Body Glove Bathing Suits

Body Glove Bathing Suits – Flattering Bra Sized Swimsuits

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Body Glove is well-known for its well-fitting swimsuits and innovative solutions for waterman and women. Customers associate this brand with high-quality and functional products making lives easier and beach activities nicer.

We have looked at many Body Glove bra-sized swimsuits to find the ones loved the most by its actual wearers so you can spend your time surfing in the water instead of surfing online trying to find the best Body Glove bathing suits.

Body Glove Bathing Suits – Simplicity Combined with Functionality

Body Glove has been on the market for a long time. The company was founded by twin brothers obsessed with water and all of it started with their invention of the first wetsuit.

What we like about this brand, is its simplicity. Their products are simple, their design is clean and their swimsuits are functional. So if you are looking for something modest and supportive but at the same time flattering – Body Glove bathing suits could be just the right option.

Cute Body Glove Bathing Suits – Salute to Support and Comfort

Body Glove Bathing Suits

ProductBody Glove Women’s Smoothies Solo Underwire Bikini Top

Features: Underwire, Soft Removable Cups, Convertible Straps, Two-Way Adjustable Back Straps, Tie Closure, Power Mesh Inside, 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Colors

The stunningly simple and modest Body Glove Smoothies Solo bra-sized bikini top is loved by customers. It is evaluated as extremely comfortable, supportive and great-looking bikini top with a simple and clean design. It comes in a cup size up to F Cup.

Body Glove Women's Smoothies Solo Underwire Bikini Top
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Flattering
  • Stylish
  • Underwire
  • Simple Design


  • Poor Sizing
User Review
4.41 (17 votes)
Body Glove Bathing Suits

This Body Glove bikini top is reviewed by more than 270 women by reaching an average 4.2 stars out of 5. This is an excellent score meaning there is something about this bikini top.

Body Glove Bathing Suits

The bikini top is evaluated as modest and at the same time sexy by covering all the right places to the right extent. It also has the right coverage to avoid the side-boob view. Besides that, nothing will fall out even if bending over so any beach activities are suitable for this bikini top as it will keep everything in its places and covered. Some women also state that the bikini top is wave-tested and it passed the test perfectly 🙂

Body Glove Bathing Suits

The straps that can be crisscrossed at the back add up to the support and allow to adjust the exact and customized fit. In addition, the design of the bikini top won’t hurt your neck (that is a well-known problem for well-endowed ladies).

The removable pads don’t do any justice to the support, however, the underwire does. So women do find the bikini top supportive and comfortable.

The colors of the bikini top are vivid, bright and joyful.

Body Glove Bathing Suits

However, some women find the sizing poor so to be sure that the right size is ordered we would suggest checking with the retailer.

Two women advised that the suit faded quickly. I would like to remind how to wash the swimsuit to extend its lifespan as it is extremely important to take proper care of it.

Body Glove Bathing Suits

Some customers didn’t like the criss-cross straps (and they didn’t realize before ordering) so pay attention to both the front and the back view of the bikini top. Just to add – it is possible to tie the straps in few different ways so you don’t necessarily have to tie them as criss-cross.

If going for the White color, you should be aware that the cups are visible through the white bikini top.

To summarize customers state this Body Glove is worth every penny due to its functionality and comfort without sacrificing outlook and style. This swimsuit completely corresponds to the moto of the Body Glove brand as it:

Fits Like a Glove

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Body Glove Bathing Suits

ProductBody Glove Solo Underwire Bikini Top

Features: Underwire, Soft Removable Cups, Convertible Straps, Pull On Closure, Ultra Soft Microfiber fabric, Power Mesh Inside, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Available in Other Patterns

Body Glove Bathing Suits

The trendy and comfortable Body Glove Solo Bikini top features the same amazing and supportive criss-cross strap design as described above. So this bikini top will deliver the same amount of support, control and customized adjustment as stated above.

Body Glove Bathing Suits

Women who have bought this Body Glove Bra Sized swimsuit evaluate its fit and coverage. It is said to do a perfect job in keeping big girls covered and contained. It is said that it is impossible to fall out of this top

The adjustable criss-cross back straps continue their glory also for this style – women advise they are really happy to adjust the needed fit to increase the level of support and control.

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Body Glove Bathing Suits

ProductBody Glove Borderline Underwire Bikini Top

Features: Underwire, Soft Removable Cups, Convertible Straps, Tie Closure, Ultra Soft Microfiber fabric, Power Mesh Inside, 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately

The joyful Body Glove bra sized bikini top offers exceptional support and comfort if the right size is ordered.

Some customers state the bikini top is poorly sized and tends to run small. So it could be a good idea to re-check the right size with the retailer before ordering.

The colors of the bikini top are bright and vivid. The swimsuit is well-made and looks sporty.

The straps can be tied in criss-cross style allowing to avoid neck pain (a pain big busted women are familiar with when it comes to supportive swimsuits).

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Body Glove Bathing Suits

ProductBody Glove Free Spirit Solo Bikini Top

Features: Underwire, Soft Removable Cups, Convertible Straps, Tie Closure, Ultra Soft Microfiber fabric, Power Mesh Inside, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately

Body Glove Bathing Suits

The cute Free Spirit Solo bikini top is highly evaluate by women who have bought it. The main advantages are listed support, comfort, great fit, modest coverage and functional design.

We have already discussed before the highly supportive, fashionable and functional back-strap design and this bikini top features the possibility to criss-cross tie straps, as well. So it offers all of the same benefits starting from increased support and opportunity to customize the fit, and ending with trendy outlook and lack of neck pain of well-endowed women.

Body Glove Bathing Suits

Besides that, this design of Body Glove Bra Sized bikini top is proven to fatter all ages and all body shapes. It is just a matter of finding the color and pattern flattering your body and mind (and without doubt, the right size is important, as well – have a look here how to buy online the swimsuit looking and fitting great).

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Body Glove Bathing Suits

ProductBody Glove Smoothies Drew Bikini Top

Features: Removable Soft Cups, Under Bust Band, Adjustable Back Tie, Pull On Closure, Lined, Dye to Match Lining, 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex, Bottoms Sold Separately, Sporty Style, More Colors Available

Body Glove Bathing Suits

The sporty Drew Bikini Top is admitted to be supportive despite the lack of underwire. The tie back straps add up to the support and comfort.

The bikini top is said to extremely flattering for big busted women without sacrificing support and comfort.

The bikini top is really cute and ensures the needed level of coverage.

Body Glove Bathing Suits

The material is said to be durable and of high quality.

There are some concerns about the sizing so women suggest going one size up.

==> Get the Sporty and Comfortable Body Glove Drew Bikini Top Here <==

Have you managed to find your perfect Body Glove Bathing Suit? Which style do you prefer? Or is there any other brand offering great bra sized swimsuits?

Share your experience and knowledge as it could be helpful to somebody!

10 thoughts on “Body Glove Bathing Suits – Flattering Bra Sized Swimsuits

  1. roamy

    This is just at the right time, I have my yearly vacation end of August, will be spending every day on the beaches of Spain. The only thing that`s missing were swim suits but that problem has now been solved after reading your post.
    Anyway, because I`m no longer in my 20s and need to loose some weight before I can squeeze in a body glove bikini, reading your post has given me tips on what to look for to find something flattering.I don`t have to be a size zero to put on a lovely bikini.
    I`m sure I will find a lovely tankini or a good fitting bathing suit.(that`s insecure me talking)I have come to learn that the older you get, the harder it is to put on flattering swim without seeming to be trying too hard.
    Your post has been really helpful thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Roamy

      Beaches of Spain – this sounds excellent. And for sure you need a cute bikini or even two of them. And then I would also suggest getting a lovely tankini – some styles for inspiration can be found here.

      Happy shopping and enjoy your time in Spain,

  2. Tama

    I love all of these! Nothing is worse than the straps falling down when wearing a bikini top. Love that these Body Glove designs have the criss-cross straps, but especially like the look of the Smoothies Drew. Not a fan of underwires in swimsuits, so this is the one I’d go for. The price isn’t bad either. Thank you!

  3. AirplaneJane

    I am always searching for that fabulous sexy yet functional bikini top as a mom of two little ones that want to jump on me in the water. I also really liked seeing the reviews from amazon and the ratings for the first suit. Is it possible to add them for the others as well as cost of each at the time of writing the post. I know for me sometimes the cost will be a determining factor, but if it fits perfectly them it will definitely warrant the cost. 

    thanks for breaking them down for us.

  4. Lauranne

    Thank you for this great review. I really like the simplicity of this swimsuit. It is not always easy to find the perfect swimsuit compared to your body size, your bra size as well. Now, after reading your post, I know that I don’t need to find a random and simple swimsuit that can fit me, but I am now able to select the colors and design as well. Thank you for sharing !

  5. John

    I can definitely see how these bathing suits would support women to have fun in the water.  I’m shopping for my girlfriend as the summer gets closer and these are great looking bathing suits that I think she would feel comfortable it.  I like the color schemes and the back straps too, there is definitely still the bikini appeal but comfort.

  6. LineCowley

    Hi there, thanks for these great options. I do like the fact that you can cross the straps over at the back, but at the same time it appears to be easy enough to have the straps going strainght over the shoulders as well. I often find that the halter neck styles tend to cut into my neck, and if I loosen it, it feels as if I will fall out when I jump into the waves.

    I would be interested to know if any of these styles are made from recycled or regenerated fibers? 

    Thank you, 

    • Arta

      Hey there

      Textile industry and swimsuit materials are quite unfriendly to nature. Swimsuit materials in most cases are neither recycled, nor regenerated. This is the case also with the bathing suits listed here.

      However, we want to pay it forward and donate part of our income to save the oceans. You can check out this on our About Us page.

      Cheers, Arta

  7. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. Some distinguished figure I admire most in bikini products is the designs, fabrics used to ensure maximum comfort to its users. My wife usually prefers the body glooves smoothies because of its unique feature, she can use it even though she added weight or loose weight due to it’s tie back straps to adjust any discomfort.

  8. Kingsking

    Nice post

    I don’t really know much about women swimming suit but this is an insight, informative and useful too, and these product is awesome, it has lots of good features and pros and just one cons telling how good it is, i think i need to recommend this article to some of my females friends, this post has given me information in case i wanna get a swim suit for someone….Thanks for the information

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