DD Cup Swimsuits

DD Cup Swimsuits – Functional AND Fashionable Choices

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DD Cup Swimsuits

Once we published our article on DDD swimsuit tops some of our readers asked to list the options of DD Cup swimsuits. So here we are – having looked at the ocean of DD cup swimsuit options, read through many reviews to find the ones loved by customers and finally offering the top choices here for your revision.

There is no misunderstanding when it comes to DD size as it is quite common throughout the world and brands, except that sometimes in the U.S. it is referred to as E cup size.

Nevertheless, we have gathered the most flattering DD Cup swimsuit choices so you can hit the beach in both style and comfort.

DD Cup Swimsuits – Supportive yet Stylish

When looking for DD cup swimsuits, you most likely would wish to find supportive and functional yet stylish options. Though there are matronly and granny-looking styles out there, we picked the flattering ones offering the needed level of support.

Flattering Choices of DD Cup Swimsuits – Rock the Summer

So we have listed below DD cup swimsuits proven to support well, fit great and flatter all the right places. We tried to find options for different tastes and bodies so each woman can find her perfect DD cup swimsuits to dazzle on the beach.

DD Bikini Swimsuits

DD Cup Swimsuits


Price: currently on sale $ 50.40 (usual price $ 72)

Features: Wire Free, Soft Foam Cups, Halter Style, Power Mesh Lining, Double Keyhole Back Closure, Plastic S Hook with 2 Adjustment Levels, Fully Lined Bottoms, Foldover Briefs, DD cup is for sizes 18-34, 82% Nylon/18% Spandex, Available in other colors and patterns

DD Cup Swimsuits

This attractive DD Bikini Swimsuit is said to be “a swimsuit to die for”. Women who have bought this swimsuit evaluate its coverage, lift and support.

  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Convertable Folded Waistband to adjust the rise of the bottoms
  • Option to order different sized top and bottom
  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Flattering
  • Great Coverage


  • Lack of Underwire
  • Poor Sizing
User Review
4.31 (13 votes)

The bikini top is comfortable and functional. It is said to be extremely flattering. Customers advise you would probably wish to avoid beach activities, such as playing volley, when wearing this bikini top but it is perfect for swimming, lounging around and sunbathing.

DD Cup Swimsuits

The folded bottoms are versatile and offer variable coverage according to the specific needs and wishes. It can be folded to expose more of your skin or unfolded to cover up your tummy.

Few customers have ordered the wrong size resulting in poor fit, lack of support and unflattering look so it is important to take proper measures and check the sizing chart. I would suggest checking our guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great here.

Some women complain about the lack of underwire though others state the halter straps add up to the level of support and adjustable lift.

The bikini is said not to work for short people.

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DD Cup Swimsuits

ProductSunsets Slate Swimwear Top Bikini Iconic Twist Style

Features: Underwire, Built-In Foam Bra, Twist Front, Removable Adjustable Straps, Back Hook Closure with 3 Adjustments,  82% Nylon/12% Spandex

Women who have bought this cute DD bikini top love its flattering fit, support and comfort even when wearing all day long for a week and more. it is said to be of the superior quality so you know what you pay for. Customers evaluate this top as the perfect one for DD+ women.

The versatility of the bikini is evaluated as the straps can be removed for bandeau style and better tan without the lines. Besides that, removing the straps doesn’t sacrifice the support.

Light padding of the cups keeps you private. It is neither too thick nor too thin, just the right level of thickness to allow you to enjoy your day on the beach without worrying about exposing too much.

The bikini top is said to dry quickly. Majority of customers find this bikini top true to size.

Few find the straps too narrow and wish for wider straps, however, it is not found as a major disadvantage.

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DD Cup Swimsuits

ProductBody Glove Women’s Smoothies Solo Underwire Bikini Top

Features: Underwire, Convertible Straps, Removable Soft Cups, Back Tie Closure,  80% Nylon / 20% Spandex, Comes in More Than 15 Colors

DD Cup Swimsuits

This simple and cleanly designed DD Cup bikini has been reviewed by more than 260 customers reaching an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 that is a really great score.

The major advantages of this DD cup swimsuit are stated comfort, style, simple design, support and modesty. It is said to hold up well during beach and water activities. The underwire of the bikini top is said to be extremely supportive, functional yet discreet.

The name of the bikini corresponds to its functionality – the majority of customers state the bikini fits like a glove.

The colors are vivid and bright. The bikini top feels like a bra but looks like a cute bikini.

DD Cup Swimsuits

However, some customers find the back straps reducing the level of support as the straps don’t go all the way around. As there is just a small number stating this advantage, I suppose it could be a matter of properly tying the straps. Check out here the guide on how to tie your swimsuit in a safe and secure manner.

As there are few complaints about poor sizing, I would suggest properly checking the sizing chart and even getting in touch with the retailer to find out the right size to order.

Overall, this is stated to be a great DD cup bikini – simple and suitable for well-endowed ladies.

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DD Cup Tankini Tops

DD Cup Swimsuits


Price: currently on sale $ 47.60 (usual price $ 68)

Features: V-Neck, Shelf Bra with Elastic Underband, Soft Molded Cups, Wire-Free, Self-Tie Halter Straps, Unlined, Relaxed Fit, DD cup is for sizes 18-34, Full Coverage Bottoms, Poly-Mesh Lined Briefs, 82% Nylon/18% Spandex, Available in other patterns

DD Cup Swimsuits

This sensual DD cup tankini top is reviewed by more than 300 women reaching an average of 4 stars out of 5.

Women love the comfort, coverage and style of this tankini top. The swimsuit is said to be flattering and modest. The self-tie halter straps add up to the level of support.

DD Cup Swimsuits

The relaxed fit of the top will hide any bulges or love handles around the midsection. The bottoms are said to be made well with no tummy hanging over them.

This bathing suit will accentuate your femininity. It covers all the right places and holds the girls in places.

However, there is a certain concern about the sizing as quite many women have ordered the wrong size. So to be on the safe side, take proper measures, check the sizing chart and get in touch with the customer service to make sure you order the right size. For more details check out the guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

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DD Cup Swimsuits

ProductSunsets Whimsy Swimwear Top Forever Tankini Style

Price: $ 86

Features: V-Neck, Floating Underwire, Hidden Inner Bra, Twist Front, Convertible, Removable Cups, Full Bust Coverage, Adjustable Straps, Relaxed Fit, Available in other patterns

This colorful and joyful tankini is stated to offer great support for the bigger bust. The underwire is said to do a great job in supporting the big bust.

The twisted front looks stylish and sexy. As concluded by customers, the bigger the bust, the better the look of the tankini.

The material is said to be soft and qualitative.

This tankini is suitable for breastfeeding women – not something many are looking for, but still nice to have this additional feature and I just had to mention this as it is relevant for myself currently 🙂

Some women state they would wish to a padding, but it is not defined as a major disadvantage.

Few others complain about the lack of support, but as objected by others – the tankini top is convertible, meaning there is an invisible hook converter to turn the straps into the racerback for increased support. It has proven to work for those who have discovered this option.

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DD Cup Swimsuits

ProductFreya Sundance Tankini Top

Features: V-Neck, Crochet Pattern, Underwire, Light Foam Lining, Side Boning, Stretch Straps – Partially Convertible to Criss Cross, Adjustable Straps, Snap Back Closure, Keyhole Detailing at the Back, 90% Nylon/10% Elastane, Available in other colors

This flirty crochet tankini is supportive and comfortable without sacrificing style. It is said to keep everything in its places regardless of the bust size.

Whether you are in the water or out, the comfort level of the tankini remains the same.

It is extremely flattering and hides imperfections around the midsection.

The tankini is well made but quite expensive. However, women advise it is worth every cent due to outstanding fit and high functionality.

The tankini is said to be a great choice for big busted women with an average frame.

Customers suggest knowing your measures and carefully checking the size chart. The general customer suggestion is going a size up. You should keep in mind that the sizing indicated there is UK sizes.

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So have you managed to find your perfect DD Cup Swimsuits? What styles and brands do you prefer? Where do you usually buy your bathing suits?

Let us know your experience and tips in finding the perfect swimsuit as someone could benefit from it.