Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits – Flattering and Affordable Styles

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Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

Camo tankini bathing suits, also know as camkinis are camisole type top featuring spaghetti straps paired with bikini briefs. It is very sensual and feminine style.

Camkini is one of the types of tankini swimsuits for women.

Camo tankini bathing suits were among the hottest fashion trends of 2000 and it is still a very popular and favored choice of many beach-lovers.

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits – Graceful and Sensual

Thin spaghetti straps of camo tankinis add up to the femininity and grace so it is a great choice for women wishing to accentuate their sensuality. This is the case when support and function are sacrificed for elegance as camkinis rarely offer the needed support.

Camo tankini bathing suits are a great choice for pear-shaped women due to the fact that the thin straps leave the shoulder area almost naked making it look wider thus. It is a benefit for pear shape as it balances out the difference between upper and lower part of the body.

Flattering Choices of Camo Tankini Bathing Suits – Hit the Beach in Grace

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

ProductAthena Henna Chambray Alessandra Tankini Top

Features: Spaghetti Double Straps, Criss Cross on the Back, Interior Bra with 3 Adjustable Settings, Strappy Detailing on the Bust, 84% Micro Polyester/16% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Patterns

Athena Henna Chambray Alessandra Camo Tankini Top is the case where sexiness goes hand in hand with support. This is the rare case where camkini IS supportive and functional.

Athena Henna Chambray Alessandra Camo Tankini Top
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Supportive
  • Functional
  • Great Fit
  • Stunning Design
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Comfortable
  • Long Lasting


  • Expensive
User Review
4.8 (5 votes)

This graceful camo tankini top is evaluated by customers due to its great fit, quality, style

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

The strappy detailing on the front accentuate your femininity and is without doubt an eye-catcher.

The adjustable straps and criss-cross on the back add up to the support of the camkini.

The material of this camo tankini bathing suit is very durable resulting in it lasting long even if used frequently. I have described it more in details here.

Matching bottoms are available, however, these cost additional $$. And this leads us to the only drawback of this camkini.

So the only cons of this camo tankini are its price. The tankini top is quite expensive starting little below $ 30 and up to $ 55. If you wish to pair it with matching bottoms (you obviously would wish to do so as this tankini top would look the best with matching bottoms and there are nice options available), you need to say goodbye to additional +/- $ 20, and this is quite expensive to my point of view.

But let’s look at the mid waist bottoms.

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

Athena Henna Chambray Landa Mid Waist Bikini Bottom offering increased coverage and featuring power mesh lining to control your tummy and slim down the midsection.

The matching design will finish your beach outfit in a stylish and “wow” manner.

However, if you do have a navy briefs, I think this top could look very good with them, as well, as the henna print on the camkini top is in navy.

==> Get the Sexy and Supportive Athena Henna Camo Tankini Top Here <==

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

ProductElla Moss Crafty Tankini Top

Features: Spaghetti Straps, Ties at the Neck, Halter style, Camisole Top, Removable Soft Cups, Crochet Cutouts, Lace up Back, 89% Micronylon/11% Spandex,  Matching Bottoms Sold Separately, Available Also in Color Black

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

Ella Moss Crafty Tankini Top is extremely graceful and sensual.

Women who have bought this camo tankini bathing suit evaluate its sexy and fragile design as it accentuates the femininity.

The camkini features self-tie halter straps for adjustable lift and support. Few women advise they don’t like the self -tie option as it makes them anxious and limits their activities to make sure everything stays covered and in its places. So we have investigated how to tie a swimsuit in a secure and safe manner and published the results here.

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

The camo tankini is expensive but as already discussed in another post it is not always the price we should pay our attention to when getting a bathing suit. It is rather the material the swimsuit is made of that matters.

The more qualitative the material, the less the harmful chemicals it contains or at least these are within the allowances. And believe me, there are so many chemicals used in the production of fabrics and most of them expose our health to danger if the certain dose is exceeded.

As swimsuits are in a direct contact with our skin, it is very easy for the chemical to penetrate into our bodies and do their bad job. So the least we can do is to pay attention to the material – what kind of materials the brand uses, are there any certificates for the fabric or manufacturer of it, where the material is produced. But each proof has a cost leading to the increased price of the material and also higher price of the end-garment, a camkini, in our case.

==> Get the Sensual Ella Moss Crafty Tankini Top Here <==

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

ProductSociala Women’s Tankini Set

Features: Adjustable Spaghetti Straps, Criss Cross Back, Camisole Top, Padded Cups, High Waisted Bottoms, Dry Fast Material, 82% Nylon/18% Spandex, More Patterns are Available

Women who have bought this camkini have found it very flattering.

Even though there is no underwire, the support is said to be enough for sizes up to DD chest.

The high waisted bottoms are doing a great job in hiding the tummy.

Camo Tankini Bathing Suits

The camkini is suitable also for long torsos.

The quality of the material is stated as mid-level. However, it is said to look great, fit well and feel amazing.

The reasonable price of the swimsuit is said to be an unbelievable deal.

There are some concerns about the sizing, therefore, the general suggestion is to follow the sizing chart and take proper measures.

Some women complained about the poor and thin padding in the cups making the bra area misshapen. It required some work to make it workable. So it was emphasized that the affordable price made up for this flaw. Otherwise, the bathing suit would have been sent back to the retailer.

==> Get the Simple Sociala Camkini Here <==

Camo tankini bathing suits

Product: Masterpiece Layered Flyaway Underwire Tankini

Price: currently on sale $ 60.20 (usual price $ 86)

Features: Twist Front, Sweetheart Neckline, Built-In Molded Cups, Underwire, Double Keyhole Closure, Metal S-Hook with 3 Adjustment Levels, Adjustable Straps, Unlined Top, Draped Pattern, Lined Bottoms, Full Coverage Briefs,  82% Nylon/18% Spandex, More Patterns are Available

Camo tankini bathing suits

The look and fit of this camo tankini bathing suit is evaluated by customers who have bought it. Women advise the camkini is comfortable, stylish, flattering, slimming and triggering a lot of compliments 🙂

This camo tankini covers and hides all the right places by accentuating the femininity of its wearer. It is a perfect tummy-camouflager. The underwire is said to be extremely helpful in holding large bust in the place. In one word – the camkini flatters the chest and flattens the belly.

The quality of the bathing suit is appreciated. The material is soft and pleasant. Colors are vibrant.

Camo tankini bathing suits

Women love the option of adjusting both shoulder and back straps for the custom fit.

Women appreciate the opportunity of getting different sized top and bottoms.

However, the fabric is quite thick leading to the long drying time.

The swimsuit tend to run small so it is better to double check the right size by taking proper measures, checking the sizing chart and getting in touch with the retailer.

Few customers find the camkini too revealing exposing too much of the cleavage but as they also mentioned it could be the result of the wrong size they ordered.

There is an option just to buy the top – it can easily be paired with any black swimsuit briefs you already have.

==> Get The Slimming Masterpiece Underwire Camkini Here <==

Camo tankini bathing suits

ProductReverie Tie-Front Underwire Tankini Top

Price: currently on sale $ 37.80 (usual price $ 54)

Features: Sweeheart Neck, Hidden Bra, Underwire, Removable Soft Cups, Adjustable Straps,  Available up to F/G Cups, 82% Nylon/18% Spandex, More Patterns are Available

This camkini offers comfort and support without sacrificing style and fashion. It is proven to be workable for large chested women by offering the needed support yet being sexy and flattering.

The colors are bright and stunning. Women love the material. The suit is well-made and of high quality. It dries fast.

Customers advise the tankini is not suitable for a long torso.

==> Get The Stylish Reverie Underwire Tankini Top Here <==

So have you found your perfect camo tankini bathing suits?

If not, have a look below for related products – perhaps your camkini is there 🙂

Where do you shop for camo tankinis? Do you buy your swimsuit online or offline?

You are welcome to read the guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great to improve your online shopping experience!

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  1. Ingo Hoffmann

    Dear Arta,

    Nice and sexy things you offer on your Website 😉

    I like the style and layout of your site. It is very clear and good organized.

    I would like to change the style of the side buttons on the top but, everyone has a different taste 😉

    Overall, there is not much more for me to say. I am definitely not a customer for your ladies swimsuits LOL.

    I wish you, ALL the best for your business, my dear Arta.

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    • Dear Ingo

      Thank you for the nice words regarding my website. I am glad that even though you are not a customer for the nice ladies swimsuits you liked the selection of camo tankini bathing suits listed in the article 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Anna

    I am a great fan of tankini’s and have a couple in my closet bought over the last two to three years.

    I am a woman well into her sixties and find these are the next best thing to not being able to wear a bikini anymore.

    They are not just comfortable for swimming but also sunbathing.

    I am glad to see more of a selection of these becoming available and your styles are unusual and look really flattering.

  3. Wendy

    Bathing suits are so expensive! Which is why I hate shopping for bathing suits. But I really like the selection you have here. All of the tankini bathing suits are extremely reasonably priced and they are so pretty. They are perfect for any age as well. How will I decide which one I want?

    • Hi again Wendy 🙂

      Well, I think this is the most challenging part nowadays – with such a vast range of beautiful swimsuits – to decide which one to get 🙂
      Nevertheless, I do believe we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just one swimsuit – better to get several to add some versatility to the summer wardrobe, as well as, extend the lifespan of the swimsuits by rotating them and allowing the fine fibers to rest between the usages.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Ola

    This is such a well detailed review on Camo Tankini Bathing suits. Camkini is one of my wife’s best choice and I can attest to the fact that its not too expensive and highly durable. Its of high quality and its obvious the pros outweighs its cons which gives an avenue for recommendations.  I will try out other products you have enlisted in your article.

  5. Juliet

    I had given up on trying to buy or put on a bikini. I am above 50 years old, I don’t want to be in a clingy or skimpy bikini. Nor do I want to walk around the beach like a 16 year old. But the Camo Tankini are looking very beautiful. I love the way they are fitted and not clinging to the models wearing them. I am very interested in getting one or more. 

  6. Neil Brown

    You have done a very professional looking job and you have a great selection of swimwear, even though I don’t think that I would be able to fit into any of them lol, I know that you have an incredible selection for your customers to choose from.

    Thanks for the opportunity for me to see a professional looking job like you have put together, that gives me inspiration to to make sure that I strive to be as helpful to the customer as you are, thanks.

  7. Kenechi

    These camo tankini swim suits are not as expensive as I thought it would be. They will be cool and sexy on my babe and I will love to purchase one for her in no time. She loves to swim and never had a good swim suit that I like. I think purchasing the one of $26 will be okay for her and I hope it will be of a good quality. 

  8. Etah

    Very classy and comfortable collection of Camo Tankini bathing suits to rock over here.

    This suits will definitely make oceanizing, more elegant.

    The masterpiece layered flyaway underwire takini, is my favorite.

    I like the color blend and the slight flare.

    It is also great for days when you have eaten so much and are not so confident about your stomach.

    Thanks for this 

  9. Olufemi


    You have a wide variety of styles of swimsuits to choose from and you have taken the time to give a detailed description. I prefer the ones that are not so revealing for my personal reasons but your stock seems a good bargain at 80% off. Nice write-up and hope to see more swimsuits that you have.

  10. Jeedajoy

    Never heard of this kind of swimming suits before and I’m glad I did now. I was really wondering if I can find one that can control the tummy area for summer which is coming soon. I feel it would look more decent and elegant. To be frank, I usually prefer to have a bathing suit that would make an impression in summer resorts I go to, so I make sure I have enough budget for that piece. Also, and as you explained, we should make sure the kind of the material is safe on our skin. Do you have any idea how to make sure of this aspect? and how do we know the material is totally safe and free from harmful chemicals? Thanks for such an informative and nice blog.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      The safest way of making sure about the absence of harmful material is to look for a swimsuit made of certified material – it can be OekoTex or Bluesign certificate – both assuring the materials used for the swimsuit pose no threat to your health. Bluesign certificate is more strict than OekoTex meaning the allowances are stricter and the concentration of chemicals is either zero or very close to it not exceeding the level that can expose your health to danger.

      This is actually quite a deep topic so if you would like to know more in details – just let me know and we will come back.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  11. Edwin Bernard

    I took the time to read all the top menu links as well as the About and Affiliate links at the bottom. I didn’t click the links within the write-ups as that would have taken too long. However, I feel I got sufficient exposure to your site to provide an honest review. I’ll state the things I liked. Then the concerns I have. I’ll end with an encouraging note. 

    This website addressed a wide range of topics within this niche that kept me engaged. Firstly, the ABOUT page was very clear on who is behind this website. Stating that commissions were made from purchases made through this site in the AFFILIATE section built trust. After all, this is a business and it was helpful to know how you made money.

    The education value on this site was impressive. I learned a lot, not only about the various styles of swimsuits and  how to chose the styles to compliment different body shapes, but also the science behind the products.  Bringing up the issue of skin cancer and how to minimize the negative effects by the use of swimsuit selection and sunscreen, showed you cared about your customers. You provided just enough relevant information to make an informed decision. 

    Let me address a few concerns. Overall my opinion of this site is really positive. But I’m sure you’re expecting reviewers to voice concerns, regardless if you agree or not. Your posts covered a lot of range and a few of them had more links than I would have liked. It seemed overwhelming to me. Maybe if I was a customer I would have a built in filter mechanism and it would have been fine. Some of your paragraphs were broken up with other scripts in boxes. Was this intentional? That was another thing I didn’t like.

    These swimsuits are high quality and high fashion products. You highlighted that the price was too expensive. For whom? You? Or your customers? If the latter you are makin* assumptions that are only partially true. Some may find these expensive but others may find the price well within their budget. I’d prefer if they were positioned as giving great value for the money. It’s like comparing a Mercedes to a Volkswagen. They both provide a means of personal transportation. But if you can afford a Mercedes why would you buy a  Volkswagen? Stating up front you think the prices are expensive could also deter people from looking further. 

    Enough with the negative stuff. Overall I felt your website quality justified having a presence. It was well laid out. Great pictures to illustrate the products. I think you are already making sales and will be doing even better in the future. 

    I wish you all the success in the world.


  12. Chrissie Spurgeon

    I have never come across the term “Camkini”, but the ones you have chosen look really great.

    I particularly like the look of the higher waisted matching bottoms – there is nothing worse than a tankini which rises up above the bottoms, but these certainly look as if they will stay put!

    I have never bought a swimsuit online so far, but I think now is the time to start. Is it easy to exchange the one s you show if they do not fit properly?

    Very many thanks for your information.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Arta

      Hey Chrissie

      I am happy to read that you have decided to buy a swimsuit online – that’s a lot of fun and an ocean of options. However, before diving into these options, I would suggest having a look here to find out how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great to make sure the right size is purchased.

      Nevertheless, you should always make sure the Return/Exchange policy of the retailer is workable for you before making any purchase to avoid problems later.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  13. Stella

    Whenever I want to purchase swimming trunck, I make sure I have enough money to purchase the quality ones because of skin security. Some fabric can be very cheap but their materials might appear to have much chemicals which can cause irritation to the skin. All the bikinis you reviewed here are very lovely. If at all I want to get any of this products you’ve review, I like to choose Ella Moss crafty tankini top. I like its shape and it would be perfect bon me

  14. Jóhann H. Ragnarsson

    I like this design a lot. I have been looking for a birthday gift, and as she loves to swim, I have focused on a swimsuit. A friend of me let me know about this website, and it was excellent advice.

    About the price, I must admit that I disagree that it is expensive. In the long run, it is cheaper to buy quality, in most cases, rather than many times a cheaper one. And what I see here is an excellent design of good, and with that in mind, the price is fair.

    Even so, I need to ask you about one question. I know that some women who compete in swim tournament have had a problem after using their swimsuit for a while, it have come gab, which is, of course, horrible experience. Have you heard at that problem from the product from this company? As I said before, the material is obviously good, so it should not be a problem, but even so, I wanted to ask about it.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for your comment about Camo Tankinis. And you are completely right regarding the price – even though the price is more expensive for certain bathing suits, it does pay off due to longer serving time.

      If you are wondering about swimsuits suitable for frequent use, check out the article about swimsuits resistant to chlorine here and here you can learn why these are going to serve longer and look better regardless of how often you will wear them in the pool or to the beach.

      Hope this helps!


  15. Aly

    I love the color and print of the henna suit that you have featured above. Just gorgeous! It also seems versatile enough that it could easily be worn as a top for the right occasion. I’m looking forward to the weather getting warmer and warmer as Summer approaches and getting to go for a swim in a cute swim suit tankini!

  16. ChrisQueen

    Nice site, navigation is comfortable and the presentation is relvant to the niche.  I liked the colorcoordination and the image placement.  The content is good for an apparel type l layout.

    I navigated around and found the meal program offer and went out to their offer page and back.  Again the navigation was user friendly.  

    Your content is well written and you should do well.  

    Is it Tan-kini or Tank-ini?  I know.  I think your site is very attractive and should work well for offers you have.  Thank You CQ 

  17. Jeff

    Wow, you have a very great and nice work here, I love bikini and its always challenging for me to choose which one I desire. This is the first time I am coming across your website and I hope to purchase soon they look so nice. I think the sociala women tankini set would be perfect for me.

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