Chlorine Proof Swimwear – Finally Stylish And Cute

Let's sOCEANize :)

As previously discussed, chlorine proof swimwear refers to swimwear made of polyester, and to be more precise, bathing suits with composition 100% polyester.

This is due to the fact that polyester stands against the damage of chlorine very well. Therefore, 100% polyester bathing suits are long lasting, actually lasting the longest if compared to nylon or lycra blend swimsuits.

Chlorine Proof Swimwear – Performs Well/Lasts Long

Chlorine proof swimwear is particularly favoured for lap swimming or pool aerobics.

Nevertheless, if you intend to spend most of your summer days in a chlorinated pool, chlorine proof swimsuits could be the best choice.

Even though there are quite many chlorine proof swimsuits available, it was quite hard to find flattering and stylish ones as majority of them are quite boring. But we did it 🙂

So let’s have a look at them…

Flattering Chlorine Proof Swimwear – Best Sellers of This Season

Chlorine Proof Swimwear

Product: Krinkle Chlorine Proof Twist Front

Price: Above $ 45

Features: Twisted Front; Tummy Control Panel; Fully Lined; Soft Cup Bra; Ultra Soft Material; 100% Polyester; Chlorine Proof; Several Colours Available

The slimming Krinkle Twisted Front swimsuit is made of 100% Polyester, therefore, it is chlorine proof.

Krinkle Chlorine Proof Twist Front
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Long Lasting – lasts for years (at least 2 years)
  • Proven NOT to Fade and NOT to Lose Shape even if used daily
  • Flattering
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for long torsos


  • Inconsistent Sizing
  • Inner Lining Stretches Out with time
User Review
4.6 (5 votes)

Women who have bought this bathing suit state it being flattering, comfortable and good coverage. It is perfect not only for lap swimming but also any other water activity.

This swimsuit is proven not to fade but instead last long even if used heavily.

Many customers state that the lining tends to stretch out with time while the outer part is proven to remain unchanged for years.

The swimsuit is not revealing so if you are looking for a bit of allure, this is not the best choice.

Many customers advise ordering a size up to get the perfect fit so this could be a great idea to get in touch with the retailer before making the purchase.

The swimsuit is advertised as a swimsuit suitable for long torso, majority of customers confirms this is workable for long torsos, however there are few stating this is not a long torso bathing suit. So you should pay double attention to the description – if there is mentioned Long Torso, then it is meant for long torsos.

==> Get the Flattering and Slimming Krinkle Twist Front Swimsuit Here <==

Chlorine Proof Swimwear

Product: Speedo Pebble Texture One Piece Swimsuit

Price: Above $ 35

Features: Built-in Bra Cups; V-Neckline; Quick Drying; Lightweight; Low Leg Cuts; 100% Polyester; Chlorine Proof; Available in Several Colours

The stylish yet vintage Speedo Chlorine Proof swimsuit is proven to last ultra long. Women who have bought this bathing suit evaluates its coverage and comfort. It is said not to rub anywhere while swimming.

Women love the structured material – it is said to look cute and attractive. Moreover, it camouflages any unflattering areas around the midsection. However, it is not a body shaping or tummy control swimsuit.

Women who have bought this suit state it looks great also when wet.

The straps are proven to stay in place and not to slip off the shoulders.

This bathing suit is said to fit long torsos.

Customers state the swimsuit tends to run big so it is advised to size down a size or even two.

The built in bra is made of different material that doesn’t last as long as the outer material.

==> Get the Forgiving Speedo Pebble Here <==

Chlorine Proof Swimwear

Product: Krinkle Chlorine Proof Empire Mio

Price: above $ 45

Features: Soft Cup Bra; Tummy Control Panel; Empire Waistline; Side Shirring; Chlorine Proof; 100% Polyester

The attractive Krinkle Empire Mio swimsuit is flattering yet comfortable and functional. 100% polyester ensure the bathing suit is durable and lasts for several years even ix exposed to chlorine daily.

Women who have bought this bathing suit highly evaluate its slimming properties and stylish design. Side shirring is proven to camouflage the tummy area by hiding the flaws around it.

The great fit and comfort is mentioned by many customers.

Retailer suggests ordering a size up so be careful when choosing the size.

Some customers don’t like the tight fit at bust area so this suit is not suitable for busty ladies.

==> Get the Slenderising Krinkle Chlorine Proof Empire Mio Here <==

Chlorine Proof Swimwear

Product: Speedo Women’s Energy Volt Flyback

Price: Above $ 35

Features: Endurance + Fabric; Fully Lined; Racer Back; 50% Polyester/50% PBT

This extremely durable swimsuit lasts ultra long but the fabric is less stretchy due to PBT yarn described more in details here.

Customers highly evaluate the quality and durability of this bathing suit. It is proven to fit well and retain the shape/colour long regardless the frequency it is used in chlorinated water.

If your are in between sizes, customers suggest sizing up.

==> Get the Durable Speedo Women’s Energy Volt Flyback Here <==

Chlorine Proof Swimwear

Product: Speedo One Piece Shirred Swimsuit

Price: Above $ 40

Features: Highly Supportive Bra; Removable Cups; Tummy Control Panel; Shirred Front; Fully Lined; Moderate Leg Cuts; UPF 50+ protection; 79% Polyester/21% Bio Based Polyester

Women who have bought this bathing suit state it being extremely flattering by smoothing out silhouette and flattening tummy. It is suitable for big busted women by ensuring the needed support and control – proven to work for sizes up to 36DDD without sacrificing comfort.

This swimsuit offers great coverage and keeps everything in its places. The shirred front detailing together with tummy control panel hides the flaws around the tummy.

Women advise to size up as Speedo runs small.

The only complain that it takes some time to get it back on after rest-room but this is typical to one piece swimsuits.

Some customers state this bathing suit is not suitable for water aerobics due to the thick bra pads – but as these are removable I guess it shouldn’t be a problem then.

Few others complain about the lack of elastics around leg openings resulting in sagging of the back of the suit when wet.

Some customers didn’t like that the straps are not adjustable.

==> Get the Supportive Speedo Shirred Swimsuit Here <==

Product: Dolphin Aquashape Racerback Tankini Top

Price: Above $ 25

Features: Removable Cups; Thick Straps; Racerback; Fully Lined; UPF 50+ Protection; Chlorine Proof; 100% Polyester

Dolphin is a swimsuit brand well-known for its durable, highly functional and long lasting swimwear.

Women who have bought this chlorine proof tankini evaluate its comfort and support.

Thick straps offer increased support while racerback keeps the straps in their place.

The colours are said to be vivid and bright, the swimsuit nor fades, neither loses its shape even if used intensively.

Customers advise the sizing is not consistent so it is suggested to re-check the measurement chart and get in touch with retailer before placing the order.

==> Get the Colourful Chlorine Proof Dolphin Tankini Top Here <==

We hope you have managed to find your perfect swimsuit among the chlorine proof swimwear listed above.

If not, there are few more nice options below 🙂

So where do you shop for chlorine proof swimwear? What is your favourite swimsuit brand proven to look nice and retain shape after many hours exposed to chlorine?

42 thoughts on “Chlorine Proof Swimwear – Finally Stylish And Cute

  1. Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I love to swim and I purchase chlorine proof swimwear to express my personality. These swimsuits help hide my belly fat when swimming and look great. Besides, swimwear is very comfortable. Especially my choice is your krinkle chlorine proof swimwear Twist Front .This color is my favorite as well as it is within my budget .

    Finally I hope through your article everyone will find some nice chlorine proof swimwear and will definitely share their new experiences with you.

  2. Tashibaarzu


    Thank you for the post. Your post is helpful to me. 

    I am going to Coxs Bazar which is the largest sea beach in the world. I am going with my friend. Some days ago I have bought some products for going there with my friends. I have seen them in your article and bought them. But now I need some Speedo pebble texture swimsuit. It is a necessary thing in sea beach for us. I will buy them as soon as possible. I will share my experience with you. Thank you again for the post which helped us a lot.

  3. Tasmia Ferdous

    I read your article, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article with us.

    Crinkle Chlorine Twist Front Amazon Bought And used. The material of this swimwear is very soft.
    Using the Crinkle Chlorine Twist Front I did a very comfy fill while swimming. I bought one for my sister too, she liked it very much. I think other girls like me would love this swimwear.

    I think your post will benefit others. So I will share this post via social media.

  4. Julianne

    Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you have made a purchase that is really worthwhile and left to me, this is immense and great to see. This chlorine proof swimwear is a must get for me. On countless occasions, I have entered water that later affected my skin due to the dominance of chlorine in there. So, getting this right noeeseems more like a blessing to me. Thanks

  5. Parameter

    Thought I will see something for men, but as I went through your link I found a speedo men’s guard and also my wife was well satisfied with the speedo V-neckline and her built in bra. She said since it runs big around her, like you advised she might need to go for size 34 instead of 36

  6. Gomer

    Can our girls wear any of these Chlorine Proof Swimwear not on the swimming pool with Chlorine but on the beach? If they are Chlorine proof, would that mean they also resist adhesion of seawater salt?

    Summer is fast approaching and soon our girls will be trooping the beaches again here in the Philippines. My girlfriend is not scouting for swimwear that will make her look great and I was tasked to look for it online. Maybe I will show her these swimwears and I’m sure she will like any of them (except the last two) because she likes swimsuits that are plain in color.

    • Arta

      Hey Gomer

      Yes, if swimsuit is chlorine proof it will also resist seawater and prolong longer. This is due to the fact that the swimwear itself, the material it is made of, is much more durable and long lasting than the usual ones.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  7. Juliet

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us. A chlorine proof swimwear is a necessity for swimmers for protecting them from the chlorine that might be present in most pools. I also liked that you attached links for purchase and prices to the swimwear. Kudos for a good job 

  8. Evagreene

    Thanks for sharing this article with us, I appreciate.  

    I love swimming though but at first i didn’t start with this Chlorine proof swimming wear, I do use my  normal regular swimming wear until i met a friend where i was swimming,  saw her with a swimming wear entirely different from what I have nd have  seen.  Had to ask her about it nd  how  its like nd she explained to me how it works fun free, and  you might even  forget you’re on  a swimming wear,  just to tell you  how free nd safe it is.  Much more preferable due to the effect of the chlorine proof. Thanks


    I purposely clicked this article as I’ve been looking for swimsuits to be given as my gifts to my wife and daughter who will be celebrating their birthdays this coming April. My family loves to swim together during weekends as our bonding after the stressful weekdays.

    Krinkle Chlorine Proof Twist front would be perfect for my wife and my daughter would surely love the fit and design of Speedo Women’s Energy Volt Flyback. 

    This has been bookmarked so I can revisit to finalize my purchase soonest.

    Thanks a lot!

  10. Harish

    Your guide on Chlorine Proof swimwear is very useful for everyone. While reading I know many new things. I will purchase this swimmer for my wife. I hope she will enjoy a lot after getting such an useful swimwear. She always ready to new clothes. I hope see will like the swimmer. We are soon planning to a beach picnic.

  11. Parveen

    Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading you guide and find it very helpful for everyone. You are doing awesome works for ladies by sharing such useful swim suits. Now we are going to buy and awesome swim suit for my lovely wife. I am very thankful for your awesome idea and guide. soon we are planning to buy one swim suite.

  12. Patti B

    I read your article out of curiosity.  I wanted to know what made chlorine proof suits different from other swimsuits.  The information you presented was very precise.  You gave links for more information when appropriate.  After all that, the swimsuits were very attractive.  

    I so glad I read about chlorine proof swimsuits!

  13. Sandeep

    With summer on its way, this would make for a great gift for my wife and daughters. They love swimming especially during the summer months but the pools are heavily chlorinated because of the large numbers of swimmers during that period. A lovely one piece swimsuit thats also chlorine proof is perfect for them under these circumstances. I’ll bookmark the post for future reference. Thanks for the reviews and the information – great read.


  14. fyre

    It’s not easy to find chlorine proof swimwear that is stylish and functional at the same time.  Especially. when it comes to one-piece swimsuits. I always feel like they aren’t very flattering on me.  Like speedo brand, I usually go for this brand, not because it looks the best on me but, because they really hold their shape as you’ve said.  Plus, I’m really digging that energy volt flyback suit!

    I’m loving, even more, seeing plum-colored suits make a comeback this season!

    Is it just me or, do a lot of us find that perfect fit suit sometimes but, it’s in the wrong colors?!

    I was looking through your ‘more options’ and found the best of both worlds, the plum One Piece Swimsuit-Shirred Tank Moderate Cut (that I think would actually fit well on me!)  I teach water aerobics and, I get tired of wearing the same-ole. 


  15. robertmccarty

    Great stuff for my wife to consider and me to look at for gifts 🙂  My daughters would love these as well as they are water bugs and spend as much time as they can in the water.  Does the salt-water cause any issues with the polyester?  The chlorine proof suits seem like a no-brainer for everyone!  But we also live at the beach and the salt and sand issue is interesting.  Beautiful styles and your review is very descriptive and helpful!

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Without doubt, also salt water affect any swimsuit, however, if it is made of polyester, it will resist this influence much longer by retaining its properties for many years.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  16. Md. Asraful Islam

    The products that Chlorine proof swimwear presents through your article are truly remarkable. These look so beautiful and the stylists are also comfortable to wear.Most women currently wear swimwear like this.Swimming women often wear these garments and often participate in competitions. The main advantage of wearing such clothing is that it is easy to swim.So for those who have not yet bought such swimwear, buy it soon. The product I mentioned in your article I liked the Speedo Women’s energy Volt Flyback. Because of its fabric and it is durable.I’d like to share your article on my Facebook group if you agree.

  17. Changingworldnews

    Nice review on chlorine proof swimwear. Well selected types in your review post. The prices are also affordable and the materials are of high quality. The swimwears are also looking very sexy. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful. I will send it to my sister she will appreciate your phone dearly. 

  18. Perryline

    this is a great and amazing article. i highly appreciate the good effort of the admin creating time to write on such an amazing article. i never knew chlorine proof swimwear. and i learnt this swim suite are made of polyester and and stands against the damage of chlorine. thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  19. Ann

    HI! Aww, I really like the Krinkle Empire Mio swimming suit. It has a very stylish design. And it’s good that it’s also comfortable. I absolutely like the pink color the model is wearing. I’ll like one the same color!

    Thank you very much for this post with these nice options. I truly found one that looks like me!

  20. Hector

    Definitely the worst enemy of a swimsuit is the chlorine from the pool, after reading this article I think I already have the perfect gift for my wife for this summer, and I am sure you will love it, I think they look beautiful and the colors will remain, excellent recommendation.

  21. Bob Lynch

    Well, I try to learn something new everyday.  Now I can say I learned something new today.  I was looking for swimwear for my sweetie and it never occurred to me that there was such a thing as chlorine-proof swimwear.  It makes sense, but until reading what you wrote, I never thought about it.  Thanks for a great article and for so many choices to choose from.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.


  22. David nelson

    I don’t know much about women swimwear but i have a very good idea knowledge of chlorine and i know it related to water….After reading this awesome article I learnt a lot and I think everyone both male and female should use chlorine proofs swimwear as seem to be the best.

  23. Jannette

    I had a beautiful yellow swimwear suit that received a lot of compliments, however, chlorine messed up the color after only a few swims in the pool. Now with this beautifully written explanation of chlorine proof swimwear, I can find the perfect swimwear suit to maintain its color. Thanks for sharing the recommendation, will be purchasing a swimsuit shortly.

  24. JJ

    I like most of these swimsuits but my favourites are the Speedo one piece shirred and the Speedo pebble texture. They both have the bra support which I need and they would fit my long torso. I also like the fact that they do not open at the leg too far up on the hip. It is good to know that I can find chlorine proof swimwear that look attractive. Thank you

  25. Andre

    Hi Arta,

    I was really not aware that chlorine has a damaging effect on swimsuits. Well, good to know!

    Your description of each item is very detailed and helps the reader to make an informed decision. What is also of great value, is the inclusion of other customers’ experience with the specific item.

    Surely a good article for women who intend buying swimwear, without the drag of going through all the fitments, however, I guess that will not be totally excluded.

  26. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. Your products has always be awesome with quality fabrics  and designs. My wife has been using the krinkle chlorine for some time and it has really proven worth while to her, she feels comfortable when on it knowing that she has the right product against chlorine water.

  27. Jomata

    Hello there, thank you so much for this very descriptive and informative post, I have heard of clorine proof swim wear but not as detailed as this I never have thought about the cost though, I really think this will help my budget when I’m ready to make purchase, thank you so much for sharing this.

  28. Sheddy Ovb

    Heloo Dear, thanks for this beautiful article on chlorine proof swimwear. The truth is I and my girlfriend can not just wait for this global pandemic to be over so we can go swimming again. Dolphin Aquashape Racerback Tankini Top is very nice with great qualities and very affordable, it’s what my girlfriend has been using for swimming. The colours are just on point as well. 

  29. XRJamesRS

    I’ve never heard of chlorine proof bathing suits, though it absolutely makes sense. I have two young daughters and kids are notoriously rough on their clothing as it is. This might be something I have to look into for them since summer is right around the corner. I’ll have to share with my wife as well.

  30. godspowerbrown992

    Wow! Yet another super swimsuits. I admire these swimwears as they have got awesome features especially the Krinkle chlorine proof which is my favorite amongst them and also the price is fair to me. 

    Thank You very much for sharing this with me, I can’t wait this whole lockdown to be over so I can start making purchases.

  31. Lizzychris

    When I first saw the topic,” chlorine swimsuits wear” I was curious what could it be about but I realize is swimsuit made from polyester! That is educating.

    I love the idea of this swimsuits because they last longer. Personally I prefer the” Krinkle Chlorine Proof Empire Mio” it is quite affordable and it features is fitting for me. Thanks.

  32. Himbru


    Very informative article about Chlorine Proof Swimsuits. We had no much idea about chlorine proof swimwears earlier. We have really enjoyed reading your article and decided to offer one gift to my wife which she has selected from your reviews. 

    Finally, I like to thank you for being descriptive while reviewing products. I have bookmarked it for revisit again.

  33. Stratos K

    I didn’t know that they are making special chlorine proof swimsuits! Now this is indeed very interesting. I guess for people that mostly swim in swimming pools these will be ideal to last longer. But I read that they also last more in sea water so I am wondering since I haven’t bothered making a comparison does their higher durability justify their extra cost? Or they are priced about the same?

    • Arta

      Hey Stratos

      The pricing differs from brand to brand and from swimsuit to swimsuit so it is hard to give a general answer about the price level for chlorine proof swimsuits. It is possible to find chlorine proof swimsuit under $ 30 but some swimsuits will go over $ 100. So it is all about the quality of materials, the workmanship and also the brand name that you are paying for.

      Without doubt, the higher the quality of the materials used in the production of the bathing suits, the higher the price of the bathing suit – but also the more likely it will meet your expectations regarding it.

      So at the end it is all in about finding the right balance between what your are ready to pay for it and what you are ready to get for the money you have paid.

      But one is clear – if the swimsuit is chlorine proof, the increased durability does pay off.

      Cheers, Arta

  34. Apersinger

    I discovered your article while looking for a new suit. I have nt bought a new one in many years. So, I have been out of the loop of fabrics and styles for quite sometime. I have recently taken up kayaking and was thinking one might be in order for those hotter days.

    I am a plus sized girl and lookig for one that will look okay and fit well. Do you have any suggestions for us bigger ladies as well?

    • Arta

      Hey there

      I would suggest trying plus size tankini – tankini is a great choice for water activities due to increased coverage it offers + the convenience in usage.

      Cheers, Arta

  35. Andy Zeus Anderson

    While my wife is allergic to Polyester, she asked me to find out if there are similar styles in another fabric that are also long-lasting? I love the look of these too but she also needs to know if they come in plus sizes as she is a pretty short and round thing who loves to swim?

    • Arta

      Hey Andy

      Then I would suggest Xtra Lycra bathing suits – these are not as long lasting as polyester bathing suits, but if compared to the standard Nylon bathing suits – Xtra Lycra swimsuits last about 10 times longer. Here you will find our favourites.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  36. Blessed

    Thanks for sharing this review about the swimmerwear made of polyster, according to this review i see that the polyster swimmsuit seems to be the best material(swimsuit) when considering swimmer’s wear, considering the fact that polyester bathing suits can withstand the  damage of chlorine very well and it usually last longer when compare to nylon or lycra blend swimmsuit.
    i like that of speedo women’s  energy volt flyback, it look really nice.

  37. Philebur

    Hello there! thanks a lot for this review…Thanks for hitting the fact that a chlorine swimwear is a necessity for swimmers as they have to protect themselves from the presence of chlorine in water. What interests me most in your article is the fact that you added the website and prices of the swim wears. Thanks a lot, you were really helpful…

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