Bikini with Skirt

Bikini With Skirt – Top Picks for Flirty Outfit

Let's sOCEANize :)

Without doubt, bikini with skirt is very sassy and flirty choice for your summer. Besides this, it is also functional swimsuit allowing you not only to conceal your booty, hips and upper thighs but also to control and shape them if needed.

We have created our collection of bikinis with skirt so you can enjoy an unforgettable time on the beach.

Our Top Choice – Valentine White Bikini with Skirt

Bikini with Skirt

Product: Valentine White Skirtini

Price: currently on sale $ 74.80 (usual price $ 88)

Features: Built-in Soft Bra Cups, Wire-Free, Removable Straps, Shirring at the Sides, Built-In Briefs, High-Waisted, Color Options Available, Lined Swimsuit, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

The retro design of Valentine White Skirtini will add up to chic and glamour on the beach. White suits summer and so does White bikini with skirt. It is so light, so sassy, so summer. Let’s look at the reviews of actual wearers to see if this swimsuit boils or spoils your summer 🙂

Valentine White Skirtini
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Trendy
  • Versatile
  • Great Coverage
  • Qualitative Material
  • Removable Straps
  • No See-Through
  • Possibility to order different sized top and bottom


  • Lack of Bust Support (sizes DDD and up)
  • Poor Sizing – Top runs bigger and briefs run smaller to size
User Review
4.31 (13 votes)

Women who have bought this white bikini with skirt state it accentuates the bust area and conceals tummy. It is proven to be a great choice for curvy women and anyone who doesn’t like wearing one piece bathing suit but wish to have more coverage than bikini.

Bikini with Skirt

The skirtini is evaluated as very flattering not only due to covering problem areas, but also because of bringing out the best features. The top is supportive and keeps also big girls in their places.

The material is said to be soft, lightweight and pleasant to skin. It looks and feels expensive.

Women love the removable straps as it adds up to versatility and offers two outfits with one buy – tank top and bandeau.

The common problem for white bathing suits is the see-through effect. Luckily this bathing suit is lined resulting in no-see-through.

Bikini with skirt

The swimsuit top is said to run larger to size so you should consider ordering a size or even two down. The bottoms are advised to order one size larger as these tend to run smaller to size.

Few customers state there is no support due to lack of underwire. This is observed starting from sizes DDD and up.

The swimsuit is not suitable for petite women due to high waist. Women state ending up with about an inch of skin showing between the top and the bottom.

To sum up, Valentine White Skirtini features great retro design. It is covering and flattering. The skirtini conceals your tummy, hips and the upper part of the thighs. The material is soft and lightweight. There is no see-through due to lining.

However, getting the right size is a challenge as top runs big and bottoms run small to size. Once fitted correctly this bathing suit is highly appreciated by customers.

Bikini with skirt

The average customer rating is 3.9 stars. The main complains are about the sizing issue as it seems to be quite challenging to get the right size. The top tends to run bigger to size while the bottoms fit smaller to size. But those who managed to get the right size are fond of this bathing suit.

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Other Great Choices of Bikinis with Skirt – Flare on the Beach

Product: Acelitt Lace Bikini with Skirt

bikini with skirt

This amazing skirtini will make you stand out of the crowd. The sports bra combines chic and comfort. Majority of women who have bought this bikini top advise it fits true to size though some state the bottoms run a little bit small. The support is said to be enough to even play a beach volley.

The top is proven to ensure the needed support for sizes up to D cup.

bikini with skirt

Women love the versatility of the skirted bottom. It is said to be a pencil skirt made of swimwear material. Side shirring hides any flaws around your booty, hips and upper thighs.

This bathing suit is proven to be suitable for both water and beach activities.

One woman found the skirt little bit too long despite the ability to regulate its length. Though few others state the length is perfect for increased thigh coverage.

Overall, this skirted bikini is very feminine and modest for a reasonable price.

Bikini with skirt

Product: Fiancée Bubblegum Underwire Skirtini

Price: currently on sale $ 36 (usual price $ 72)

Features: Built-In Molded Bra Cups, Underwire, Metal Closure, S-Hook with 3 Levels, Adjustable Straps, Side Slit Skirt, Color Options Available, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Bikini with skirt

Fiancée Bubblegum Underwire Skirtini features stylish design and vivid colors. Women who have bought this bathing suit advise the skirted bottom fits great. Even though it is not as long as on picture it still ensures good coverage.

The great advantage is possibility to order different sized top and bottom.

However, the swimsuit is said to fit poorly. The top runs smaller to size and the cups are ridiculously small.

Bikini with skirt

Product: Jessica Simpson Patched Up Underwire Skirtini

Price: currently on sale $ 122.40 (usual price $ 144)

Features: Sweetheart Neckline, Built-In Bra, Foam Cups, Underwire, Metal Closure, S-Hook with 3 Levels, Adjustable Straps, Skirted Bottom, Shirring at the Sides, Lined Black Bottoms attached to the Skirt, 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Bikini with skirt

Jessica Simpson Patched Up Underwire Skirtini offers both style and support. Underwire ensures increased support. Adjustable straps allow to customize the lift adding up to the support of the bathing suit.

The skirted bottom is flattering amd comfortable. Shirring at the sides helps to conceal any imperfection around the booty area. You can order different sizes in top and bottom to meet the specific measurements of your body.

The swimsuit is quite expensive but it is no surprise as it is a branded one and we have to pay for well-known names 🙂

Having Some Doubts? No Worries – We Have Further Options for You 🙂

We do hope you liked our selection of bikinis with skirt.

However, if you didn’t manage to find your perfect bathing suit above, we invite you to check our picks below.

So have you managed to find your perfect bikini with skirt? Or have you perhaps decided to go with some other type of bathing suit with skirt? Let us know your requirements and expectations when shopping for a swimsuit!

4 thoughts on “Bikini With Skirt – Top Picks for Flirty Outfit

  1. JelenaBB

    I like the Valentine White Skirtini. I like swimming suits in white, and this is fantastic for women who want a little to highlight the chest and abdomen hide. Do not want it all? Otherwise, the site is excellent, as it can find a lot of models that I asked for hundreds of cities. Thank you very much for the reviews od skirtinis.

    • Hi Jelena

      Thank you for visiting my website. Valentine White Bikini with skirt is absolutely beautiful – I do love its design and radiant white color. Though some basic tan is needed otherwise the swimsuit will make you look very pale. White swimsuit looks excellent on tanned skin. And if paired with white cover up and flip-flops – ooh la la – the best combination for a summer 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Janet

    Your site is well laid out, easy to navigate and shop. I’m really happy you have chosen a niche that is under-represented. Snorkeling through your site made me ask two question. What makes Tankini better than any other brand? Which brings up question two. Is there a reason you chose this brand? In other words, there seems to be a lack of personal interaction with customers. Maybe you would like to add some emotional connection to your reader/shoppers. Just something I thought as I looked through your pages.

    • Arta

      Hey Janet

      Thank you for visiting my website and leaving your comment.

      Tankini is a type of bathing suit, it is not a brand. But well – you are correct. With such an obsession with this type of swimwear and glorification of it throughout the posts on this website – I guess I forgot to mention this on our About Us page – but I have updated it now and explained the reason for your “why” questions 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your remark!

      Have a nice sunny day, Arta

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