Black Blouson Tankini Tops

Black Blouson Tankini Tops – Uppermost Choices for This Summer

Let's sOCEANize :)

Blouson tankini tops are perfect swimsuits for covering the trouble areas. Therefore, this type of swimwear is highly evaluated by women all over the world and this bathing suit is here to stay.

Black Blouson Tankini Tops – Flaunt Your Outstanding Taste

Once tried women rarely want to pick some other type of swimsuit. The coverage and flattering features of blouson tankini tops convince to continue with this bathing suit.

One of our top choices of black blouson tankini tops is Swim 365 Black Blouson Tankini.

Our Review of Black Blouson Tankini – Swim 365 Swimsuit

Black Blouson Tankini Tops

Product: Swim 365 Black Blouson Tankini

Price: $ 89,98

Place to buy: Swimsuits for All

Features: Squareneck, Shelf Bra with Elastic Underband, Wire-Free, Soft Padded Cups, Adjustable Straps, Tie at the Side

This black blouson tankini top will underline the maturity of woman wearing it and at the same time it will emphasize your stylishness. It offers great comfort and allows you to hide the tummy and back rolls in case you need it.

Swim 365 Black Blouson Tankini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Great Coverage for Problem Tummies
  • Adjustable Wide Straps
  • Perfect Fit
  • High Quality
  • Possibility to buy different sized top and bottom


  • If actively used in pool, there could be problem with colour fading due to composition of fabric
User Review
4.67 (9 votes)

Pros and Cons of Swim 365 Black Blouson Tankini Tops

Women who have bought this bathing suit are completely happy about it. They evaluate the flattering and attractive design, the great fit of the tankini as well as its practical hiding features. It is stated as one of the best swimsuits for full-figured women. While many other tankini tops feature non-adjustable straps, the straps of this blouson top are adjustable and the majority is fond of it. This bathing is suit is a must-have for women wanting to conceal their bellies and/or back rolls.

The only cons about the swimsuit are that the color could fade with the time if it is actively used. Unless swimsuit is resistant to chlorine, black color is the one fading quite fast. But on the other hand, it will give you the option of buying a new suit after few seasons or depending on how often this is used 🙂

For instance, I used to have black swimsuit but I am not an active swimmer, so my bathing suit lasted for several years. It was quite expensive though but if divided per those years I used it, I can surely state that it was a great deal. This is just another proof of what I have said a few times already – bathing suit is not the case for saving money. Better to buy a more expensive one and to be sure it will last for at least several seasons. The cheap ones at the end turn out to be more expensive and these can lose color/shape after few times of usage.

More choices of Black Blouson Tankinis

We have gathered few more options of black blouson tankini tops as we do believe this type of swimwear rocks.

Black Blouson Tankini Tops

Product: NEXT Barre To Beach Double Up Tankini

Features: Support, Built-in Sports Bra, Quick-Dry, Moisture Wicking, Adjustable Straps, UPF 50 Sun Protection

Women who have bought this tankini adores its design, flattery and modernity. Majority states you should order a size smaller than you usually do as the swimsuit tends to be bigger the size. The bathing suit is great for hiding your tummy.

Some of the wearers tell they would wish for increased support at the bust area, but they admit they didn’t order a size smaller as stated in reviews. You should be aware of the fading problem – some women advised that after a few times of washing, the suit faded. Even though other customers emphasized that when following swimsuit caring instructions, no fading of the tankini was stated.

The suit is quite expensive but the majority of women who have bought the suit admits it was worth the money. The tankini can be easily combined with black bottom – so if you already have a black bottom, perhaps you can use it together with this tankini top. However, striped bottom without doubt looks excellent.

Black Blouson Tankini Tops

Product: NEXT Power Thru It Double Up Tankini

Features: Built-in Shelf Bra, Soft Cups, Quick-Dry, Moisture Wicking, Adjustable Straps, UPF 50 Sun Protection

Women who have bought this tankini top feels it is true to size and they love the great fit of the bathing suit. Support and coverage are highly evaluated. It is acknowledged as adorable swimsuit perfect for hiding your belly and covering other areas around it but you can still show some skin. The pink adjustable straps are a great accent to flaunt your style – an amazing way of turning your restrained black blouson tankini into a swimsuit with charming emphasis.

The tankini top though is quite expensive, however as there were no negative reviews about this tankini we do tend to think it is a good deal.

Black Blouson Tankini Tops

Product: LUXE by Lisa Vogel Tankini

Features: full Coverage, High Neck, Laser Cut Overlay

This sexy tankini top features laser-cut overlay adding up the sophisticated appeal. Women who have bought this tankini loves the unrepeatable design of the bathing suit.

The great coverage helps to hide the trouble area around your belly as it is hanging loose.

The swimsuit is stated to fit true to size.

The bottom is sold separately so the price is quite high for the tankini top. However, you can easily pair the top with black bottom you already have.

Grab Your Black Blouson Tankini Tops and Enjoy Beautiful Summer Days!

So do you like blouson tankini tops or do you prefer any other tankini or bathing suit type? Where do you shop for a bathing suit?

Share your experience and knowledge as it could help others.

10 thoughts on “Black Blouson Tankini Tops – Uppermost Choices for This Summer

  1. Jyl

    This is a great design of swim suit, and excellent for the fuller figure. Like you say, it’s flattering without clinging to tummies and back rolls. For all too long bathing suits have been tight-fitting, embarrassing teeny tiny little bits of cloth that did nothing for the figure of the wearer. These tankinis are fantastic and your reviews are very thorough with plenty of information. Thanks 🙂

    • Hey, Jyl!
      Thank you for the nice words. I completely agree with you about the positive features of blouson tankini tops when it comes to flattering figure and that’s why we consider this type of swimsuit as uppermost choice for this summer. This swimsuit has come in fashion and we do believe it will stay for a long time due to its positive features.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. KariLee

    This tankini is very forgiving of bulges and bellies but still very stylish. I like that the straps are adjustable and the bottom covers your butt.

    As I am shopping for a new suite for myself I have been looking for a tankini. A one piece is a bother in the ladies room but I still need full coverage.

    Thank you for having some options for us more mature women instead of just the young, body perfect models.

    • Hey, KariLee!

      I am glad my hints could help you in your way to finding your perfect bathing suit. I do love tankini bathing suits as these are much more comfortable during wearing and look much more stylish than the classic swim one piece. You can check also my other post about plus size swimsuits women over 50 should choose. There are few more bathing suit ideas for mature women.

      Take care, Arta

  3. Emily

    I have been seeing this type of swim suit all over the internet lately and I want one SO bad. Just holding out a little because of the cost, but I’m thinking that I can just buy the top and combine it with a pair of bottoms that I already have.
    The Barre to Beach design looks like a winner to me. I won’t have to feel so exposed at the beach. Good to know that most ladies say to order a size down on that one. Your reviews are helping me along in making my decision – thank you!

    • Hey, Emily!
      I am pleased to read that my reviews are helpful – in case you have some additional questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will come back to you.
      Blouson tankini tops are absolute hit now and it is obvious why. This is the case where function goes very closely together with fashion, win-win situation for the wearer of this type of bathing suit.
      You can easily combine the Barre to Beach style with the bottoms you already have, this is a solution if the cost is holding you out.


  4. louloublogger1980

    Wow these are really lovely! Definitely perfect for hiding my problem areas and as I’m also not an active swimmer I’m sure this will last me for a long time.
    Going to Athens in the spring and have been looking for early because it’s always a problem for me to find.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hey
      I am glad you have found this post helpful. Blouson tankinis are perfect for covering problem areas around the tummy so I hope you will find what you are looking for and enjoy beautiful time in Athens. Greece is absolutely great (I have been there 3 times) and it is even greater if you can enjoy your time there in your perfect swimming suit 🙂


  5. Emmy

    I honestly didn’t know about these. What I think makes these Blouson tankini tops so awesome is that you don’t have to be skinny or have that ‘perfect’ body by society’s standards. As you said, no matter the trouble area, you will still get to be sexy thanks to Blouson tankini tops.
    Absolutely love the Luxe top!

    • Hey Emmy

      Blouson tankini tops are trendy and comfortable. They do cover up your midsection in a sexy and glamorous manner. Luxe blouson tankini looks chic and feminine without compromising comfort. So it is a great choice for women wishing to relax and not to worry about any flaws around the tummy.

      Happy shopping, Arta

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