something I could ever ask my husband about. He’d probably enjoy every single one of them and I couldn’t get a proper answer out of him if I were to fluctuate between two. He’s silly that way.

    I personally found myself enjoying the Freya Pier Underwire. To me, this one seems like something that’s truly unconventional (and solid reviews). And I like that kind of stuff a lot. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the classic approach of the No.1 on your list as well. It seemed like a great option to fall back on if I don’t end up going for that Freya Pier.

    Thanks for looking out for us!

    Have a Wonderful Day!

  38. Catherine

    It is so hard to find a cute DDD swimsuit, let alone a cute tankini! Most I’ve found are terribly unflattering and old ladyish. The Sunsets Women’s Twist tankini caught my eye. I love how this supports the breasts but has an added cute flair for the midsection so as not to draw too much attention to that. Thank you so much for taking the time to research and find some of these for those of us who want a cute tankini to wear at the beach! 

  39. Carol

    Hi, I think you’ve got lovely outfits here, and I must really commend you though for this great job you’ve done to bring to the notice of ladies a lot of things they need to know and do which they don’t know neither have they done it.

    Swimsuits like bikinis are of different kinds and sizes, but its quite weird that some people do not know their perfect sizes and end up wearing something that would pose a lot of problems for them later.

    I think I would get some of your Takinis very soon.

  40. alam jahangir


    Your website is amazing and informative. You do offer reviews from customers. I am looking for a bikini top for my wife. I like Sunsets Women’s Twist Tankini bikini top. You offer larger busted sizes. It is great. Your article helped me to buy a bikini top for my wife. Best of luck for your website. Keep posting good articles. 

    Thanks you

  41. Shimba

    Thanks again for this post. I always like your swimsuit products, I purchased on bathing suits. I think from your review, now is the time to buy cute and elegant Freya DDD cup bikini. I buy this just to make my wife feel comfortable but can I add phrases or information on my order?

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for your comment and choosing the DDD swimsuit top as per our recommendation. I am sure your wife will feel not only comfortable but also graceful and supported while wearing the Freya swimsuit.

      Gift package is available as well as adding additional information as per your request.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  42. Evagreene

    Wow🤩! This is unique. I must commend tankini swimsuits for their consistency over the years in launching out swimsuits that’s suitable and comfortable for ladies in different sizes and shapes. This DDD body top for me, it’s a cool addition to any collection of swimsuits you desire. 

    Thanks for sharing this review!

  43. Tara

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