Cheap Plus Size Swimdresses

Cheap Plus Size Swimdresses – Fabulous Picks for This Summer

Let's sOCEANize :)

Looking for cheap plus size swimdresses? We have good news for you – your search is finished 🙂 At least – we hope so.

We have created our collection of cheap plus size swimdresses so you can make your choice. Just have a look below and make your move 🙂

Cheap Plus Size Swimdresses – Let’s Have Some Fun on the Beach

After going through tons of reviews of actual wearers we have picked Shore Club Ruffle Swimdress as our top choice due to the high number of happy customers and great features this bathing suit embodies.

Our Top Choice of Cheap Plus Size Swimdresses – Shore Club Ruffle Swimdress

Cheap Plus Size Swimdresses

Product: Ruffle Swimdress

Price: $ 54.60 (usual price $ 78)

Features: Built-in Bra, Soft Cups, Wire-Free, Adjustable Straps, Tummy Control Mesh Lining, Shirred Sides, Matching One-Piece Suit Underneath, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

This retro Shore Club Ruffle Swimdress is comfortable yet fashionable. Women who have bought this swimdress love the vintage design and admit the swimsuit being suitable for any age. The suggestion from customers is to order your usual size.

Ruffle Swimdress
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • High Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Flattering Design
  • Great Coverage
  • Dries Quickly
  • Tummy Control
  • Snug Fit
  • Keeps Skirt in its place



  • Too Little Support for Big Bust
User Review
4.71 (17 votes)

This sexy swimdress is said to ensure good coverage and fit great. The skirt part is flexible so you can adjust the length to your body. A snug fit of the swimdress ensures skirt part remaining in its place. This is a great advantage as a common problem of swimdresses is rising of the skirt part when in water or during some activities. So this swimsuit combines outstanding style, great design, and functionality – I would say a perfect combination.

Tummy control feature is said to slim perfectly. Customers love the way the swimdress conceals their bellies and gives a more curvy look. Many women state this is the favorite bathing suit for them after long searches. This swimdress makes them feel sexy and pretty and look gorgeous.

Even though the straps are quite thin it is said they ensure the needed support.

However, few women find the bathing suit a little bit loo long. Big-breasted women admit they would wish for little more support in the cups.

Overall, the majority of women are happy they have bought this swimdress. It is said to be the best bathing suit ever.

==> Get Your Ruffle Swimdress Here <==

Other Great Choices of Cheap Plus Size Swimdresses – for Elegance on the Beach

Swimdress is a type of bathing suit offering the greatest coverage. It also gives an opportunity for designers to include many additional features. So these are the things to pay attention to when looking for a swimdress.

Whether you wish bathing suit with tummy control, extra support, increased coverage or slimming, swimdress is capable of all of this. And many more. Just make sure to check the features included in the swimdress you have found to satisfy your needs and demands.

Unless our top choice is your choice, we have gathered more options of cheap plus size swimdresses for you to have a look at. Hold on here they come 🙂

So have you managed to find your perfect plus size swimdress? Or will you continue your searches? Please let us know in the comment section!

Even though swimsuits can do and do miracles the main miracle is your body. Your body is beautiful as long as you love it. And remember – whatever you wear, wear it with confidence!

7 thoughts on “Cheap Plus Size Swimdresses – Fabulous Picks for This Summer

  1. shrey

    Being plus size is really a pain and thanks to your post, I don’t need to starve myself to death just to lose a bit of weight and get into a swimsuit. The styles you mentioned here look great and I wouldnt end up looking like I’m trying to hide my love handles all the time. Thanks for the amamizng recommendation!

    • Hey Shrey
      I am glad you have found my post helpful and I hope you have managed to find your perfect swimdress among our selected bathing suits as these are really fabulous and stylish swimsuits at affordable prices. Swimdresses offer the greatest coverage of any type of swimwear so it is particularly suitable for concealing your flaws and still looking chic and cool.

      Happy shopping 🙂

  2. Sokha

    Your content of Tankini Swimsuits for Women is pretty good with women to clothe. Most of the women dresses are beautiful.

    I love each of your content sites. Hey, how to find other collections of swimdresses you have created? I want to have a look at all of them.

    Your endeavor is to bring you success.

    • Hey Sokha

      Thank you for visiting my website and I am glad you have enjoyed my collections.
      Just enter the type of bathing suit you are interested in into the Search window and you will get all of the options for the certain swimsuit.
      Or you can browse by category – if you are interested in swimdresses, you can have a look at all of my posts about skirted swimsuits.
      All of the collections created by me are on the page Swimsuit Collections.

      Have a nice day, Arta

  3. Chez

    What size do these go from and up to please ? And are they us sizes if i am a uk size 12-14 what size would you advise i need ? Ive bought so many clothes online only to get them delivered and have the disappointment of them not fitting 🙁 oh and are they stretchy ?

    • Hey Chez

      The gorgeous Ruffle swimdress is available at US sizes 12-24. If you are UK size 12-14, this would be US size 10-12 according to size chart ensured by the retailer. However, in order to be sure what size to order, I suggest you having a look at sizing info (right next to Choose Size) – there are international sizing with corresponding US sizes, as well as, measurements for each size so you can check what is the right size for you. Besides that, the retailer is open to suggest you the right size and you are welcome to contact them, as well. Full information on sizing, how to measure and contact info can be found under Sizing Info link that is right next to Choose Size button.
      Ruffle swimdress is stretchy – there are 12% of Spandex in the composition of the material. If you are interested in some other swimdress, just have a look at composition – if there is Spandex – you know that the swimdress will adjust to your body. I do believe that all of the swimdresses are stretchy to better suit any body.
      Happy shopping, Arta

  4. Patrick

    Hello there. Once again great post. Your post of tankini swim suit for women is always amazing and your reviews are superb as always. Makes one wonder how you get your collections for each and everyone of the swimsuit you put on your article. Thanks for the fabulous selections as always. 

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