Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups – to Flaunt Catchy Outlook

Let's sOCEANize :)

Crochet swimsuit cover ups are really cool and gorgeous. They do add up to outstanding taste and chic grace.

I know there are many skilled women able to make excellent crochet beach cover ups by themselves. Well, I am not among those lucky women so I have to rely on market and fortunately there are choices, quite good actually.

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups – Flirty Picks for Self-Confident Women

We have created our collection of crochet swimsuit cover ups as we love the mix of buoyancy, vigor and self-confidence this type of cover up features. Boost your assertiveness and bring your experience on the beach to a new level 🙂

Our Top Choice of Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups – PilyQ Python Crochet Tunic

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

Product: PilyQ Python Crochet Tunic

Features: Open Shoulders, Crochet Troughout, Wide Arm Openings, V-Neck, Loose Fit on Top, Fitted on Hips, Mid-Thigh Length, 55% Cotton /45% Acrylic

PilyQ Python Crochet Tunic is for those looking for sophisticated and glamorous beach outlook. This exclusive crochet beach cover up will look amazing on any bathing suit. If you wish to feel cool (in any meaning of this word :)) and look outstanding while on the beach, this is the must-have cover up for you.

PilyQ Python Crochet Tunic
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Cool pattern
  • Keeps you cool (in any meaning of this word :))
  • Will make you stand out of the crowd
  • Glance on the Beach
  • Long Lasting Material



  • Quite Expensive
  • Hand Wash
User Review
4.29 (7 votes)

The amazing crochet pattern is a head turner so you need to be aware of the increased attention from people surrounding you. Women who have bought this crochet tunic cover up say receiving a lot of compliments while wearing it. It definitely adds up to your sexy appeal.

The tunic will keep you cool regardless of the level of the heat outside. That’s the nature of crochet pattern. So it is particularly suitable for a beach cover up.

But it barely covers you up due to see-through effect – so it is rather to highlight your curves instead of concealing anything. So in case you are looking for a cover up for hiding any flaws, this will not be the right choice – but please have a look beneath – there are more choices of crochet swimsuit cover ups less revealing than this one.

==> Get Your PilyQ Python Crochet Tunic Here <==

Other Great Choices of Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups – Glance on the Beach

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

ProductJeasona Women’s Crochet Swimsuit Cover Up

Features: Semi Sheer, Crochet, DrawString Detail at Both Sides, V-Neck, Loose Fit, Mid-Thigh Length, 100% Polyester, Available in other colors

The light Jeasona Swimwear Crochet Coverup is designed for a lazy day on the beach. The relaxed pattern and loose fit will make you feel comfortable yet look stylish and elegant.

It will look best on white or light bathing suit even though could be worn as a contrast to a dark swimsuit. But as there are many colors available you can try to even match it with your bathing suit.

Crochet detailing will ensure breathability to cool you down in hot weather. However, few customers stated they felt hot in this beach cover up.

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

Product: Black Ombre Crochet Dress

Price: $ 36.40 (usual price $ 52)

Features: V-Neck, Dolman Sleeves, Wide Armholes, Crochet Detailing, Adjustable Drawstring at Waist, 100% Rayon

We just love the ombre effect of Black Ombre Crochet Dress. Together with crochet detailing ombre effect creates sassy and cheerful image.

The design and coverage of the beach cover up dress is highly evaluated by its wearers. Women who have bought this cover up dress love the material as it is very pleasant to skin. The dress is said to be very flattering and suitable for casual wear.

However, there are women feeling the dress fits larger to size so better to re-check size measurements before ordering. Some advise that the upper part of the dress is quite big so it will flatter big-breasted women.

Rayon is a material regaining its elasticity poorly so you should prevent sitiing on it and follow care instructions to avoid shrinking. Some customers state the tie beneath breasts doesn’t adjust anything and is rather decorative than functional.

Even though this beach cover up is among the best-sellers of the season, the quality of it is inconsistent – seems to be a lot of defects from manufacturer – sewing and cutting defects.

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

Product: PilyQ Water Lily Celeste Dress

Features: Deep V-Neck, Crochet Detailing, Fitted at Waist, Flowy Skirt, Mid-Thigh Length, Lined

This absolutely graceful PilyQ Water Lily Celeste Dress is said to be lightweight and comfortable. Women appreciate the great and elegant design of the dress making it possible to wear it as an evening dress to a hot summer party.

However, women who have bought the dress state it being quite big on the top so it is more suitable for big-breasted women. The color is indicated to be ivory, but customers advise it is white.

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

Product: Jeasona Crochet Tunic Beach Dress

Features: Crochet Detailing, Upper-thigh Length, 100% Cotton, Available in other colors

This feminine Crochet Dress is said to fit great. The quality is excellent and women who have bought the dress are absolutely fond of it.

This beach dress can be worn as both swimsuit cover up and casual dress for your daily activities.

There is a confusion about sizing so better to get in touch with the retailer before ordering.

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

Product: Profile Blush by Gottex Taboo Crochet Romper

Features: Bandeau Style, Sheer, One Piece Romper, Crochet Throughout, Tie at the Waist, Fringe Detailing on Top and Bottom

This fancy Profile Blush by Gottex Taboo Crochet Romper is a must-have beach cover up for fashionista or any trendy woman to show off superior style.  This beach cover up is a cute mix of vintage, modernism and sensuality radiating youthfulness and liveliness.

Romper beach cover up ensures freedom of movement so it is suitable for your activities while on the beach. Some women don’t like the process of putting it on and taking off but as this is bandeau style I really don’t understand what is the problem there – it is the same as with any dress just the other way round 🙂

As stated by retailer, this cover up tends to run smaller so you should go a size up from your usual size.

Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups

Product: White Crochet Tunic

Price: $ 42 (usual price $ 60)

Features: V-neck, Roll Up Sleeves, Crochet Detailing, 100% Cotton

This modest White Crochet Tunic is lightweight and attractive. The length of the tunic is perfect for covering your thighs and rear. It ensures the right level of see-through for revealing your gorgeous bathing suit but still covering you.

Some refer to this tunic as the high-end product at not high-end price 🙂 It is said to keep you breezy and cool even on the hottest day. The tunic makes women look and feel sexy yet comfortable that is a great combination.

The tunic can be worn both as beach cover up and to finish your casual summer outlook paired with your favorite leggings and some tank top underneath.

Majority of women who have bought this beach cover up state it running larger to size. Some customers consider material too delicate and thin resulting in washing not well.

Have you managed to find your perfect crochet beach cover up among our favorites? Which one do you like the best?

We would appreciate your comment on our picks or tell us what is your favorite type of women beach cover ups?

10 thoughts on “Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups – to Flaunt Catchy Outlook

  1. Lucky

    Hi, I have to say I love your website, I’m going crazy just looking at all the different types of styles and colors. This website is perfect for any lady at any size. I love your brilliant work, and thank you so much for thinking outside the box when it comes to style and size. Keep up the fantastic work.

    • Hey Lucky

      I am happy you liked my work and my website. I couldn’t agree more – swimsuits are gorgeous, each of them as a piece of art 🙂 I am doing my best to help any woman to find her perfect bathing suit as we do deserve it!

      Enjoy, Arta

  2. Jackie

    My favorite style is the black ombre dress. It’s too bad it’s rayon and has quality inconsistency! I guess what I like best is I can imagine myself wearing this from the pool to lunch if needed. The other’s seem like they would be only suitable for just a cover-up. You picked some really cute styles though. Nice website!

    • Hey Jackie

      Black Ombre dress is really cute and look stunning. There are problems with quality and material itself has certain problems but your skin will love the touch of this material.
      That’s the nature of crochet cover ups – that majority of them can be used only as beach cover ups due to their pattern. So in case you are looking for a piece of clothing that can be used as both beach cover up and for your daily activities I would suggest you having a glance on our collections of tunic cover ups for swimwear and swimsuit cover ups beach dresses.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Shelly

    I absolutely love your website!! all of the cover ups are so cute !! And honestly, personally I would feel comfortable in every one! Love the layout an thouroughness of your reviews on each product- you take time to tell us why it’s so great, and I appreciate that! Thank you!

    • Hey Shelly

      You have a good taste 🙂 I couldn’t agree more – I also love all of the cover ups described in this article – crochet swimsuit cover ups do look elegant and glamorous and they are a perfect choice for a hot day on the beach as they tend to cool you down.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  4. Dr. Baker

    Fun article! Thank you for sharing!

    My favorite is definitely the bandeau-style cover up! There are many times that I’m either playing on the beach OR walking around town and like to leave my cover-up on! With the bandeau-style… you don’t have to worry about unsightly tan lines as your shoulders still get plenty of sun!

    • Hey there

      Thank you for visiting my website. Bandeau style is good – it looks glamorous and as you say – ensures tan without the tan lines on the shoulders. To take the full advantage of the bandeau cover up – you should wear bandeau top swimsuits or at least a swimsuit with detachable straps.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Emmy

    The PilyQ Women’s Python Crochet Tunic Cover up is absolutely gorgeous and so is the PilyQ Women’s Water Lily Crochet Celeste Dress Cover Up. But if I had to pick, I think I would go with Celeste dress. It’s simply chic and stylish and multipurpose kind-of to be worn as a beach party dress too.

    • Hey Emmy

      PilyQ is one of my favorite swimsuit brands – they offer stylish and eye-catching bathing suits. Celeste dress is really cute and as you mention – it can be used not only as a swimsuit cover up but also as a beach party dress. I love to add versatility to my wardrobe and such findings contribute to this.

      Happy shopping, Arta

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