Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women

Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits For Women – Made to Last

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Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women
Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women – Is It Anything I need?

Are you a regular swimmer? Are you attending pool workouts? Perhaps you are planning to spend your vacation near some pool. Or maybe you are tired of changing swimsuits due to fading, lost color or shape. If you agree to any of previously mentioned sentences, you should consider buying chlorine resistant swimsuits for women.

The Benefits of Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

If you are a regular swimmer, without doubt, you will benefit from buying chlorine resistant swimsuit. There are certain advantages this type of swimwear offers. In addition, these swimsuits are also available with other built in features so when looking for a suchlike swimsuit, make sure to pay your attention to product details if you prefer having any additional support, control or enhancement function.

Chlorine resistant swimsuits for women are made of certain materials. Either these materials themselves are more durable and help to avoid the effect of chlorine on material or there is some special finish applied to the material during the production process to gain the previously mentioned characteristics. Besides that, they keep the color and shape of the swimsuit ensuring up to twenty times longer life expectancy of the bathing suit if compared to the regular one. Consequently, this results in some savings for yourself in a longer term.

There are few options for you to choose when looking for swimsuits resistant to chlorine and loss of color/shape. You could go for either lycra or polyester swimsuit. The choice depends on your needs and habits.

Lycra vs Polyester Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

The level of chlorine resistance also can be different. The basic level would include lycra swimsuit that will be suitable either for the beach or occasional swimmer with the main emphasis on keeping the color and shape of the suit. On the one hand, lycra is popular due to its stretchiness and ability to adapt to the shape of its wearer, but on the other hand, the same quality leads to loss of the swimsuit shape with a time. To avoid this, you should make sure to look for extra treated lycra as it is said to last up to 10 times longer than usual lycra fabric.

I know few women having several lycra swimsuits and rotating those all the time. This is also an option if you need to have some changes continuously – there are people who need it 🙂

More advanced level of chlorine resistance would refer to polyester made swimsuit resistant to chlorine. Polyester is very durable fabric and it retains its shape even if exposed to chemicals, for instance, the ones used in pools. Moreover, this material is drying very fast and therefore it is popular among active people. This kind of swimsuit would be a perfect choice for frequent swimmers, pool workouts, water aerobics, etc.

Proper Care of a Swimsuit – a Clue to Long Term Serving

As with each swimwear, a proper caring is a clue to long-term serving of the suit. It is proven that swimsuit loses its characters much faster unless care instructions are observed.

Learn everything about washing swimsuits to properly pamper your bathing suit and extend its lifespan.

Therefore, it is of extreme importance to follow care instructions also of the chlorine resistant swimsuits to maintain their durability and features. And this is really a must – unless properly cared about, your swimsuit will serve you much shorter time than indicated by a manufacturer and can loose shape and/or color in a very short time.

Our Top Picks of Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women

One of the most popular online shops for buying chlorine proof swimsuits is “Swimsuits for all”. This online shop offers a really wide range of swimsuits resistant to chlorine. You will be able to find nearly all types of swimsuits, such as one piece swim, tankini, shortini, skirtini and even swimdress in many different colors and patterns.

Let’s look at our top picks from this online shop to flaunt your curves in a swimsuit lasting for many seasons, but you can shop the whole collection here. The advantage of this online shop is a possibility to order different sizes for swimsuit top and bottom parts.

Elegant Black One Piece Swim – a Classic Value

Chlorine resistant swimsuits for women

Product: Aquabelle Black Textured Twist-Front Swimsuit

Price: $ 59

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Chlorine Resistant, Textured Fabric, Matte Finish, Shelf Bra with Padded Cups, Wire-Free, Tummy Control

If you wish to go for one piece swim, we did like this classic and elegant black textured swimsuit. We love the matte finish of the swimsuit as it makes you look more elegant and fashionable. The swimsuit features padded wire-free cups and tummy control. This is a great bathing suit for looking elegant and at the same time also sexy on the beach as the majority of women who have bought it, finds the swimsuit sexy. It is recognized also for the comfort, modesty, and support.

Women who have bought this swimsuit love the material and its attractive design, however, few state the padding is little too much so you should bear this in mind if considering to buy it. Some women advised that this swimsuit feels bigger.

However, the best feature of this swimsuit is that it will never go out of the style.

Vivid Swimdress – to Stand Out of the Crowd

Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Women

Product: Aquabelle Pool Party Tank Swimdress

Price: $ 68

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Chlorine Resistant, Polyester and Spandex Fabric, Anti-Bagging, Shelf Bra with Padded Cups, Wire-Free, Tummy Control, Matching Suit Underneath, Quick-Drying

This vivid swimdress will flaunt your curves long-term. It will make you noticeable and at the same time confident while wearing. The stretch fabric ensures the fit is retained and your curves are flattered. We love the vivid and joyful colors of the swimdress. However, even though the fabric is very stretchy in all ways (also the length), you should be aware of non-adjustable straps.

Women who have bought this swimdress emphasizes the great waist-accentuating-and-smoothing function of this swimdress. They evaluate the quality and fit of this swimsuit. It is proven to be perfect for both casual swimming and water exercises. The majority says the swimdress feels too big. The support and coverage of the swimdress is valued by its wearers.

Gorgeous Skirtini – Comfortable Yet Stylish

chlorine resistant swimsuits for women

Product: Aquabelle Dots Racerback Skirtini

Price: $ 70

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Chlorine Resistant, Polyester and Spandex Fabric, Anti-Bagging, Racer Back, Shelf Bra with Padded Cups, Wire-Free, Matching Brief Underneath, Quick-Drying

Skirtini is a perfect option for hiding your hips and thighs. The polka dots tankini top will accentuate the upper part of your body while black skirt bottom will drive attention away from your hips and thighs. Racerback ensures increased support and comfort – this pattern is perfect for women who are having problems to keep straps on their shoulders.

Women who have bought this swimsuit emphasize the comfort of racer back and state skirtini being more practical than swimdress. They find this skirtini flattering and supportive enough. An option to buy different sizes for top and bottom is highly appreciated as many women are larger either on top or bottom.

Enjoy Your Days in Water in a Proper Swimsuit!

More detailed information about chlorine resistant swimwear can be found here.