Bra Sized Swimsuits

Bra Sized Swimsuits – Top 7 Brands To Consider

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Bra Sized Swimsuits

The summer has just begun and if you still haven’t got your perfect swimsuit – well, what are you waiting for? 🙂

But before diving into the world of beautiful and stunning swimsuits, we would like to pay your attention to bra sized swimsuits.

Do you love comfort? Do you intend not only look good, but also feel good? Do you look for support, function and customized fit? Well, then bra sized swimsuits could be the right answer to your questions.

Bra Sized Swimsuits – the Boost of Support and Function

When it comes to our bodies, each of us is different. So one size doesn’t fit all. When wearing the swimsuit, our bodies are exposed the most in public, therefore it is of extreme importance it hugs and covers the right places without sacrificing the comfort and outlook.

While there are bodies luckily fitting in sizes small, medium or large, the majority of us find it frustrating due to the difference between the size of the top and bottom.

Consequently, bra sized swimsuits are a godsend to many women, as long as the right size is found. This can be quite challenging for the big-busted women as not all big sizes ensure the needed comfort and support. Nevertheless, we have explored a bunch of options and found not only flattering but also supportive ones – check them out here.

So what to pay attention to when shopping for a swimsuit by cup size.

Bra Sized Swimsuits
Getting the Right Size

Without doubt, the first and most important rule is getting the right size. There are many ill-fitting swimsuits out there as the sizing chart differs from country to country, from brand to brand and even from style to style within one brand.

So how to make sure the right size is chosen? We have prepared a useful guide on how to choose a swimsuit online that fits and looks great – you can find it here and this is the first step in finding your perfect cup size swimsuit online.

But to cut long story short – measure, measure and measure, meaning, take proper measures of yourself, check the sizing chart of the brand right next to the style you have chosen and go through the reviews of customers to see the trend of the size – whether it tends to fit small or large or true to size.

Nevertheless, the important aspect is the return/exchange policy of the retailer so make sure to study it carefully as you need to leave yourself the last option – to return or change the item so the return/exchange policy has to be workable for this option.

Bra Sized Swimsuits
Defining the Required Functionality

Comfort is a must for any swimsuit to make you feel good while on the beach.

However, there are also other features to look for to increase the level of comfort while wearing a swimwear.

Women looking for supportive swimsuits should pay attention whether or not the bathing suit features underwire. The underwire is a well-known support feature increasing it significantly, so it will do the same job also in cup sized swimwear.

Nevertheless, there are women who don’t like underwire but still wish to increase the level of support till maximum. In this case, it is a good idea to look for a built-in bra, halter style or self-tie swimsuits as these offer the option to customize lift and hug of the swimsuit top.

Big busted women are welcome to check here the top swimsuit picks, while women with small bust will find here 10 trending and flattering choices.

Bra Sized Swimsuits
Choosing the Swimsuit Style

Depending on your intentions and coverage you wish you to have, there are different swimsuit styles you can consider.

Bra sized bikini offers the least coverage and it is the perfect choice for getting the best suntan. In addition, do not limit yourself to few sets – it is a good idea to have few solid bottoms and a lot of bright, colorful tops so you can mix and match by having a truly versatile beachwear collection.

Bra sized tankini is a great option to cover up the midsection but still enjoy the benefits of a two-piece swimsuit. The same tip can be obtained also with tankinis – there are countless options to mix and match so why not to use them?

Bra sized one-piece swimsuit is a classic swimsuit choice made more accessible by varying the cup size and being customized to different sizes.

But if you are looking for the greatest coverage, bra sized swim dress is worth considering.

Bra Sized Swimsuits
Finding the Best Brand

Once you have defined your demands and wishes for a swimsuit, the time has come to find the right cup sized swimsuit.

There are many brands offering bra sized bathing suits, but many of the bathing suits don’t deliver what they are expected to deliver. Meaning, the advertising has gone uhh but the functionality is ehh.

We have gone through oceans of reviews of actual wearers to find the best brands offering bra sized swimsuits. The below list is by no means limited or final – we will update it as soon as we find any other brand not only advertised as functional bra-sized but also being functional in real life so you are welcome to share your experience and knowledge about other brands offering both cup sized and functional swimsuits.

Nevertheless, here is the list of the brands offering flattering and supportive cup sized bathing suits:

Bra Sized Swimsuits


Freya is a brand well-known in the swimsuit market since the year 2002.

Any shape and size can find a flattering and well-fitting bathing suit from Freya product range – it is just a matter of matching the taste with the features and functions of the swimsuit.

Customers love the femininity and sensuality of Freya bathing suits, as well as, their support properties.

==> Have a Look at Top Freya Bra Sized Swimsuits Here <==

Bra Sized Swimsuits

Body Glove

Body Glove offers simple yet functional swimsuits. You will find clean design and simple patterns within the product range of Body Glove bathing suits.

Yet customers find their swimsuits supportive and flattering so if you are looking for a swimsuit looking simple, feeling comfortable and performing well – Body Glove could be just the right choice.

==> Check Out The Body Glove Best Sellers Here <==

Bra Sized Swimsuits


If you are looking for a deeper sense of the things you are doing, then considering Fantasie bra sized swimsuits could be the right move.

Besides being shaping, slimming, supportive and comfortable, Fantasie swimsuits are created with nature in mind by paying a lot of attention to sustainability and choosing trustworthy materials.

In addition, the brand participates in the Pink Ribbon movement.

==> Explore The Stunning Fantasie Bra-Sized Swimsuit Collection Here <==

Bra Sized Swimsuits


Panache bra sized swimsuits are favored for their great construction without compromising the fashionable and cute outfit.

Their bathing suits feature distinctive designs remaining modest and cute. You will definitely stand out of the crowd when wearing Panache swimwear.

Besides that, customers emphasize the outstanding support and comfort of Panache swimsuits. Some even admit that Panache bathing suit is more comfortable than their bras 🙂

==> The Eye-Catching Yet Supportive Panache Bra Sized Swimsuits Can Be Found Here <==

Bra Sized Swimsuits


As a veteran in the swimsuit market, Sunsets offers highly supportive, comfortable and good looking bra-sized bathing suits. They offer a really wide range of different swimsuits (not only bra-sized) so any taste can be satisfied within their styles.

As the main advantages of their swimsuits are stated construction, support, coverage, and design (they include cute little design details in their styles).

==> Top 5 Sunsets Bra-Sized Swimsuits Can Be Seen Here <==

Bra Sized Swimsuits

Pour Moi

Pour Moi is well-known for their joyful, flirty and sensual swimsuits. Despite the high functionality, cute design and feminine pattern, Pour Moi Cup Sized swimsuits are affordable and reasonably priced, therefore it is a popular choice for many women.

Pour Moi bra sized bathing suits are favored by big busted women, however, the brand doesn’t focus on a certain part of the market, as you can find any cup size starting from A to J within their swimsuit product range.

==> Affordable and Flirty Pour Moi Bra Sized Swimsuits are Here <==

Curvy Kate Swimsuits

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate is a popular bra-sized swimsuit brand among well-endowed ladies. By offering not only cute and fashionable styles but also extremely supportive and comfortable swimsuits Curvy Kate has managed to conquer their place in the market.

So, busty gals, if you are looking for a highly functional yet sexy and stylish swimsuit with cup size from D to K – check out the below link as probably your search is finished.

==> Not Only Sexy and Cute but also Flattering and Supportive Curvy Kate Bra-Sized Swimsuits are Here <==

…. and what could you suggest? Let us know in the comment section!

So where do you shop for flattering, comfortable and supportive bra-sized swimsuits?

Your experience and knowledge could be helpful to many women struggling to find their perfect cup sized swimsuit.

While there are oceans of swimsuits out there, it is still challenging to find both flattering and functional bathing suit as many which look good don’t perform well. And many which perform well look granny-ish and old-fashioned.

So unless vintage is your way to go (that is, by the way, a trendy choice nowadays) you would wish to find a stylish, cute and eye-catching bathing suit without sacrificing function and support.

We do hope our list of brands offering flattering, comfortable and supportive bra-sized swimsuits has helped you to find your perfect bathing suit!

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      Thank you for your time visiting my website and leaving your comment. There are many bra sized swimsuits and many brands, however, the ones listed in this article are proven to fit well and flatter all the needed places. But without doubt, I would also love to hear about other experience with other brands as then this list could be supplemented.
      Thank you for sharing the article with your fiancee.

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    • Arta

      Hi Sammy

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. The brands described in this article are the best ones based on the actual reviews from women who have bought their bra sized swimsuits. By the way, the majority of brands offer regular swimsuits without being sized by bras so it was not hard to list the top brands of bra sized swimsuits. And these are proven to ensure the needed support, to fit great and to flatter all the right places.


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    Really nice bra sized swimsuits you’ve got here. I’m really happy we are approaching spring, and I can’t wait for the summer. To chill out on the beach, and dip my legs into the sands. This swimsuit would make a good gift for my girlfriend, can imagine it would save her the cost of having to purchase one herself. Freya is number one on your list, so I will get her something from this brand. Would have some problems finding out her size. How could I go about this without tipping he off?

    I’ll check back to hear your response, thanks already

    • Arta

      Hey Louis

      Thank you for nice words and great question. To answer your question on how to get the right size of swimsuit without making your lady aware of this, I would suggest you read my article on how to buy a swimsuit online that looks and fits great but in the step where it is advised to take proper measures – I would suggest you take the piece of underwear fitting your woman and measuring it – then it is a good idea to get in touch with the seller and tell the situation by giving the measures of the underwear and asking the right size to order.

      Wishing you luck, Arta

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    • Arta

      Hey there

      First impression is always important and in most of the cases – very close to the truth as it is usually based on our intuition, subconsciousness and body signals. So I would say – just follow the first impressions and it will not be wrong with Panache bra sized swimsuit. By the way – the blue abstract design is extraordinary and definitely worth considering – I totally agree with you 🙂

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    • Arta

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      If you wish to learn the best way to care for your swimsuit, please have a look here. It is of extreme importance to care for your swimsuit in the most suitable and pampering manner to avoid fading, stretching out, damaging the fibers of the sensitive material.

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    Sunsets looks good enough for a full body swimsuit. But for the woman who wears the swimsuit, beauty and sexiness is one factor. The suit must be comfortable to wear and maybe durable. Unless you are planning to get a new swimsuit each summer, durability matters quite a lot.

    And since online shopping is becoming more and more de facto, there must be an accurate way to measure things before you buy so that you won’t need to send the swimsuit back.

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    I, however, would love a suit with a dress attached that covered varicose veins. Could you perhaps feature some suits for women who don’t have the best legs on the block?

    • Arta

      Hey Michel

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      We have actually done quite thorough investigation on skirted bathing suits and different options there – you are welcome to check here for a wide range of possibilities of swimsuits with skirt to cover up the thighs.

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    • Arta

      Hey Gomer

      Ohh – this fuchsia Curvy Kate tankini is a great one – the only cons is reported poor sizing so I am sure the tankini top will stay in its place regardless the activities in or out the water. Check out here for a more detailed review of this bathing suit.

      Your girlfriend will be happy for such a great gift 🙂

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    Very helpful tips! I prefer bra sized swimsuits because I am generously busted and it’s always hard to find the right swimsuit for me. I like to have the right support and be comfortable but also be fashionable. I will check those brands that you mention.So far I really like the Freya and panache brands for their stylish colorful fresh summer prints!  Summer is not here yet (Paris) but looking forward to it in my new customized fit bra swimwear!! Thank you!

  34. Alicia

    You have no idea how many times I found bikinis that were supposed to be my size but they were too big or too small. Occasionally, I wonder how they decide the sizes. Do they just pick a random number and they say this will be medium. Anything larger, we’ll call it large and anything smaller, we’ll call it small?

    • Arta

      Hey Alicia

      There are many sizing standards for different types of clothing all over the world and brands base their sizes on these standards. In the U.S., however, there is no common sizing standard so the products are produced according to the preferences of the brands. 

      That is the reason why the same size could not be workable for you if coming from different brands. Moreover, when producing garments manufacturers follow the measurement chart the brand has established but even with that – it is impossible to ensure all the clothes of one size fit the same – it is due to the fact that clothes are sewn by people and there is a human factor – you are not able to make hundreds of garments exactly the same. Besides that, there is a tolerance for each measure so different garments of one size will not fit the same.

      Moreover, different garment lines from one brand could be produced by different manufacturers and then it is just obvious that the fit of these garments will vary.

      And last but not least, garments are produced per seasons and often brands change their measurement chart from one season to another by adjusting it up or down. So if the same garment in the same size comes from two different seasons – it will not fit the same, as well.

      Having worked in textile industry for more than ten years, from my experience I can tell that the clothes produced in Asia are much more inconsistent regarding the sizing if compared to the clothes produced in EU or U.S.

      Hope this helps, Arta

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    I think my favourite brand will be my favourite one from now on will be Fantasie. I like companies that care about nature and, to be honest, my favourite colour is blue, so it got my attention immediately!

    Plus, I like that the top isn’t just a bra, so after swimming, you can wear it without looking like you’re wearing only underwear. Usually, after the beach, we go somewhere to eat and we have to change clothes.

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    Thank you for your informative article.  Because of your descriptive content, I learn much more about swimsuit with varieties of brands and designs.  You have taught me how to choose a swimsuit, not only feeling comfortable, but also looking beautiful.  If I have a good shape of body, I will choose the bra sized bikini.  But because of a little belly fat, I think I will choose the body glove.  Is my concept right?

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Thank you for your comment. It is extremely important you like your bathing suit. No point of getting a bathing suit that is suitable for your body type but that has no “uhhh” from your side 🙂 it has to be both – wow in your eyes and wow for your body shape. Then you will feel and look good in your bathing suit.

      Cheers, Arta

  37. Jenny

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    I also like the Pour Moi. I haven’t heard the company before, but since it’s on the same list as Sunsets, I’ll give it a chance!

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    • Arta

      Hey Benny

      Sunsets and Panache bra sized swimsuits are cool – each with its own peculiarities and features. You can follow these links to get these fantastic bathing suits:

      Panache bra sized swimsuits can be found here and Sunsets – here.

      Happy shopping, Arta

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